Guess The Fast Food From The Bad Review!

– I will eat half my fast food on an ice cream shop. I will do that! – On a date! – I will do what I want! – (React) If there’s one community you don’t want to piss off, it’s the Reddit community. – Oh lord. – (React) And not just Reddit. It’s the fast food Reddit community! – Oh! – Oh? – (React) So today, we’re doing Guess the Fast Food Item From the Bad Review! – (both) Oh! – Come on, dawg, come on dawg. – Pfft! – If we’re being real… – Not ramen, since when

is ramen fast… Well… – Oh no, no, no, no, no, no. I’m just wearing food. – (React) Well, okay. – Let the record show I’m also wearing food, but it’s a stain on my shirt. (Brian laughs) The food that you can taste tastes like processed food. Like the cheese. Even the sauce packets are tasteless. (buzzer rings) Taco Bell Nacho Supreme? – (React) Not Nacho Supreme. (buzzer) (buzzer rings) – In-N-Out? – (React) Nope. – No, they’re sauce packets. (buzzer rings) – The Mexican cheese pizza from Taco Bell. – (React) Nope. (buzzer) – Oh! (buzzer rings) –

I’m going to say the tacos from Jack in the Box. – (React) Nope. (buzzer) – (Jaxon) Shoot, uh… (buzzer rings) – McNuggets from McDonalds. – (Jaxon) Like the cheese sauce?

(buzzer) (buzzer rings) – Tacos from Taco Bell. – (React) No. (buzzer) (buzzer rings) – Like processed food, even… – Doritos Locos Tacos from Taco Bell? – (React) Nope! (buzzer) (buzzer rings) – The Big Mac from McDonald’s? (buzzer) – (React) Nope! – Every Mexican food item you can think of smashed together in one wrap. Tastes like shiii! Whose idea was this anyway? (buzzer rings) – Crunchwrap Supreme,

Taco Bell! – (React) Correct! (bell rings) (Izzy screams) – I don’t know what to call it. (buzzer rings) – Crunchwrap Supreme, from Taco Bell. – (React) Correct! – There we go! (laughs) Last one. (buzzer rings) – So it’s obviously Taco Bell. Crunchwrap Supreme. – (React) Correct! – Oh! – (React) It’s the Crunchwrap Supreme, Taco Bell! – That is, that… – (React) Do we agree with this statement? – No! – (React) When was the first ever Crunchwrap Supreme released? What year? The correct answer is 2005. (buzzer) – Frick! – Ooh, one off! – Ah. – (React)

So you’re both wrong. – Darn! (buzzer) (buzzer) – What!? – (presenter) All these check email, play MP3s, they’re portable, so they’re good to go. – Good to go! – They’re good to go! – Oh my God! – Oh my God, they’re good to go! – (presenter) It’s good to go. – (Martine) Look at the devices. – (presenter) Oddly enough. – (narrator) The Crunchwrap Supreme. – The Crunchwrap Supreme. – It’s good to go! – There’s not that much beef in there, lie to people. – Ew, not, ugh. I hate places that do like the nacho cheese

sauce. – (Vivienne) Ugh! – It’s so nasty. $2.99!? – Are they still $2.99? – No! – (narrator) Think outside the bun. – I mean, they’re good to go. – They’re still good to go. – Oh, they’re good to go. – Let that be known, they’re still good to go. – My recent experience was far from delightful. – The covering lacked depth, and the interior was overly sugary. – Texture was subpar, overall, it didn’t leave me craving more. (buzzer rings) – Cinnabon cinnamon roll? – (React) No. (buzzer) – I wanna go with like, Carl’s Jr. (buzzer

rings) Don’t they have like churros? – (React) Nope, not churros from Carl’s Jr. – (Jaxon) Um… (buzzer rings) – McDonald’s apple pie crust things. – (React) Nope. (buzzer) – Right? (buzzer rings) – I’m going to say a glazed donut from Krispy Kreme. – (React) Nope. (buzzer) – Okay! (buzzer rings) Subway cookies? (buzzer) – (React) Nope. – The outside had no flavor, and inside, they pumped it full of sugar like it owed them money. It was dry as a bone, and it ain’t got me wanting another round. – (both) Ya feel me? – I don’t. –

