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what is up everyone my name is jaden and 
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and today we’re going to talk about another high 
potential project called guild of guardians but  
before we start please notice our disclaimer 
since i’m not a financial advisor so this video  
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only so without further ado let’s begin guild  
of guardians is a mobile rpg in which players 
can turn their gaming interests into assets  
it will be a multiplayer fantasy action 
rpg in which players will assemble their  
ideal team of guardians and compete 
in guilds for epic tradable rewards  
such an ambitious goal requires relentless focus 
and we plan to spearhead the future of nft gaming  
by demonstrating excellence in the following areas 
fun mobile rpg gameplay build of guardians will be  
fun and compelling we plan to have a combination 
of action rpg deep strategy a dynamic trading  
economy metagame and social focused gameplay 
that will keep players engaged for years  
play and earn mechanics there will be a deep and 
sustainable economy within guild of guardians  
where players can play for free and earn both 
nfts and tokens just like the real world economy  
you can choose how you want to specialize or 

/> play within the guild of guardian’s economy  
community driven incentives we understand the 
value that a community brings to the game guild  
of guardians will involve and reward the community 
for contributing to the growth of the overall  
ecosystem and empower creators to build long-term 
businesses in the guild of guardians metaverse  
highly accessible guild of guardians will be 
available on ios and android making it hyper  
accessible to everyone the underlying technology 
will be based on immutable x allowing players  
to enjoy instant and gas free trading eventually 
without even knowing they are using the blockchain  
guild of guardians will initially be available 
on ios and android and will be released in 2022  
in this game players will take their team of 
heroes through challenging dungeons to collect  
resources and earn experience they can use these 
resources to craft items or summon heroes which  
can be traded for real money players will be able 
to build their dream team and will work with their  
guild to earn leaderboard and seasonal prizes kick 
pay to play off a cliff play and earn instead in  
the world’s first mobile rpg while every item 
and hero is part of a real money economy epic  
fantasy rpg explore a rich world of 
dungeons magic orcs elves and more  
loot and trade own your loot for real forever 
trade any item to other players guild multiplayer  
play with friends work together to take down 
tough bosses will it be free to play yes players  
can play for free and earn heroes and items 
without spending any money guild of guardians  
are very excited by the ability for players to 
play to earn stop wasting money on summons you  
don’t own collect play and earn instead in the 
world’s first mobile rpg with a real world economy  
guild of guardians designed the game so that it 
won’t be a pay-to-win type of game by ensuring  
that skill and strategy are the core elements 
of the game in addition spending money on guild  
of guardians won’t comment the expense of other 
players because the game is not focused on pvp  
and mobile gaming is a 106 billion dollars 
industry by revenue which is bigger than both  
pc and console combined it is growing at 26.8 
percent per year which is 2.5 faster than pc  
mobile games represent the platform with the 
most users because it is highly accessible  
mobile squad role-playing games are one 
of the most popular genres in the world  
the annual revenue of moba squad rpg market 
is 5.9 billion dollars and growing at more  
than 50 percent year on year according 
to censor tower game intelligence 2020  
and this is the guild of guardians universe 
guild of guardians is a mobile rpg where  
players take teams of heroes through challenging 
dungeons to collect resources these resources are  
used to create rare items and heroes which can be 
sold for real money the game is set in a familiar  
fantasy rpg world where players can play as mages 
warriors elves orcs and more meet some of the  
guardians helia princess of flame leah priestess 
of illumination cyrus infernal swordsmen freyja  
bastion of defense in guild of guardians players 
will bring a team of heroes into dungeons to fight  
team composition and synergies matter as 
does your skill usage and ability to dodge  
traditional rpg roles like tank healer dps and 
support are valuable in this game heroes are  
unique characters that players will take into 
dungeons to defeat monsters and collect rewards  
as a player you will have to form your strategy 
and the team of heroes based on your desired play  
style heroes in guild of guardians are found from 
summoning which can be done by purchasing a summon  
or playing the game and earning summoning shards 
the game’s rewards are spent on recruiting and  
upgrading heroes and crafting equipment 
for use in the game’s instance dungeons  
each dungeon is filled with monsters bosses and 
traps which the players must overcome players  
use newly acquired heroes and equipment 
to complete progressively harder dungeons  
factions determines the general type of hero 
for example humans will typically be empire  
monsters will have strengths and weaknesses 
against certain factions heroes of different  
factions will have access to different drop 
tables adding a layer of strategy to the game  
classes hero class is used to determine 
what equipment each hero can use  
elements units of a particular element gain 30 
extra damage against those of a weaker element  
which adds strategic depth to the game 
follows a traditional elemental advantage  
system as shown below rarities he indicates the 
scarcity and relative power level of the hero  
with legendary being rarest and most powerful 
note that each hero will still have its strengths  
and weaknesses such that for example a rare 
hero could be better than a legendary hero  
depending on that situation guild of guardians 
