Gran Turismo 7 Review – State Of The Game

this is the state of gran turismo 7 we’re quite a few months after launch and the game is really not what i think anyone expected that’s fair to say so in this video i’m going to be going through all of the aspects of gran turismo 7 and letting you know where they are what’s good and what’s not so if you’re a new player looking to maybe buy gran turismo 7 it’s gonna be super helpful and if you’ve been playing already for quite a while then hopefully these things will resonate with you or maybe you disagree

in which case let me know in the comments so we’re gonna go to the map here and i’m going to explore gran 37 before we do so i just want to say a big thanks to sponsor this video gt omega thank you so much again gt maker and i’m sponsoring this video with the gt omega element series chair so if you’re watching this video and you’re not in exceedingly good comfort make sure to check out the gt mega element series chair at and use the code curious five at checkout to get yourself five percent

off thank you again for sponsoring this video but let’s get into it i’m gonna go around all these icons and i’m going to let you know as a kind of

expert gt player i think maybe it’s fair to say i don’t know let’s start with the used cars and the used car functionality for me is really not very good i would like the used car shop to replace where you can also sell cars and i would like the pricing to be a bit more dynamic i would like there to be more liveries applied to the

cars um i would like some of the cars to be damaged when you buy them um and just this is so basic i mean it’s to me i’m not really a fan of this implementation at all you’ve seen the videos i’ve made in this channel like barn finds and cheap car challenge and this to me is like doesn’t feel like a step up from any other previous gran turismo game even going back like you know 20 years ago so used cars for me is so much more to do but let me know if you disagree

and we talk about the actual car roster here and we’ll go to brand central what do we think of the cars now for me this is tied in and a lot of these aspects are going to link together this is tied in for me with the physics of the cars so the majority of cars in gran turismo are road cars i don’t know what the percentage is but a significant percentage are these road cars and the current physics and grand christmas seven do not really make me want to drive road cars however when the game

launched and the physics were more difficult to drive and if you drove a muscle car for example then you would really feel that power if you even breathed on the trigger the back end would come round and you would have to tune your way around it i actually much preferred that and that made me really want to drive road cars and race race cars against other people and see which one is on which one of us has done a better job with the tune but because the driving at the moment is a little bit more

sterile it’s more understeery although they have tweaked it a little bit recently for me there’s no real reason to drive a lot of these road cars and because that’s the majority of the cars in the game there’s no reason for me really to drive the majority of the cars in the game which i think is a big shame so that’s my thought really on the majority of the cars they are adding cars pretty much every patch cynically i don’t know whether those cars were already in at launch and in fact what they’re doing is they

just delayed them to add them as free dlc i don’t know but for example we’ve got the suzuki vgt that’s been added um both the vgc and the group 3 vgt that’s pretty cool we use it in the nation’s race it does add some you know add some energy into the game we’re kind of looking forward to what’s going to come next patch i don’t know how dry that’s going to get and we realize that none of these cars are massively revolutionary or they’re cool to drive for the first time but then are you really

going to use them again so cars is a bit of a weird one what i would really like with cars from my personal preference is to have a lot more gt3 racing cars um definitely more up-to-date gt3 racing cars i think that would be fantastic i would love if we can start to do kind of duty through leagues and gt3 championships so many of the gt3 cars here are really really really old this gti is 10 years old we don’t have a lot of the newer cars in their real world gt3 so those are my

thoughts again let me know what you think well let’s go on over to sport mode and sport mode this was basically pretty much gran turismo was the previous game and now it’s a smaller part of gran turismo 7. what do i think about sport mode i think sport mode is actually pretty good i’m glad that they kept it pretty much the same as gran turismo sport because i thought gran turismo sport was a great game i thought it nailed what it tried to do and we have the essence of it here the thing i think

we all know that needs to be improved in sport mode is the dr the sr the penalties i feel like they’re not updating this as much as they did in gran turismo sport in gran turismo sport they would tweak the pyon system quite a lot and i haven’t seen them tweet them on the system once in gran turismo 7 and we’re approaching 2023 so buying large sport mode for me is a great mode but i know a lot of you in the comments are commenting my video saying i’m not having great racing in sport mode

