thank you to Harry’s and expressvpn for sponsoring more on them after the reaction citizens of the reject Nation it is time for Gremlins to the new yes Ron joy in the house baby r Joy we’re back better than ever yeah man we’re going to get watered we’re going to multiply we’re going to wreak some Havoc we’re going to get watered sounds really intense going to get watered it’s been a long time since I’ve been that’s right man bust out the can need to on do you think that for the new batch what happen is they

all sat in a room and they’re like okay what’s the second one called we got rid of that old batch what’s going to be the new batch and they’re just like good enough that’s yeah exactly someone’s like stop right there I think you just stepped in hit if you think that that’s how they got to the title then leave a comment leave a like even if you don’t think that’s how they got there subscribe do all that good stuff and of course the sexiest of people oh yeah become a patron go over to patreon where

you get exclusive content and you can sync up with your own video copy that’s where John and Greg exclusively do watch Longs and

other stuff over there I didn’t look down so who knows if I got that right it’s mostly there yeah I could see the little smile like she’s 90% she’s 90 years old maybe if we water her a little bit a little more and thank you prepper for making me look good and always editing down our videos look at her go she’s flying through she’s a gremlin creatur and I’m ready for Gremlins too

you ready I’m ready let’s let’s batch it up new batch it up let’s new batch it up let’s open up the new batch I’m sick and tired of your old batch John I’m sorry step into the future here we go oh my God hey what’s up Duck what’s up Duck I’m taking charge here that’s what’s up what It’s So Meta I am riding the shield from now on because I personally have all the talent around here have you ever seen this no is this four Gremlins I in must be what is happening ho ho very

funny ho ho expect to hear from my attorneys yes expect to hear from my attorneys duck season and fire if I’m not going to star in this cartoon we might as well just start the movie wow this is not what I expected at all new batch new intro baby that’s right new bumper knew everything man oh oh he’s back back and blier than ever yeah Phoebe Kates I hope her tragic backstory gets even more tragic flashback or it didn’t happen Christopher Lee let’s go sometimes film makes things look blurry and gritty in the best of

ways yeah man nothing like grain and glass feel it not that uh digital cameras don’t use glass but it’s is different their glass is glassier yeah and classier he hey oh my God are we are we back in Chinatown and Rick Baker on the co-produce not bad Jerry Goldsmith is back the whole gang dirty streets make me sad this guy this guy this dude oh no y’all leave my boy alone you think somebody else has come to steal Frank Marshall Steven Spielberg Kathleen Kennedy the whole crew yeah Dream Team boy some people been working for

a minute Daniel clamp would like to speak to you oh boy Daniel clamp via VHS yes wheel it in for the class good morning Mr Wayne I’m prepared to increase my own offer substantially you’re attached to your business I appreciate that I’m attached to my business I develop the biggest buildings in New York what is this pitch and you sell um little things that’s fine ouch the uh clamp Chinatown Center where business gets oriented oh dude come on man this building will be state-of-the-art from the voice activated elevators right down to the selfcleaning ashtrays I’m

really excited about it no oh no that’s fine don’t let him oh the little sneeze made a decision Mr Wayne you know I believe my allergies are killing me while I’m already always an area of agreement that two people can reach that smile a man can always agree with others it is more difficult to agree with oneself I like that quote bars confucious for Bruce Lee there are more than two notable Chinese people racist please tell Mr clamp that the answer is still no do you think that actor heard him say that line and is

rolling his eyes like uh Hollywood yeah I mean no he was grateful to have the work because you got to start somewhere oh my God the the little fingers oh let ghost slide this one of the oh this must be Rambo 2 or survive a war you got to become War only seen First Blood check out the reaction here on the channel I don’t know if I’ve ever seen the Rambo movies dude you should come join me and Coy No visit to New York is complete without a tour of the world’s most fully automated office

building my clamp Premier Regency Trade Center God what a logo too smushing planet Earth clamp cable network television you got to clamp down you know yeah what’s your favorite corporate logo comment below Mr Wing removes the last obstacle to developer Daniel clamp’s long delay Chinatown project this quaint little shop was now make way for the future no you got to fix this Gizmo no buy he is like grou is him yeah it’s so weird how like direct the resemblances once you see this even the noises yeah oh run Little Guy this is so messed up

little puty look at his little Shuffle well leis it’s like I’ve always said if you want to find something weird you have to go downtown wow no if you saw Gizmo on the ground would you pick him up that’s an excellent question I I have no idea I guess I would want to but if we stayed in Kingston Falls I probably would have been promoted twice at the bank by now yeah and you’d hate it I don’t know at least we could afford to get a decent place to live oh no don’t sell your soul

Billy welcome to the CL ENT a reevolution in revolving I like that clamp sounds like an STD yes it’s like a New York R of Passage though that guy was walking here whoa oh my God your dad should come work here whoa please be careful in stepping are they not going to help no now I hate them y it’s an anti-sa the cat moment right there Billy you’re so good at your job sooner or later they’re bound to notice the honor system works I wonder what building they shot this in maybe then we can get

married okay maybe then we get married but Mara don’t you think that the first plan deadline it’s not my fault they’re making me miserable so I have to make you miserable this is your problem right here you only see your little part of it I have to have a complete situational long-term overview Outlook perspec it’s like a British New York accent H don’t know it it’s that like high class Atlantic accent it’ll be better with the trees yeah but the way it is now oh morning Mr forer it looks like somebody hasn’t read his employee

manual oh good doesn’t it Mr Sir wow I spoke to him about that plant weeks ago I talked to you about that plant I know I was going to do something but I just you’re fired throw him in the brig what’s this and that’s Kingston Falls do you know how much the clamp organization has spent to provide its employees with art by recognized artists Christ he’s just going to shred it it’s mathematically perfect art oh he’s going to shred the piece of paper I know but it was just a little a little touch maybe everybody

here would like to do some little touches coffee mugs that say world’s greatest lover what the ashtray that reads rest your butt here I will I will take one coming to work every day in a $200 million flea market wow I love that guy it’s who I aspire to be listen Mara I am doing the best that I can believe do me a favor do better oh her voice is unbelievable and her hair is mAh you could be that you could climb that that level believe I can achieve it’s so funny cuz some Styles come

back in fashion like this girl’s hair with the clip she could be today dude gan’s 3 Let’s Get authorized break period my friend you don’t work here anymore oh my God now squid games alert Personnel we have a career opportunity in level seven Jesus Christ the most advanced smart building in America hats make me sick smart building what year was this the first one’s 84 now for those of you who have cable TV at home this feels like the 80s still the cable network is located right here clamp cable network I guess you had to