(laughs) We both just… – I don’t. I don’t feel, oh! Is it a cake pop from Starbucks? – (React) No, but that’s a good guess as well. – Oh, that is a good answer. – Why, ’cause sometimes they be dry. – (React) A hint? – Sure. – Yeah. – (React) Think of cop stereotypes. – Cop stereotypes, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! (buzzer rings) – Jelly donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts. – (React) It’s not jelly donuts. (buzzer) (buzzer rings) – Is it a donut from Dunkin’ Donuts? – (React) What donut? – (gasps) Ah! (buzzer rings)

Okay, so, the Boston cream donut from Dunkin’ Donuts. – (React) Correct! – Oh! – Let’s go! – (React) It’s associated with a city in the U.S. – A Boston cream!? (buzzer rings) – (React) From? – Dunkin’ Donuts! – (React) Correct! – Oh! – Ah! – Come on! (laughs) (buzzer rings) – Cream filled donut. From Dunkin’ Donuts. – (React) But what’s it called? (buzzer rings) – Boston cream? – (React) From? – Dunkin’ Donuts. – (React) Correct! – (chef) Time to make the donuts. – Oh yes. – (narrator) Dunkin’ Donuts are always fresh. – I made the

donuts. – (narrator) We make them at least twice every day. – Time to make the donuts. – What, how old is this commercial? – To make the donuts. – I feel bad. This is awful. Oh! – Give him a jacket! – (React) It’s old. – It’s time to make the donuts. – I love this commercial! – (narrator) Up to 52 varieties, fresh day and night. – That is… (laughs) – Call the union. – (React) That was 1984. – Yeah. – Call the union, babe, call the union. – Uh, yeah. – Eating crispy disappointment coated in

an overdose of sweet mystery sauce. – (Vivienne) Oh my gosh. – Mystery? – (Vivienne) Overdose! Geez! – I’ll just say it, for the sake of guessing. (buzzer rings) – Cinnamon twists from Taco Bell. (buzzer) – (React) No. (buzzer rings) – I’m gonna say this is the cinnamon roll from Cinnabon. – (React) Nope. (buzzer) – Overdose? Coated, crispy, disappointment? – What? (buzzer rings) – McNuggets from McDonald’s. – (React) No. (buzzer) – Sweet mystery sauce. (buzzer rings) – The frickin’ Taco Bell, um… (claps and snaps) cinnamon twists. – (React) No. (buzzer) – Mystery? (buzzer rings) – Orange

chicken from Panda Express. – (React) Correct! (bell rings) – Oh! – (React) Oh my God! (laughs) Well played! Just from that? – Oh, oh, um… (buzzer rings) The, Panda Express, and the orange chicken bowl. – (React) Correct! – Orange chicken, yes, yes, yes! And I love that, that’s why that did not come, it’s so good! – (React) Orange chicken, Panda Express. Think Asian. – Ooh. (buzzer rings) – Oh, what? Oh, oh, oh! – Oh, oh! – Orange chicken! – Orange chicken! – Oh my God, orange chicken from Panda Express! – (React) Correct Jaxon! – screamed

in my ear! Jesus! – Sorry! (laughs) – ♪ Do it like, do it like ♪ ♪ Do it like ♪ – You got it. – Let’s go, bro, you got this. – Take your time, no you got it. Take your time, take your time. – It is very sweet. – I actually don’t always think of Panda Express as fast food. – Right. – So that’s why it didn’t register. It’s so fresh and wonderful. (both laugh) I used to love these, but now I will not buy them. They got really small, but cost more, everything falls

in your lap, the lettuce is wilted, the taste is different too, what a let down. – Oh. (buzzer rings) Tacos from Jack in the Box. (buzzer) – (React) No. – (Brian) Let down. (buzzer rings) – Oh, you did push my hand onto it. – Yes. – I don’t think, McChicken from McDonald’s? – (React) Nope. (buzzer) (buzzer rings) – No, it’s Big Mac from McDonald’s. – (React) Correct, it is! – Nice! – Taste is different too. – They got really small. Oy! (buzzer rings) – ‘Cause it, you know, you got small, but cost more. It’s a

