Google Pixel 8a Review: A $500 AI Phone

hey what’s up s’mores I’m Shannon Morse welcome to my YouTube channel today we are diving into the brand new Google pixel 8A now I had purchased one for myself with expedited shipping so that I would receive it as early as possible but I also received a team pixel

8A a little bit after my purchased one was delivered so a huge thank you to team pixel for the gift from Google so a lot of people are wondering is this thing worth $500 well I did buy one but of of course that does not mean necessarily that

it’s going to be a perfect phone that just means that I wanted to get this thing in as early as possible cuz I had a little flight out to Cabo last week to catch so I took it with me so first things first let’s talk about the price

and the color options the pixel 8A comes in at a pretty good price point at $4.99 for 128 gigs or 559 for 256 gigs MSRP here in the United States now you can snag it in four different colors those are aloe which is this one Bay porcelain and

obsidian I have the aloe color which is very eye-catching it’s really pretty I very much like it obsidian is the only one available at 256 gigs I dislike when the pretty

colors are not available at the higher spec I would love to have this one at 256 gigs

now Google kept the Box pretty standard you get the usual phone the pixel 8A a 1 M USB ctoc cable you get get your quick switch adapter a Sim tool and a little bit of documentation that’s it the release date was just last week I got it on

May 13th so it’s fresh off that UPS truck at time of recording I’ve had it for about a week and a half as of today so I think that’s plenty of time to give you a solid review the pixel 8A feels very nice in hand it’s not as

premium as the 8 or the 8 Pro obviously but it is very wellmade it has a very Sleek matte composite back with a matte aluminum frame the dimensions are 6 in in height 2.9 in in width and then4 in in depth and it weighs at just 6.6 o

which I got to say is very lightweight and this is a small boy so if you like small smartphones and you want a small comfortable one to hold in your hand this one’s a small one so I think you would like it you will find your usual array

of ports and buttons there’s a USB type-c 3.2 port at the bottom there’s a power button and a volume rocker on the right side and the SIM card slot is over on the left the speakers are dual stereo offering a very decent audio experience which is very much

on par with other phones that I have tested at this price point it’s also IP67 waterproof as well now that is great I’m super happy to see that I was able to take this thing in a pool I dunked it underwater had no issues there it did fine

whenever I was getting a splashed at the pool as well though the screen will be a little bit glitchy while it is wet that’s pretty normal with most phones whenever they are hit with some water and the charging port will warn you of exposure to moisture so you

can’t charge this thing immediately after it’s dunked in some water now compare that to the OnePlus 12r which is around a similar price point that phone cannot be submerged so keep that in mind now if you are finding this video helpful a subscribe would mean so much to

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well for buying me some coffees now as usual all the videos on my channel are free to watch and I thank you all for making that possible even when YouTube thinks that My Views are fake so let’s continue on with that review now speaking of the screen the

pixel 8A Sports a 6.1 in actua display which is vibrant it’s very sharp it’s got a resolution of 2400x 1080 the pixels per inch are 430 the brightness Peaks up at about 1,400 nits HDR and up to 2,000 nits Peak brightness so visibility in bright sunlight should not

be an issue I did take this out in sunlight obviously it’s very hard to capture that on camera because of exposure settings with my other phone but I was able to use this clearly in daylight I didn’t have any issues seeing anything on the screen the more that

I use it the less that I’m bothered by those huge bezels that I had mentioned in my first impressions video yes the screen is smaller compared to my bigger $1,000 phones but it is comfortable to hold the bezels do have the benefit of making it easier to use

like swipe gestures while having a case on the phone it’s also got an always on display it runs at a very smooth 120 HZ but you do need to go into your settings and enable that smooth display setting to take advantage of that also it is protected by