89 maybe Batman the attack of the octopus people oh my god oh it’s a Wizard of Oz it’s so scary it’ll uncross your eyes it’s a good thing it’ll uncross your eyes where’s the moan he looks like grandpa in the monsters sorry Fred can somebody find a tape with please a Fred listen I heard about your new time slot I’m sorry personally I think they’re making a big mistake oh kid it’s a disaster clearly people that watch TV at 3:30 in the morning are scared of The Wolf Man only thing that scares those people is

getting sober and finding work that’s literally me don’t knock us insomniacs all right hey I thought maybe you could use it on your show sure put it in the back this is where you need to work man this isn’t what I had in mind I went into broadcasting I thought I was going to do news this is better something meaningful you’re the feni of New York no special effect all I have is a crosseyed puppet named eigor you don’t need a gimmick gimmicks suck bro yeah be your authentic self in Dracula makeup all the great

horror movies are black got him Mr clamp only likes color have you seen him no not in person only on that cockamamy video they got cockamamy underrated word dude truth there’s a research laboratory upstairs genetic research fooling around with animals of course fooling around yep it’s a different kind of research you know what I mean SPO life Inc it’s weird this movie has a a wild reputation and yet just the way this company is set up I feel like has aged into greater relevance people like this one better than the first one can I help

you I don’t know maybe now I delivery for Dr catheter Dr catheter hey uh is that Gremlin song what kind of stuff do they do in there anyway we’re not supposed to talk about it bless oh I’m sorry yeah e that counts as a signature Dr C this just came for you oh spend this must be my malaria must be my m just rapies I’ve got rapies rat I’ve got rapies so they’re making the MW sick I think we have the flu up backward could I have that piggy oh yes sure thank you e this

is so strange I hate Dr catheter it’s Christopher Lee Casper I have this tissue analyzed wow we’ve got something want you to take a look at I found it downtown on one of my specimen Scouts it’s some sort of rodent apparently same actor or different I’m going to guess same for this day and age unless they got some crazy splice of technology I bet these guys are twins they’re different actors I did I say the same sorry it’s the intoxicating err of all these germs oh watch this doctor I’m ready I’m and I’m to rock

and roll I’m ready yep get down let’s go cut a rug my friend I know something about Gizmo that I’m dying to tell you oh all right I didn’t mean to see it what procedure you propose to adopt sale samples tomorrow tissue cultures Thursday then of course there’s body structure Catherine pesky body structure we’ll just have to cut you God the Expressions definitely like upgraded the puppet I guess honey my light went out you sat still for too long the building thinks that you left it’s saving energy Jump Around Jump Around jump up jump up

and get down honey hello Kate are you there Kate smart building kind of sucks the 80s it worked 90s whenever we are here excuse me where’d you hear that oh uh is that that was up in that uh laboratory you know in 51 this freaking Tuco no way that’s freaking Tuco from break it bad is yeah like so young there I didn’t recognize skinny little Tuco is that really I’m pretty sure I saw him in a coffee shop once oh yeah I remember that little I hear your cop ears down oh it is yeah oh

I it’s back there thank you oh oh my God the sound effects on her yeah it’s disgusting just like every time this like a clown housee love there’s organ music in here oh my God what just think millions of rats in New York City and everyone hates them but if one of them could power a portable radio for a month what is that like a vinegaroon watch this doctor definite progress gentlemen so what are you going to do just like put all the rats against the grid is Gizmo going to recognize him giz get a

little buddy if only we could make it safe to touch them give them rubber coated fur Mis welcome to the men’s room have a good pee what’s his game plan here I don’t know stopping in the bathroom I feel like get him out they the little nails are wild yeah hey guy how you doing did you miss me ask me what I know what do you know hoe Mandel is voicing Gizmo what how weird is that was he the first time I don’t know I don’t know I didn’t mean to see it it was the

one thing I saw whoa he’s got so much more hair than how Mandel that is wild I couldn’t keep it inside anymore it’s okay it’s only adding flavor to this already flavorful movie Greg’s going to kill me what is this is this a little black armband is that what happened to the old man that used to take care of you is he wearing it out of solidarity for the dead just do me a favor get down there and don’t say anything and I’ll come back and take you home as soon as possible okay oh my

God this is too dangerous leave work call out sick nah the building will track you down it’s him he’s him oh my God careful here you have to get down oh it’s pulsing oh little guy he clamped his hand I know I haven’t been down here before but that’s going to change I’m going to be more um hands on with these operations from now on of course with my smart hands you’ve captured the whole essence of the project right here oh my uh Billy William Peltzer Sir Bill huh bill you got your office name now

Bill people see Elm they think Dutch disease do they really absolutely oh no what’s with that drawer uh it’s automatic it opens every now and then just in case you need something give me one of those I called you Bill this is very big billy this is a career opportunity advancement window do you really think so we can talk about it at dinner uhoh well I can’t really do it t I have something tonight too Billy a brochure for the clamp cable arery channel it’s a total trauma R deadline emergency wow you know what I’m

letting it go have dinner with you true love true love I forgot about characters like this you keeping some kind of pet in let me see come on you know maybe tonight would be the best right yeah let’s do it tonight there’s a very chic new restaurant it’s Canadian they clean the fish right at your table wow okay Gizmo now listen I have to go going to send someone to pick you up okay so just stay put and then I’m going to go get Canadian Cuisine Billy yeah ready damn it people like this don’t exist

nah she’s got an ulterior motive is please be careful got major ET Vibes too actually oh little paperclip rope is so cute listen um I’m not going to be able to go out with you tonight I’m sorry fooy fooy got a meeting with some people a meeting yeah he’s lying to her yeah Gizmo’s here and that furry thing well yeah he’s up in my desk drawer take him home our home Billy no no ju just obey the rules that’s all oh the rules remember the first one don’t let them uh get exposed to Bright Light

especially sunlight because it kills all right with the bathroom when he turn the lights off don’t don’t let them get wet and the third one is don’t let them uh eat after midnight y boom we’re on top of things and don’t talk about fight clip yeah ah Christ e e no no let’s say the guy goes to the bathroom for 30 seconds man’s earning $375 when he stands there don’t go down the rabbit hole of business logic you will not win3 oh no oh no dude don’t get wet don’t get wet guy they PID $375

