Green Chef UK | Keto Plan Review #ketouk | low carb foodie UK ??

okay guys so it’s a saturday i’ve just got 
back i’ve been around my family all day with  
imogen we’ve been out shopping all these sort 
of good things and my green chef kit actually  
came today so just behind me it’s quite a big 
box um dan mister picked up i wasn’t here so i  
assume they just left out the front but i’ve 
got my four meals in here two people so um i  
won’t actually start eating them until monday 
and then i’ll show you guys what they look like  
what’s in there how it tastes how it looks how 
easy it is to cook so i just wanted to show you  
guys the box that came today it’s quite a big 
one um i need to obviously open it and make  
sure the meat and things are stored away like any 
normal food shop i actually got this with the 40  
discount from uh the company cheeses so that’s 
why i also wanted to try it as well because they  
normally are quite expensive not just this one but 
any sort of subscription where they send you meals  
and with all the food and ingredients and stuff in 
so um we’ll see what’s inside okay guys i’ve just  

opened the box look at all these goodies inside 
i’m so excited to have a look um and because i use  
the cheese’s code i assume that’s why i’ve got 
a packet of cheeses so cheddar ones super nice  
i love these i do need to order some more i am 
trying to fill up my snack drawer in the kitchen  
but you’ve obviously got like the packet 
of herbs and spices that are in the meals  
you’ve obviously got some fresh stuff so it’s all 
you know um measured out for two people so there’s  
gonna be no waste which i absolutely love i hate 
wasting food and then in here i assume is meek  
so yeah this looks pretty good guys okay i’ve just 
opened the box and obviously taken some stuff out  
so these are all the veggies you can see it’s a 
mix of broccoli we’ve got lemon pepper courgettes  
we’ve got coconut cream here i thought it was 
tuna but then i thought i have an older tuna  
so take a cream and then obviously the herbs and 
spices and things in there such as we have here  
nutty smooth oh peanut butter that must be an 
extra guys that wasn’t supposed to be in there  
but i’ll take it very nice um this would be part 
of the recipe so you’ve got like mayonnaise and  
whatever and then this is like the fridge 
bit so you can see the little chill pack  
i’ve just opened it so we’ve got in here 
cavallo nero soaked up cabbage then we’ve got  
two of these greek salad cheeses so obviously 
this is all keto friendly we’ve got a double cream  
we’ve got chicken breast fillets 
with skin off we’ve got card skin off  
we’ve got pork mints we’ve got ramp steaks  
we’ve got two packets of the parmigiano reggiano 
which is obviously like a hard cheese and we’ve  
got the tiniest cutest ever little cheddar 
cheese which should that is cheddar cheese so
that focuses there we go chili cheese and that’s 
oh and we’ve got a garlic as well that was  
what was in the like fridge bag which they 
insulated with this stuff and the ice pack  
still has some icing so i’m confident that 
it’s actually been chilled pretty well  
i’m gonna chop this all in the fridge 
and can’t wait to cook it all on monday  
okay so i packed everything away and you get all 
of these little leaflets in so they’ve got the  
recipe cards they won’t show yet shave on the day 
and then they’ve got little um like vouchers in  
so you can have a free meal or your friend 
can have a free meal and i guess it’s just  
got a booklet in there telling you about green 
chef so i’m excited to give these a little read  
before i tell you guys more about it on the monday 
okay it’s finally tea time and i’m having this one  
first of the paprika and oregano bun less pork 
burgers and obviously tells you the macros here  
because this is keto box or keto friendly and it 
says in the bottom left what plan we have here
and then on the back it tells you obviously how 
to make it and how to portion up if you want two  
or four people but i’ve got it set for two people 
so i’ve got all the ingredients here so you’ve got  
your spices and dressings cheese another bit of 
cheese obviously the salt and pepper is mine and  
the olive oil then you get your like your mixed 
bag of uh salad your pork mince and then courgette  
so i just prep this now guys so you 
might hear imogen’s programs in the  
background i’ve got the oven on ready to 
have to heat up ready for the courgettes  
which i’ll probably put in this little pan here 
it’s like a chip pan but we kind of use it for  
everything so it’s just kind of a generic family 
just chuck anything on there unless it’s something  
that’s going to drip through that’s something 
that’s got to fill in so this thing negative thing  