because i’m getting rammed and punted off and i think they could fix that just with harsher penalties updating the penalty system thinking about how much sr you lose if you keep getting penalties and that would help fill to the lobby so that’s my sport that’s my thoughts on sport mode but for me the racing is pretty good there’s not running any lag it’s quicker to get into lobbies i’m really enjoying duty world series so from my personal perspective i’m really enjoying it but i can see they need to improve some more things right let’s go

around to the legend cars now i think they need to improve so much on the legendary cars this is these cars are really really really really really expensive like the cars that are 20 million credits that’s about 160 pounds so if you want to buy this mercedes-benz s bar like why do i how many people really want to buy this car honestly in the world how many people really want to buy this car it might be just a very very small number of people there’s nothing that the game is doing to incentivize me to really

want to buy this car it doesn’t jazz up the cars here like these these cars should be massively celebrated when you get a top of the range card in fifa the game just massively celebrates that it is shiny they walk out there’s fireworks there’s explosions and here it’s so understated and i know that’s kind of the style of the haggarty thing but these cars need to be celebrated there needs to be a reason for me to really want to have these cars yeah and the thing is i want to drive these cars like once i

want to drive the gto but junior to see what it’s like but there’s nothing incentivize me to keep driving it in the game which is mad like the mp4 i want to drop i want a driver i want to drive it a suzuka i want to drive it at monza i want to see how it feels but then once i’ve understood that there’s nothing really for me to race with it they need to do so much more with the legendary cars if they want to incentivize people to either grind or pay i really don’t think

they’re doing enough at the moment but that’s my personal view right let’s head on over to lobbies and lobbies for me is pretty much the worst bit of the game at the moment and that makes me quite sad because lobby’s in grand prix and saw on this channel and by the way if you’re new to this channel please please please if you’ve got this far on the video make sure you subscribe make sure you like it makes my day i just do this my part time i like speaking up for the community but lobbies were

so good in gt sport i used to run so many lobbies on youtube we’d have so much fun you know i think some of the best racing in grand christmas was in lobbies and all the leagues were in lobbies lobbies now just there is so much lag we still have this initializing issue where you can’t even start a lobby and all gran turismo said is oh you should get everyone to leave and come back which doesn’t just practically doesn’t work i don’t understand why i can’t sort these lobbies by most full there’s 14 pages of

lobbies here i want to see which of the most full ones and i want to jump in that would actually make me want to jump in that’s such an easy fix yes we can now load settings and save settings i have no idea what why that wasn’t included at the start of the game but it is now so fair enough um i want to be able to do one makes i want to be able to do multi-class give me more options here like it’s such an easy fix surely just give me more filters and qualifying

i don’t even think is in yet why can’t we qualify the reverse grid doesn’t work off practice why not so lobbies is like the state of the game i’m sure a lot of you are listening right now and just nodding your head because this is just it this would change gran turismo 7 really so lobbies are not in a good way right now gt auto um the car customization is really good in gran turismo 7. i have absolutely no complaints there are some absolute wizards in our discord that create some of the most insane liveries

it’s absolutely mad so yeah duty or two i can’t complain at all i’m very very happy with it let’s go ahead to the tuning shop and the tuning shop again i’m pretty happy obviously with the economy at the beginning of the game it’s like you couldn’t even afford to buy tires for your cars and stuff like that the tuning top is what it is it seems pretty clear this is not going to change by the way wouldn’t it be cool if we had different tuning parts added and stuff like that um but this looks to

be this is going to be how this is going to look in like 2026 when we’re still playing gran turismo seven so tuning is what it is uh much better than gran turismo sport i’ve spoken about before but um can they do anything more to improve it let’s go ahead here to the cafe and the cafe i really like now i don’t have a lot of time to chill out and do cafe stuff and read all of the menu books and speak to the guys and whatnot but i have to say this is a really

cool thing that gran turismo have added it’s kind of in the same way that sport online competitive sport was the dna of gran turismo sport i feel like this is the dna of gran turismo 7. so i’m all for this and if i was growing up i would 100 be reading about the cars reading about all the things and in the same way that i’ve bought a car in real life that i really enjoy enjoy driving gran christmas pool i think there’s getting a lot of people here that really become attached to certain car manufacturers