for the bathroom no run giz but those dancing days are done Jesus Jesus dude I know the system is unfair but but you could also be doing a better job fixing this water fountain no no no no no ug ug ug ug little spring sound effect this painful looks painful oh oh who is that oh no oh my God it’s like goofy it’s like the dwarves now yeah ah what a predicament just to be like Oh no I got splashed now I’m giving birth I’m not being paranoid the guy after my job they do a

great job with the design on these yeah and they’re doing a lot more like in camera motion and walking effects this time oh no his band I’m sad about that yeah they’re trying to push him down yeah they’re bullying him they’re trying to get rid of him so they can have their way with everything so they can wreak havoc unchecked what happened to make Gizmo like the only good one cuz he was raised right I don’t know so she’s maybe going to grab the wrong one right yeah they’re at least a couple that have a

similar color scheme please leave oh I know that Mohawk I know that Mohawk they also have cameras everywhere right it seems I mean it seems like this building is just like surveilling you at all times nope nope bil said to take you home hello at least that one’s kind of jolly New York does to okay we he’s like if I just stayed in the drawer yeah seems like yeah like Gizmo is only susceptible to these Antics to the point of like basic mischief and getting himself in difficult situations rather than like fullon chaos like it

almost feels like he sort of can’t help himself well he’s like a baby but he’s not rescue party of 6 what time is it rescue party of six that was good K I always just draw these comic strips I had this big box of crayons I used I had crayons too when I was four years old I was using them to write memos to the other children I had crayons too can relate I wrote a lot of memos as a child can relate let’s talk about your relationship to Mr clamp Jesus Christ I see Corner

offices and boss leead I’m I see us swallowing up the publicity Department really or uh I’m feeling so vulnerable with you Billy I’ve never talked about these feelings before when art and business join forces anything can happen oh my God that is a bar they feel that we should join ug ug but like I blame him completely for this yeah you can’t just pretend like I’m innocent Billy I couldn’t have helped it like stand up to her dude I’m kind of in a hurry I’m sorry about your your shoe or your whoa dude say I’m

not into you how about some horn how about some horn where’s the poutine man you have one job to do say what kind of stuff you like to eat so I hope this is okay it’s chicken mashed potatoes woe oh those eyes try to be a little bit more careful around here okay Gizmo you don’t have he said I’m not Gizmo oh my God no you are not as Charming as Gizmo even by half oh I’m worried B she just saw her boyfriend sneak off with another girl and she’s still doing this that’s a real

one she got she got trust in him she shouldn’t he lied yeah I know the comments are not on my side right now but I annoyed with him no he could have handled this better he could have been more upfront about this it’s okay what happened to you what happened to you Dude where’s Gizmo my hey man I I I guess there are less ways to see your face on the way home but still this is not Gizmo oh that is a loaded Twinkie where they hiding the good Twinkies man when is she going to

say something about the lipstick honey she’s still doing this like oh oh my God I feel sick right now John sick oh great look at that be it’s so late should I get it you better get it it’s her who is it a hey a we thought you were coming tomorrow a I’m happy they brought them back can I get you some some coffee or some tea little Pickers we try to get a cab up here do you know they got Russian guys driving cabs in this BG I do a cab with a briefcase full

of atomic Secrets or something like that don’t people care about that anymore so must be the 80s still right I guess so that was the weirdest moment cold war is going to be one and lost in a taxi cabin NYC what was that it’s all right dear Gremlin on the wing you can’t stay here tonight I’m really sorry and I’d love it if you could but the building is it’s being fumigated and uh mice and stuff like that no sweat we’ll uh we’ll book it to a hotel oh how about we call you tomorrow night

and we’ll get together and have dinner okay okay great beautiful I feel so bad for them even though he’s clearly racist something is the the less we know about Mr futterman’s politics I think the better nationalist yeah I’m like Charming guy just don’t go too far into the conspiracy theories okay the peanut butter cups all natural I know they’re pesticide free that’s not the same thing they could put a hundred other things in there oh my God you going to blow up dude are you stud it’s a this is oh my God if I was

a gremlin this this is where I would go hot toppings they’re going to eat after midnight entatic doors are being upgraded by top technicians to serve you better please feel free to use the manual doors for it is fascinating how this movie plays today thing in the topic what kind of thing was in the top I don’t know a furry thing it was a furry it was a whole Furry Convention supposed to be healthful it’s after midnight and they’ve eaten what are we going to do now is it supposed to be health food I guess

it’s it’s like super super State ofthe art yogurt with peanut butter cups there that’s before the water comes into the building oh boy oh no oh yeah security but what about your corner office man man and your letter head hold it hold her right there get the hell out of there that’s a restricted area move it come on move damn stop her I’ll shoot what’s in the bag nothing let’s have a little look at that nothing hey oh oh my God start firing yeah oh my goodness gracious me there are more of these things in

here we we got to shut the building down no we no there’s only one thing we got to do we got to get the cops and we got to have them put you in a rubber room I’ve dealt with them before they wreck things oh they wreck uh yeah excellent what the those ones that were just like in those jelly things hatching it’s been six hours they probably made their cocoons by now come on oh cocoons there we go yeah they’re in met metamorphosis it’s funny cuz they’re like a real threat they are yeah they

get so much out of the contrast because he is like the sweetest and the rest of them are just nightmares I hate that they took his bracelet oh no oh no oh no don’t get slimed oh no oh no damn it whoa no the it’s a good cartoony Motif right there what happened I don’t know he just got jumped maybe someone’s going to come out wearing his fur bright light we’ll need some of these oh oh my God don’t torture my dude I don’t like like this John it’s okay morning Billy oh hi last night

was so wonderful Jesus Christ this is Kate this is my oh my goodness I have to go right away hello hi cute Pat ug I mean that’s the woman that with we get through today alive you’re in big trouble yes finally that’s what you get for not being honest yeah you could have nipped this a little bit better in the bud my friend sir you’ve got to evacuate the building the suit please evacuate the building why is that there are creatures in it sir creatures these small furry animals and then what happens is they eat

after midnight they metamorphose and they form these cocoons kelz sir you’re having a psychotic episode well no they eat and then they go into the cocoons well sure you’re going into a cocoon you want to have a little something first that guy was in like every 80s movie wearing a suit Mr katsuji please could you get back in linee oh jeez Japanese people do love cameras so many of you have written in asking how can we Zing up our party appetizers familiar too yeah I was thinking that what if one of them eats something at