Corning Gorilla Glass 3 so if you accidentally drop this thing on the floor next to a pool it’ll be just fine ask me how I know all right let’s move on to the cameras so the pixel 8A packs in a dual rear camera setup there’s a couple of

them I’ll put the specs on the screen but basically it’s a 64 megapixel quad PD wide camera along with a 13 megapix ultrawide lens now for video you can record in 4k at 30 or 60 FPS with slow-mo support up to 240 and there’s also time-lapse options the

front camera is a 13 megapixel shooter that’s a slight upgrade from the previous a series making it really great for group selfies similar to the rear camera it’s packed with features and you can also record at 4K at 30 but not 60 on that front camera now let’s

take a look at some of my photography and videography examples the main 64 megapixel camera will give you some really color Rich tones great clear photos crisp details which I was expecting out of a pixel phone to be honest I was taking photos and shadows with bright backgrounds

it did a great job of leveling out the exposure so nothing look dark or Overexposed I also really love the natural bokeh blur that you get with this m lens those photos were not taken in portrait mode even though they look like they were they look very good

food photography and photos of Landscapes all look very very nice especially in the daylight now you do get some noise introduced whenever you take those photos in the evening or at night but overall I would say the photos look really great taking photos of moving targets I found

kittens I was obsessed that’s all I wanted to do on my vacation is play with the kittens and have them join me in my vacation room and then take them home but I feel like uh Customs would have a problem with me bringing home kittens so that didn’t

happen I would suggest using topshot in the Google camera app for these and taking multiple photos because yes some of them were blurry it was not fast enough to capture every single photos of those adorable fur babies but when it did get a clear photo it looked really

great wide angle at dusk it does need some lens correction at the edges but it was color accurate though the details in the palm trees were completely lost they were pretty muddy there is some noise using the main lens at dusk brought out a lot more detail and

then we have the zoom now I’ve gotten very used to really good zoom quality from my pixel 8 Pro and my s24 ultra so the zoom on this will get you five times Zoom recording and eight times Zoom for photography you would not believe me if I told

you this but there is actually a little iguana on that rock fence line that rock barrier right there but the zoom quality is so muddy that you can’t even tell it could not really distinguish the Iguana from the rest of the image it kind of Blended everything together

and it really did not look good the nighttime photography and night sight did well enough for social media though if I really wanted to take pictures of stars at night I’d probably choose Astro photography instead which is included in here photos did have some noise but the colors

are warm it’s still packed in a lot of little details and that goes for both front and rear-facing lenses now the front facing camera on here is also really clear everybody that I took pictures of was in Focus even if our distance was not equal like my husband

was a bit farther away in one of these pictures but it still kept both of us in Focus so it did a really good job with that like that aperture setting photos were also very clear and very sharp now the video recording stabilization left a bit to be

desired like for some reason it autocorrected my angle at the beginning of this shot so the Horizon that I was taking an image of was slanted that was a little weird and I know I didn’t like slant my phone when I started recording that would have been something

that I would have clearly noticed in the lens when I was taking that video so it was very strange that it autocorrected my angle like that I don’t know what happened there now when I was walking I was definitely on an uneven surface out there in the sand

but the image was a little bit disjointed it had sudden movements which did not align with my actual movements it seemed kind of bouncy and all over the place so I would say that the stabilization is not great but the audio was pretty exceptional and you can make

that even better with Google’s audio eraser tool which is an AI tool that they introduced I think that was back in October it’s an awesome tool highly recommend if you’re in a noisy environment hello hello this is the pixel 8A and I’m recording in 4k and uh testing

how well it does stabilization and audio since there’s there’s a bunch of waves in the background how’s it sound so based on my use of the cameras it’s definitely not perfect zoom and low light captures could be better daylight usage was lovely overall okay let’s take a look

under the hood now the pixel 8A is powered by the Google tensor G3 chipset it’s paired with 8 gigs of LP ddr5x RAM and options for 128 or 256 gigs of ufs 3.1 storage there is no SD card support of course but I would have preferred to have

