Herschel Wallets – Charlie, Roy and Hank Card Wallet Review

– [Adam] Three beautifully made
RFID-blocking Herschel wallets.
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I wanted to find out
why so many people like these wallets,
so, I bought my own, and I get it.
There’s a feel-good factor
as soon as you first hold it.
It’s just nice!
The materials feel premium,
and a little heavier than I expected.
Each wallet has unique patterned detailing
on the inside.
The striped pattern of this wallet
can be found inside all of the pockets.
It’s perfectly stitched.
There’s detailing on the side,
and branding here.
Also, it works good!
The pockets aren’t too tight.
I got a couple of cards in each outer pocket,
and few dollars in the middle
without really testing the capacity.
I bought the Herschel Roy wallet.
My second buy of this brand.
The Roy wallet offers the practicality
of a tradition bifold design.
Here’s why I like them so much.
This hard-wearing material feels premium
and instantly impresses the first time you
hold it.
It makes me feel like a made a good choice.
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to each wallet featured.
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if you buy a product.
On my wallet,
this striped pattern is found
on the inside of the card pockets
where you’d probably not look.
The wallet is perfectly sized
for US cash bills.
There’s a couple of hidden pockets
on either side here.
And, they’ve got the fit right for the pockets.
Not too tight, not too loose.
My final purchase for this video review
is the Herschel Hank wallet.
This wallet offers the practicality
of a tradition bifold design
and also features an ID window.
Again, the outside has this hard-wearing material.
Inside is a contrasting synthetic leather
which looks really special.
And, the inside of the cash compartment
and card pockets
all have a this fantastic striped patterned
This is a really well-made wallet.
A tactile product, that feels nice to hold.
Again, we see Herschel branding on the front,
and over here is the signature Herschel
red and white detailing.
US cash bills fit with plenty of room.
Like on the Roy wallet,
we have hidden pockets on either side here,
and as with all the Herschel wallets in this
the fit for the pockets is just right.
I find one card in each of these pockets fits
This pocket can take 3 or 4 cards at a push.

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