in certain cars because of learning through them from the cafe so i’ve got no comments about the cafe and they keep adding manny’s menus and that’s great in terms of world circuits there’s a lot to go on here we’ll talk about world circus and we’ll talk about uh events and championships so the track list is pretty much the same as gran turismo sport there is no new track in gran turismo 7 that hasn’t featured in the previous gran turismo game and i actually find that astonishing in this day and age where it’s all about new

content and new things it really does contribute along with the same ui as a of a feeling of not a lot of progression from gt sport i really feel like they should be trying to add new circuits either fictional circuits new fictional circuits or new real world circuits i know that’s going to be quite unpopular in the comments i know a lot of you want the classics like grand valley speedway and stuff like that but i really want freshness in gran turismo i want a new track i want something like imola to come in i

want something like montreal to come in wouldn’t that be incredible i want these sort of tracks this adds a massive freshness so the track list you know is pretty good to be fair it’s pretty good but i feel like i was expecting a lot more now in terms of the championships and you can a lot more championships here by the way once you progress through the cafe i have no real incentive to drive a lot of these now when i was younger playing gran turismo playing sega gt playing forza i used to love this kind

of stuff i feel like for me um i’m more about the online but i would be totally over more substantial championships if they’re in a better format like an actual gt3 championship maybe license some names i don’t know if that’s possible have it running over a whole season do like go around 15 tracks around have you know um some you know have the hardest ai possible available that kind of stuff would make me interested have some big payouts as well if you finish after the 15 races first have a big payout i mean people are

doing these championships really for grinding that’s all the races are really for and for me i’m not i have a thing with grinding i really don’t like grinding i don’t it’s a good use of my time the great for me the grind is about doing something unenjoyable to unlock credits to buy something you want i don’t want to do something unenjoyable to unlock those credits i’ll give you an example where i did grind before was a game tester unlimited the original one back in the day it had a challenge called the millionaires challenge you had

to drive around the whole island it took about an hour and i think you got a million credits if you did it now i used to do that challenge so many times i used to get close sometimes sometimes i do it sometimes i would miss it and it wasn’t just about the credits for me it was about the challenge i enjoyed doing it so i’m not a fan of kind of these um events at the moment are just for grinding i want them to be difficult one to be dynamic so yeah championships i think they

can do a lot more to be honest and hopefully that’s low hanging freak let’s go over to the showcase function i think they could do more here i i feel like i’m a little bit disappointed with this it’s pretty much the same as gran turismo sport i want there to be a better way to celebrate people i want you know i want we should be paying people for liveries in terms of in-game credits if you make an amazing livery you should be paid for it and credits i find you know and this is so old

school and yes you get some likes and some and some um uh repost but i just feel like they could do so much more here to celebrate people and bring people together bring together the livery creators bring together the replay editors bring together the races the decoy makers bring them all together this is just so disparate some of you might understand what i’m saying here so for some of you i might not be making any sense but i just feel like there is so much more they could do with the community that is outside of

racing in gran turismo 7. look at all the fun people are having here designing stuff taking photos and we should celebrate that more that is part of racing culture and at the moment we don’t we have a place for people to post it and that’s pretty much it so i really hope they could do a lot more here this is all the music i got i guess with the pre-order very nice right let’s go on over to escapes escapes is a phenomenal feature it’s really really really really good it’s basically kind of best in class

i think in terms of games the photos you can get so i have no issues with scopes and i hope they continue to add scapes locations i have a lot of fun messing around escapes the one thing i would like to add is moving scapes i think that’d be really good if you can move your car through the scene i know you get the preview in the garage but that’s something i would like them to add let’s go to garrosh now and have a look at this so here we’ll talk about maybe the specifics of

tuning and the whole pp system i think they thought it was going to be a lot better than it was as i’ve said in many videos i looked at the people system and announced it and i knew this was just going to be gamed it was going to be exploited same thing has happened in in forza so they keep tweaking that they’re now tweaking the pp of cars which doesn’t seem right you should have a formula that applies pp for each car but anyway in terms of the tuning it’s kind of been negated a little