some more storage options like have all the colors available at 256 or have a 512 gig model that would have been nice I do have some test scores from 3D Mark showing that this would be considered mid-grade in terms of power I also played a few video games

on it as well Google’s UI is clean it’s intuitive the pixel 8A runs on Android 14 mine did have some updates available right out of the box there’s minimal blow wear which I always appreciate plus there are some fun features integrated into this phone using AI such as

the videography and the photography tools Circle to search which I’ve actually used a lot to find different merchandise items like in my anime community so that’s super easy and useful in messages there’s this AI assistant called Gemini instant translations which I don’t know a lick of Spanish so

that was 100% useful in Cabo especially when I was like translating menus and stuff like that call screening hold for me for phone calls lots more it’s kind of amazing that you get all of these new features in a $500 phone now so you don’t necessarily need to

get the more expensive 8 or 8 Pro if you were really really gun for one of those AI tools specifically for your own purchases now of course if you don’t want to use any of those you definitely don’t have to now speaking of concerns with AI let’s talk

about security Now for security you’ve got face unlock you’ve got the under display fingerprint sensor I found both of those work really well they are both very quick and responsive you also get 7 years of updates which is also included and it’s using the Titan M2 security chip

connectivity options are robust there’s Wi-Fi 6E Bluetooth 5.3 I connected these to my pixel Buds and my Samsung Galaxy buds both of which had excellent connections to this phone now in terms of audio I would say it’s pretty solid with stereo speakers and support for highquality Bluetooth codecs

there are also two microphones with noise suppression and you can definitely tell how well it suppresses noise whenever you record videos or you’re talking on the phone with somebody and they can clearly hear you now on the opposite side of that I had a hard time hearing my

mom out of the speaker when I called her so it would have been nice if I could boost the audio a little bit more whenever I’m in a noisy environment she could hear me fine because of that noise suppression but I couldn’t hear her very well over all

the noises around me when I was hanging out at this Resort battery life is another strong point the pixel AA supports 24 plus hours of battery life up to 72 hours with extreme battery saver now in a real world scenario because I know those are just spec numbers

online I had 100% battery at 10:00 a.m. I finally got it down to 30% at 11 p.m. so that’s about 13 hours in and 7 hours of that was screen on on time it has a typical battery capacity of 4492 milliamp hour it supports fast charging and it

is also chees certified for wireless charging now somehow that part totally slipped my mind and I was pretty happy to see that I can wirelessly charge this phone often times that is one of those features that is removed from cheaper phones so having that in a $500 phone

is pretty impressive okay so what is the verdict well the Google pixel 8A offers a lot of bang for your buck it’s got a small compact design it’s got that great display if you can get over those bezels it’s got good camera capabilities could be better solid performance

I don’t really consider any of those to be deal breakers and it’s also $200 cheaper than a pixel 8 but it still packs in all of those cool new AI capabilities so overall I would say that it is a fantastic option for the price range so should you

buy it well if you are looking for a reliable midr phone with a clean Android experience great AI features then I would say the pixel 8A is definitely worth considering I have a question what are your analog Hobbies my patreon golden s’mores and up have the opportunity to

share what they are up to outside of the world of tech and Joel responded saying that he is going to a Gaming Expo and he also got to meet the 13th doctor from Doctor Who which I think is so cool I love jod whiter she’s amazing thank you

so much for sharing your analog Hobby and I wanted to share my own analog hobby from this weekend I started reading three body problem the new show on Netflix uh inspired me to actually read the book because everybody said the book is good now if you haven’t read

it yet this book is really really so good I have seen the show too so no spoilers about the book please but I’m about 100 pages in I have tons to go I heard the second book is also really good so if you’re a Sci-Fi nerd if you’re

really into reading really good Sci-Fi books this one is like philosophical it’s scientific but it also like delves really deep into futuristic technology it’s it’s so interesting I highly recommend this so that’s my analog pick for this week and if you are a patreon supporter make sure to

send in your own analog picks as well thank you so much for watching bye y’all

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