Green Eggs and Ham Universal Studios Islands of Adventure Dining Food Review 2022

hello everybody Princess and the bear here 
and we’re back at islands adventure universe  
studios orlando because the princess wants some 
uh dots some pizza i’ve been trying really hard  
to get these cots for a long time now and 
it’s finally a permanent edition on the menu  
so i don’t have to stress out about whether or 
not they have it whether or not the chef knows  
that it’s available yeah last time we came here 
they turned us down i had no idea we were talking  
about when it was played password exclusive so 
now it’s finally time to try these and give you  
guys our opinion so let’s uh get some green eggs 
and ham be sure not to eat grain eggs and ham  
i will not eat them said sam i am you heard 
the girl and he’s also said to subscribe
that’s okay
the long-awaited pepperoni pizza’s hot  
i’m kind of sad it took this long to get to 
this but i’m happy that we’re here in this
moment got everything all in one bite we 
got cheese we got top we got pepperoni sauce
it doesn’t taste like pots 
at all it really feels like  
i just bit into a pizza and i actually 

it i’m gonna give it a 5 out of 5.  
i think it’s a princess cities item i think 
it’s way better than i expected it to be  
universal is really doing such a good job with 
these vegan options disney should take some notes
already before i even take a bite into 
these this is a much better option  
than the uh some would say legendary i would say 
infamous in a bad way legendary pizza fries from
universe studios during halloween 
horror night two people love pizza fries  
modified it was literally marinara sauce surprise  
which i thought was terrible and this was 
cheaper than that which begs the question  
if they can do it over here at allen’s adventure 
where the pizza fries over at union world studios  
they had this over here at islands of adventure 
mardi gras during halloween horror nights too
here we go nice little bits of cheese nice 
thick pot got some nipple-sized pepperoni
i think i’m bringing our love of nipples 
either way this is still a family cat maybe
i don’t know why i continue to 
doubt universal’s commitment  
these plant-based options 
because this is actually good  
pepperoni pepperoni cheese tastes like cheese the 
cheese is a little bit melty it’s not as melty as  
like i would expect but it’s soft enough to where 
you’ll barely notice when you stir it in your  
mouth the mouth feels great the sauce is great i 
could do with a little bit more uh like marinara  
sauce or tomato based sauce on the bottom other 
than that i said this is a solid entry another um  
i wouldn’t say home run could be infilled home run 
for universal four and a half out of five claws
here i am once again that’s a bear 
risking my life to bring you guys treats
green eggs and ham for yes i am 
going to eat green eggs and ham  
even this white queso that might put me on the can
i’ve always been interested in these fries i never 
really read the description until today when it  
said white queso um this is a mixed bag uh how 
this affects me really depends on how processed  
his shoes is there’s fresh queso i’m probably in 
trouble being in this quick service i’m probably  
gonna be fine you do have some nice green egg 
seasoned green egg little flakes in there little  
bits of like cubed ham like you’d see maybe like a 
frozen tostinos pizza with a healthy dose of queso  
it’s like covered in the queso i’ll try to get a 
little bit of the ham here get a little egg here  
get a bit of the tot here look at that
cat in the hat would be absolutely proud  
this display it’s absolutely covered plenty of egg 
plenty of ham plenty of cheese what could go wrong
it tastes like a powder day so it’s quick 
service so i’m not really sure much that  
i carry this powder egg it definitely 
doesn’t taste like a fresh fluffy egg  
i would say that even like the plant-based 
eggs that we have tasted better than this  
uh it’s got some seasoning to 
it the cheese the queso cheese  
it is processed i can tell pretty easily so 
i’m probably not going to die by eating this
got some character in it and we 
loved theme food here on this channel  
i’d have to say if i’m comparing them i actually 
think that the vegan pizza tops are better  
than the green eggs and ham but i wouldn’t 
turn this down if you’re handing me a plate  
give this four out of five plus 
but would you eat them with salmon  
i would eat them with salmon and frodo and 
bilbo and wait wrong universe either way yes i
am green hands and ham i am full yes it 
is hot outside it’s very hot outside i  
do feel like it is a princess 
city’s item to try the vegan toss  
however if you’re not into like totino’s pizza 
or like a super fast foodie artificially pizza  
it’s not going to be your jam i stand by the 
tostinos pizza has fed an entire generation  
our generation mainly disagree but it was good 
uh definitely better than pizza fries we had at  
the universal studios i would be willing to come 
back and try it if something changed what he means  
universe is absolutely not going to park 
these plant-based dishes my dick was okay  
her this was better we just lost this time it’s 
all oh and live creative if you get hot universal  
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