i will say about this box is that obviously i had 
this delivery on saturday and already i’ve got  
mold on this courgette so i don’t know if 
you can see that but i wasn’t really too  
happy about it but generally i mean these don’t 
feel soft or anything so i’m not really sure why  
that one was moldy to be honest with you so i’m 
gonna be making two portions one for me and dan  
um dan will have his later when he comes home 
because he’s doing afternoon shifts this week  
and he wants to give this one a 
try so he’s not going to give all  
of them a try which means there’s more 
recipes from me which is always good  
but you know at least trying it so i mean this 
came pretty quickly as i said i got this on  
discount through cheeses it was like 40 discount 
if i’m completely honest i probably wouldn’t buy  
this normally just because it is quite a 
lot just for you know meals for two people  
even with the larger portion sizes so if we’re not 
larger portion sizes but the extra portion size is  
for family um is it as cheap as some of the other 
subscription services such as hellofresh and gusto  
and i think this one is probably on par with 
the marks and spencer’s box that you can get  
i think it’s called mindful chef and 
they have a box and it’s probably  
around the same price as this um which i 
thought competitors was quite expensive  
but nonetheless i want to try this out so i 
you know want to just give this a go especially  
the keto one they do lower carb as well and 
just see what it tasted like how easy it is  
and just go from there really and to be honest 
i’ve had a good day today apart from the evening  
i’ve had a little tough evening with imogen she’s 
just been really difficult just trying to wean her  
and she’s just like throwing food everywhere 
refusing to eat but of course she’s teething  
and i think she’s probably going through a 
developmental stage at the moment so she’s about  
like nine and a half months old now so i’m 
sure they have one around that time so right  
now i am not really in the mood for cooking i 
normally love cooking i do love cooking but i  
don’t really have much time anymore and it’s quite 
nice to already have these ingredients pre-prepped  
which is really nice because everything is 
just all portioned out so i don’t have to  
do too much prep and this particular meal is 
just basically meat and salad isn’t it with a  
couple of vegetables so i am happy about that so 
i just prep these cut these in the oven and then  
we’ll start on burgers okay so i’m just putting 
the pork mince in i just put some salt on and  
then it says to use the smoked pica and dried 
oregano so it says to pour the whole sachets in  
which is nice and easy and then you just gotta 
mix it up to make like one big patty and then you  
split it into four like you would any burger and 
then you put them on the frying pan so i’m just  
using a frying pan from this morning all it’s 
had in there is bacon and eggs so um there’s a  
bit of egg in there but i’m just going to use 
that to fry the burgers when i split them up
i’ve got to say as well it did say to add pepper 
in so i have mixed that in well i think mix it  
in i’ve just added it in and then obviously you 
just carry on mints in your burger and then once  
the burgers are done uh we’re mostly done we then 
have to grate this for the little teeniest tiniest  
block of cheese to put on top and then cover 
with the lid so the cheese mouths which would  
be super nice i’ve put a bit of oil on the pan as 
it says heat up and then after this and once the  
courgettes are cooked all we have to do is chuck 
the salad together which is actually pretty simple  
and to be honest it’s taken a lot of stress out of 
me having like a proper meal at tea time because  
you know especially when you have kids it is quite 
time consuming as well so it’s really nice um  
the idea of this actually in the idea of this kind 
of meal box where they give you they basically  
do the shopping for you you pick the meals 
you want they meal prep for you and you just  
you just kind of cook it and put it together 
okay so i’ve grated my cheese burgers are cooking  
so they make two little burgers or i think you 
could just put them together and make two burgers  
rather than the four little ones would be two big 
ones those things are just cooking away because  
it’s pork obviously you want it cooked completely 
through um all i need to do is just chuck this  
um and all this together apart from the mayo 
so maybe you leave out as like a little side  
sauce i’ll just chuck it all together 
and show you guys what it looks like  
my courgettes are done um so it’s just waiting for 
the burgers and then it’s just plating up and i’ll  
show you what that looks like okay guys so here we 
have the paprika and oregano bun less pork burgers  