McDonald’s Big Mac. – (React) Correct! (bell rings) – No! (laughs) – Where, you know? (buzzer rings) – Really bad guess, but, the burgers from McDonald’s, just the plain old Mc… (buzzer) – Those don’t have lettuce on ’em. – Really? – Like… (buzzer rings) Big Mac from McDonald’s. – (React) Correct, Jaxon! Big Mac from McDonald’s! Write down all of the layers of the original Big Mac. – Oh! (laughs) – Oh wait. – So I have bun, patty, cheese… I have bun, patty, cheese, bun, patty, cheese, bun. – Are we… (buzzer) – Are we close? – (React)

One, let’s go! – I did bun, patty, cheese, sauce, lettuce, bun. – (React) Ooh. (buzzer) – Great it is, two all beef patties, lettuce, sauce, uh… Two all beef patties, lettuce, sauce, onion, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun. (buzzer) – Woo! – (narrator) I’m going to show you how McDonald’s builds a Big Mac sandwich. It starts here with a lightly toasted bun, and then a pure beef hamburger. – (React) Patty. – Patty, there’s cheese. – Yeah, so we both got those right. – (React) Lettuce! – Aw damn! – Then I was right, I

was right! – I swapped sauce and lettuce. – (React) Lettuce. – That’s sauce. – (React) And then sauce. – Okay. – And then there’s bun. – I got that. – Then there’s patty. – (React) Patty. – That’s where I screwed up. – Then there’s pickle. Aww, there’s sauce again! – (React) The sauce! – That’s where I screwed up. I screwed up after… – (React) Then there’s pickle, then there’s bun. – All on a sesame seed bun. That… – (React) Sesame seed bun. – I was close, can we appreciate the burger drawing? – (Jaxon) That looks

really nice. – (React) Love it. But neither of you get the point. – (Jaxon) Yeah. (buzzer) – (React) Let’s move on to the next one! – Wow. – Ugh, my Italian side is going crazy. (buzzer rings) what? (Brian laughs) – Uh, uh… (buzzer rings) Pizza Hut, cheese pizza. – (React) No. (buzzer) – Pizza Hut Supreme. (buzzer rings) – (React) Nope! (buzzer) (buzzer rings) – Is it like a Subway meatball sandwich or something? (laughs) – That’s not terrible. – You know, so, yeah. (buzzer rings) – Quiznos meatball sandwich. (buzzer) – (React) Nope. – Fast food? –

(React) Yeah. (laughs) – Fast food Italian? – Like, oh my God. (buzzer rings) – Jollibee Spaghetti. – (React) Correct! – No! – What the hell!? – No! – What!? (buzzer rings) – Is this the spaghetti from Jollibee? – (React) Correct, it is! – Let’s go! (laughs) (buzzer rings) – Jollibee’s. – That’s what I was gonna say. – Spaghetti. – (React) Yes it is! – Oh my gosh! – (React) Jollibee’s spaghetti. – I was literally thinking Jollibee in my… – No yeah, yeah. – No, mm. – No, I felt it. (narrator speaks in foreign language) –

Right. – Bless you. – Right, right. – Can we talk about the phone? The Samsung Galaxy. – Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. (horn honks) Oh! – It’s time to go to Jollibee, mom! (laughs) – (laughs) She was so sad, and then her family came and was like Jollibee’s! – What? Were there like hot dogs in it? – (narrator) Cheesiest, meatiest, spaghettiest! – Spaghettiest, yeah. Fast food places, ugh. – When all the cards are down, all hope lost, all self-dignity robbed, barren, and not a cent left to pay for one square foot of rent. – You, the Poseidon of

fast food poultry emerged from the deep fried depths. – Of the hot sauce ocean atop a five dollar hydra of drumsticks and batter to rescue those who cannot rescue themselves. – (Vivienne) Who… – That is wild! (laughs) – (Vivienne) Who hurt that person? (buzzer rings) – A KFC bucket of chicken? (buzzer) – (React) Nope. – I didn’t think so. (buzzer rings) – I’m going to say, because they said spicy. – That’s what I was thinking. – Um… Chicken tenders from Raising Cane’s? (buzzer) – (React) Nope! – Dang it! (buzzer rings) – Wingstop wings. – (React)

No. (buzzer) (buzzer rings) – KFC. – (Benison) Excuse me. – And it’s like the drumstick, it’s like the drumstick barrel. – (React) Nope! (buzzer) – Right, I’m going what? Oh! (buzzer rings) – Spicy nuggets from Wendy’s. – (React) Nope. – Damn. But definitely not Chick-fil-A. Definitely not Chick-fil-A. – Is this chicken from Church’s Chicken? – (React) Nope. (buzzer) – Okay, shout out to Church’s though, I love you. For real. – Oh! (buzzer rings) Is it the Popeye’s poppers, like the little hot, the hot chicken poppers? – (React) That’s a bit too much detail. Just simple.

