i always say that happiness comes in orange 
boxes and normally when i say that i’m referring  
to louis vuitton because i love louis vuitton 
but today i got an orange box in the mail and  
it is an hermes unboxing i am so excited 
you guys can you tell i mean can you tell  
what’s going on you guys welcome welcome back 
to leaning into luxe today as you can see by  
the smile on my face and by the thumbnail i am so 
excited i am bringing you an unboxing video and  
it is an hermes unboxing guys and i really have 
not opened this at all yet it still has even the  
outside plastic covering that it was delivered in 
because i wanted to do this with you it took all  
the strength in me not to actually go ahead and 
unwrap this on my own and see it but i wanted you  
guys to get my genuine reaction and feelings about 
this item but it obviously would not be a leaning  
into luxe video without me recommending a great 
dupe for you guys for this item and also just to  
discuss you know other alternatives and why i went 
for this particular one as opposed to the other  
options for a similar product that

are currently 
out there on the market so as you can see like i  
said i have not i really did fight the urge when 
this arrived in the mail to open it up but i said  
i am going to wait for this video just so that you 
can really get if i’m excited if i’m disappointed  
you can really catch my full range of emotions so 
it arrives at your door in this plastic covering  
on the outside i’m just going to put that to 
the side and inside it’s a plain white box
now i have seen other people who have 
unboxed the same product and they have  
said that actually you should not get rid 
of this white box because should you need to  
ship it back to hermes whether for an exchange or 
a refund it is best to keep the shipping packaging  
so that you can send it back the 
one that has this hermes branding  
on the inside so i’m going to 
make sure that i keep the safe  
and just so that i am sure whether or not i want 
to keep this or whether i want to send it back
so that’s what it looks like on the inside 
we have the classic hermes orange box  
and it has that classic hermes string this is 
just the receipt envelope all of the luxury brands  
really do this they send your items with the um 
receipts enclosed inside you know their branded  
envelopes so i have my original receipt 
so that if i need to exchange or if i  
need to go back for repairs or whatever 
then all my documentation is in place
i would say guess but obviously by the thumbnail 
you would have already guessed what it is you  
already know it’s the oran sandals but maybe take 
a moment and guess like the color that i went for  
so getting into it i’m just putting this aside 
guys you’re going to see this box probably here  
from now on each and every video that i’ll 
be filming because this is art okay this is  
just too perfect and beautiful so 
on the inside they come like that
you have two dust bags so each sandal has its own 
dust bag on the inside and done something some
i don’t know the material of the dust bag itself 
is just screaming rich honey it is gorgeous
guys i got them in this gorgeous beautiful brown 
tan color with the stitching around the edges  
that white stitching and oh my gosh i pulled this 
out and i’m just getting fresh leather smell like  
it’s unbelievable actually wow 
even the tissue paper that’s  
okay hermes are not skimping out 
on us okay they are giving us
quality everything about this is 
screaming quality i’m i’m sorry guys  
if i am gagging this is just a whole different 
experience for me guys the quality here is
why is this tissue paper like so soft i mean 
normally when they stuff these stuff these  
things with tissue paper it’s like some rough 
industrial paper this feels everything about this  
is amazing so i chose them in this brown color and 
guys you can see my excitement i’m even struggling  
to talk right now on the website actually they 
don’t call this brown this color brown they don’t  
even refer to it as tan this color is referred to 
as gold and some french words i don’t know how to  
pronounce that but they call it gold something 
something i’ll put the name up on the screen and  
i don’t know why because this is brown but they’re 
gold if hermes says they’re gold then to the rest  
of us they’re gold the oran sandals come in three 
classic colors it is this one and then they also  
come in classic white and the black and thereafter 
they have colors that are seasonal they have  
colors that are for special campaigns or whatever 
and depending on the color that you choose  
sometimes the price may vary these retail for 630 
dollars in the classic colors as well as in some  
of the other non-classic colors but depending 
on perhaps the fabric the leather or you know  
if it’s a limited edition i would assume then 
the prices may go up another interesting fact  
about this these are made wholly of leather and 
when i say holy i mean even the sole of this shoe  
this is leather this is actual leather obviously 
this top part is leather this is also leather i’ve  
also heard from people who have these say that 
because it is actual leather on the sole of the  
shoe that it is actually best for you before you 
even start wearing them outside to take them to  
a cobbler to actually protect that leather sole 
so i’m going to try and find a cobbler in my area  
who can actually protect these for me because 
i want to start wearing them right away on the  
inside of each sandal you have i’m just going 
to try to show you there’s a serial number there  
and they’re identical on each shoe i 
guess because of the pair but yeah so it  
also shows that it is an actual authentic hermes 
item size wise ordinarily in shoes and a size 37  
and a half in european sizes however i watched so 
many reviews about these sandals and everybody was  
talking about how they run a little bit small so i 
decided to size up to a size 38 and a half that’s  
one full size above my normal size so i’m trying 