and i think i’ve done a pretty good job i’m 
chuffed with that i did use the whole sachet of  
mayo because we do have mayo in the fridge um and 
i didn’t drizzle the stuff on i just mixed all the  
salad stuff together so that would be one portion 
and it was really quick simple easy and i’m  
looking forward to trying it so just finished my 
meal that was actually really nice really really  
filling probably because all the fats in there 
from the pork burgers and obviously the cheese  
while the two cheeses i really like the combo 
flavors there’s a lot of strong flavors so you had  
like your goat’s cheese and you had your cheddar 
cheese i would never have thought of pairing  
those two together i like them individually but 
i wouldn’t have thought they’d be gone together  
but they do so that was really nice it was 
so easy simple everything’s like pre-weighed  
you just got to open things and either 
chop something or chuck it together  
cook it so i really appreciate that i enjoyed 
it and i enjoyed less stress in the kitchen when  
you’re trying to cook and watch a baby and all 
that sort of thing so that was really nice guys so  
let’s see what tomorrow’s menu is like so it’s day 
two using green chef i’m gonna be making this one  
the chicken breast in a peanut and lime sauce 
looks really nice so all the ingredients are out  
here so got my broccoli lime chili chicken breast 
peanuts garlic it’s like a spice mix and then i’ve  
got the kale or might be cabbage i think and then 
cooking oil which wasn’t included and then we did  
have a peanut butter sachet but i’m going to 
just use this one i’ve got in the cupboard  
i actually ate it because i thought it was like 
an extra thing they added in there because they  
added the cheesies um cheese in there but never 
mind i can just sub it for that so i’m just going  
to get stuff prepped the first thing will be 
the chicken and the broccoli going into the  
oven and then prepping the rest okay i’ve got my 
pan ready and lightly oiled it and just covered  
everything in oil i’ve seared off the chicken 
as it says but the only thing i’m not too happy  
about is the size difference in the chicken so 
this is supposed to be two portions worth right  
um and then you’ve got like a normal chicken 
breast and you’ve got like a really small  
bit of chicken so for two people this isn’t really 
quite equal i would want it to be roughly equal  
it doesn’t have to be two big breasts 
but you want at least medium-sized ones  
this is like the smallest bit of breast ever so i 
was gonna do this for me and dan but instead i’m  
gonna have my portion tonight which would be the 
bigger breast and the small breasts i’ll just take  
to work tomorrow it’s like a lighter lunch so 
um that’s what we’re gonna have to do okay i’ve  
just taken out the oven the last seven minutes 
you’ve gotta add the chili and the cabbage um  
which we’re gonna add in so i’m just gonna chop 
that up and add it in and then we can work on  
the sauce okay so the chili and the cabbage is 
on um drizzled with oil salt and pepper so i  
should have put this back in now for seven minutes 
and then we should go to work on the sauce which  
is just this remainder selection of ingredients 
here okay guys i’ve just put the garlic lime oil  
peanut butter and the packet of sauce and it’s 
coming into like a kind of paste i want to say  
which i think it’s fine i’m just going to 
add the coconut milk in now and then the last  
bit is the lime juice you probably hear imogen 
chatting away in the background she’s watching  
that time programs before birth and bedtime so 
let’s add this in make it all nice and saucy  
it smells really nice guys like i’m really 
looking forward to the sauce actually
and then all that’s left to do 
is just to crush up my peanuts  
sieve the chicken and the vegetables plate the 
sauce and then just crumble use the crumbled  
peanuts to just lay across the chicken to just 
make it look a bit nice and it’s supposed to give  
it that crunch okay it’s all done it looks so good 
just like the card and you can see i’ve got this  
lovely sauce it’s really nice and thick as well 
so i guess you cook it to the consistency you want  
i did add salt and pepper which was optional 
but it definitely needed i think so let’s plate  
it up and see how well i do against the card 
okay here we go guys the last finishing touch  
which is the peanuts it says to take them out the 
packet and chop them but the obvious thing was to  
just bash them up in the packet and then just cut 
off it seems like the obvious thing to do there  
maybe that’s the suggestion perhaps for green 
chef there you go how delicious does that look  
i mean my sauce is completely covering 
the chicken but i even cut it the same way  