(buzzer rings) – Popeye’s chicken. – (React) Correct! – Oh! (laughs) (buzzer rings) – Popeye’s chicken. – (React) Correct! (bell rings) (buzzer rings) – Okay, so it’s not Chick-fil-A. – Is it the fried chicken from Popeye’s? – (React) Correct, it’s the fried chicken from Popeye! – (narrator) Tired of some of that same old bland, greasy, fast food fried chicken? ♪ (trombone music) ♪ – Ew, bow-wow! Oh, sorry, the trombone! – Wah! (both laugh) – (narrator) Shared with golden French fries, with tasty Cajun rice, add some crunchy Popeye’s onion rings. – Doesn’t it make you so hungry

right now? – (narrator) They’re sliced, spiced, and fried just right! – Those onion rings, man. Some things never change. – Are their onion rings good? I’ve never had Popeye’s onion rings. – They’re good. – Oh my God. I gotta get it. – ♪ Fried chicken from Popeye’s ♪ – It’s kinda nice, yes! – That is, that theme song has not caught on, and it is a shame. – (React) It has not. – They literally taste like a bar of soap. – I hate that one fry they add in that’s this big potato, that one tastes

the worst. (buzzer rings) I had a stroke reading that. (Brian laughs) – You did. Is this the… – Bar of soap? – Fries from Chick-fil-A? – (React) Yeah, what kind of fries? (buzzer rings) – Chick-fil-A fries. – (React) What fries? – (Jaxon) No, the… (buzzer rings) – Chick-fil-A, what are they called? The like, hashtags. – Waffle fries? (buzzer rings) – Waffle fries, Chick-fil-A! – (React) Yes it is, waffle fries, Chick-fil-A! – Ugh. – Yeah! – (React) What are they called? – Yeah, the… – What are they called? – What uh… – (whispers) What are they

called? – What are they, they’re specifically fries from Chick-fil-A. I don’t, they’re the… – (React) What shape are they? (buzzer rings) – Waffle fries. – (React) Correct! – Waffle fries is correct! – Damn it! – (React) What are they called? – The criss-cut fries from Chick-fil-A. – (React) Yeah, what are their name? (buzzer rings) – The waffle fries from Chick-fil-A. – (React) Correct! – Oh my God, come on! – (React) The waffle fries from Chick-fil-A! In what state was the first Chick-fil-A opened? Multiple choice. Georgia, California, Texas, or Connecticut. – Oh! – (React) The correct

answer is, one of you is right. (Izzy gasps) Georgia! – Let’s go! – Okay. – No! (laughs) – I knew it was Georgia! ♪ (playful string music) ♪ – Mmm, it looks so crispy on the outside! (Benison smacks lips) – (React) That was it. – Irresistible ridges. – See, but that’s what I need in a commercial. Get your point across, leave me alone! – Some people got some… – Some fine ridges! – Some fine ridges! I’m like damn, let me get all up in those ridges. (Brian laughs) – A gloopy sea of mystery mush, and

the smell was not vibing with my taste buds at all! (buzzer rings) – The chili from Wendy’s? – (React) Nope. (buzzer) – Ooh. – (laughs) Right? (buzzer rings) – The KFC famous bowl from KFC. (buzzer) – (React) Nope. – Panera’s soups. (buzzer) – (React) Nope. (buzzer rings) – Wendy’s baked potato? – (React) Nope. (buzzer) (buzzer rings) – Red Robin soup. – (React) No. (buzzer) – Damn it! – Mashed potatoes, KFC. – (React) Nope. (buzzer) – There’s not even any tuna in this tuna sandwich. Tastes like I’m eating sewage. (buzzer rings) – The tuna sandwich from

