Hohem iSteady M6 Review – Best AI Tracking on a Smartphone Stabilizer without an App!

what’s happening everyone my name is Alex and welcome back in today’s video we are checking out the latest three axis gimbal from hoham called the isteady m6 so this is a gimbal for smartphones and in many ways this is one of the most exciting pieces of tech that I got to try over the past couple of years I’ve actually been waiting for a gimbal like this for quite some time so you’re probably gonna wonder why is this gimbal so special what does it do that other gimbals don’t do well this one does AI tracking a

bit different than all the other gimbals available on the market because a lot of gimbals available on the market do have ai tracking but for most of them or for all of them really that I know of you do have to install the gimbals app on your smartphone and that kind of becomes a camera app on your smartphone and that’s how the gimbal does AI tracking well this one does it very differently so this one does AI tracking with this unit that we have at the top of the gimbal here so this AI tracking you

need you don’t necessarily need to install the gimbal’s cam camera app in order to do the AI tracking so this right here does

the tracking for you and that’s very important mostly if you have a flagship phone like an iPhone for example or the Samsung Galaxy s23 that I’m using on the gimbal right now I mean if you don’t have a flagship phone that has exceptional video quality using the gimbal’s camera app could actually improve the video quality in many situations and of course this gimbal also has a camera app and you can use that

app with it as well but for these kind of phones that have an exceptional video capabilities using that gimbals camera app is not ideal at least in my line of work I want to use the iPhone’s native on camera because I feel that it records videos better the footage is crispier the video looks better so this is where this gimbal comes super handy because we can use the phone’s camera app the native camera app and then you can have the AI track talking on top of that and I feel that this is a winning combination

I’ve already used this Gimbal and the AI tracking features for three of my videos and I feel that this has the potential of replacing a cameraman now a lot of people don’t have the second person to help them on film so you typically have a tripod and the camera on top of that tripod well imagine for a second you have this Gimbal and the phone on top of that tripod and this we are gonna have your videos more dynamic because the gimbal will track you and go to the left when you go to the right

when you go up down and so on so when I’m filming on bike videos or scooter videos this comes in super super handy and not only for those videos but for a lot of the videos that I make on Outdoors basically so having a setup like this that does AI tracking as good as this device here will take your videos to the next level so the AI tracking unit that we have at the top of the gimbal here can also be pointing this way or you can spin it around and it can point them the

opposite way so it really depends if you are filming with the rear cameras or the front-facing camera on your device now personally I film with the rear cameras on any device because the rear cameras will give you the better video quality so in my case the AI tracking unit is always on position this way this also can be controlled with gestures so when you’re outside you have the gimbal on you can make a gesture and then um the AI will start tracking you and then you can make another gesture and it will stop tracking you

and you can also frame your shots with another gesture so that AI unit can be controlled on wood gestures and guess what this can also be used as a video light so on the side of the gimbal here we have a wheel but if you hold that press for about on three seconds or so the light comes on and if you spin this you can make this dimmer or brighter if you click this button three times you can also change colors on these slides so not only this is the AI tracking unit it’s also a

video light so that could come in handy if you want a different color for your videos if you need a bit more light so for example you’re filming yourself a bit more light on your face could always come in handy so this is why this gimbal is so special and I totally forgot to do a bit of an unboxing so the gimbal comes in this box and right here it is a fairly big box Inside the Box we are also gonna get this um carrying pouch this comes in super handy so you can keep the

gimbal in your backpack inside here you’ll also find a couple of cables so you can charge the gimbal the charging port is on this side right here now on one charge the manufacturer says that you’re gonna get about 18 hours I’ve never actually got to charge the gimbal so I’ve been using it for a few days now and just it doesn’t want to die so I truly believe that it will last for 18 hours so you can keep it on and on and on and on and on so you’re gonna find the cable so you

can charge this some there is also a cable so you can charge your phone now it depends if you’re using an Android device or an iPhone if you do use an iPhone you do have to buy an additional cable if you want to charge up the phone from the gimbal so there is a charge port here and you can basically have the phone plugged into the gimbal so this way your battery is not gonna die and it also has a cool feature that the charging only starts when you want it to start so it’s not

always charging that’s a smart feature because as you know when you’re filming phones do get pretty hot and if you are charging them at the same time they will get even hotter so you can start and stop the charging of the device whenever you want and I find them that um that’s a super smart feature as well aside from that you’re gonna find the user manual definitely check out the user manual because there is a lot of information this gimbal can do a lot of things I always kind of have to look through the manual