or sliced it should i say the same way 
that they do but in terms of a comparison
not bad pretty much identical i think it’s just 
theirs is served a bit nicer with less sauce  
so there you go i am going to go and enjoy 
this now and let you know what i think of it  
okay just finished my meal that was so so good the 
sauce was like similar to having like a thai green  
curry kind of sauce because you had the lime and 
you had the spices and stuff in that spice mix it  
was so nice obviously the chicken is all tender 
and then obviously chicken and broccoli always  
goes together it’s just a match made in heaven and 
it was just really nice with the cabbage as well i  
would never thought of putting um chilli in there 
as well but that was nice too because it was fresh  
it wasn’t like super hot and it just had the nice 
heat to it it was just such a lovely dish i would  
definitely eat that one again i really really 
enjoyed it my only negative thing i could say was  
that the fillets they gave me weren’t very equal 
in proportion so one’s quite big one’s quite small  
that is my only criticism otherwise that dish 
delicious i couldn’t fault any of it really nice  
okay it’s the third meal guys it’s steak 
for dinner tonight which is really nice  
i’m so tired i did a longer day at work imogen’s 
all fed in the pajamas and she’s just playing in  
a walker now watching some nighttime programs um 
but it’s gonna be this tonight so it’s rump steak  
and pumpkin seed pesto it looks really delicious 
something that you might get in a restaurant  
well at least the way it’s plated it does and then 
i’ll just switch the camera and just show you what  
ingredients it is so these are the ingredients 
my kitchen’s a little bit of a mess but i’m too  
tired to care right now so olive oil for the 
dressing and cooking obviously bell peppers  
can be cut up into strips with the courgette 
shiny cup into batons so that we can bake those  
first and then when the steak is cooking we’ve 
got this stuff here so pumpkin seeds garlic lemon  
um some hard cheese and some fresh herbs to be 
mixed up i don’t think is it the parsley um to be  
mixed up into a pesto and then we have our rocket 
salad and then obviously the cheese that gets  
crumbled on top and this is for two people so my 
veggies are prepped these can go in the oven now  
for about 16 minutes and then they’ll be all nice 
and soft and crunchy and then we’ll move on to  
the pesto okay that’s the pesto i had to add a 
bit more oil in than what it said just to get it  
to go um into more of a paste rather than a dry 
paste but it looks really nice smells refreshed  
too i’ve never made pesto from scratch i love 
pesto but i’ve just never made it from scratch  
so it was nice that i had all the ingredients 
ready to be honest just to throw in and just  
whizz away as it kind of says on here and then all 
that’s left just to wait for the vegetables to be  
done cook my steak and just prep the salad and all 
that’s in the salad is you toss the bag of rocket  
um so this bag here in some olive oil you can add 
some pepper if you want and then i should have  
crumbled the goat cheese in mix it up oh what’s 
that i don’t know what that is on the back i  
think that’s from one of the herb packets and then 
serve my steak on there however i like it cooked  
okay this is my finished result adventure that’s 
crying in the background so i just put her down  
um it doesn’t look exactly the same but i 
don’t think it’s far off i didn’t cut my  
steak up i just kept it whole and it kind of 
fell apart a little bit so those two pieces  
and then they’ve made the courgette and pepper 
look a bit nicer than what i’ve got in mind but  
i think it looks really nice so i i’m gonna 
love everything in this i’m gonna enjoy this  
um hopefully if i can entertain him again and 
then i’ll let you guys know what it tastes like  
okay i finished my tea it was really delicious i 
could eat that every day as well that’s so nice  
it was almost crying her eyes out because i 
was eating and she’s tired and i can’t do both  
and i’m still hungry um but the combination 
of the flavors are really nice it was like  
a really strong punchy pesto because you 
had that raw garlic mushed up in there  
and then you had obviously the strong flavor of 
the goat’s cheese and the rocket salad because  
that’s quite strong i think and peppery but the 
combinations of the two big flavors was really  
nice and then obviously had your nice red meat say 
our rump steak and then obviously the courgette  
and peppers which was just a nice compliment with 
steak anyway i think but it was just really really  
nice i just really love and appreciate that i 
came back home from work it’s been a long day  
because i commute as well because i spent an 