them out for the first time with you guys i really  
hope they fit i hope they fit well if they don’t i 
have the option to send them back for an exchange  
but i really am hoping that they are a great fit 
they are full leather so they are supposed to  
actually stretch with the more use and wear so i 
trust that if they happen to be a little too snug  
i shouldn’t worry too much because then they’re 
going to stretch out the more i wear them but  
if they are too big then i i’ll be sending 
them back right away because if they are  
already too big they can only stretch a 
little bit more and then they won’t be  
a great fit for me in the summer my feet tend to 
swell up a little bit and i do not like a shoe  
that is too narrow because then my foot becomes 
a little bit sausage looking in my sandals and i  
don’t want that so and if i’m wearing an hermes 
shoes i don’t expect to look crazy wearing them
guys they’re perfect fit so i am super stoked 
about that now at the beginning i did mention  
that i have a great dupe lined up for you guys 
and sometimes when you see an item like this  
either you can’t afford it at the time or even 
if you can afford it you may just want to try it  
out in a less expensive option in order for you to 
get a feel for it and see whether or not it works  
out for you how it looks on you whether it fits 
into your style whether you can get a lot of wear  
out of it so that’s exactly what i did before i 
purchased these i went and i got a dupe of these  
and i’ve had it for the past two years now i’ve 
been wearing them i wear them a lot so i got to  
realize that i can actually get a lot of use out 
of these shoes and it looks good with my personal  
style it fits right in and it is the steve 
madden pair of sandals and as you can see guys  
how beat they are on the sole there i have worn 
these to death but it is such a great dupe that  
i’m still wearing these i’m still going to 
continue to wear these because they are so  
good they are also obviously it’s steve madden it 
is real leather and it’s a much softer leather i  
will say than the orange sandals i have also seen 
these shoes these sandals be duped by other brands  
and i’m going to actually link all of the dupes 
that i think are great for the oran sandals on my  
LIKEtoKNOWit so it will be down in the description 
box so that you can directly shop those dupes if  
you wish to you can also head on over to my 
instagram you’ll find the link to my like to  
know it and you can actually shop these dupes 
i also just wanted to cover one more thing just  
to show you how great of a value these sandals 
actually are i went ahead and i also searched  
other luxury designer brands that offer sandals 
that are similar to these oran sandals maybe not  
similar in design but similar in the type of style 
and i just wanted to show you a comparison of  
the price that these others currently retail for 
from these major luxury brands starting off we  
have the roman stud sandals by valentino and these 
retail for 850 dollars that is 220 more than the  
oran sandals louis vuitton has similar style in 
the locket flat mule theirs starts at the price of  
680 but depending on the design and the material 
that you go for you can even pay as high as eight  
hundred and ninety dollars if you are a gucci girl 
you can try their marmont slides and they retail  
for six hundred and ninety dollars do offers a 
similar style by way of that d-way slide and this  
retails for seven hundred and thirty dollars and 
coming in at the very high price of one thousand  
two hundred and twenty dollars is bottega veneta 
they are little sandals so i make the comparison  
to all these other luxury brands because you have 
to bear in mind that these oran sandals by hermes  
were first conceptualized in 1997. so that is over 
20 years of being out there on the market and they  
are just as popular today as they were back then 
i am somebody who when it comes to luxury items  
i really do gravitate towards the items that have 
a history and they are long-standing and that i  
know that no matter the changes in seasons and 
trends they will be long-standing if i’m spending  
this type of money on items i want to know that 
above my excitement and love for them currently  
i will still get so much use and enjoyment out of 
them in the years to come five ten years from now  
i will still be wearing my oran sandal and i 
will not feel like it’s outdated and i need to  
maybe get a newer model this has been the design 
since 1997 and it has withstood the test of time  
so now that i have seen these and i’ve tried 
them on and i felt them i don’t know i think that  
i might just start saving up for the white i’ve 
also seen you know the orange color as well  
and i am so confused because although i love 
this and i needed to get this because i wanted  
this classic classic color i’m excited at the idea 
of getting a brighter more festive color you know  
that orange is just so gorgeous but that white for 
me just says vacation vibes you know it’s like the  
perfect color to wear with your vacation outfits 
and it’s giving me ideas it’s giving me ideas  
i now can’t wait to have somewhere to go where 
i can style these and take them out for a spin  
so guys don’t forget to check me out on like to 
know it this is where i’m going to post all of my  
shoppable links for the alternatives to the sandal 
on there i post a lot more alternatives than what  
i will share here on youtube because here i will 
only be linking down the actual hermes sandals  
but on my LIKEtoKNOWit you will find 
the alternatives the much more cheaper  
dupes that are available and i will try and make 
sure that they are actually all leather options  
because you want that quality you want something 
long lasting like my steve maddens which are still  
as great as they were when i first got them thank 
you for watching this video don’t forget to like  
comment and subscribe if you aren’t already 
subscribed and i will see you guys on the next one

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