HAZBIN HOTEL Episode 7 REACTION!! Out for Love | Ready for This Song | 1×07 "Hello Rosie" Review

this video is sponsored by Shopify more on them after the reaction citizens of the reject Nation we are back for hasman hotel episode 7 tell me does this cut on my neck from shaving look good I think I would just rather point it out now before all you people are like what’s that on Greg’s neck it’s legitimately tiny this is a u problem this is a u problem Oh this is called chemistry Roxy how are you you doing my friend I’m doing great Greg how are you I’m doing slam tastic I’m excited for this guys

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we also cover some things over there with highlights and watch alongs included I like the look I like the beanie oh the beanie I thought you were I thought you were on me again about looking at you while you talk that’s originally what I was saying and then I was like do I open down that rabbit hole God put a wall here build a wall yeah I’m on team build the wall that’s this channel that’s

what we’re all about and they’re the exact crowd that watches has been hotel that’s for sure where are your wings Nifty I don’t did you ever think maybe she’s sensitive about her lack of wings just like her lack of jeez any other questions how come every time Charlie talks to heaven we get in deeper and deeper oh now it’s not that time to turn but Charlie’s trying her best her best is turning out real well so far and where is Miss fais leader anyway oh my God they’re all turning on her I know this is

not good isn’t it about time for another Doom to fail plan she’s upstairs coming up with something I’m sure this is called the dark KN of the Soul Arc cuz this is the penultimate right mhm a Flom and jets some Charlie you look an absolute mess this is when we find out that he’s here with Lilith is that any way to after picking a fight with all of heaven and dooming everyone you love I have enough on my mind without hearing your sadistic idea of a joke hey he’s the best character you have a captive

audience downstairs waiting to hear what kind of inspiring performance you have planned next how can I face them after failing them all so hard they came here to be saved and all I gave them was more pain a no you gave them a community pick it back up try again maybe worse at least they don’t go around giving false hope I never expected to see such a miserable dis of self-loathing from you oh F you Alister that’s my girl I don’t know how you can enjoy all this suffering so much that’s his kind just because

you see a smile don’t think you know what’s going on underneath good life lesson a smile is a valuable tool my dear that’s youday it is yeah the person I trust most has been lying to me for years Heaven refuses to listen even if they did I can’t prove the hotel works I love that shot of Alis Exorcist Army pointed right at my doorstep and there’s nothing I can do about any of it you got to Unleash Your Inner Lucifer I know something you don’t know those big scary angels are not quite as indestructible as

they seem ooh you and your little band of Misfits might stand more of a chance than you think how oh that’s right because in that meeting he knows yeah yeah remember he sent them to listen and EES drop yeah that Eggies you want My Soul Your Soul Heavens no I got uncomfortable Goosebumps there I won’t hurt anyone for you who’s asking one favor at a time of my choosing where you harm no one you never agree a like this in return I tell you what I know do we have a deal deal a no what

did you do let her go faggie stop what Charlie please tell me you didn’t she did he gave me info that can save the hotel but we’re going to need help the angels can be defeated and carela is the key it’s all coming full circle if she can we might have a chance with just the seven of us we’re going to need numbers too get all of hell can we talk about this we can talk later right now we have a job to do you with us oh gosh they need to rub their vaggis together

you know what I mean where word word we have a plan but it includes defending ourselves against the Angels they can be killed yeah that knife lady Camaro caright killed one I told boss about it months ago he what what they say insane all the time remember when he h that out we were like what that was months ago though huh I know this place can work I’m going to go learn how we can fight back but when I come home well I’ll understand if none of you are here no they’ll all be here this

is awkward okay years I’ve been sharing my life with her and I tell her everything my hopes what does Alistar have going on there’s a friend of mine I think you should meet in cannibal town but it’s it’s surprisingly nice here yes irotic well who hasn’t thought about eating their first husband I certainly would have if he didn’t so bad Rosy’s Emporium hello Rosie do my eyes deceive me Alis Alister they like cutouts introduce us why don’t you ah yes Charlie this is Rosie hello Rosie delightful and dangerous Overlord this side of the pentagram Charlie