extra i spent an extra couple of hours there  
and the food is already proportioned so i 
just got to check it together or cook it so  
prep time was minimal um and cook 
time it probably took longer to um  
well it took longer to wait for the vegetables 
to be cooked than anything else to be honest  
and i just love how easy that is when you know 
you’re really busy working parent and stuff so  
um that was really nice to come home and 
just have tea already sorted and such  
and just do it and eat it was just so much 
quicker than my normal weeknights so that  
was really nice i would definitely have that 
again and i would totally recommend that as well  
really really good good recipe okay so it’s the 
last recipe today so day four and it’s going to be  
the fish recipe now this one uh dan didn’t really 
want he’s not a big fish fan um in terms of well  
just any fish really i don’t think he likes fish 
in general to be honest so what i’m going to do  
where it says to use seasoning like salt and 
pepper i’m not going to put it in because i’m  
going to make both portions and i’m going to blend 
the other portion for imogen to have the food  
because she’s only a baby she’s not going to 
have added salt and all that sort of thing so  
i’m going to make it all and then i’ll just 
have a bit extra vegetables and stuff and just  
put a little bit of the meal in the blender blend 
it up and then give it to her for tea tonight  
and see she likes it so for tonight’s meal is the 
parmesan baked cod so it looks quite nice on there  
and i noticed this one is half the calories of the 
other meals i’ve been having so it’s pretty much  
it’s like 500 calories if you round up the 
others have been like 850 i think around that  
and then obviously shows in here how to cook it 
now mainly criticism looking at the ingredients  
is for two people luckily dan doesn’t want it but 
for two people it says two leeks and i’ve got one  
normal size big fat leak and then i’ve got one 
like really skinny leak and it says to cut these  
in quarters there is no way you were cutting this 
into quarters this would just be halved because it  
is just i mean look at it size comparison um a bit 
like when we had the chicken meal and we had one  
normal sized breast and one absolute tiny breast 
but anyway this is the ingredients for this so  
this is just some dill to mix with the sauce later 
and this little thing here is just veggie stock  
which you get in the packet so i just need to prep 
the vegetables first lay on a tray prep the fish  
but i’m not going to bother seasoning one of them 
and well i’m not going to bother seasoning any of  
it so it’s okay for the baby and then i’ve got 
to bake this for 15 minutes and then it’s just  
doing the sauce checking all this in 
a pan and then that’s it done really  
so this would be quite simple again tonight 
i think which would be really really nice  
and great for you know on the go or if you have 
families so i’m looking forward to trying this  
okay i didn’t have a big pan so i’ve kind 
of just chucked the veggies in this pan and  
just chucked some garlic oil on and then i 
just put the two fish in separate pans um  
i use this oil which actually came in one of my 
crave kits flavored with garlic so i think that’d  
be really nice and then i haven’t seasoned it 
normally i would but i haven’t seasoned it because  
i’m gonna be giving some this to the baby so um 
can’t have salt i could have pepper i suppose  
but i’ve run out of pepper so i’m a bit sad about 
that i need to go get some pepper tomorrow but um  
yeah so i’m gonna just leave the seasons out 
and just use what i have in the kit okay and  
then it’s just making the sauce whilst that 
cooks i forgot to add actually that it uses  
garlic so all i’m gonna do now is just fry 
some garlic for like a minute and then i gotta  
just chuck everything else in i do need to chop 
the dill which i will do once the garlic is in  
and then add the paste and the hard cheese and 
cream everything and just and just stir it until  
you get to obviously a thickness that you like 
and then i should wait for the food to just beep  
when it’s done which should be like 15 minutes 
so it’s pretty quick um quick thing yesterday’s  
hopefully it’s gonna be nice and tasty and 
uh i think that’s pretty good to be honest
especially since emily’s been napping a lot as 
well i think she’s going through a growth spurt  
but she’s been like delaying her morning now and 
just sleeping really late in the afternoon and  
then i’m having a second sleep so i’ll just 
do the sauce and show you what it looks like  
i just realized i’ve made a mistake in the 
recipe it says that you’re supposed to use  
the hard cheese on top of the fish press 
it down bake it not put it in the sauce  
so it might ruin the meal i don’t actually 
