GRISELDA Explained: Netflix Show Vs Real-Life | Ending, True Story And Spoiler Review

welcome to the heavy spoilers show I’m your host Paul in this video we’re breaking down giselda the new Netflix show watches the rise of the Godmother and I don’t mean your mom’s a mate that she makes you call Auntie still oh she’s up in the ATI like your uncle and the new show builds off the back of the Naros Classics to bring us a tale that often gets overlooked based on the life of Griselda blano we see as this black widow becomes one of the kingpins of crime in Miami throughout this video we’re going to

be breaking down the show some of your questions on what happened in real life if you haven’t seen the series then there will be spoilers here and I highly recommend that you check out if you haven’t checked it out without the way huge thank you for clicking this now let’s get into Griselda the first question you probably have after the series that the big question on your lips is did she really call her son Michael Corone yep turns out that’s completely true with a godmother naming her son after the famous character in The God father

coron’s grown up to style himself into an internet personality and he’s even featured in the show the cartel crew now where the series changes things

is that when grisela left prison two of her sons were still alive in the show they have it so it seems like they waited until she was about to get released and carried out the hit so it would be even more painful in reality though the two who died initially were killed years before she got out of prison with a show adding this in just to make some drama his son

Dixon died of unknown causes years later though said it was apparently due to his criminal activity this is what made him realize that he needed to get out and took a step back from the drug trade you got your beautiful grandchildren and you got your beautiful granddaughter here and I’m going to make sure that they don’t have to grow up how we did and live that life now even though that’s very tragic I’m glad he hear the GU still alive and doing well as I think one of the big tragedies of the series is what

happened to Griselda and her family now he of course had a very rough childhood and one thing that the Show Skips over is Galas in real life it’s thought that grisela carried a first kill when she was just a mere 11 years old according to the story she and her friends kidnapped the son of a wealthy family and this was in order to extort him for ransom money the parents of course didn’t really take this seriously and th gisala apparently gunned him down now the Show Skips over all of this and when we meet her

she walks in like my wife does when she needs a Wei this is on the night that she mared her husband who has just made her hook up with his brother however what the show doesn’t dive deep into is that this is actually gala’s second husband the reason I call her Black Widow before is that she’s thought to have killed all three of her husbands Henry VII eat your bloody heart out but I was really surprised that they skipped over the first one his name was caroso who was the father of her three eldest boys

it’s believed that she had a hit order on him during the 1970s which is said to be over a business dispute as for a second husband that’s what we see in the show and this is what makes blano flee to Miami they kind of touch upon it in the series and they talk about how the pair sold in the 70s in real life they moved in New York and it’s from here that they started to work however the pair had to flee in order to avoid persecution and this is where things sort of start from

it’s in New York that gisala apparently also met common or well what the Bare Bones of her character are in reality she’s saw to be an amalgamation of several people grisela knew with her main inspiration being common caban on top of this the whole Brothers plot is a work of fiction which has been implemented to make the Escape seem more thrilling a lot of the time they tend to add stuff for the drama cuz let’s be honest these people weren’t writing every single thought that popped in their head and posting on social media they also

didn’t have camera Crews following them round at all times so this stuff’s been added in to help beef them up his characters in reality from what I can gather The Killing was over Bravo siphoning Millions from their money which he was planning to keep for himself like the show she ended up shooting him in a car park but there was more than just the man we see with him on top of this there were five other cartel members who Blanco W left dead in her awake at this point she then moved to the US and

as I say the rest is history and that’s kind of what I love about the show as it truly has her playing into her own Twisted American Dream the idea of selling dreams is Lay throughout the series and it’s what she initially says that the drugs represent this will give the wealthy Bard miamians is that is that the other name well we’ll give it it’ll give them a dream but beyond that it’s also how she recruits in her gang she has the Overlook members of society that she sells a dream that they can be rich

too she gives away the drugs for free like how she gives a downtrodden opportunities and it makes for something that’s a really thrilling watch plus you got all that 80 Scarface as said that was made famous in the Brian departa film Scarface more like bra face he you having that you suck now that is why this channel is not doing as well as it used to but another question that you probably have is about the killings we watch her taking down her Rivals one by one and this is so she can become the number one

Crime Boss her man starts off as her man in business but he gets taken out which is something that happened in real life known as the dayin M Massacre that saw three of her Hitman riding to the location with a van that said Happy Time complete potty Supply stalking her man they then went into the Crown Liquor Store and carried out the hit at 2:30 p.m. there was also Papo as well who gets killed at the airport with the real life story being way worse apparently his assassin carried World War II bayonet and struck him

in the stomach in the middle of the airport there’s a documentary about this stuff called Cocaine Cowboys which goes into the grizzly tale behind it there was also the sad tragic hit on Chucho which led to his son’s death in the back seat in the buildup to it we see how paranoid Griselda is and this is made worse by her son’s actions asking him to hide a weapon Chucho Chu ends up hitting him and in the end this causes a lot of issues we see grisela then order the hit and Ry pulls up in the