Subway. – (React) Correct! – Yep. – (React) It is the tuna sandwich from Subway. – Oh yeah. (buzzer rings) – Okay, a Subway tuna sandwich. – (React) Correct! (bell rings) – Wow! – I don’t know where you can get a tuna sandwich. (buzzer rings) – Subway tuna sandwich? – (React) Correct! It’s the Subway tuna sandwich. – Ugh, I, ugh! – (narrator) If you’re looking for a fish sandwich… – Why is there a bird? (laughs) And what’s going on in that… – He’s looking for fish! He’s looking for fish! – No, what was going on in

that building? – It even looks gross on there. You can’t even advertise it well. – The place where fresh is… – Wow, that’s a very old commercial on the… – Yeah. – (React) ’95. – Wow. – Wow. They really consolidated it to Eat Fresh. – The cheese is pumped full of preservatives and is like Saran Wrap. (buzzer rings) – Animal fries from In-N-Out? – (React) Nope! (buzzer) – Yo, honestly! – That’s what I was… – I thought she had it. (buzzer rings) – El Pollo Loco’s mac and cheese. – (React) Nope. (buzzer) – Which is,

by the way, really good. (buzzer rings) – Is it Taco Bell nachos? – (React) No. (buzzer) – Oh! (buzzer rings) Little Caesar’s, cheese pizza. – (React) Nope. (buzzer) – I think if you ate a sneaker with pizza sauce and greasy pepperoni, that’s what it tastes like. (buzzer rings) – So it’s a pepperoni pizza from Little Caesar’s. – (React) Nope! (buzzer) (buzzer rings) – Pizza Hut pepperoni pizza. – (React) Nope. (buzzer) (buzzer rings) – What!? – Pepperoni pizzas from Papa John’s? – (React) Nope! (buzzer) (buzzer rings) – Pepperoni pizza from Domino’s. – (React) Correct! – Let’s

go! (buzzer rings) – Domino’s pepperoni pizza. – (React) Correct. – Woo! (buzzer rings) – Domino’s pepperoni pizza. – (React) Correct, yeah! – There we go. – Yeah! – (narrator) When Domino’s pizza delivers. – There it is! – (narrator) Quality comes first. – Woah! – Look at it! – (narrator) …to make each pizza with carefully selected… – Look at those bell peppers! – This is kinda artsy, I like it. – Yeah. – (narrator) Taste the quality. – And the box that opened in the middle. – Beautiful. – Come on now. – (laughs) Why don’t they put

this effort into commercials anymore? – Yeah, dude. – It’s Domino’s! – It’s overselling Domino’s. Maybe, you know what? Maybe Domino’s was good back in the day. And it just slowly got worse over time. – I need you to do voiceovers for commercials so bad. – No one would know what I was saying! – I know, and that’s why I want it! – They would need subtitles in the commercial. – Em-dem, del-em-dem. – Out, out, delicious, base. – I’m not going to eat half of my daily fast food meal on ice cream. – Why would you

not? Um… (buzzer rings) A Sonic shake? – (React) Nope. (buzzer) (buzzer rings) – Is this the McFlurry from McDonald’s? – (React) Nope! (buzzer) (buzzer rings) – McDonald’s sundae? – (React) Nope! (buzzer) – Oh! (buzzer rings) Is this the Frosty from Wendy’s? – (React) Nope. (buzzer) – Dang it! (buzzer rings) – Dairy Queen sundae? – (React) No. (buzzer) (buzzer rings) – Dairy Queen ice cream. – (React) Nope. (buzzer) It’s called something. – Do they have Blizzards? (buzzer rings) Dairy Queen. (laughs) Go for it, wait, together! – No, no! (laughs) – Together, together! (buzzer rings) – (both)

Dairy Queen Blizzard! – (React) Correct! (both laugh) – All the time. (buzzer rings) Dairy Queen Oreo Blizzard. – (React) Correct! – Yeah! – (React) It’s the Blizzard from Dairy Queen! – Respect. – At McDonald’s. Did we, yeah, we did. (buzzer rings) – Blizzard from Dairy Queen. – (React) Correct! (bell rings) – There we go! – My favorite fast food ice cream is Blizzards from Dairy Queen. – (React) Trivia question. – Okay. – (React) Bring your whiteboards. – Oh. – (React) Which one of these slogans was never used for Dairy Queen? – With your mouth, okay.

