He's just not that into you || Book Review

Hi guys! Hi there! Welcome to Felly’s books review. 
Today i’m gonna review a book about relationships  
the title of the book is “He’s just not that 
into you” a book by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo
it’s a small book by size, nice on 
your grip and simple to carry around
just by seeing the cover you know it 
must be about romantic relationships
straight from the title you can tell that it’s 
about men that are not really into their partners
My first impression was. Oh, if someone is 
deeply falling in love come across this book  
They might not want to read it 
because of some kind of the truth  
that They might not want to know 
and often the truth is scary.
I love how they present the 
book that is easy to understand  
and so many cases study or example of the problems 
that people usually have in their relationships
there are two writers here, Greg 
who’s giving the perspective from men  
and Liz who’s giving feedbacks from women. 
Their combination for me are perfect
Yes, not all men are thinking like Greg and not 
all women are thinking like Liz. But overall  
it can relate to most people.
It takes a courage to read this book 
and so

many things can be red flags  
in a relationship.
For me, after reading this book i started to look at my  
relationship differently and it 
helped a lot to understand each other.
In my opinion as a girl, 
it also empowers me in some way  
to not be afraid to face the truth 
if one day if it happens to me  
or i’ll be able to help my girlfriends to face that kind of situations  
Don’t be afraid by the title because this book 
maybe will help you going 
through your difficult situations.

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