Morningstar daughter of Lucifer and heir to the throne of hell oh owning her soul will come with a lot but he doesn’t what is the deal we need your help well your cannibals help at least to fend off the attack why would the cannibals be the best one maybe they eat the Angels your people will be far from helpless when we’re done with them and by the end they will be able to eat their fil you was correct in that case sure I like your Moxy girl an old Alister has never done me wrong before

I mean yeah it seems like the people from hell would just be getting a dominant power I think they would want to overtake over Heaven what favor is Alistar going to ask lead a revolution against Heaven it’s an amazing season long Arc what he’s done of me just questioning questioning we know an angel fell at your hands and we need to know how no what do you mean no the princess of Hell means nothing to me you have to do better than that picture in a song 90 seconds why wouldn’t you use what you know

to fight to avoid the very problem you and your little friends are facing right now I will not invite destruction into my house on my people it feels like it could lead to an Extinction all Charlie has ever done is try to make things better to help her people who news flash include your people too and how exactly has that worked out for her 45 seconds it’s time really passing by this fast or you can stand alone tomorrow and what do you think your chances will be then you’re out of time what Angels attack quickly

viciously and without Mercy you’ll need to defend better than that was this her weird way of agreeing like trading testing yeah but I can’t exactly command all of cannibal town to follow someone else into battle they love carnage and bloodshed but to get this group into line you got to win them over with a song and dance important meeting but how do I with sparkle rimaz rimaz baby this group sticks together so in order to convince any of them you’ll need to convince all of them and there’s one in particular Susan Susan she’s tough but

winner over and the rest will be easy as part but which one’s Susan we’ll know soon I like the mysterious Allure of the crowd they’re always like looking like Silhouettes and cut out figures they do that to Alistar a lot too actually when he’s in the background Susan Susan the elderly okay uh my name’s Charlie tomato tomato tomato tell her to shut the f up no I thought that was going to maybe win them over like respect yeah so she’s testing to see how strong she really is or how much she really wants this you

want me to teach you how to be Angels that’s what I’m doing by beating the out of me yes you know I’m an exorcist how you have a giant X over your eye and wield an Angelic spear it’s not rocket science wow she’s the only one to put it together did you know Angels could be harmed no that shows in how you fight you leave yourself open with every swing good point and this is what you’ll take advantage of angels wield no Shields little armor and fight with Reckless abandon lot of opening strike them here

here and here yeah Angelic weapons it’s that simple how has no one else figured this out Angelic steel isn’t common those who have it aren’t exactly rushing oh no I tried to buy time for my girls to flee and well you don’t become an Angelic arms dealer without arming yourself first Fantastical oh yes Spanish music these are big words yeah but like every outfit is a sick costume for Halloween fight in the Name of Love don’t die this season vaggie no way no way love use fear as a motivator I could work out to this

songg oh yeah what an interesting thing to say as somebody in hell yeah and it goes back to like who goes to hell and who goes to heaven cuz this woman is all about her kids saving them and love yeah yeah no Embrace who you really are what do you do when someone you love lies to you about who they are romance you eat them yeah might as well my girlfriend is an exorcist Angel and she never told me maybe you shouldn’t tell everybody that you said you love this girl yes have you ever once

doubted that she loves you in return well then what’s the problem I guess they’re the real heart of the story yes because they’re girlfriend and girlfriend which we knew from day one mhm silly Hotel of yours all about Redemption Bingo perhaps this girl was trying to redeem herself too she knows better than anyone that I believe in second chances why not tell me I mean so much of the show is about not judging people at face value but you’re owed to be hurt by something maybe depends if I’m wrong or she’s flawed down here isn’t

there’s anything I’ve learned it’s that words are cheap but actions they speak the truth yeah also what did she do to get here she seems lovely too she’s just flawed maybe she ate people it’s pretty big flaw well how do you normally explain your hotel by singing but that never works give it a shot it will work here we need two numbers per episode come on have you ever wanted something that was was so clear in your mind that you could taste it mean like human flesh I love Susan yeah I need to season to

come back brace your leadership yeah you have no choice lead the charge ever felt like you’re willing to die to save the people love your city by you mean use my teeth to rip flash a right now we need a leader Destiny has picked me to be that if you’ll permit me so who’s with me this is so Jack skeleton of her join up now if you like travel come on boys H in the sadle to see on route to my hotel not to mention the camarad yes sir classic and feast on all the Angels

