Head To Head Comparison Amazfit GTS vs Honor Magicwatch 2 42mm Review | Battle of The Year

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as well as the honor magic watch 2. Both
of these smart watches have really
stirred things up
in the budget smartwatch space. both
amazing value but they can only be one
or not? well we’ll be the judges of that
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so you don’t miss out! the honor magic
watch 2
is so totally sporty, it conquers us
with 100 sport modes and built-in gps,
it has a dedicated running app that will
keep the beginners
as well as the amateurs and pro athletes
more than satisfied.
you can download up to 2 gigabytes of
music onto your wrist,
you also get sleep tracking that is
actually certified
by the harvard medical school. the
monolithic steel case with the two
buttons on the side
scream elegance and style! the amazfit
is more of an all-rounder it’s all about
making your wearing experience
comfortable, light and enjoyable. it has
absolutely humongous 1.65
inch amoled screen, it’s bright, it’s
vibrant and so darn useful! you can skip
into widgets
just by tapping on the modules of your
favorite watch face.
it’s super light at 25 grams, you
literally forget you’re actually wearing
And yes Amazfit gts does get
the Huami PAI, no not pie.. not the apple
but actual PAI metric this is a
revolutionary single metric
that tells you all about your
cardiovascular health
status! in fact the PAI metric is so
that it’s actually getting attention
from the health insurance market.
so there you have it two absolute
but you need to choose just one of them.
we’ve structured our review
to highlight the differences in design,
in display,
in the features and functions as well as
battery life.
by the end of the video you should have
a clear picture
of what these watches can and cannot do
and which one fits your needs best! so
let’s dive into the details!
it seems honor went with size while the
gts focused on a more luxurious
in my mind both packages look and feel
considering that both watches are priced
similarly at about 120 pounds
or 140 dollars the presentation is done
at a very high standard.
in fact for some great prices, check out
the links in the description below the
the amazfit gts features a rectangular
design offering a significantly larger
than the round Honor magicwatch 2. the
gts case is aluminium and hence
light, the gts weighs only 25 grams
versus 29 grams of the honor magic watch.
there is a single button on the right of
the watch face, potentially, if the button
was steel
it would look a bit more premium but
it’s not a deal breaker. the gts
really nails it with a case that sits
only 9.4 millimeters high
on your wrist while the magicwatch is
just over a centimeter thick.
the magic watch two has a pleasantly
solid feel to it,
it does sit very comfortably on your
wrist, it looks slender
but monolithic at the same time. in my
mind the two buttons on the side add
flavor to the watch face complexion.
without them I think the watch face
would look bare.
the polar ignite comes to mind – let me
know in the comments below if you like
the ignite
or the magic watch look more.
the straps on both watches are 20
millimeters wide
and are easily replaceable with other 20
millimeter straps.
here’s a grey strap I bought online and
it seems to go with any of the watches.
the displays are similar in terms of
resolution but very different
in terms of size. both watches feature
amoled screens for bright and crisp
the blacks are very deep on both and you
can easily read off the watch faces
inside and outdoors. the display on the
gts is significantly larger
with 1.65 inch versus 1.2
inch. both smartwatches don’t have bezels
and hence it looks like the amoled
are stretching from brim to brim. these
watches are considered premium
even though the price is much lower than
the watches from
fitbit or samsung, as an example. the
resolution is just a notch higher on the
with 348 by 442 pixels versus the 390 by
390 on the honor magic watch 2.
the brightness gauge on the gts is much
easier to use
than the 5 levels on the honor watch.
there is always on display available on
both watches,
now the gts allows to reduce battery
drain by both
automated and manually setting the off
effectively the times between which you
expect to be asleep and will not be
needing the always-on display.
very smart idea for battery saving! of
course you can also download faces from
the huawei health and
Amazfit apps. just a quick note in
relation to their Amazfit app,
it’s now called Zepp.
let’s talk sports and activities
management. so on the magic
watch two there are 15 preset activity
modes ranging from the outdoor and
indoor running and cycling, to rowing and
triathlon mode.
but there are 85 additional sports and
activities available
and these are distinguished into several
categories: indoor, fun,
sports, water, winter and extreme. and
every segment has a whole array of
available widgets
such as yoga, karate, tai chi, horse riding
and so forth.
workout status provides advice regarding
recovery times,
it estimates your training load based on
past performance and
fitness level and then it also estimates
your Vo2 max.
on the gts you get 12 preset sport modes
and they all seem useful and well
thought through,
and actually modes that you’re likely to
use. Such as outdoor running and cycling,
treadmill, skiing and pool swimming, to
name a few.
the activities are goal based, as they
also are on the on a magic watch two.
that is you can set goals for an
activity, like duration, distance covered,
calories burned, and of course you do get
inbuilt gps here.
same as on a magic watch two making the
more functional because the gts and the
honor magic watch 2
are waterproof up to 50 meters. open
water swimming
is also available in the sport modes
but i think the magic watch 2 takes this
because in addition to the 100 sport
it has a dedicated app for running! there
are 13 levels to choose from
and based on your fitness level it can
train you up from a complete newbie in
to becoming serious about fitness. you
can even do HIIT run sessions!
the routes available have bluetooth
voiceovers and haptic vibrations
that help you keep on track. so we’re
finally here
let’s dive into the cool features found
on both gts
and the honor magic watch 2. since we
just talked about sports
let’s talk quickly about music! the honor
watch has
4gb of in-house storage and allows 2gb
allocated to offline music storage. you
don’t need a phone with you
to keep you entertained on the runs,
cycling or hiking trips.
the gts has no internal storage option
for music downloads,
you only have music controls on the
watch face when connected via bluetooth
with your smartphone. a huge win for the
gts is the huami
pai. pai stands for personal activity
let me explain why this is such a cool
feature. PAI
is an activity metric backed by science,
that guides you to optimal cardio
respiratory fitness levels.
research has found that maintaining 100
or more, is associated with the reduced
risk of cardiovascular disease mortality
by an average of 25 percent!
magic watch 2 also allows you to manage
everyday stress levels
with Huawei TruRelax, it calms your
mind through a series of guided and
breathing exercises within the breathing
magic watch 2 also has an on-demand spo2
which provides on-demand measurements of
the oxygen saturation level
in your blood. this is a crucial addition
considering this medical tech feature
can forewarn of respiratory conditions!
who are these trackers for? well the
honor magic watch 2
is definitely targeted at the more sport
oriented individuals
and it has plenty to offer them. i think
this watch is more suited for the
outdoor sports lovers.
download some music to your watch, switch
on the gps tracking,
leave the smartphone at home and you are
set to go running, cycling or
open water swimming. considering the gts
also offers a waterproof design with
inbuilt gps,
the wide array of sport profiles, the gts
does have a huge awesome
1.7 inch screen that’s not to be sneezed
notifications like text and emails are
easier to read and they just have more
on the screen. i would say the UI on the
honor is a little quirkier than on the
and the gts battery is twice longer than
but then the solid feel of the steel on
a watch case is very reassuring
and more exciting than the plasticky
and lugs of the gts. i would have to say
the two smart watches will have to share
the crown there’s no clear winner here!
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