Happy Surveys App Review – Up to $15 Per Survey! (Yes, BUT….)

Is Happy Survey app really a great and easy way to earn up to $15 per survey as it claims on its website or is it a waste of time? My name is Mikael and I have tested hundreds of different ways to earn by taking paid surveys online. And many of you have asked me about this app, so I decided to test it. And in this Happy Surveys app review, I would give you an inside look ,and show all the pros and the cons because let me just reveal right away that it definitely has both. And

then you can decide for yourself if this is the right opportunity for you or not. So let’s start by going over who can join and you can download Happy Surveys it’s an app so you cannot use it on the website but you can download for both iOS devices and Android devices as you can see on the website. And from what I’ve been able to find out, it’s available in more or less all countries. There might be a few it’s not available in. The only way to know for sure if it’s available in your country is

to go to either app store or Google Play depending on your device. If you can see the app there, you can download it and start earning.

And as you can see on the website as mentioned in the beginning also it says that you can get up to $15 and it takes a like per survey, a survey that would take five to ten minutes. That would be a very high reward compared to most other survey apps and sites. So let me now log in and then we’ll put this claim to the test and see if it’s

really worth it. So I’m now inside the Happy Surveys app and I’m just on the main dashboard and you can see there are some tasks and there’s surveys. So tasks are like paid offers. If you know Get-Paid-To sites in general, it can be you can always find page surveys here sometimes. But also it is often where you need to download other apps and then you need to live up to certain requirements. Then you can see for example there if I would download this, I click it, I need to reach level 21 and then I would

get these 6 000 points. So there’s quite a few of these different paid offers. But the rewards like, we’ll go over what the points are worth later, but the rewards are not like super high compared to many other Get-Paid-To apps or sites. They are decent, I would say average or so, but you can find quite a few of these different paid offers there. But let’s also talk about the surveys because that’s what the main claim is also the app name is Happy Surveys and they claim you can earn $15 per survey that only takes like

10 minutes or so. So let’s go through that option and look more into that. So I’m now on the surveys tab and as you can see they partnered with a few different providers. But it’s a little bit unusual compared to most other paid survey apps that I’ve seen because some of them are actually like paid surveys that you can find. And others are here for example from different providers and then over here you see like this looks like a lot of points of course like almost 12 000 points. But then when you click it, you

see like this is like the total amount of credits you could potentially earn now from surveys inside bitlabs, which is a survey provider that many other survey apps also work with. And then you can see when I click there then it says that then I need to complete as many surveys as you want and the total rewards for that could be this and I should do it within 60 days. It’s it’s just a very strange way to directly to survey partners. I haven’t really seen that before, so it’s a little bit confusing and that’s how

it is for some of these Partners there. Others you can find where you take it directly in here once in a while. But overall going through this and looking at the different survey partners, I have not yet come across one single survey that pay $15. And I know these survey providers because many other survey apps worked with the exact same survey providers and very rarely they will offer a survey that pay that much. I’m not saying it never happens because there are sometimes specialized surveys that pay that much. But you should not expect in general

to earn 15 dollars per survey that only takes 10 minutes. In general, that will be very rare that you find a survey like that and definitely not inside Happy Surveys here. The whole system is a little bit confusing in my opinion. But let’s talk about how you can then also get paid because you of course also need to take that into consideration . So if you go to this wallet, you can see the payout options. And they offer to pay out as you can see once you’ve earned 10 euros or and that would be 12

000 credits. So it means around you know like a thousand credits would be around one dollar. So that also gives you an idea of these other options there you saw like some of the survey options like that the total amount you could currently earn was then like just below 12 000 uh points which would be equivalent to around twelve dollars then. Right so you know and some of the offers, so it’s not like super high paying and I definitely could not find any that would pay me 15 000 credits as it would be if it

was $15 I should get as the website said. But anyways that that’s just something to be aware of. The payout threshold ten dollars, twelve dollars or so, it’s a decent threshold. It’s not too high. It could also be lower. I prefer lower but it’s definitely still possible to reach. And then if you click to the cash out you can see the options here. This Advanced Cash there or ADVCash, Bitcoin, or Payeer. So these are the payout options, decent payout options for sure. But you know if you want direct bank transfer, PayPal, so that is currently

not an option. These are your payout methods that you can use. So to sum it all up, Happy Surveys is an app where you can earn by taking paid surveys and paid offers. I do like the payout methods. But overall, the earning potential is not impressive. I think this whole thing on the website where they say up to %15 for 5, 10, 15 minutes survey, no I don’t think that gives the right expectations. They might once in a while have a specific survey like that, for specific countries, for people with a very specific profile. But

I think it gives the impression that you can find a lot like that when it says you know like a survey that takes 10, 15 minutes $15 you know. If that’s your expectations you will definitely get disappointed. But you can find paid surveys in here. But the surveys system is quite confusing compared to many other survey apps that I have used. I would say Happy Surveys is a decent survey app but it’s nothing special. And I’ve tested hundreds of paid survey sites and that just are better options. I also do have a list on my

website of my top recommended survey apps. I will leave that below so you can go there and check that out, see which ones I personally prefer using and which ones I’ve seen the best results with. So you’re welcome to check that out. Also, I will leave a link to a written review of Happy Surveys where you can find a few more details and if you prefer just reading it you can also find it there, so you can check those things out below. But no matter what, I hope this video helped you. And if you did,

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