you can eat okay they need motivation they need motivation but what favor is Alistair gonna ask her something with Lilith I can’t stop thinking about Lilith and to the day hey come join the buff well that’s a little vione they just seem a little murdery right now defend themselves Hy so fun is she manipulating her I can be the Marshall leading the parade I can come into my own and I think I’ve always known my destiny could never good lyric they want her to embrace I see he wants to be the right hand to the

leader of Hell to really control manipulate yeah but what’s the favor I really hope that I’m ready for this sounds uplifting but I don’t know man is the final episode going to be the fight I got you a souvenir from cannibal town oh Charlie the wings are new they look nice All Is Forgiven let’s put some effort into these fortification fortify that look who decided to show up they stuck by her side you’re still here oh that feeling when people have your back I just got used to you guys I ain’t finding no new Drinking

Buddies I’ve named all the St on the carpet now one sprad well looks like we have a lot of work to do prepare for battle wow oh my God just one more to go so heartwarming when people show up and have your back when you didn’t know if they would and you’ve been working on their Redemption and everyone shows up for you I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about yeah look out for yourself man don’t trust a soul hey we have a sponsor thank you to Shopify for sponsoring which is what we use

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team hey by way thanks for wearing a shirt looks good it’s a good shirt I like this shirt soda but I didn’t see it wow way to promote it I’ve seen her in another show just got the space the gas I saw her in a different show I like sooka I just didn’t see her show we moved on to my shirt now we’re now off of your shirt and on to my shirt and I appreciate everyone from the last week who just bought a bunch so thank you guys so much it’s an amazing way to

support the channel thank you guys very much love it love it love to see you wearing them it’s a win-win all right well we got one more episode to watch we got to watch that ASAP we got watch ASAP ASAP Rocky ASAP Rocky ASAP Roxy mhm I love that we’re doing this right now what’ you think of the episode I am really concerned that we are going into the finale right now way to start off negative and that I’m not going to be emotionally okay when this show season one is wrapped I feel unbelievably invested

in this all right yeah no it’s in I’m very invested too you see it yeah are you I totally am we have I have so many questions and I know that this is deserves a season two so we’re only going get some answers and it’s like I this this show I’m thinking about it all the time I’m thinking about what makes somebody good what makes somebody bad the gray everything last episode was no different it’s just like this Show’s great and that was a great penultimate episode yeah I mean it seems like there’s more love

and forgiveness in Hell than there is in heaven I every means yeah but there’s also like more manipul there’s it seem like they’re about the same because it’s an end game you know like if you are on earth and you think you got to heaven and the only reason you were being good was to get to heaven then you can drop the ACT but if you were on Earth and you were didn’t care about it and you went to hell and now you’re in hell maybe you’re just being your truest self yeah so I think

we’re seeing a lot of that and you’re right like when we saw the the person with vaggie mhm she seems like a really good person when we go to canb town they seemed like good people even Susan and Alistair right now I know he’s going to pull the wool over us mhm is that the expression pull the wool over you I was just uh saying yeah because pull the wool over my eyes pull the wood wool it’s definitely not wood yeah you wouldn’t pull wood over my eyes well that would be smashing yeah don’t put

the wood smash that wood in my ass that’s what she said oh in Hell uh but I’m just saying that I think that there’s there’s a lot to be discovered in this next episode and this was a great penultimate to set us up and show us that there are some people here they’re setting us up for heartbreak with Alistar I can feel it coming we know Lilith Lilith is hanging over us but I have a prediction because I haven’t rambled enough yet no my my prediction is because I’ve let you do all the please it’s

okay uh you know how a few episodes ago we saw that glimpse of Lilith but we didn’t see her face yeah I mean you know what I’m talk they have like photos of her on the wall um there’s that one photo when we go to his place that we see of her and of the of I talking we talking about the flashback in the memory of the dad yeah I think that they didn’t cast her yet and they didn’t fully want to show her face and motion of her and her body yet because they’re saving

it for season two so I’m theorizing that we’re not going to see Lilith in this episode in the next episode it really be a tease yeah like from behind kind of thing but I don’t think that I think we would have seen if we were going to see yeah well as terms of that I I have no idea but in terms of this episode I really think that we could be H I think what they’re setting up for Charlie is something that could be more compelling and conflicting because this was the one of steering her