11:00 but then he gets something stuck in his teeth yeah like a Caraway SE or a sesame whatever what if they’re eating in an airplane and they cross a time zone I mean it’s always midnight somewhere it’s always midnight somewhere yeah that’s great oh my God yeah now you know ooh pack and punches decked my man Vindicated yeah tuna noodle cheese product chowder surprise in just a few minutes I’m sick she getting sosed the show must go on so let us Ladle up some oh no no no no oh yeah no e is that the

best turkey baster scene you’ve seen in a while ah come on come on Marge get him what what are you going to do I don’t know I don’t know do you see what these monsters are doing they’re throwing the microwaves you can’t do that oh goodness they want to cause an explosion my college roommate put some stuff in a microwave that you shouldn’t it was pretty interesting oh yeah and it looks a lot like that oh n the guy with the camera looks like another one of those character actors who did a lot po out

of the back oh my god oh yeah oh my God they just get to skip metamorphosis sell this footage man what an interesting character he is like what he’s just obsessed with document even that though has like aged into relevance climate control malfunction floors 15 and 16 what hell’s going on uh look sir the pest infestation monitor is reading critical I thought this building was supposed to be smart well what is that I I don’t know that they’re not pests could be rats right right it’s not whatever they are they got to respect the chain

of command they do yes sir Barberino there’s xeroxing in this house now do your butt do your butt photocopy your butt oh no they’re just doing Gizmo that is horrible the the light is so bright in there and you just tried to pimp about Gizmo telling him to do his butt you know I’m part of the problem roxan I’m part of the problem I’m a gremlin oh no it’s going to be like willly Wonka you’re just going to bust out the top of the building Betty you finished shredding my mail from this morning yet Betty

Betty that’s her name people in Chinatown give a street festival a sort of a a spontaneous outpouring of appreciation for the uh you know everything I’ve done for the community down there and maybe we could have a a parade you know with call that that bigart oh my God that’s a spicy meat the ball I think I own that oh no wow did they just steal her Shaw or did she morph no no way did she morph whoa oh but they yeah they just stole her sha with the thing on it just love that he’s

he’s planning a spontaneous block party in honor of him to to look like just people wanted to celebrate him genuinely like it’s so it’s so great it’s like it’s revealing how canned so many things in actual Society are it did a pretty good job of predicting the future oh no no clamp oh man oh no oh my God oh my God H let go of my tie wow we have to get everyone out of the building and we got to close the building down that’s ridiculous we got to do it before Sundown too yeah what

happens at sundown they hate sunlight it kills them but when it gets dark out they’re going to try and leave the building and get out into New York and if they do I don’t know what going down dude how do you know about them well you see sir there’s this animal and it was in the genetics laboratory of course those guys I warned you that could be a problem tenant we could have had three shrinks and a plastic surgeon in there oh wow you got to do better you know with the with choosing who rent

space imagine having a plastic surgeon I mean a plastic surgeon seems like it would be well at home in this building you would have enough business just from like people on other floors alone oh my God what a nightmare no oh by the hair yes I’d be scared to bite them sure Jesus ug G yes I’ve always wondered about thator please no I want to see a bunch of Gremlins and boas believe she survived that we we’ll get the next one what they look like the two of the Sanderson sisters nobody in this movie helps

each other when they see each other struggling yeah the movie police I’m Leonard Mal yeah I was going to say was we had Leonard malton’s book growing up that’s actually Leonard Malton yes movie Gremlin I can’t imagine why I know some people found this movie fun but me I’d rather spend two hours having root canal that’s Leonard Malton man it is shouts out slimy me meped Gloppy little monsters who run a muuk and attack innocent people our movie go is so desperate for entertainment that is so cool well done very fun love I love that

he decided to do this I want a super cut of oh my God how do they taste that’s the best part we’ve already had calls from the chefs at two of the airlines yum yum oh oh making him tougher no they’re going to be tougher somebody leave something out not I it’s eating my vegetable medle not I whoa what on Earth velin and what are they Martin a virus beling tomato face there’s a good creature now let’s talk this over eat Dr catheter now what whoa W wa wa is that what the brain juice did

don’t drink the bat juice what the what the talk a little bit about what’s going on in this room because what there are some Fier ating ramifications here for the future fascinating I believe that’s a common bat of the order corruptor the only Ms I might capable to pla yes bat Gremlin manbat my friend you have potential I want to help you be all that you can be may I yes what is this Carrie Grant voice where you will be going to hell what does he mean where he’ll be going we can’t let them get

away all they have to do is to eat three or four children and that’ be the most apping publicity of course that be the big problem everybody’s concerns are on point cool let get away it’s like Wizard of Oz yeah you knew it was coming Pete okay Warner Brothers yeah see this this is this is the kind of like oh we own all this stuff so let’s crash them together that that’s like fun it’s just enough it’s not too much oh yes you are what you eat John so enough are you having a run on

the banks there yet well it’s rather brutal here we’re advising our clients to put everything they’ve got into can food and shotgun yes of course nearest to you and to go through it very quickly is here in the building please make sure you take I can’t believe she’s walking she fell 40 stories she held onto that rail you know that was investment advice I was given once invest in food weapons and Medicine cuz people will always need those but booze is the one that’s Recession Proof right now this building is on fire what yes the

building is on fire what enact the AG old drama of self-preservation fire enact the agel drama of self-preservation hey one of them oh no fun shot fun shot oh no no no he’ll carry you ah not bad oh yeah there we go there we go cementum is so weird yeah come on is he going to just become an actual garil thinking that’s awesome so great nice very cool I like it yeah that was a very cool Choice let go Gremlin with a cigar yeah ouchies hurt Gizmo hurt me yeah there’s it Noah Arc up here

how many animals are you experimenting on too many the horror I will never hurt anything ever again for some things that man is not meant to disce he is a problem 10 he is a problem tenant they’re real I saw them I know I’ve seen them too but where in my laborat what stupid name I know but wasn’t oh my God I would have killed to see this in a theater me too that would been cuz you would oh how perfect whoa oh my God NY NY of course of course Sun worshipper wow this is

like a nudest colony movie this is worse than the first one we just show these movies Madam we don’t make them quick those things have taken over the projector they refuse to show the rest of the film all they want to see is snow right the Seven Dwarves enough I’ll take care of this yes of course you will yes the projectionists look familiar too we have Gremlins in the projection booth could you help us Gremlins what now what hul Mania listen up people pay good money to see this movie when they go out to a