(laughs) – (React) Number one. – Smack it up, flip it, rub it down. – (React) Meet me at DQ. Number two, fan food, not fast food. Number three, chill out at DQ, and number four, so good, it’s ri-DQ-lous. One of these… – It better not be. – (React) One of these is not correct. Three, two, one. What’s B? – The second one. – (React) Fan food, not fast food? And you think it’s… – Ri-DQ-lous. That sounds so weird. – (React) The correct answer is chill out at DQ. – Really? (buzzer) – (React) The rest of

them have all been… – Funny thing, I was gonna do that. – That makes the most sense! – (React) Oh, you’ve got B, and you… – Ooh! (buzzer) – (React) You thought fan food, not fast food is not a slogan? – Yeah. – (React) And you thought so good it’s ri-DQ-lous? – Yeah, that’s ri-DQ-lous. – It’s not chill out at DQ? I just think, I want it to be that one. – (React) One of you is correct. – I want it to be that one. – (React) And the person who’s correct is Izzy! – No!

– (React) So good it’s ri-DQ-lous! (laughs) – Really just hot bologna. – Eww! – Hot bologna? – Hot bologna? Here’s some hot bologna! (buzzer rings) – Quiznos. – (React) No. – Subs, I don’t… Those don’t exist anymore. (buzzer) – Hot… – Bruh, I have no idea. – Carl’s Jr.? (buzzer) – (React) Nope! (buzzer) – Okay. (buzzer rings) – Jack in the Box tacos? – (React) No. (buzzer) – Gross, gross! (buzzer rings) – That would be the… – Take your time. – The roast beef sandwich from Arby’s. – (React) Correct! – Yeah! – Bang! – I

was like there’s no way that’s not Arby’s. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – There’s no way that’s not Arby’s. – I think it’s Arby’s. – It’s… – (React) Do it. – It’s… (buzzer rings) An Arby’s sandwich, but it comes with, like Arby’s, but it comes with fries. – (React) But what’s it called? What’s the famous Arby’s sandwich? It’s a… – (whispers) Roast beef, roast beef, roast beef sandwich. – Hmm, let’s confer. – (whispers) It’s roast beef. (buzzer rings) – It is the Arby’s roast beef. – (React) Correct! It is the Arby’s roast beef! – Ah!

(laughs) (buzzer rings) – Arby’s roast beef sandwich! – (React) Correct! (bell rings) Well done, well done, well done. It’s the Arby’s roast beef! Tell me if it looks appetizing or not. – (narrator) Arby’s delicious giant roast beef sandwich. – Oh! – Ugh! – That does not… – (narrator) As big as it looks. – What, what? – It looks like one of those dogs with the folds on their face. – Oh! (laughs) – You know which ones I’m talking about? (laughs) – (React) The winner of this fast food challenge is… Izzy! – (both) Yay! – (React)

Well congratulations. – Oh! – (React) The winner… (both laugh) Benison! – Woo! – I feel like we both won that one! – Yeah! – High five, that was good. That was fun. – (React) Congratulations, Jaxon! – Thank you very much. – (React) And now to have your prize. Close your eyes, both of you! And the winner, Jaxon, open your eyes! – Ooh! – (React) This is for you! – Damn! – Oh! – (React) You’ve got Popeye’s chicken, Dairy Queen Blizzard, Boston cream donut, and Papa John’s pizza, er, Domino’s pizza! – Oh! – (React) Open your

eyes! The winner, Benison! – Woah! – We have to… – Woah, is this real? – (React) Yeah. – This is frickin’… I was like is this a prop? – No, please have some! – I will just have, oh, congrats, man! – Thank you, thank you. – (React) Pizza. – I wanna try the Blizzard. – Oh dude. – I haven’t tried a Blizzard in so long. See, this one feels like it will not… – Is that an actual Blizzard? – This has not changed. – (React) That’s an actual Blizzard, this is actual stuff. – Oh my

God. – (React) And of course, you can’t have anything. – (laughs) She can have the Popeye’s, I refuse, I’m good. – Can I have the Popeye’s? – (React) No, not on camera. (Vivienne sighs) (Jaxon laughs) – Dang. – God, this is…

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