in the direction of leadership and so far we’ve seen is like this altruistic human being Not a Human Being well yeah Angelic being and but that’s the point you’re just a being and she’s an altruistic being and cares about her people cares about people in general and it seems like alistair’s pushing her in the direction to be more of that you know stereotyped Lucifer you know conqueror of hell so he could be the Whisperer in her ear and so I think we can be down a yes you did the yes no I’m saying yes I

agree with you on that thought there was a thing you were going to be like let me well I I just cuz apparently I like cutting you off today I guess uh I think that you’re completely right and also we know that he’s on a leash so it can’t just be that it that’s one layer good point but it’s not it can’t be the only layer clearly he wants to be her right-hand man right but it’s got to be for a greater purpose than just to have power because he’s on somebody else’s leash that’s very

true regardless I think it’s a great point I think it’s a great call to to take your main character and you you got to add like inner conflict more you know and and I think that sets her up for a season two depending on how the finale goes of course of because it seems like Lucifer had there was a portrayal of Lucifer that we have going like I’m talking prior to hasman Hotel the I a of what you have of what a Lucifer is and then this show presents to you what a Luci what their

version of Lucifer is and it’s not at all what you think he’ll be like but Lilith is the one who’s been kind of shreded and mysterious and ominous and maybe she’s a little bit more in the darker path what’s the the ru do you remember the lore here they talked about it in the first episode of the of the with the Amazon show not the pilot of something with like when Lilith and and Lucifer fell in love she’s the one who created hell right is that is that what the lore is I don’t that’s why

he’s king of hell and she’s queen of hell and then Charlie is Princess right I don’t remember if Lilith created it I know I watched the show Lucifer and Lilith was on there and Lucifer was doing really well and Lilith was the more evil one on that show yeah so I think that when you’re pushing Charlie into a direction where she can possibly get more in tune because you see her getting pushed to the brink of things like she’s it seems like this whole thing with the cannibals uh cannibal Society where a lot of people

are sort of feigning pleasantries and you know she’s like no no no they’re just singing along it’s a big part of the plan she could be the good princess but but you see Alistair and her talking together you can see they’re like kind of conniving and scheming about this where Charlie that’s why Charlie’s always like no I don’t want you to be in this like murderous path I’m just trying to be a leader but you see these glimpses where Charlie will snap and that that ruthless side comes out of her like the show’s smart to

ground it and you’re on her side like for example she gets vexed by Susan and she she’s like f you she goes off she goes off on Alistair at the beginning of this so you’re still on her side still on her perspective it doesn’t seem like she’s just being malicious or or any kind of like you know evil intent however you can see that darkness in her that is still you know kind of maybe just simmering in there a little bit pushed down that could possibly come out and it sounds seems like to me what

that’s what Alistair wants to magnify uh from within her and that would give him more motivation for the episode where he clearly doesn’t he’s competing with her dad with Lucifer and he wants her to be less like Lucifer and maybe more like Lilith cuz they’re definitely tied together no I think that there’s no way that Alistar and Lilith aren’t tied together they were gone for the same amount of time right we haven’t seen Lilith we know he’s on somebody else’s uh chain true I think for that reason and also if you see a lot of

design on the show have you noticed all the apples around the serpents around the apples like there’s a lot going on here that has reference to Lilith and to creation and I think that the the there’s they’re definitely hand inand and Alistair probably is going to struggle with this as well because he really it does seem like he does have genuinely fond feelings of um of our why am I forgetting her main girl’s name Charlie oh Charlie yeah I almost called her Agatha yeah it’s a different girl well Agatha’s nobody I mean you know you

can’t say that about Agatha we have a huge Agatha audience Katherine Han is Agatha exactly so Agatha is totally somebody she’s a witch Agatha explains it all yeah that’s the name of her show that’s that was a song ha explained it all how did you like the songs during this I think this is the most heartfelt episode of them all it’s probably the least one of the lower that’s the weird thing I still really liked it a lot I didn’t even me to say I loved it uh it’s it probably the Le one of the

less impactful ones to me and that goes in conjunction to answer your question about the songs I think the songs are good I thought everything’s great like it’s still great it’s just out of the superiority of this animated adult musical series that has been a phenomenon it if I had to do a ranking of overall episodes would be like no I still really enjoyed it a lot it’s just a little bit on the low the what’s a nicer word that is not bottom tier that gets misconstrued I hope you guys understand what I feel the