theater they want cold sodas hot popcorn and no monsters in the projection booth yes agree do you you think the grimers can stand up to the hster yes I’d run the rest of GM ones too right now sorry folks it won’t happen again this is my favorite movie of all time I don’t care no movie comes close to this what a wild choice that was yeah so fun they really enjoyed themselves with that one they did that and they were like yep new batch baby unfortunately police are not permitting any news media inside the building

at this time but just as soon as we are allowed in we will of course be broadcasting live from inside the building oh now’s your chance get on that daytime Telly no more 3:00 a.m. for you can you work a TV Camera work a camera I am a camera yes you are my man he’s an icon I’m so glad this guy has an actual purpose here Shazam yes oh electric Gremlin oh my God cool do not throw in face why specifically oh it’s acid that that would make sense yes ah Gremlin of the Opera oh

my trans Gremlin greml this is a complete failure of management yes indeed I do have some small assault weapons he of course Ooh La La the lips oh my God those lips it’s like Miss Piggy or something yeah definitely why can’t you they’re going to end up together by the end of it damn with the uzi there must be a much bigger Budget on this movie yeah or maybe not I don’t know classic bit for gizzle revenge of Gizmo Gizmo fights back yeah Gizmo strikes back from the lobby of the clamp Center building where this

Invasion by strange creatures U perhaps from another galaxy or from a dimensional War oh imagine watching the news and that’s what’s On You’ be like what this is this would be the news channel I exclusively tune into Dracula Dracula Dracula I was going to say has did Christopher Lee ever play a Frankenstein cuz I know he played like a thousand Draculas I don’t know SW Gizmo let’s go ah these horrible little green monsters in that building there come on Mr futterman they Gremlins you get them wet they’re only going to multiply look you got to

let me in there I know how to deal with them sure pal do you put cement on them don’t talk to me like I’m crazy I’m not crazy oh no I was never crazy I’m fine let me in there yeah I’m fine I just won’t take a cab with a Russian person yeah I’m just a normal kind of crazy all right not like seeing monsters on the wing crazy I no no no no nope nope nope nope nope no bill how’s it going any progress oh just tell me there’s progress it’s horrible only one of

my channels is still in the air they’re human beings in this building real lives do you have any idea what kind of lawsuits we’re looking at here oh my God every time you think he’s about to be human yeah left oh I love it looks like the grateful Dad what is that one of these things they come in electric too they do now they do now he’s in the phone system on hold he’s on hold no the music the music the music because of the end of civilization the clamp cable network now leaves the air

what we hope you have enjoyed life a I see listen is he’s crying is there any way that we could possibly turn all the clocks ahead in the building say 3 hours Bill there is nothing we can’t do in this building why well you see sir sunlight kills these things that’s why they’re all in here but if we can fool them into thinking that the sun has actually gone down well then maybe they’ll all Gather in the lobby that’s the only way out of the building those front doors sun sets at 7:32 well then we

should make our move at say 4:20 oh I like that I like 422 baby he does yeah won’t they see the sun still out but that’s the tricky part sir you’ll have to take care of that you’ll have to set it up from the outside oh I finally get to use my secret exit of course you have a secret exit you could save the city save the city developer save City I like that good he’s going to get all the credit oh my God regular Bruce Wayne over here hello hello anyone still employed in this

charming facility I need Elation in my office now in my office now John let’s go my biological clock is ticking here youd like me to bang away on in the dark is that it oh of course this is new cuz you’re like a Spider Woman let’s go Rambo I love this tra Montage gizbo gizbo John gizbo I’m a G okay you know or ramoo rammo gizbo rmo oh my God I adore incredible I love I love clamp so much he’s going to use this to get in the building are you trying to panic New York

City absolutely not so the monsters are real I didn’t say that then when are you saying just what I always say Mike I don’t know I don’t know just what I always say IDK let’s go Murray yes my dude we’re in let’s get attention to detail too with the blood on his forehead GMO GMO periodontal surgery office owie loving all the silhouette stuff oh yeah like all the different ways in which they capture and and depict them and the different techniques they use is so great and I love his little paperclip rope oh yeah like

it ain’t nothing swole Gizmo to the rescue but what’s he going to do slingshot catness ever giz cat giz grar Dean an entire race of strange little beings has invaded the class Center building one of the creatures creatures is that accurate mm yeah what do you like to be called mhm Fred what we want is I think what everyone wants and what you and your viewers have civilization what sort of civilization are you speaking about preacher the nicity spr the flying por diplomacy compion yes that is what they want the beers we may stumble along

the way but civilization yes the Geneva Convention chamber music Susan s all the all the greatest that’s what we aspire to we want to be civilized I mean you take a look at this fail here who is doing the voice ug oh there are the Broadway shows we have to find out how to get tickets there’s also a lot of Street crime but I believe we can watch that for free sir we can watch it for free these uh things can only come out when it’s dark so we’ve uh We’ve set all the clocks in

the building ahead 3 hours they’ll all muster in the lobby you know getting ready to come out then we drop this thing the sunlight will come pouring through these front windows here and fry them like what’s the catch to that there’s got to be some kind of way that could go wrong right enough direct light maybe it gets Gizmo oh I hope not Gizmo deserves a rest no no no no no no no it’s funny that they torture like they don’t just hurt they they think it’s funny for sport yeah is it safe is it

safe Murray oh smack smat Billy can I get here please trapped in material and I’m on Deadline yes you are I could help you or I could just leave you here nothing happened it was strictly business I’ll be honest with you I did have designs in him I didn’t get to first base okay sure why not thank you for that this is like a nail clipper ah wow and just that like chittering sound it makes GH yes gizbo gizbo let’s go my friend yes slic Stone touch you well I love Gizmo Gizmo is is the

