Hello friends! HAIBOXING sent me the new 18859 and in this video package we are unpacking the new car and we are going to do another bashing test. Have fun!
In the packaging of the HAIBOXING 18859 you will first find stickers and the operating instructions.
Behind it is the car, from which you just have to remove the two side parts to get to the car.
The first impression of the car is very good and convincing because nothing creaks or wobbles.
Apart from that, the car unfortunately only has air suspension and no high-quality oil suspension.
In the further scope of delivery you will find a lot of accessories. this includes the remote control and other spare parts as well as a second battery.
The two batteries are each an 850mAh LiPo!
To charge the two batteries, HAIBOXING also includes a charger.
The other accessories consist of a screwdriver, an Allen key and other spare parts for the differential outputs.
Before you stick the stickers on the body, you should peel off the plastic protective film.
The body feels very flexible and also well processed.
By the way, I like the black and orange design very much.
Under the body there is a 390 brushed motor with a black heat

Experience has shown that this engine gets hot, but not extremely hot.
ESC and receiver are dominated and can be found in a red housing.
The 5-wire servo and the bright LEDs for the front are connected to it.
The 1:18 scale 18859 has sufficiently good tires, but they have no foam inside.
In this price range, dogbones are very unusual at the back and front made of metal, as is the Center Driveshaft.
Otherwise, the 18859 is made of a lot of plastic, which I don’t think is so bad, because my 16889, for example, is also made of a lot of plastic
and so far not a single part has been broken, although I drove this car very hard!
The remote control is okay in the hand.
On the other hand, it feels cheap, which is due to the low chewing price.
And also, in my opinion, it does not give perfect feedback about the driving behavior of the car.
However, beginners in particular should enjoy this function. that you can set the speed to either “normal” or “slow”.
I really like the design!
Compared to the larger HAIBOXING 16889 and the identical HAILSTORM, it is noticeable that mainly the tires and internal components of the 18859 are smaller than those of the 16889.
But enough talk, and this part tells you how the car behaves and how long the battery lasts !
Jo friends, I am now on the construction site, where I can test the new 18859 really well on ski jumps and gravel. Have fun!
Here on the large site he runs away very often. very difficult to keep this under control. especially because of the unfortunately bad feathers.
Otherwise the car makes a good impression!
Full throttle is now up to date.
It’s fine, but it’s not insanely fast either.
Now let’s jump up there in front. Let’s see if he survives.
I think the HAIBOXING 18859 makes a really good bashing impression on me.
The car seems to be very touch and even bounces very well!
On the negative side, I noticed that the car unfortunately fell over very often and I had to keep repositioning it.
But let’s take a look under the body to see how warm the engine and ESC are.
The engine is warm, but not extremely hot, which is probably thanks to the currently rather low temperatures.
The ESC itself is not a bit warm.
The rest of the battery still lasts and I could go on.
That is a significant increase and significantly longer battery life than the Wltoys 104009.
Nothing seems to be broken on the underside of the car either.
The body itself looks almost like new.
Overall, a really great car, just keep in mind that it’s just a 390 brushed motor and not a brushless motor.
And, with this car, it won’t break any speed records.
But purely as a platform for brushless conversions, this car is definitely not a bad buy, even for advanced drivers!

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