HALAHOSH | Balochi Short Film 2024 | Aslam Rahul | Abhiha | Mohammad Yousuf | Khalid | Asghar Umar

You are hurrying yet the car is missing. What is the departure time? Wait, the car will come We have time for the departure Oh, the car is coming. Oh it’s coming let’s go let’s go Get us to the airport soon We have less time You are too late

I have been calling you Go fast now Yes Sir Peeru…. Mahthaap Dooda, Give me a glass of water, I’m thirsty. I’m thirsty, Give me a glass of water. where are you guys ? give me Food Mahthaap, Allah Dooda Dooda, where are you? Yes Sir Peer Jan, has gone

abroad with his family. is Peer Jan gone to abroad ? I don’t remember Take this medicine Take water Consider me as your son like Peer Jan. Am I not taking care of you like Peer Jan? No son, You are also my son. Even better than Peer Jan in

this state of affairs Sir, your medicine are finished I will go to the market and buy medicine for you. Do you have any work for me? No my son i don’t have any work, come soon Did you offer prayer? You go i will offer prayer later on OK

Almighty Allah has given you a lot you have each and every thing Allah has given you honor, name, I’m grateful

to ghafoor that he helped you a lot Just do one more thing, That you already have two branches. Which are running efficiently Just do one more thing, open

another branch in Sohar Haseena you are absolutely right. I was wondering where to open the third branch Didn’t know which place was best. Sohar is a best place Do a work find out a place in commercial area And look for a good builder And it is your responsibility.

what do you think? You have given this responsibility to me don’t worry about it. I also know a good builder and a great location. I will go tomorrow and discuss about it Insha Allah it will be alright Have you come? yes I’m Will father-in-law come with us, what

Luggage should i take for him No, We are going for the future of our children. Let father stay here I have hired someone to serve him Dooda will serve him well. My Son Give me a glass of water I’m thirsty, We can’t leave him to Dooda’s trust But

I trust Dooda you don’t trust on him you always interfere in it. take this BISMILLAH My son Peeru is this you? Yes Father it’s me. give me the water Drink it it’s enough my Son Father, you know that we are going abroad. To build a future for our

children. My son Don’t go abroad Do livelihood here There is also a lot of work here my son You have passed the entire life here What you achieved here? We don’t have anything My Son my achievement is you I have spent all my wealth for your education.

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