Gush Beauty Makeup Full Face Review, Swatches & Real Time Demo

hi guys welcome back to my channel my name is 
vancika and in today’s video i will be creating  
a 10 minutes glow up makeup routine which is 
great for teenagers or girls who are going  
out to the colleges and you know it’s a very 
simple makeup look using multi-purpose products  
and i will be introducing and using a very new 
brand in the market i have received this package  
like a couple of weeks back and if you follow me 
on instagram you already know that i posted a full  
makeup routine using only gush beauty products 
and i must say i am in love this particular brand  
has such great packaging like they have come 
up with multi-purpose products the best part  
about this brand is it’s vegan it’s cruelty 
free uh the products are pigmented which is  
such a great point and i will be using only gush 
beauty to create this look and also you’ll see how  
simple the looks turns out and it’s like perfect 
for every day this is my actual routine like this  
is my everyday routine whenever i need to step out 
like i don’t have that much of time so i carries  
these multi-purpose products in my bag and i can 
also do it on

the go while in the car so today  
i will be creating that and reviewing this so if 
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so let’s get started i’ll show you 
how the outer packaging looks like  
so here it says gush beauty you make us 
gush and my name is written on the packaging  
this uh package was fully uh you know given to me 
by the brand but you can find these products on  
multiple websites if you go on gush you can use 
my code one chica x gush to get 10 percent off  
on their website also these products are available 
on nika and amazon and uh i think sublime official  
as well i have a code with them as also if you 
wish to buy anything then you can go ahead and  
all the links will be in the description box below 
so that you can shop and save some bug so as soon  
as i open the package you can see that i have 
like the whole set uh to create this routine  
and then again i have two pluck cards they have 
sent some cute little stickers as you can see i  
can customize my makeup product bottles with 
them and these are like absolutely pretty  
love love love the packaging and then we have 
gush products right here they come in an outer  
packaging and then inside you can get the product 
so let’s start with the first product i have this  
gush glow getter illuminating moisturizer so 
this is a multi-purpose moisturizer it has a  
effect like a primer it you know blurs out 
your pose a little bit it brightens the skin  
hydrates your skin just like a moisturizer and 
also it contains uv protection so it also you  
know acts like a sunscreen or spf care and this 
contains super berries niacinamide for brightening  
your skin hyaluronic acid for hydrating your 
skin all of these products are universal and also  
uh it’s vegan and cruelty free as i mentioned in 
the starting it’s also you know uh mentioned on  
the packaging itself this uh particular product 
retails for this particular product retails for  
1190 rupees but you can get 10 percent off using 
my code this is how the inner packaging looks like  
it comes in a pink tube uh which is easy to carry 
and easy to squeeze out as much product as you  
actually need to apply on your skin so this is 
the glow getter illuminating moisturizer it has  
a pink tint to it because i have been using 
this for quite a while i can tell you that  
this is such a good product to give you 
like uh you know give you like a sheer  
shimmer look without any shimmer particles it’s 
just like a glowing effect on your skin which  
i really like as you can see it is a pink uh 
tint moisturizer and then uh you can just apply  
all over your face and you are good to go like 
you have done your primer your everything if you  
are someone who needs a foundation as well then 
you can apply foundation over it and can you see  
how effortlessly it blends and the redness on 
my skin it just covers my redness as well can  
you see my t-zone is already looking so 
so so bright which i really like and it  
feels soft on the skin can you see and second 
product that i would use is the most exciting uh  
part actually this i bought myself and showed 
you in the previous video from my own money but  
the brand also sent me exact same uh product 
it comes in two different variants one is uh  
the shade uh weekdays to weekend and the other one 
is also there i mentioned in the description box  
this is a three in one stack product and the name 
is so good this is a multi-purpose face palette  
and the name is super cute it is stacked in your 
favor stacked in your favor and this is how the  
inner packaging looks like you can skip the outer 
packaging and just carry this in your wallet  
and you’re good to go so as soon as i open this 
it has a very nice mirror so when you’re on the go  
that is the perfect thing then it has cream 
products all the three uh products like inside  
this is cream base not uh matte so these are cream 
based this is a the blush and when you rotate you  
get the highlighter and then the contour can 
you see in just one single thing you get three  
different products it’s just chef’s case what 
is this formula what is this packaging just  
so so so fun to use actually and i’ll just watch 
uh it on my hand to show how pigmented these are  
okay can you see how pigmented these are and these 
