Gunman opens fire at East Bend Safeway; 3 dead, including shooter

BOLA GBADEBO AGO. WAS THERE AND BOLA GBADEBO WAS THERE AND HAS THE DETAILS. SHE JOINS US NOW. BOLA, WHAT CAN YOU TELL US? I’m here near the Safeway on the east side of Bend, off highway 97, where an active shooter killed two people. There’s still a lot of officers at the scene, 3hours afterAccording to Bend police the active shooter started shooting somewhere near Staples, then came shooting through the parking lot of Costco, headed east, and shot into big lots. The shooter then entered the west entrance of the Safeway and shot a person near the entrance.

The victim was transported and passed away at St. Charles tonight.The shooter continued through Safeway and a second person was shot and killed in the produce section.None of the Bend Pd officers fired shots, but the shooter is also said to be dead.As of now there are shelter in place orders, but bend police say there are no other active threats.We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available. JOSH SABA, WITNESS: “It was honestly absolutely terrifying, more terrifying than you think. As a dad, you’re always playing those scenarios through your head. But basically, I’ll just tell you the

story we were in. I was in Safeway with my four children and were in. I was in Safeway my wife was in the car. my wife was in

the car. She wasn’t feeling well, so she was sitting out front in the car and we were walking toward the front of the store. And I heard what I’m guessing is six or seven shots going off outside the shop, outside the store. And I just turned to my kids. I knew what it was right away as the kids run. Try to take lots in the same way. Yeah,

I don’t think anybody. Anything happened inside the big locks, I think. The shop in front of it. Started there. What? Somebody said they planned play that came out in September. That they chased him out. Okay. All right.” I’LL CONTINUE TO BE HERE ALL NIGHT AND UPDATE YOU LATER IN THE SHOW

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