Gorilla Vlogging Tripod || Unboxing & Review😍

hello guys good morning welcome back to my youtube channel
And how are you all hope you all will be fine today is the 15th
And today we had ordered tripod, which we are going to do unboxing.
I had ordered it on 10th, which was going to be delivered today, which has not happened till now.
lets wait for it when it’s come then we will do unboxing
It was morning to evening but my parcel was not delivered
small box turned out
give me clippers
the box is so weird
don’t Know what is made of it
Wrapped this box with tape
it’s open
this is tripod
Its quality is very good
see this is the stand of tripod
It can be applied anywhere and its grip is very good
and i think…
this is to fix mobile
And there’ is not something new in it
So this is the complete tripod in which you can take shots with your phone.
And you can also do vlogging, if you want to buy, then I will give its link on the description, you can easily order it from it.
so that’s all for today and see you in the next vlog till then bye

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