car alongside him Castro was sadly shot during this with it later being one of the three murders Blanco was arrested for in the show it sees her relieved that riy missed but in reality she wasn’t said to have been that kind she apparently celebrated his son being killed because she saw that his being a way to send a message really sad and in the series it was clear she started to suspect everyone around her and at Dario’s party she forces people to do stuff at gunpoint con say because of YouTube demonetization but this is something

had happened in real life there were apparently several drug fueled potties like this and we see how drugs lead to the overdose of her friend Mar this is what sends her on the run and in terms of the series it’s the beginning of the end the show paints us out as just being a freak accident but in reality it’s much much darker why well that’s because it’s so Cal the carry it out the murder after her debts to her became too much gisala had a habit of murdering those she owed money to and she did

this to wipe this slate clean there’s also no evidence of mod dating Rafa which is something that was added for some economic storytelling in the series it sees her fleeing with her family and after realizing Raa is coming she calls the police this will mean that she gets sent to jail rather than meeting the Fate that he was just about to bring this isn’t the way it went down though and she was caught due to good oldfashioned police work this was carried out by June Hawkins who is a character that we Following the show like

gisala she’s initially looked over because of her gender and she acts as a mirror that Chronicles her rise as gisala becomes more important she does too and she was one of the key officers who helped take her down June in the DEA carried out surveillance on her life and they mapped out her movements which led to her arrest she also ended up marrying her P Ral who we meet throughout the series Rafa was never actually in America while this was going down and therefore all of this scene it’s a complete work of fiction gisala was

then put on TR well and like we see in the show Revy put a spanner in the works did like real life the show has him turning in foran and this is in order to avoid the death penalty that happened along with the phone sex which ultimately is what helped Griselda out in real life he did it with two women whereas in the show it was just the one it damaged his credibility though as the qy iners and thus his testimony couldn’t really be used it was all over the Miami her uh the state attorney’s

office was embarrassed they had to fire several people rivy basically did a great job at botching the whole case by having phone sex with the secretaries eventually the decision was made by the prosecution that the key Witnesses had been compromised to the point of it affecting his credibility on the stand it completely damaged his own case too with him then being unable to make deals later on he was sentenced to life because of his initial actions but further along in his life he was unable to ever see release the phone call was used as a

way to show he was working against the authorities and thus they wouldn’t be giving him any benefits at all the show paints it out as being something intentional and that’s it’s clear the authorities took it that way but whether that’s the case we just don’t know Dario was also killed too with having his murder carried out of a custody of Michael now they do make up the whole thing in the motel where he saves her life from her ex-husband’s brother that isn’t believed to have happened and the actually got married in Colombia before coming to

the US Dario then fled to Colombia which is where he was shot and killed with Michael being kidnapped in real life the Assassins were dressed as police officers and sadly this is what made him lower his God now one thing we do know is that the show says gisala served seven years which is true from a certain point of view the series hasn’t being just sentenced to this whereas in real life she got 15 years she only served seven though which was down to a heart attack and was deported to Colombia on compassionate release it’s

here in Malene where she was gone down and this event happened during 2012 the show ends by showing text describing it with it’s saying that she was 69 years old now no one has ever been tried for this murder and there was no answer to who was behind it all we know is that she was with a pregnant daughter-in-law and that someone rode by and shot her from a motorbike ironically this is similar to the hit she has selfie to Auto this often being used as a method of execution all in all it wraps up

her story with a Netflix Show pulling a lot of punches grisela even had a dog named Hitler which I’m guessing they could out to make her seem more sympathetic once you get behind it though it’s hard to deny how much of a bad person she was and she probably never hit the thumbs up or subscribed it saw that she murdered upwards of 290 people with her regular calling and hates so that she could stay in power this is in order to stay with Fabio and his family who themselves also featured in knos definitely recommend you

check that out one of the actors from this is in that too and I’ve covered all those seasons on the channel and we end with her sketching out lines with a cigarette which is something that she does throughout to manifest her dream all she wants though is to be back with her kids however we know that’s never going to happen it’s a side way to close out the character and for the next part of the video I want to talk about my thoughts on the series as for this it might not be as accurate as

it could be but I still really enjoyed what they brought to the show there’s so much going on here and so many well-crafted arcs that it’s difficult to deny that they did a Stella job the soundtrack is amazing and they really bring the glitzing glamour to life while not shying away from how brutal some of the killings were there’s a lot to to be learned from this as well and it works expertly to show the hurt that Greek can bring Sophia varara does a fantastic job and I think she’s completely unrecognizable in the role have

to say I was surprised by how good this was and if you’re watching this without seeing it then definitely check it out gisala brought a plague to the streets of Miami that in the end ruined hundreds of lives still though made for a good TV show I guess which yeah watch it if you like a bit of crime really in doing my research I found that a lot of the financial structure of Miami was built off the back of these kingpins bringing in massive amounts of money this money was then put into the banks who

themselves and worked as lenders to home buyers and businesses therefore the city was able to quickly rise up ironically down to people like grisela Pablo Escobar even works as an opening quot and whether this is real or not is something we don’t know however we do know that grisal that gave him advice early on and this helped him to become the established name he was it saw that they went on to become Rivals but whether that’s the case is something we also don’t know either way that wraps up the show I had a blast with

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you’ve been the best and I’ll see you next time take care peace

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