exact same way that you do where it’s like where’re all these episodes are above GR so it’s like this one is the one that’s closer to Great ased to excellent excellent it is still really good but this one had to do a lot of heavy lifting Lifting for setup and the wood over yeah exactly I will commend Amazon because clearly they knew how what they were doing with these release schedules this they’re releasing seven and eight together so this didn’t have to be your favorite episode um like I think for me and you right right

now probably I love all the episodes but episode 4 was the most impactful on us I think where it was like holy crap this show is really going for it yeah so I’m kind of expecting that from eight as well it seems like they do that onew punch so of one and two two three and four well I I sort of feel like every episode has been great as a great Standalone episode regardless of the fact that they always end in a way where you you would need to watch the next one continue the story

and finish it uh this was the one that I really feel like was part one of a finale yes as opposed to just a solid episode 7 it I I I weirdly had this inclination of should we just have watched both immediately back toback instead of pausing to make separate videos yeah it’s like a and b I know what you mean yeah that was uh but none of the other episodes made me feel that way but this was the first one that made me go I wonder uh but we’ll see we’ll see guys but what

did you think where would you rank this episode episode leave your thoughts in the typy comments down below that would mean the world to emoa and to her what’s her in Spanish hermano that’s brother it she a she what she would be a a leave it down to she sha what’s Shea I’m asking like I’m she be a but ‘s not Spanish what’s memo I don’t know what you’re saying I said that make emoa happy maybe that’s f some type of ancient Romanian language that has been lost is that Hebrew no Spanish BR I only

know like three Hebrew words Badu no well Hebrew is not the Jewish language Aramaic no it’s yish bro we’ve got off the rails agree or disagree yep yep yep uhhuh so are you a Chinese Communist I’m from signapore you seen that going around no what the Senate when they were interrogating the Tik Tock guy oh the two dudes the guy was like are you a Chinese Communist and he’s like I’m from signore he like so you’re M of the Communist party like no I’m from signapore and they didn’t understand I get it got me NOP

I heard the military I haven’t seen that anyway um yeah Patron shout out London Miller London welcome to your shout out my friend is this first one you must have upgraded yeah look out it’s time for a classic shout out you’re going to regret this oh you’re gonna hate this so what we like to do is take your name figure out the acronym for it and I’m just going to say what comes to mind L stands for licking my butthole oh yes it does a stands for anal retentive which I’m sure you are not n

stands for nice guy yes d stands for the D which I’m sure you’re slinging all around t o w n oh stands for the shape of your mouth when you’re by my anus GL one of us had to get there and and n stands for nuts where uh I’m sure you’ve got huge ones man just just like the craziest craziest nuts craziest nuts man these nuts don’t even come close well come this far m stands for um martyr oh sure because he was still be willing to die in the good reject name even if it

meant us you know doing what we’re doing right yes exactly uh I stands for um industrious as I’m sure you are an enterprising and and you know and creative human being oh stands for theous is that even a word the world may never know is just something Greg thought of could be maybe you arrived at it independent is that the definition of loquacious the other L stands for uh lugubrious what does it mean comment if you’re actually watching the shout out with the definition so that I can commit it to memory he’s stands for Eternal

because you will forever be laying down with my fa my butt on your face yes and I think it only would be appropriate that R stands for rming as you know that will bring no we had to come full circle the shout out so you know there’s the only one it could be anything though you maybe you’re just uh you know doing a rim shot on your drums there maybe that’s your version of or maybe uh it’s just polishing up the rims on your car it doesn’t have to be gross man I just wanted to

say you know we’ve done the first patron of the month shout outs kind of deal for people so many times it comes to the acronyms and I really just wanted to experiment here and make sure you you were loyal enough cuz that’s really what the L stands for in your name oh double dose of loyalty did it’s a test of loyalty he’s got so many to see if you would still be willing to stay pledged in spite this is a test of this shout out this is a test you just got landed Miller look out

I hope you’re happy I hope you’re satisfied I am drafting an apology dearest Landon Miller tomorrow morning my dearest bro we’re all at friends here right it’s satire thanks Landon Miller we appreciate you

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