um to figure out how to do something on it so definitely check out um this and you can also buy um this remote control for the gimbal so check this out let me spin it around so you can have this little remote control in your pocket for example and you can control the gimbaland from it super handy mostly if you’re filming in front of the gimbal you don’t have to go to the gimbal every time and move that little joystick um there or change mods or something like that so this remote control will come in

handy as well taking a look at the gimbal itself well it is extremely well made it feels like a very expensive unit even though it’s not actually that expensive so of course we have a combination of plastic some rubberized plastic Summer metal at the bottom here we have a quarter inch screw hole there is actually this little tripod that comes on in the box and we have another um screw hole on the side here so you can mount this on tripods in different ways personally I just don’t use it at the bottom there but there

are more possibilities I’m gonna say so on the back here we have a little screen from the screen you can see how much battery you have you can see if you have a device connected you can change a bunch of things from there so you can change modes now like most gimbals this has all the following modes that we are used to and we’ve seen for other gimbals and this one also has a new 360 Inception mode now I haven’t really found a use for this in my line of work but I can see that

being handy in some situations as well so yes the gimbal is extremely extremely well made I also like this wheel that we have on the side here so if you are using the gimbals app this wheel here can use the can be used for focusing so you can focus closer or further again that’s a feature that I haven’t actually seen on other gimbals so that could come in handy mostly if you don’t want the gimbal to like switch Focus from one subject to another you want it focused on something that will definitely come in and

handy we also have a couple of buttons on the side here so these are used for time lapses now you don’t have to go into an app so you can start the time lapse you can kind of set the time lapse right from those buttons and you don’t have to do anything just press record on your phone and you’re set so those could come in handy as well and of course on the back here we have another button and this has a bunch of functionality as well the gimbal can also be used in lens Escape

mode so like this or you can spin it around and then you can use it in portrait mode so if you’re filming videos for YouTube shorts or Instagram videos you can use it like this but if you wanna switch to the regular mode of course you can do that as well okay so I also want to show you the hogham joy app very quick just so you can see how it looks so of course if you are using the app you do have more functionality with the buttons on the gimbal so for example from this

wheel that I mentioned earlier you can focus so you can focus on closer subjects on further subjects so if you want to fix them the focus you can use that tool then you can zoom in with another button on the front of the gimbal so that could also come in handy and of course we do have a variety of mods available here so the maximum recording resolution at least for my iPhone is 4K at 60 frames per second so we can select 4K and 60 frames per second that is actually actually the maximum recording resolution

for this iPhone that may be different on other devices but I’ve only used the app with my iPhone so I can only talk about that we also have a variety of mods here so that’s the video mode we also have a photo mode we have a momentum mod now I cannot go through every single feature because this video will become way too long but yes there are a lot a lot of features in the app here so as I said if you don’t really care if you’re using the native camera app on whatever device um

you’re using using these apps so the whole Joy app will give you more functionality with the buttons that we have on the gimbal so you can easily start recordings like this you don’t actually have to touch a button on the phone so that is an advantage using the gimbals app compared to the camera app on your smartphone okay and we’re going back to our gimbal for a bit so the maximum weight the gimbal will be able to handle is 400 grams so most smartphones of these days you’re gonna be able to use them with this

gimbal unless you have some super heavy rug at the phone because those are over 400 grams but most iPhones xiaomi phones Samsung phones Etc you’ll be able to use this no problem so like most gimbals that we’ve been seeing over the past a few years we do have the same following functionality so we have like pan follow pen and tilt follow all lock all follow and there is also a sport modem for this one so if you hold this button press so let’s say that your subject starts running or you’re starting to run hold this

button pressed and the gimbal will go into a sport mod now with most phones these days well some phones these days we also have Ultra wide cameras on the back so this setup here a part of the gimbal may show up in your video depending how wide that lens is so if you click this button four times here it goes into a Ultra wide shot so let’s um do that so let me spin this around so see how now there is nothing in front of the camera in the other mode we have a part of

the gimbal in front of the camera so that’s the ultra wide shot just in case some you’re wondering and of course there are many other features that I didn’t even mention but I don’t want to make this video an hour long definitely check out the user manual and you’re gonna find a lot of features in there and how to control them everything about the gimbal but for me personally the most exciting feature and the feature that I love the most about this gimbal is definitely the AI tracking feature because I want to be able to

use the iPhone’s camera app whenever I’m filming my videos I don’t want to go into a different app for that and the a tracking here works extremely extremely well so this is definitely my all-time favorite smartphone gimbal I don’t think there is any other one that does what this one does all right guys um hopefully you enjoyed this video thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next one

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