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Welcome to [email protected]
and today we have with us
the Honda Civic
A model that’s adored by car lovers
through the generations
you can easily find
old and new Honda Civic on the road
It’s a popular pick for gearheads
first-time car owners
and even street racing enthusiasts
But why is the Honda Civic so popular
and iconic?
When it was first introduced in 1972
the Civic was a 2-door car
and since then
it has gone through several generational changes
becoming larger and more upscale
The Civic gained a reputation
for providing drivers with a sporty and high-quality drive
at an affordable price point
These cars are also known to be super reliable machines
with little major maintenance work needed
throughout the entire ownership journey
Making it an easy pick for car buyers
who don’t want to break the bank
and yet require a solid car
Also and most importantly
the Civic offers a thrilling drive
despite not having a big and powerful engine
And of course since it’s a VTEC engine
the Civic is able to perform excellently
while still clocking good fuel economy
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Let’s talk about the design of this car
It’s undeniably sporty
with its blacked-out front
and angular chunky rear
The sharp lines can be found everywhere on the car
from the front to the sides
The back gets the same angular lines
but in the form of c-shaped taillights
and an angled boot
The silhouette of the Civic
has that fastback vibe and looks pretty unique too
It’s not just a car that has
a sloping roofline and a bulky boot
No It’s pretty unique with the big tail lights
and the short spoiler
The headlights on the Civic are LEDs
which also function as daytime running lights
They look sharp and fit
the overall looks of this car really well
An added benefit to some
is the huge market for modifying Honda Civics
Parts are pretty easy to come by
because of how popular this car is
It’s a great car if you like to play around
with modifications and customize your car
The sporty exterior styling
continues onto the interior
That may not necessarily
be a good thing
Although it looks really good from the outside
the sloping roof can cause serious problems
with the passenger in the rear
As you can see there is not much headroom in here
which could be a problem for anybody
more than 1.8m tall
Also the windows are much smaller
so it can feel a little claustrophobic in here
since there’s not much light
Other than that
the rear seats are pretty spacious
with plenty of legroom to compensate
In the drivers’ seat
you’ll find that the sitting position is low and sporty
The seat is really comfortable
and hugs your body quite nicely
Also the steering wheel is really functional
with many useful media control buttons!
This works hand in hand with the fully digital dashboard!
That’s right
the Civic gets a fully digital dashboard
which has a load of features that you can access
from just the steering wheel
You can use the navigation
check vehicle information
and even make calls while keeping your hands
safely on the wheel
Not only does the digital dashboard have
a ton of features packed in it
it also looks pretty good
The design of the fuel and temperature gauge
in the Civic seem to have inspired
other car manufacturers like BMW
to adopt a similar style
You also get a 5-inch touchscreen
that comes with Apple Carplay and Android Auto
But do take note that you have to plug in your phone
in order to use these systems
which is a bit troublesome
Besides that
the infotainment system offers the basics
a navigation system
BlueTooth pairing
and doubles up as a screen
for the rear backup camera
You know how in most cars
you’d usually have to put your phone in a cup holder
or in the storage compartment underneath the armrest?
It’s quite rare to find a dedicated spot
to place your phone
But in the Civic
there’s a spacious compartment in the middle
for your phone
your wallet and keys
There’s even a USB socket for you
to charge your phone whenever the need arises
I wish more carmakers would follow suit by
allocating space for valuables
when designing the car!
We’ve come to the best part about the Civic
which is the drive!
This Civic has a 1.5 litre inline
4 VTEC engine that is turbocharged
So what is VTEC?
It actually stands for
What this does
is it changes the Cam profile in the higher RPMs
when certain conditions are met
This allows more air to get in and out of the cylinder
In layman’s terms
this means higher performance
when you step on the pedal
and lower fuel consumption
when you are just cruising around
This VTEC engine is really fun to drive
especially since you have paddle shifters
which makes kicking in VTEC much easier
Besides VTEC
the engine feels quite powerful on the road
It produces a maximum of 170 horsepower
and 220 Newton metres of torque
Although those aren’t fantastic figures
it is a fun car to drive
because of how dynamic the engine is
with a turbo and VTEC
The fuel efficiency is rated at 14.9km/l
which is not as great as other cars in this class
I guess that is something you’ll just have to sacrifice
for such a thrilling drive
It is still a pretty pleasant ride
despite it being known
as an affordable sporty sedan
If you’re looking for an exciting yet practical sedan
then the Honda Civic is for you
It’s probably the most fun car to drive
at this price point and is still practical enough
to be a family vehicle
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