GoNovel App Review – Get Paid to Read Books on Your Phone! (Yes, BUT…)

Do you want to know how you can get paid to read books on your phone with the GoNovel app and if it’s really worth it? Then this video is for you. My name is Mikael and many viewers have asked me about this app. So I decided to take a closer look and test it. And in this GoNovel app review, I’ll give you an inside look and show both the pros and the cons so you can easily find out if this is the right opportunity for you or not. So let’s start by going over the basics

of who can join and what it actually offers. Because GoNovel is an app you can download and from what I’ve been able to find out you can join it from more or less all countries. On the website you can see that it’s available for both Android and iOS. But when you click the iOS, it says right now it’s on the upgrading and maintenance. Ot has been like that for a while while I have tested it. So at the time of recording this video you can’t download it. But maybe by the time you watch this then

it is available again. I cannot say but it’s definitely available for Android. That is where I have tested it and the the challenge is

just to find out exactly what it offers. Because on the website you can see read free novels uh you know it looks like it’s just like a great way to read um free novels. And if you go to the app description, it also doesn’t really say much. It’s more like it’s an entertainment platform. But more than that just that you cannot watch interesting videos, read popular books, all these things there. And

it’s all free. But it doesn’t actually emphasize on the earning aspect. But it is actually an earning app just to make that completely clear. So let me now log in and then you can see how you can actually earn by using it and if it’s really worth your time. So I have now logged into the GoNovel app and it can be a little bit overwhelming and confusing at first. But what you need to keep an eye on is down here they have these different options where you can potentially earn. So the main homepage is where

I am now as you can see and this is where you can find all kind of books. And then you can see, there’s these little coins everywhere. So you can click these. And if I click one of these, then I will potentially earn 90 coins. We’ll talk about the value of these later and all that or I can get twice as much there by watching more ads there. Because there’s a lot of ads you know. You will earn by watching these ads every time they come up. So you will earn but you can also sometimes

just close it down and then you’ll just not get it or you will get a fewer earnings there. I just try to avoid the ads right now when recording because it can be quite annoying for all of us here so. But that’s how you earn here on this page. You can also click these different, you see novels there you can then continue and you can actually get access to these books and read them there. But you’re not actually a such like getting paid while reading them there. There is a counter and things like that but

it’s a little bit confusing. Again like that I haven’t seen them actually add earnings there, only when you’re watching ads. So it’s a little bit confusing and it’s not a very great user experience if you just even want to get it just to read books. I would say the user experience definitely could be better for me. It would be annoying to read a book in an app like this with the with the setup with the usability of the pop-up ads and all these different things. But this is how you supposedly can earn by reading these

books. But it also has other ways to earn. So let’s go over that also. So you can see there’s something called video. So this is also where you supposedly can earn you see by watching different videos. Again the the main way is here you see now I can open a locket box, I can win three times the reward I I can just try to close it down there and and then I get that once in a while. But it’s just random embedded videos again. What you will actually earn by doing is by getting these pop-up

ads and seeing them and the rewards will be very low. But they also have a way where you supposedly can earn more. So let’s talk about that before going over the value of the coins and how you can get paid. So I’m now went to my profile there and there you can see something called VIP. And it looks like that might be a way to earn more. So if you click that, then you can see that I can get a free trial and then I’ll pay five dollars per month and then I can become a

VIP. But you know but but like what do I get out of it? I’m just paying but like I I have no idea what I get out of this VIP membership. I’m assuming it can help you to earn more but like but there’s no information about it. You see like of course if you click it then you say you can read all the novels without being interrupted by ads and also one user can make such redemption once per day. So like what does that even mean? Like once per day I can read and you know

novel without being interrupted or what you know it’s not very clear. Oh I accidentally actually redeemed the VIP membership there spend some coins. You know that’s again the usability of it is a little bit strange. So now I have 30 minutes like like that uh you know and and yeah it’s it’s very confusing. So then I can see apparently now I can read novels but I can’t actually earn more. So the VIP membership looks like if we look there then yeah it’s basically just to to read without the ads. But you know, it’s not very

clear what it is. And then you see by accident, I just kind of spend some coins doing that, a thousand coins, you know. Let’s talk about that actually now when it then comes to the coins. Like of course, it’s annoying I spend them but it’s really not worth a lot. So speaking of that, let’s talk about the value of the coins. So on your profile, you can see the points. These are the points I currently have. So whenever you do things, whenever you watch ads, whenever you do these different things, then you can see your

points growing. There are other ways like in this reward section you can earn. But not something I recommend because you know it’s just a waste of time as I will explain now. Because so now I have these coins but I I can’t do anything with them. I don’t know what the value is. It doesn’t say what the value is. It doesn’t say how I can take them out. I can click it but that’s not gonna help. All I can then just see is the coin history. What are my coins. There’s no redemption option. I don’t

know if that will be available later. I’ve also seen some people may actually having access to it. So maybe it’s a matter of the country you live in. But this is just very strange. They’re not transparent about the value of your coins. They don’t show you how you potentially can take them out. There’s no information like that. You can just end up spending a lot of time in here trying to earn rewards and then find out that maybe you also like me live in a country where that is not an option. Maybe it will become

available later when I’ve earned a lot more, spent hours doing it. I don’t really want to take that risk. But like, you know, if you’ve used it yourself and have all the experiences, please feel free to share in a comment below. That would be great to hear. But from my perspective when I’m testing it, I have no idea what the value of the coins are. I can’t take them out. Complete waste of time then. And I would say even if you do happen to live a place where you can see the value, can take them

out, it’s going to be a complete waste of time. You would have to spend hours and hours to maybe if you’re lucky earn one dollar. As an earning app, definitely not very effective and not worth it in my opinion. So to sum it all up, GoNovel can be a way where you can read books for free and potentially earn at the same time. But I would say that if you like reading books, this is not a very good user experience. It’s just annoying and there’s all these kind of spammy ads that is just really annoying

if you’re trying to read. Also if you’re trying to earn then just uh way more effective ways to that do that. Many apps, many websites that are way better that are also free to do that. So below for example I’ll leave a link to the list I have on my website of the best ways to earn by watching ads or videos because you know, if you like watching ads like this and then maybe you’re interested in that method. And those platforms are definitely better in my opinion. You will never earn a lot by watching videos

but you know at least those are the best ones that I have come across. I will also leave a link below to a list I have of the best Get-Paid-To sites in general where you can earn by doing all kind of small micro tasks and earn way more for your time than you can in this uh app here. So if you’re interested in that, make sure to check those links out below. And also if this video helped you, make sure to hit the like button, and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel, and hit

the notification bell, so you won’t miss out next time I release a video with tips and tricks about different ways to make money online.

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