Homeopathic Book Review – Book Review at Reverse Repertory of the Mind by Dr Tamara Afroza

hi this is dr tamara and today i am with another 
book review that is reverse repertory of the mind  
by dr mohammad rafiq and dr j.p salini that is a 
really amazing publications of beijing publishers  
so thanks to first of all beijing publisher for 
gifting me such amazing book and really publishing  
this book because it not only content of the 
mental rubrics but the explanations and the way  
how it is described is really beautiful and each 
and every homeopathic students and homeopath who  
wants to prescribe on the basis of mental symptoms 
who wants to understand the mental rubrics  
should go through this book so now i am moving 
forward that what exactly this book is written  
and how it will benefited you if you go through 
this book the book contains 409 mental rubrics and  
really its description is so amazing as i can 
say that uh in many writings of our doctor jt  
keynes in his philosophy and in his own repertory 
of cain’s repertory als itself starting with 527  
mental rubrics why because of the mental rubrics 
are so much important and really from day to day  
practice we homeopaths know that when mental 
symptoms can be get it gives amazing result

to get the amazing result you have to understand 
the mental rubrics first first of all patient  
is telling on their language the symptoms and 
the mind’s conditions from bystanders or from  
physicians own observation can we get the mental 
symptoms and then by paraphrasing which rubrics  
has to be taken which rubrics explanation very 
close rubrics are there so how to understand  
that which rubric is fit for this patient will be 
very much helpful if you go through this book and  
the introductory part is telling clearly that how 
to get the mental rubrics from the patient to let  
them talk freely and making a good wrap with the 
patients then only can mental symptoms get another  
direction of making an environment or situations 
so that patient freely gives you the symptoms is  
directed here with example now move on to how the 
rubrics are arranged and how they are beautifully  
given with the meaning so first of all if i can 
go with any of the rubrics just like affectation  
so here affectation first starting with the 
meaning usually the first meaning is given  
dictionary meaning then what the patient says that 
is very useful for us homeopaths because you have  
to understand from patients talking what patients 
is describing to you so how patient will say to  
doctor is described in the just direct manner then 
what bystanders say other attendee came with the  
patient what they will tell is given as example 
next physician what can observe what physician is  
watching noticing yeah and overall after the 
description there is given the beautiful portion  
of by ending ken’s repertory this rubric is 
considering which which remedies so whenever you  
go through single rubric that will give the idea 
that which medicines can come under this rubric  
so now the beautiful explanation of dual 
meaning rubrics like high places it not  
always means high place means high altitude or 
above place it can be the professionally high  
or the personal goal developmental high places 
mentality if i go for some mental conditions uh  
if a person gets insulted in front of few people 
some gets depressed some feel so much worried  
some just ignore it some just feel so much 
anger so this kind of different situation  
wise expression is clearly captured here that 
which explanation patient while talking this way  
this towards this characteristics this 
way patient is expressing their feelings  
that means it goes towards these characteristics 
and along with medicines are described beautifully  
so this book is amazingly written in alphabetical 
arrangement with rubrics it explanations and  
meaning that the understanding of each 
rubric will be clear that’s for sure i’d  
like to give an example of very important 
rubric which before starting this book  
was not too much clear to me that is envious 
and jealous many medicines comes under this  
rubrics usually we think of staphys agree and 
another very important drugs but what does this  
envious and jealousy mentality means what 
is the difference usually as a common  
fault we think of that both are similar 
or same kind of but after studying this  
meaningful book hair written that what 
patient is telling then what bystander  
telling and what your observation telling 
so the meaning is that along with medicines  
so a person’s is feeling envy a envious person 
while having and wishing for someone’s possessions
that is envious mentality many medicines 
are enlisted here just like important duck  
arsenic bionia calcareous travis agria this 
should be considered along with meaning  
that what bystanders telling just i’m 
reading that what example given so that  
you understand clearly that how beautifully it 
is given by standard says my wife needs to buy  
exactly the same and higher price dress 
than what her friend have caught us
this type of feeling under envious now coming 
to the rubric jealousy jealousy is the feeling  
of unhappiness that someone has got something 
what we do not have so this kind of feelings  
jealousy is more deeper feelings or envious with 
the meaning just like i’m reading patient says  
doctor i can’t tolerate to hear anything about 
my friends making more name or money than me
and from this meaning yes jealousy is more 
dangerous than envious so be selective of choosing  
friends who are jealous and who are envious all 
right so now here the physicians observation  
telling some patients ask the physician to give 
the same or better result his friend got from
repertory indicating mind and jealousy 
under the drugs are given like  
anacardium high cyanus ignacia lackasis 
nox mumika pulsatula staphysagria yeah  
so it’s quite difficult in the short video of 
giving a book review to describe each and every  
rubric but i just try to give a gist that how it 
is given and why you should go through the book  
so in conclusion i’d like to say in a nutshell 
this book is not too big this is a 248 pages  
book and around 2 30 40 rupees of price 
and for ug students to active in repertory  
who who are having the food bhms really that this 
book will be helpful to understand the meaning  
of the mental rubrics from keynes as well as this 
repertory book and this book is references sources  
are taken absolutely from dr jt kent’s reparatory 
meteorological america and synthesis laboratory  
then radar software so it’s amazingly covering the 
most important books of our homeopathic world so  
i would recommend this book for each and every 
homeopathic students and homeopath especially for  
undergraduate students and of course busy students 
just like i am studying and getting result  
and understanding that what patients is telling 
towards me and their mental conditions and really  
this book will be enjoyable when you go through it 
so keep smiling stay healthy thanks for watching

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