shades are so universal like you can wear it uh  
can you see this is the blush the highlighter 
and the contour and these are so universal that  
you can also you know build build this 
up for a night look and for a day look  
it’s just perfect so i’ll go ahead and use the 
blush first for blush i’m taking uh the brush  
it’s very very lightweight and it also blends 
very nicely if you don’t want to use a brush  
you can use just your fingers and it works 
absolutely well here i’m using a brush and  
wow can you see the pigmentation is so good 
little here as well on my cheeks and then if  
you want a sunkissed effect you can also go in on 
your nose a little bit on your chin and from the  
same uh thing i’ll go in over my eyelids as well 
because i’m not using any kind of eyeshadow today  
shade it is not too harsh also for the skin 
and i’ll just go ahead and put just right
can you see for the blush i’m just going just 
underneath your blush you can you know place  
your contour and i’m done with my contour as 
well now going ahead with the highlighter for  
that i’m using my fingers itself just a 
little bit on my fingers i’ll go in here
can you see it just pops instantly even 
with the hand it’s so easy to blend
and a little bit here okay so you’re done with the 
highlighter as you can see already my face closed  
like a thousand times for this product i will give 
like a 515 rating this is the best product makeup  
product i’ve used so far so now moving forward to 
the eyes i am using this product which is i like  
options i with eye i like options this is a double 
side felt tip liner plus dual end kajal so this is  
how the outer packaging looks like it is a smudge 
proof waterproof and easy pre easy precision ultra  
pigmented eye pen like a multi-purpose eye pen and 
it is it contains moringa oil so it nourishes and  
protects your eyelids as well so it has really 
you know skin care uh infused makeup products  
you know i am a skincare blogger and you know 
how much importance i give to skincare products  
over makeup products makeup products that include 
skincare ingredients are just just so good like uh  
you just need one product for everything this is 
how the inner packaging looks like this has like a  
felt tip liner on one end and the other one on the 
other this one retails for um 850 rupees but you  
get two products so it’s okay for the price i this 
side has the kajal and this side has the eyeliner
and if you’re a beginner then felt tip liners 
are so good to draw a winged liner because uh  
you know how much product to dispense and how 
to place your product at the right position
the kajal is so pigmented and it just glides so 
well so they also launched five different types of  
lipsticks like five different shades in this 
lipstick range the lipstick range name is play  
paint which is a very unique name also it comes 
in this pink packaging and then you get inside are  
like five different shades so uh this particular 
actually uh i have applied one on my lips already  
off camera but i’ll show you how it applies on 
the lips first of all i wanted to mention this  
this particular lipstick formula is so different 
from others because it is not purely matte it does  
not dry out my lips at all it is creamy yet matte 
and it has a very velvety texture so when you  
apply on your lips these are buttery smooth and 
they keeps your lips hydrated for a very long time  
this contains hyaluronic acid that plumps and 
hydrate the lip then it also contains mango butter  
i think because of which it does not dry out and 
you don’t need a lip balm underneath this lipstick  
and this also contains a blend of jojoba oil and 
macadamia oil so it softens and nourishes your  
lips for a very long duration and also it does 
not transfer that much it’s very transfer proof  
and also it is very very comfortable on the lips 
i am wearing uh the shade masterpiece and as you  
can see they have five different shades so they so 
they have come up with two of the pink family this  
is masterpiece and make a splash so i am just 
going out for a regular day so i am wearing a  
little light pink shade but if you are going for a 
party then make a splash will be the perfect suit  
for you then they have one in the red range this 
one is paint the town the names of the lipsticks  
are so so nice uh paint the town and this is a 
perfect red date night lip color then they have  
two from the new drains these two are my absolute 
favorite the one is make uh the one is my own muse  
and the other one is the big picture my 
own muse and the big picture these are like  
everyday wearable lip color so if you are into 
something which is nude then you should definitely  
get your hands on these two i have swatched all 
the five lip shades on my hand here for you guys  
to see how well they look i personally love 
both the nudes and this one masterpiece which  
i’m wearing currently so this was my final look uh 
using only gush beauty products and i would highly  
highly recommend these products as you can see my 
whole face just looks so brighten up and with just  
simple small hair and their makeup products just 
you know this minimal look is absolute favorite  
and it will suit every skin because my final look 
i hope you guys liked it and i just love the glow  
that i get from these products and you can use my 
code to get extra savings and until next time bye

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