Hellishly Hard Platformer! Through the Nightmares Gameplay & Demo Review

Earlier this year I got the chance to play through 
the nightmares, this hellishly difficult platform  
game that really impressed me with a focus on 
aesthetic and graphics as well as platforming  
puzzles designed to send you into a full 
rage quit. So good news, there’s an update,  
and also a playable demo for you guys to check 
out and experience through the nightmares for  
itself. Be warned though, this is a 
game for the hardcore platform fans!
Before going any further, just a note, 
you can wishlist Through the nightmares  
on the steam link below, and also check out 
the demo there. It’s well worth a click!
Since I last played through the 
nightmares, there’s been a couple of  
additions, mostly in terms of presentation 
but also with some slight graphical tweaks.  
The storyline starts to become a little bit more 
apparent and we start to get this sense of sandman  
being the hero who’s aim is to do anything to 
protect those innocents from their nightmares.  
We even get a sneakpeak into their experiences 
that have lead to the worlds we play through,  
in the form of memory cards at the end 
of some levels, which is a nice touch.
Sandman controls are actually pretty simple, 
with the ability to become smaller

sandman to  
fit through tiny places, and also stomp below 
to break through barriers. The levels require  
precise movements and timing, so having an 
uncomplicated control scheme is a clever  
choice. You will be dying in this game. 
Just about everything you touch, is bad,  
and sit back and enjoy as your death counters 
zooms through the roof as you fail repeatedly.  
I have to say though, all of my deaths were on 
me, and you quickly do get to learn the nuances of  
levels which makes it quite satisfying to complete 
what was earlier considered pretty impossible.  
Another really cool addition in the 
demo is the troll, a boss level if  
you may, in which you need to escape 
which ads some urgency to the gameplay.
The developers of the game were 
nice enough to let me play a bit  
of extended gameplay moving into the cave 
area which was really cool. It’s clear that  
each new setting is going to provide some new and 
soul destroying ways in which for you to fail,  
and mixing up obstacles is definitely 
going to keep things quite fresh.
Lovers of hardcore platformers are going 
to really get into through the nightmares  
and I’m sure there’s going to be some insane 
speedruns by people who are much more skilled  
than me in this regard. The developers have 
said they want things to be pretty difficult,  
and you can definitely say they’ve delivered 
in this area! Let me know your thoughts on  
through the nightmares and remember 
to check out that steam link below!

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