bit now because the cars are generally easy to drive um and i just i don’t know what to make of tuning right now i was really enjoying tuning at the beginning of the game i was really enjoying when we had to tune for daily races i actually got really into that and now we’ve set in the kind of time trial machine that gt sport was with absolute parity you have to remember at the beginning gran turismo 7 right online talking about online competitive sport mode the mode where you know you end up going to the

world tour into these live events in that mode you had random wind so the wind direction would change for everyone which will affect your lap time and it was open tuning so there was so much more than just pure driver ability and i kind of missed that actually i kind of missed it the first week at daytona for me still the best week of daily race ever seen uh roulette seems to got a bit bit better i hate roulette i don’t really understand what’s in the game i’m not even to speak about roulette here if

you’ve played gt7 you know about roulette is what it is shooting parts i think it’s still a little bit hard to get these parts if you did the engine glitch we posted in the channel you have about a billion engines so that’s fantastic really glad we were able to help you there because the way it is at the moment is just doesn’t give you enough car collection this ties in with the point i made earlier it doesn’t really give me like so what like it it’s not it’s not linking into anything it’s not like pokemon

where i can battle the pokemon and watch them grow or anything like so what it says car collection but what are you doing to incentivize me unless you’re like a i don’t even need you need to complete this to get the platinum unless i’m wrong but you’re not really incentivizing me like give me stuff give me let me link up cars like if i get cars and they link together give me some credits or something like let me start trying out okay if you get forecast from italy it does something eight cars from italy like

this for a game that purports to be a car collection game it is so poor on incentivizing me to collect cards like there are so many ways that you could make it fun to collect cars i just feel like it hasn’t done it at all and that is a bit that i think actually this is constant true this is a thing that surprises me most about the game i get with lobbies in sport mode it wasn’t the focus but this is where the focus was meant to be like why are you not just making this

more exciting i mean this is it it’s this is pretty boring you know anyway let me know in the comments if you’ve got any ideas about how we can make card collection more exciting but i feel like they’ve missed a massive trick here like i could have been so into collecting cars that could have been the thing and you know anyway some cars are really difficult to collect maybe to collect some cars you have to beat them in a race and they’re massively overpowered and it’s really difficult think about any kind of rpg i know

i could go on this is just it’s a bit of a madness up right let’s go to two more i think left so we’ve got the licenses and the missions the license is absolutely great i mean this is old-school gt uh you can see i haven’t even done super licenses but you know this stuff i know a lot of you absolutely love and fantastic so glad they brought us back licenses licenses it’s not rocket science everyone wants them we got them great and now the missions i feel like the missions is where this is where

they should be adding more fun this was a really unsung part in duty sport by the way this was an area of gt sport that i think probably hardly anyone actually did but it was really fun and when i want to get in single player i will go through and i will complete all these missions i just hope they add some more and add some more fun ones but you can do drag racing here you can do the cone challenges here i believe you can have some very fun races here so human comedy you know

this is where they really added in something that i think was quite exciting the hour long races maybe they’ll do through our races he you know kaz has talked about adding 24-hour races in single-player how he’s going to do it without be spec i don’t know but it would go here so this is where i think the real future of the game is to be honest in terms of the missions i feel like hopefully they’re cooking up some really really really interesting stuff and that is a state of the game like i said let me

know in the comments if you like the style that we have on this channel make sure you’re subscribed i know a lot of you i know basically all of you are thank you so much but i’ve gone around here and that is a state of the game from someone who spent 500 500 hours in duty sport last year he spent a lot of time in gran turismo 7 streaming making videos i’ve been following the game since launch but your view really matters so let me know in the comments about your view what do you think

about this have i missed anything is there anything i haven’t got right you know this is this game has so much potential has so much potential at the moment it kind of feels like sort of gta 5 but there’s no other cars and pedestrians or something it’s like the whole world is there it’s just ready you just need to make it alive and i feel like here they just need to make it alive with the car collection with the showcase you know with the with more single-player championships getting lobbies you know let us make make

leagues and and run those let us make championships and run them really incentivize me to really want a legendary car rather than just the car existing that’s kind of stuff so anyway i hope you enjoyed this thank you so much for listening and i’ll see you all so more videos around here if you’re watching by the way my thoughts on the game i’ll see you all next time

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