Haylou GST Smartwatch Review & Unboxing | *A Budget Smartwatch* Of 2022

hey guys welcome back to my new video in 
this video i’m going to talk about this new  
smartwatch its name is haylou gst 
smartwatch and it is a part of xiaomi  
first i will unbox this smartwatch and 
then i am going to talk about its features  
and about everything so guys its packaging is 
quite nice and you will get a black box inside it  
and when i will open it i will get the 
smart watch here this is the product  
and you can see it is quite nice 
not bad at all and you can see
and you will get also a manual inside the 
box this is a user manual and you will also  
get a charging cable inside it it is a part of 
xiaomi brand and its display it is 1.69 inch  
tft display its battery capacity around 220 
ampere and its battery life almost 9 days  
and let’s talk about its special features you 
will get 12 workout modes outdoor running fast  
walking cycling climbing etc you will get heart 
rate sensor motion sensor blood oxygen sensor  
and about its software it is hello fun software 
you can use this software and charging time  
almost 2.5 hours charging type magnetic charging 
and band weight almost

22 millimeter that’s nice  
i think this is quite nice it’s weight around 
42 gram and its color is black and that’s it  
you can easily charge it using this magnetic 
charger and it is quite simple just adjust it  
and you can see it is charging and for controlling 
this watch you have to install a app its name is  
hello fun it is available on play store and 
app store and you can easily use it and you  
can see here you have to turn on the bluetooth 
and then you have to connect with your device  
and you can see here my smart device if 
you open it you will get your device here
and here you will get different types of features
dial setting hydrating sensor  
you’ll get everything here so you can 
get here different types of dials setting  
you can see online watch plates you can 
also use custom dial here it is very simple
and here you can see hydrating sensor you can 
manual it here you will get different types of
on things shortest

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