Hard Rock Café | Vegan & non-vegan food review | CityWalk Orlando | Universal Studios Florida 2021

hi everybody princess and the bear here we’re back 
it’s anyone we are going to the hard rock cafe  
yeah we’ve been curious about this place for 
a while we finally had to wear a thought to  
put in a reservation for it so yeah 
you can actually reserve dining here  
did you know that yeah we even think about it 
honestly we thought we just had to walk up but  
we found out put one in here we are be sure 
to hard rock or rock hard you heard the girl
i love that they give you these bags for your mat  
but you can clearly deal with their 
kitchen bags which i’m not mad at  
i’d actually take some of these and use them 
they’re pretty neat it’s better than a plate
it’s been a minute since i had 
a mai tag this one is passionate
it’s not very pine emily which 
is totally what i’m here for
it tastes a little different than the mai tai 
maybe it’s just been so long since i’ve had  
one i forgot what it tastes like not bad for 
my reintroduction back to the mai tai world  
princess the crown princess of mai 
tai ta turn on her my

thai journey  
i can’t remember the last time she had one 
actually these things are looks bad for me  
he needs a bigger pineapple i 
think though just for the princess
anderson cooper taking a shot oh
i don’t know what that was at the back but 
it was like jaeger to the back of the throat  
i like the flavor this is 
actually pretty good i just  
surprised i was not expecting it to be 
that strong three and a half out of five
i love how much tahini is on this glass 
actually i want to drink it like this
it’s smoky i wasn’t expecting like a like 
almost liquid smoke style drink it’s not  
bad i like the my type better i think bear 
might like it and we have this rock and rita
on the rocks as they say yeah i also want some 
this but i don’t want to take a straw off the nose  
see if i can get some tahini flavor in there
i stand a smoking margarita
it’s one of those loud burpee breaks 
as if that’s a problem for you  
let’s see what i’m saying three out of five laws  
then i got their signature long island 
it’s basically filled to the brim  
i don’t even want to put this straw 
in here because i feel like it’s gonna
it’s very lemony very strong this 
is a slow slipper really strong like  
really strong a lot of not 
fond memories of long island
and downtown jacksonville so every time i 
see one of these i worry i immensely worry  
but uh it’s my complexion 
until now back in the day
it’s hours if i got a cook of lemon
not something i would order it’s a bit too 
strong with the sour on the backside for me  
i almost headache and losing two out of five flaws
we have this beautifully modified impossible 
burger it has toast and impossible meat  
sourdough toast lettuce tomato and then 
sauces she said this is a spicy ketchup
and then of course i got mustard because you know 
you guys know how i do with the mustard i needs it
since we sandwich bread i 
figured i’d cut it diagonally  
and get a nice little cross section here
it’s highly highly charred and i like that char 
taste it’s very good you can’t really taste the  
ketchup in the mustard all i taste is char i’m not 
really too mad about that it just tastes like a  
very well charred burger it’s a little weird being 
a sandwich with a burger patty it almost tastes  
wrong to have a burger patty in the sandwich bread 
but i’m not mad at it i actually quite enjoy it  
then these frites like to know that they 
are cooked in their own separate fryer  
so if you’re worried about cross-contamination 
you don’t have to worry about that here
nice and soft not too crispy not too undercooked  
it has a protest so i think these these fries are 
a win but you know the fries are best for mustard
the way i’m curious since i didn’t taste 
the spiciness of this ketchup i want to see  
that is a special spice that is an amazing 
spicy ketchup i’ve been making spicy ketchup  
since i was probably like 17. that’s probably 
one of the best spicy ketchups i’ve ever had  
yes big win big big big win and i think that’s 
what’s contributing to that smokey taste of the  
the burger that i’m having too it’s a
win so another another impossible burger 
makes them seem highly possible now  
i’ve said it once instead of a thousand 
times it’s all about the extras now  
anybody can get the possible burgers they’re easy 
to buy you can buy them at most grocery stores  
even walmart sells them now it’s about the little 
things when i go to the restaurant to get them  
the spicy ketchup’s nice edition i appreciate 
the charge and look at it it’s got like the  
grill marks they didn’t burn like the whole thing 
it’s just like it was definitely a grilled burger  
that’s better than just heating it 
up on a flat top i appreciate that
and then sourdough bread actually 
makes it feel kind of special
it’s got a nice deep
like char grilled flavor like better than the 
impossible whopper was which is supposed to be  
flame grilled and then the sourdough gives it 
like a nice diner feel like a high-end diner  
with a burger the spicy ketchup mustard excellent 
choice for the princess i approve it’s four out  
of five well it’s a solid hustle burger this 
is one that i might actually come here for
so here we have hard rock surfer here burger now 
when you say surfing cover i’m usually expecting  
some sort of like fish or lobster i think 
we’ve had crab on top of burgers before but  
bang bang shrimp on top of a 
burger that’s a new one for me  
definitely looks the part but before i satisfy 
my cravings for whatever this deliciousness looks  
like it’s going to be for these fruits that nice 
thick cut fruits look lightly salted they pass the  
pie test just barely get a little bit dangly 
there in this like spicy ketchup they serve
yes it feels like some sort of
it’s a spicy ketchup but it’s not like tabasco
it doesn’t actually legit hot sauce like maybe 
like some serrano or habanero in it i approve  
they’re fries on their own
you did an easy three out of five puffs for me 
they’re warm chris they sort of remind me of  
like the stick version of the ones we get at um 
kaiser grill for this ketchup was the extra mile  
yeah the first prime a long time to 
get a four out of five calls for me  
as for this serpentine burger you can see here 
they definitely do not skimp on the shrimp  
they pile it high they’re nicely 
breaded a nice thick patty here  
with some slaw here hiding on the 
bottom if you’re gonna skimp on anything  
definitely skimp on the sloth i am not mad at that 
bun’s nice and soft and toasty fitting in this my  
mouth probably going to be the most fitness i’ve 
had today really change that by the way here we go
that isn’t amazing like a house wounded 
paddington’s different all pits off at you  
it’s nice and juicy and cooked medium rare so i 
asked for the shrimp breading is highly seasoned  
with like the bang bang sauce it’s kind of 
like a spicy bang bang it’s more like a mild  
but it goes perfectly to the burger that neither 
overpowers the other you get that shrimp paste  
with the nice breading in bread 
with the beef patty that’s top tier
all right right there’s also a four out of five 
calls for me i’d come back for this it was hard  
rock it was so good it was extremely tasty i 
was surprised i came here a little bit of dread  
because i didn’t know what to expect me too but 
if the hard rock hotel was any sort of indication  
we should have been that surprised you’re right we 
shouldn’t have been surprised i didn’t think about  
that the food was solid the drinks are solid the 
service was excellent we would come back here most  
definitely put something changes we definitely 
remember drinks the bar is cool we love that  
like set at the bar just watch the car spin it was 
a fun time i agree but uh we definitely like the  
place we will definitely come back again with 
something changes do you want to know what did  
you think do you have any plans to come to the 
hard rock cafe just let us know in the comments  
there’s anywhere else around city walking universe 
if you’d like to see us go that’s gonna be the  
place to find us hit that notification bell if 
you want to look like this and we have new videos  
five days a week monday tuesday wednesday 
thursday saturday and we will see you soon

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