MVP the greatest what happened to him I don’t know I guess they pushed him too far yeah to win a war you’ve got to become a war that’s right something terrible happened to me when you were on Lincoln’s birthday what I was six or seven and I remember the day off from school and Mom had let me go to the park made me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich I was going through that a bun sandwich face as you do this man beard and a hat look just like a lincol really don’t think we time

for this now that was clearly a moment she was having I don’t I mean what just happened I don’t know I I’m like I don’t know if I want to hear the end of the story I do but I don’t it’s like a Santa like yeah I’m like what else horrible happened to this poor girl spr music leing today I want be a part of it New York New York these Vagabond reok these guys aren’t bad you know when you’re right you’re right these strange creatures now appear to be mounting what seems to be a

musical number how’d y’all get in those trash cans yeah yes yes yes are think going to feel too bad to kill them now debatable oh my God I’m not bad I’m just drawn that way this movie is an acid trip yes it is okay are we ready to drop this thing oh yeah oh my God no what you knew it g dining after midnight in New York Perfection there must be Endless Options yes get that Warner Bros to um we know that they must make it out in some capacity because they stopped the movie from

playing oh classic shot classic Recreation there’s a fire hose around the corner I want you to find it and aim it into the lobby okay into the lobby what are you crazy just do it and do it fast find a box for Gizmo put him in it and make sure he doesn’t get W okay Mara smoke SM smoke Mr Gribble Mara be useless yeah the lvp yeah lugy Gremlin oh my God don’t mess with M fman yeah right don’t mess turn it on wait wouldn’t this make them Sprout more yeah what did they put in

there other than water what is it hope you know what the hell you doing yeah Jesus yeah what’s your plan man oh smart turn off the hose hit it go forth oh a baseball Gremlin a night Gremlin good looking electricity effects wow very risky plan yeah gal Gremlins I’m I’m I’m Ming bringing back some of those wicked witch vibes from the first one they seem to be just melting into horrible little green and brown puddles but I can’t say what it looks like on television ladies and gentlemen but it looks terrible it’s like a booger

swamp yeah I’m like what was he even saying yeah oh you were so close man oh that smile you were so close to your convenient credit even despite past discrepancies and finally here comes the Cavalry oh my God he’s got a gun a uniform whoa he wanted to save the city we’re here exclusively with Daniel he hey hey hey wait a minute who told you to go on my network with all this news coverage it just seemed like so I got a cameraman and we right right I’m making you an anchor making 6:00 week nights

huh I want you to go down to Barney’s and see about some new clothes though no do it as Dracula careful that stuff’s slippery looks like you bailed us out here it wasn’t just me sir talk about a corporate bailout are we supposed to like him yes sir clamp you work for me don’t you I think kind of maybe a little tiny bit oh my God they’re in love he’s a yepy like he’s totally very very hard oh look out now very very hard the hardest could we have a statement yeah please my new head

of public relations here will handle all questions oh wow what happened where’s the camera I cannot tell you it was indescribably horrible we had to stop work all together absolutely yes the true nightmare well sir you kept the city safe that’s a good point you know that could be good in my next book I should be taking notes who’s got a pencil paper this guy it’s Kingston Falls this is what I’ve been looking for oh I want to build it for my next project over in Jersey this is terrific this is what people want now

the traditional Community thing God oh my God people really can change are you Mrs Pelzer yes I love this I’m going to be a oh this is Gizmo what he’s a M M M look at him you know what I see dolls with suction cups staring out car windows a Macy’s day parade has anybody ever told you about merchandising yep no well there is definitely something there maybe lose that headband though yeah we we can’t afford the rights to that remember she said if they got through the day he’s in big trouble yeah you got

to ask about the lipstick he found on his face I know the other girl said nothing happened but like you got to double check my girl yeah you put it then glaze pasturized processed cheese food on top yes yes coming we’ll be with you in a minute MTV MTV HB wants to know if we have cable Nick KN no MTV Nick and KN Gizmo got good taste in programming Forester what are you do okay okay we’ll get you out of there what floor Wow way up there no it’ll take a while the elevators are out

and all the automatic doors are locked we’ll do what we can forer keep your pants on keep your pants on Miss Piggy got to him that’s very generous sir a half day off once the building is operational thank you sir very generous she made it oh my goodness gracious me beautiful oh boy you know in the right light she is pretty beautiful the lucky Bachelor y yep yep get you someone who loves you for you bizar bizar oh my god hoe Mandel damn okay Tony Randall damn the they called him the brain uh my friends

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just to start because of the whole thing with the genres everybody the genre of the first movie is different than the genre of the second movie did you feel like these were completely different genres and if so what genre was this movie de they’re both demented demented I like I yeah this is definitely a departure from the first one although I do feel like in a way and oh props to Rick Baker definitely like going above and beyond for this movie but um uh oh and Mark man Genie damn sorry I I I met him

a couple times I used to teach improv I think to his kid anyway that’s cool uh yes and I feel like you know this movie has a reputation for being wild and off thee walls in like a a big departure from the first one and certainly it I get that and it is but it’s not quite as like completely different isn’t it yes Daffy Duck uh yeah it’s it’s definitely different but I feel like it makes sense the direction they took it in and and the sort of Madness like I guess it’s a little less

horror movie monster movie when it comes down to it but it still has those tones and those notes it’s just like going for more mad cap more of the time but in a way this felt kind of like the natural sequel you would you would want to do to me but what did you think I I didn’t feel like they were that different genres they were both like really uniquely absurd yeah with comedy and horror and um camp and yeah I enjoyed this one as much as the first one it did feel a little longer

this one I don’t know if it actually was sure but I didn’t mind that because I was so invested ply ridiculous I’m try and cut those in but even things like that like I feel like this movie knew what it was I think because of the first one it felt confident in itself and it was like we are going to have fun with this if it kills us yeah and they knew when to like just stopping the movie more than halfway through and pretending like the Gremlins cut it it was genius and and yeah I

feel like this movie knew exactly what it wanted to be it delivered on that it was so weird that one moment with Phoebe Kates with the the Lincoln thing still lurking about don’t you people have home don’t worry Daffy we’ll be there in no time the Lincoln thing which was obviously a reference to the Santa thing like that she just breaks off into these monologues and it clearly wanted to just like oh play on that you know there is like a meta humor about this one in that it yeah is sort of playing Off beats

from the first one and counting on you to be like oh no here we go you know and then sort of subverting like that I felt like that was handled part of of me wanted to hear the story but part of me was also like all you need is this to to satisfy what is happening here yav like oh god of course she’s got another tra like how much tragedy lays in this character’s past and it’s such a striking kind of dramatic beat of the first movie yes no you don’t whoa 60 years of huging

the end title is enough that’s all yes Chuck Jones I was going to say it’s that out he looked a little Grinchy I’m getting better at pulling animators and stuff and they credited to the local animation uh Guild in the credits but uh yeah like I liked that yeah me too like and and I love the wraparound of the Looney Tunes characters because like this is very much a looney movie yeah it’s very much a Looney Tune and yeah like having that beat with her is just such a funny lore thing because you’re like this

girl just must have tons of tragedy in her past and uh and yeah like I liked in the previous Movie that that becomes like a whole poignant little moment and you really do feel for her and here it’s a different kind of movie and I get why they didn’t go into that because there’s not I I think you know the the motif of the quiet you know bucolic Town versus you know the bustle of the big city like it suits the tone and setting of this movie to have it be like oh my God on

Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday or Whatever on President’s Day you know this guy came up and then you know we we get it and we move on exactly this felt very much like Ghostbusters to me like it felt very tonally similar it came out in 1990 I’m seeing so yeah you were right about not the late 80s but the early 90s it makes sense for the time even this like art that we’re looking at on Amazon Prime with the one finger and looking at the city uh just the the whole thing it’s scream scams late ‘ 80s

early 90s it screams sequel but in the best way possible this is before sequels were annoying as hell yeah made it did its own thing it the sets was completely different which I really appreciated that we didn’t uh just stick on the same situation that we had in the first one we went different place bigger uh now we’re nervous about the entire city right I mean I guess at the end of the last one we were but this it just felt like there was more danger and because we knew about it we only knew partially

how to stop them but not completely how to stop them we went about stopping them in a different way the electricity thing like nothing was wasted that came back into play everything kind the Rambo seeing that on the TV came back into play there was a lot of callbacks a lot of references this worked for me this was weird this worked for me immensely and and again like it has that reputation of being like a such a WTF kind of movie and I know that like up until this point I have Associated the two movies

with like people love Gremlins it’s a classic and then two is like a cult classic but I feel like it’s a perfect one to punch yeah it’s like it it does a lot of things you expect from a sequel in that it’s changing up the setting it’s going a bit bigger it’s expanding even further on the Gremlins lore like I love to hear that you had the Mad Science Department basically where they find all the different means of coming up with infinite variations of the Gremlins you know we’ve seen them in different outfits and with

different like personalities but here yeah we see them like in actual different morphed warped formations leading up to the one who can talk who sound like that was awesome yeah and and them like kind of evolving and like the cognitive dissonance of like all the chaos they caused and yet he’s over here like yes we just want all the amenities of high society and civilization yes and like yeah this was like the perfect it maintained and then he shoots the yeah like it maintained the perfect irony in line with the first movie because the first

movie is like sweet and it is a holiday movie and there’s like a familial element there that makes it kind of a bit genuine while it’s also being sort of orary and wild and this one certainly ramps up on the the craziness and stuff um but yeah it’s like it made sense you don’t have quite as much like character story going on like it’s a pretty familiar setup it’s like okay so Billy and uh and oh God Kate moved to the big city and you know they’re they’re trying to make life happen there and I

like that you know the clamp Industries place you know brings the spirit of dad along and the whole starting it out with like them trying to build Space Age Chinatown and wanting to evict the old man just like little touches to tie it back into the first one without like over like over laboring or forcing those things to be like a full-on part of the plot like I thought the stuff they maintain and brought back worked and we have the image of home to remind us but it really did feel like yeah we moved away

to a new spot and uh and yeah there’s a lot of fun corporate satire which which that element of the movie with just all the different yuppies that we meet working at clamp and then clamp himself and just like the attitude about gadgets and gizmos and smart anything like there’s so much about this that I think yeah that I think has actually gotten more relevant and it’s funny because you know you see a lot of things like this that make you go oh the more times change the more they stay the same but like this

is 1990 and he called it like a smart building which is like very today vernacular like I’m sure stuff was called smart when it was super tech back then Disney show smart house or the Disney movie that came out when we were kids Smart House smart house or smart guy no smart guy was the um Taj Maui show smart house that was of those decom oh I think I missed this oh whoa let me see what year that pull it pull it up cuz yeah like that stuff I thought you know got actually you know

I’m sure it was fun and biting at the time but like so much of what the rest of the movie is doing aside from the chaos the SAT like the social satire is like super sharp and and relevant even now which I thought was just like very kind of charming and it’s always like a fun9 I’ve seen this post for sure okay so yeah you know like the whole and and okay so smart it’s creeping into the in the 90s yeah but this was probably I mean this is early 90 this is 90 yeah this

isn’t that transition point where you’re still the aesthetic is still very much 80s but it’s starting to shift into what will eventually become the 9s style if I’m being and I know you guys love this if I’m being nitpy do it pick a n if I’m picking nits while this movie did really work for me I mean the women are so ’90s in this like and I don’t what are you talking about and I don’t mean how women were in the ’90s I mean how women were written in the ’90s and in the 80s what

are you talking about for two lead characters it’s like you are either a woman throwing yourself at men that you know are taken or you’re a woman turning a blind eye because that’s your pay and you don’t care and you’re just going to Stand By Your Man and it’s like the lack of the the fact that the uh I I feel like in this you know the dude characters are very much uh save the day going to figure it out even the rich guy the rich character who is like you know doing the damn thing

freaking clamp yeah clamp I feel like he had plenty of layers it’s like he’s uh not a good dude but there’s some redeemed qualities with the women I was just like okay well I think that both of you guys are doing this exactly how I was written both these actresses are killing it here yeah uh it would be nice to have a little like Nuance in it but it you know it works for this kind of movie but it is just very 80s 90s I was like there’s just no way there was a woman in

this room when they were writing this I do yeah I I can’t at all argue with that because like the the bummer is that Kate is so endearing in the first movie she so endearing and she’s not the the main focus of that movie but she is like a distinct supporting character and here I thought Phoebe Kates was was she still maintained the loveliness of that character but but we like her as an actress cuz she’s sweet and she’s cute and yeah but yeah she she is on the margins and I mean even even though