know i mean the sauce looks okay but  
i don’t know if that’s gonna affect the taste 
because it’s obviously supposed to be like a fish  
garlicky fish sauce now it’s like a cheesy 
garlicky dill sauce so i guess we’ll see  
how this turns out but i obviously didn’t 
read every single detail in that packet  
okay this is the end result so you can see on 
the photo it looks all nice and plated i’ve just  
chucked mine in sections and i’ve got two portions 
of the sauce so you actually have less than that  
on your card and then imogens i didn’t bother 
actually blending the fish i’ve just blended the  
broccoli and the leeks and then obviously it’s got 
that garlic oil in there as well so it’s quite a  
lot of flavors going on already so i don’t want 
to add the fish to the mix so see if she likes  
that and i’ve blended it up and that’s the meal 
it looks quite nice actually um the sauce doesn’t  
smell too bad even i mix the cheese in and the 
cheese suppose is supposed to go on the cod but  
then when you look on the photo it’s kind of like 
you’ve got the cheesy cod and then you’ve got the  
sauce on top so it’s going to be all mixed anyway 
isn’t it so i’m thinking it’s not going to be too  
bad so i’m going to give this go and tell you guys 
what i think so i didn’t really eat tea tonight  
i think i spoiled it with the sauce by putting 
that cheese in it just felt like there was too  
many bowl flavors in one like sauce and it just it 
really just put me off the hole didn’t it it was  
just too strong it was too much um so i didn’t 
actually eat dinner tonight which is a shame  
i think if i made the sauce properly uh and what 
followed the instructions i think i would have  
liked it do you think i would have loved it but 
i think i would have um actually eat my dinner so  
i wouldn’t personally get that recipe again um 
as i would have with the other three as they  
were super nice i didn’t give imagine the fish 
obviously and i didn’t give well i did try to  
give her the mushed up vegetables that i made 
but she didn’t like it either i think probably  
the garlic was quite strong so she ended 
up having a vegetable biryani in the end  
which was from the yellow brand pouch so she 
had that for her tea now she’s all full of  
energy so to end the video here i liked three out 
of the four meals i ordered it was for two people  
for four meals and i think if i’m completely 
honest would i buy it after this you know discount  
that i used probably not just because um to feed 
me myself and my baby it would cost i think it’s  
70 pound for four people for four portions so i 
would have obviously saved those and frozen them  
um but if it was just for two people or one person 
who’s doing keto and i didn’t have a family to  
look after and obviously money-wise everything’s 
good and quite busy then yeah i probably would do  
it i would take the keto one and the low-carb ones 
and it just makes it easier for you in the week  
because what i did enjoy about it was the fact 
that it’s all prepared for you they basically  
do the shopping for you your meal is pretty much 
prepared in the week um you’ve just got to cook it  
and it gives you the macros and things and tells 
you how to cook it so in terms of the pros i would  
consider trying some of the other boxes probably 
but the main reason why i wouldn’t choose green  
chef is just because of the pricing so i think 
it’s 50 pound for two people for four meals  
and that’s obviously if you like them in terms of 
the variety as well there’s not as much variety in  
terms of the amount of meals you can pick from 
for all the different meal types you have more  
selection on the other brands like gusto the one 
is mindful chef or something like that but you  
have all these other boxes that you can choose 
from so i wouldn’t say it had as much variety  
as those but definitely you know if you don’t 
have a family consider it if you do then price  
wise personally for me it wouldn’t work as i’m 
part-time and we just couldn’t justify that cost  
but nonetheless the meals are really nice i did 
enjoy them apart from the one at the end the fish  
one it was already tasty really easy really simple 
i’m quite good at cooking anyway so i didn’t feel  
like it was you know hard for me to cook i think 
for someone who doesn’t have as much cooking  
experience as skill i think it’s still pretty easy 
to do as well so um all round it’s worth checking  
out so check the link in the description below 
i’m going to end it here hope you guys enjoyed  
it let me know if there’s anything you want 
to see on the channel let me know um if you’ve  
tried this subscription service or any others 
and then i will see you guys in the next video

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