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hello beautiful people how’s it going Arknel here and after over 400 failed
lottery entries I’m not going to throw
away my shot talk about Broadway’s hit
Hamilton or more precisely its cinematic
version just to give you a heads up I’ll
be fanboying throughout the whole video
so you’ve been warned
Hamilton tells the story of Alexander
Hamilton’s life and I don’t think I need
to elaborate much more because I’m sure
that by now most of you have heard about
it or at least listen to the soundtrack
and if you haven’t why the hell not
unfortunately I never had a chance to
see the actual show believe me I tried
beeps I tried but the tickets are not
exactly cheap and I tried the lottery
infinite times but I was never lucky
enough to get it one time I met a guy
who won the lottery for Hamilton four
times four dimes and me nothing so as
you can imagine I was pretty excited
when Disney announced that they were
going to release a filmed version of
this show because I would finally have
the chance to watch the show they’re 111
donees a bullet surprise and then a lot
of my friends told me that it was the
best show they had

ever seen however
their hype and the fact that it was the
show filmed made me concerned a little
bit about me being satisfied by it first
of all I’m not a big fan of film theater
because you always lose the scope of the
I keep the limits the visibility of the
scenery and when it comes to musicals
the choreography as well and besides
that you lose that feeling of having the
actors present and
in the audience and at least for me
that’s a big part of the theater
experience now I don’t know how he did
it but Thomas scale is a pure genius
like I can express how amazed I am by
the direction in this movie from the
very beginning it makes us feel like we
are in the room where it happened
from the warnings to the sound of the
audience to the actors entrance on stage
he really sets the feeling of being
present at the theater and the most
amazing thing is that you never feel
like you’re missing out on anything the
dance numbers are incredibly well shot
to be get to see everything that’s
happening on stage and it actually seems
to enhance the whole experience because
of how he captures every moment there
were some in which I was completely
worth taken by how cinematic their looks
and Thomas Gale really knew how to take
advantage of that he did a great job at
combining those two art forms and I have
to admit I thought that was a helpless
endeavor besides being able to finally
watch the show especially in a time when
theaters are closed the fact that we get
to watch it with the original cast is
just beyond words by now I think it’s
fair to say that they are all theater
legends and they live up to the title
like their performance is perfectly
flawless a lot of people have this idea
that in theater you have to be brave to
convey emotion but here we can clearly
see that that’s not the case when we
have more intimate scenes they don’t
need to emphasize anything the emotion
is just there and I have to admit that
was something that was a little bit
worrying about but as it turns out there
was no reason for it this is more of a
theater related note but I also want to
the cast was amazing in maintaining the
high energy throughout and giving
meaning to everything they sang most of
times when I go to see musicals two
things happen the actors either don’t
have a lot of energy in the beginning
because they are still warming up and
getting into it or they are more focused
in showing off their singing skills than
in putting some emotion into what
they’re saying both of these things as
the show goes on start to disappear one
because the actor starts getting more
involved in what’s happening and the
others because he starts getting so
tired that he’s well start crumbling
down and the emotion starts coming off
through the cracks and this is normal it
shouldn’t happen but I understand when
it does because it’s not easy
nonetheless I think it’s important to
point out that this telecast was able to
stay present energetic and genuine in
their emotion throughout the whole
performance yeah I know the movies not
just one performance but it took them
three days to shoot this film three days
and yet between filming and life
performances they were able to keep up
making it seamless that it wasn’t a
single performance and since I’m already
talking about the guests even though
they were all phenomenal
they are few that I would like to point
out the first is David Diggs who’s just
the energy he brings to the screen is so
captivating that I couldn’t take my eyes
off of him whenever he showed up I mean
he did win the Tony for Best Performance
by a Featured actor in a Musical for a
reason someone who’s a fellow nominee in
that category
is Jonathan Groff as King George which
is the best thing I’ve seen in a very
long time he makes it such a complex
character constantly alternating between
moods while being a bit over the top but
just the perfect amount I don’t know how
he did it but he was hilarious in
everything he was in and while we are in
this category Christopher Jackson gives
such gravitas to George Washington it
was such a powerful performance and at
the same time very sensitive and
he’s more intimate moments with Hamilton
were really amazing to watch moving on
to the ladies Renee Ealy’s Goldsberry is
just breathtaking her singing is so
strong and filled with emotion
that he just grabs you by the Hugh’s
eyes or face and you get tie it to the
chair she also did win the Tony for Best
Performance by a Featured Actress in a
Musical and damn did she deserve it now
Filipa so was also nominated for a Tony
and even though she didn’t win I think
she was pretty amazing her character is
probably the one that goes through the
most diverse amount of emotional changes
and she’s great in all of them
especially when Eliza he’s giving her
slender beat for him to rap to it that
was one of the best moments of the show
now we need to talk about the man behind
the curtain
the man who composed wrote and starred
in the show the man who took his shot
and hit the target what’s his name man
Lehman Bao Miranda now the music in this
show is perfection the rhythm the lyrics
the way he tells the story it’s all big
part of what makes this show so
fascinating and it all came from this
guy’s mind I mean whoa and you would
think that there would be enough but he
also portrays Hamilton in the show and
he does a great job so my question is is
there anything
Leeman well Miranda came to
I would also like to mention that the
choreography in this show is but let me
see if there are any adjectives that
haven’t used yet amazing yes great yes
phenomenal yeah it’s here breathtaking
yeah energetic it’s here oh yeah yes
this is a good one the choreography in
this show is exceptional the dancers are
sharp and the movement seems effortless
the whole thing is really quite
impressive that bliss the light work
plus everything else I’ve mentioned so
far makes this show something like
you’ve never seen before
I mean who said history had to be boring
with all of this said do I really need
to say anything else
I mean there might be a million things
that you haven’t done yet but you
shouldn’t wait to watch Hamilton another
thing you should have wait for is to
give this video a thumbs up and
subscribe to the channel isn’t like I’m
helpless or anything also let me know
have you ever been in the room where it
happened if you have share your
experience down below I’ll be very
curious to know about it and until next
time don’t throw away your shot

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