Billy is still the lead even he is sort of like there’s so much I mean the Gremlins are the star of this movie but yeah uh Kate and and what’s her name Mara Bloodstone yeah like they are super archetypical and at least for Kate like I could have maybe done with just yeah like a little bit more of like a COR that’s the thing is you that moment with her backstory does play funny I like what it is in isolation but if you look at it in context of the whole movie it is sort of

indicative of how those characters are treat throw away a ride off okay and we’re moving on even Dr catheter has his big character Moment Like if we get out of this I will never do this ever again this is not what you know yeah and I and I mean I I loved the The Madness of what the just ecosystem of the building is and yeah how like you know they’re not even fully aware of who’s renting and why and like oh I I knew we should have put a plastic surgery place in there instead of

a jean splicing place in there and and like yeah it’s fun to have like there’s so many character actors throughout this and yeah like Christopher Lee like there there are a lot of nods and and I enjoyed too the different little monster movie bits you’ve got like the Phantom the Opera one who does like the Phantom shot at one point and you have Christopher Lee who’s like a hammer movie veteran and all sorts of genre movie veteran um and then you know you got like uh yeah obviously dick Miller’s back and even like the cameraman

guy like all these all these different familiar looking that guys and whatnot um and yeah like it’s interesting I feel like the characters in this one except for Billy and Kate to a degree exists to be these caricatures more than anything totally yeah it’s not like every character is perfectly written except for the women there’s a lot of different flaws um and it and it does work fine I noticed on Amazon that I mean it works more than fine it’s a great movie but I know was on Amazon one of the things that I thought

was interesting so it says that it’s um I forget but like thriller or comedy there was okay can’t be and frightening can’t be frightening comedy but the one that I thought was interesting is that it lists itself as a fantasy what do you think about that I I agree yeah like cuz uh I mean fantasy and horror flirt you know with each other quite quite a lot genre wise and yeah like especially having Gizmo because you have the fact that Gizmo is so dear and sweet and and there is a version of the Gremlins that

is that too and there is this sort of peripheral magic and even that like they they’re commenting directly on like what are the rules it’s midnight somewhere like stuff like that I thought was great but but yeah like the fantasy element is is yeah is in full swing here because too like you know Monster movies and mad science I feel like dips into fantasy as well so while this is often skewing gross and demented there’s definitely a there’s definitely an air of fantasy and and the this The Whimsy uh with which the rest of the

world is depicted and that’s what I liked about clamp actually like I would be totally down as well for a version of this movie where he’s revealed to just be the worst and gets like you know some kind of horrible end but I also appreciated The Quirk of the choice that he is disconnected just this sort of well-meaning misled guy with a lot of resources and Power hour who yeah is like disconnected and who is always kind of getting halfway there and then kind of missing the point and you know that whole thing at the

end where he’s like you know this isn’t a place for people you know and you think he’s kind of waking up to everything and he’s like I’m going to build something different I’m going to build something that’s cozy and homey and we’re going to make the most state-of-the-art version of Something quiet and peaceful and like you see the conflict of the whole character and the conflict of like again it’s a nice contrast because it’s not like in your face it kind of is but not it’s not uh like directly speaking it to you like the

first movie does embody this peaceful calm small town vibe that then gets you know upended by the Gremlins whereas here yeah you’re in kind of the fully formed corporate fantasy where everybody is like so down the rabbit hole of you know those concerns and like seems like everybody in the the clamp building just seems completely detached from life you yeah yeah and uh yeah just was thinking when I initially it’s just funny like imagine asking somebody what’s your favorite fantasy movie and you you think that they’re going to say I don’t know Star Wars or

Harry Potter like Gremlins legend or Willow or yeah yeah yeah like this but this is it I’ll take Gremlins also interesting that the way that they describe this they say um that Billy and Kate reunite with their furry Frank Gizmo to destroy a mischievous new breed of talking Gremlins and it’s like I don’t know about talking Gremlin one just the one there’s only enough brain juice for the one of you and he was funny okay so this worked for us yeah is there a grem story I don’t think so I don’t know though I mean

maybe they’ll come back and do one Joe Dante is still out there I would love another Gremlins before we what would you want you know I could see them doing a movie where where Bill and Kate you know are older now you know you get the actors back and they have their own kids now and Gizmo’s still living with them and you know they’re about to be like okay you know you’re whoever their kid is it’s like you’re getting to that right age we’re going to we’re going to introduce you to our little friend here

oh they’ve been hiding Gizmo maybe I don’t know we we’ll work out those detail when we get in the writer’s room Gizmo’s gonna have a complex if he feels hidden from the kids this whole time maybe gizmo has no okay so Gizmo lives in the house and has like a hole there are got to be inventions around and gizmo has like little things he can ride around to like help him get to stuff and like little safeguards to make sure no Gremlin Mischief you know comes to pass and then maybe it’s like what Greg and

Olivia did with all the cats up yeah they can run around free and then the kids really want to play with the with Gizmo but they’re like you know we got to take this slow okay this isn’t they’re not a toy they’re a real living thing and there’s rules and then maybe the kids you know just like you know Mom and Dad go to sleep they maybe break Gizmo out and then then you know cause some havoc and and then we get a whole new 21st century take from your mouth to the universe’s ears okay

Gremlin 3 coming to you soon and like the bit where they’re in the movie that’s one thing is I wish I like to see that in the theater would have been so Grand sick I I thought something was wrong at first did you immediately know it was happening I’m I’m used to seeing a film burn effects that I that when when it was like the initial Jitters I was like okay is the stream okay white and I and the film starts to burn and you’re like okay well this isn’t this cannot be this could POS

not possibly be conjured by Digital television so yeah but uh oh like even still like the amount of commitment they did to that and and I I’ve heard it said like uh them making this sequel I I don’t know if maybe they were like trying to get other people to do it or or whatever and eventually Joe Dante was like yeah if you let me I don’t just want to remake Gremlins if you let me come in and do my thing and you know make the the story and the satire I want to make like

I’ll do it and I think the and people can clarify in the comments but I think the studio was like yeah as long as it’s got Gremlins in it man just like come in and make him make more so so yeah like I really appreciate a make a new batch make a new batch that’s it and like I got we got to go watch the key and peel sketch now because there’s like a a famous key and peel sketch about like how this movie was conceived um should we react to it here at the end

I the problem is I don’t if that’s going to destroy the monetization of this video so we’ll do that in our own time Comedy Central is pretty anal about let us watch things on our own that’s it for now we’ll see you guys soon on behalf of Ron joxy baby B that was some drippy moist dis that was drippy oh that was so drippy so moist so gooey not gooey man it was gooey and we had like a late night horror TV’s Host this had everything this is the best movie and they had Leonard Malton

and they had freaking Molton and I and I love a gag like that I feel like we need a super cut of all the times that notable critics have shown up in movies to do some meta bit where they slam the first movie and then get killed by the movies villains I’m friends with his daughter Jesse she’s so lovely he’s so great anyway okay we’ll see you guys soon later

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