is partnered with guardians guild limited issuing  
and distributing an in-game currency that will 
be used in the guild of guardians mobile game  
the in-game currency named gems is an erc20 token 
that is being created issued and distributed by  
guardians guild limited gems are a premium in-game 
currency given to players for certain gameplay  
actions gems are tradable between players on the 
marketplace and will be distributed over time  
in addition they may be distributed to community 
members for certain actions as deemed appropriate  
by guardians guild limited there will be a 
maximum of 1 billion guild of guardians gems  
gems issued may be subject to a transfer 
restriction on a case-by-case basis to  
ensure an appropriate number of tokens 
relative to the number of players  
guild of guardians token distribution developers 
200 million gems will be allocated to lyoness and  
payment for development services in building 
out the guild of guardians game these will  
unlock over 48 months with a 12 month cliff 
to incentivize long term growth 350 million  
gems will be set aside in a rewards pool which 
distributes gem to players depending on qualifying  
game behaviors every day is a fixed number of gems 
are released from a smart contract and these will  
be distributed to players who were active during 
that period the intention is to reward dedicated  
players based on how actively they play or have 
played in the past rewards may change over time  
community rewards 280 million gems will be held 
in a discretionary ward school called community  
rewards distributed to the community on the 
discretionary basis 220 million gems will be made  
available from day one and the rest of the tokens 
will be distributed according to the roadmap  
roadmap and development milestones and these are 
the completed milestones of guild of guardians  
quarter 1 2020 project commenced 
and partnership formed between  
steppy go games and immutable quarter 2 2021 
4.6 million dollars of wave 1 founder nfts  
sold out quarter 3 2020 initial game design 
completed and development and art commenced  
and these are the upcoming plans of guild of 
guardians quarter 3 2021 complete founder sale  
and commence minting and trading into immutable 
x voting on proposals using gems quarter 1 2022  
closed invite play testing commenced quarter 2 
2022 soft launch of an alpha version of the game  
gems integrated as part of the guild of guardian’s 
mobile game economy quarter 4 2022 launched  
a beta of gilded guardians likely to include 
additional game modes and quality of life features  
quarter 2 2023 full release of the game 
and operation of the game as a live service  
likely to include a full suite of game 
modes and new content released periodically  
the game is being developed by skeptico games 
and published by immutable which specializes in  
the development of games for the platform 
stepaco games is a leading ukrainian game  
development studio with more than 80 designers 
artists and developers they work on top of the  
line gaming projects and are actively involved 
in developing innovative entertainment solutions  
now let me introduce you the builders of fields of 
guardians derek lau game director more than eight  
years experience in startups product and deep into 
nfts since 2017 previously founder of parkways and  
management consultant at oliver wyman advising 
c-suite executives aaron murray creative director  
more than 15 years experience as a creator and art 
director across studios such as electronic arts  
ubisoft and the void previously co-founder 
and creative director of strange reptile  
josiah wallace lead game designer more than 6 
years experience as a game designer previously  
the primary designer on temple run and temper 
run 2 paddles with more than 1 billion downloads  
ivan erdog senior producer 20 years experience 
and shipped 120 games across all major platforms  
both aaa and indy previously producer on risk 
hitman fast and furious and anno worked with red  
bull ubisoft hasbro and more field of guardians 
goal is to continue building and growing its  
community for years ahead the unlocked schedules 
and circulating supply of gog is therefore  
designed to incentivize both long-term growth and 
sustainability the circulating supply schedule is  
illustrated below as you can see below you can see 
here on its first month it is below 250 million  
and on its 48th month it has reached 1 billion 
how crazy is that the team has developed multiple  
mobile titles in the strategy and rpg space 
which have received more than 5 million downloads  
and immutable is an industry leading 17 million 
dollars vc funded blockchain company backed by  
such investors as naspers they are responsible for 
launching the most successful trading card games  
gods unchained immutable has also developed 
immutable x the first ethereum layer 2 designed  
for nfts and here are the partners of guild of 
guardian ubisoft immutable the sandbox and mavic  
and we all know the quality of ubisoft because 
ubisoft is one of the most best game developers  
in the world in terms of gaming so there is no 
doubt in terms in graphics and gameplay of guild  
of guardians and here are the investors of guild 
of guardians apex capital blackpool coinbase and  
continue capital and here again is one of the 
best platform in trading coinbase one of the  
best quality platform for buying cryptocurrency 
so no doubt that in this nft game we can see  
high quality platform other platforms trust this 
game why can’t you so far guild of guardians team  
has demonstrated a track record of building 
a large audience and delivering on promises  
we look forward to continuing to gain traction 
and completely disrupting the gaming industry  
and now let’s take a quick look in guild of 
guardians twitter page they first started their  
official twitter page back in october 2020 
and now they currently have 75.6 followers  
and here’s their latest post an extremely 
bullish couple of days for the nft gaming space  
the wave is coming and when it hits it isn’t 
leaving ever and if you want more updates and  
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