Honest Met Gala 2022 Red Carpet Fashion Review (who was the MOST & LEAST on theme?)

literal jeans on the met gala red 
carpet…. this material, girl
bad bunny in burberry giving us  
um i’m honestly not sure what he’s giving us 
i fear that they do love berries and cream
hello everyone my name is Khatia and today 
i thought i would do something a little bit  
different and review the 2022 met gala looks 
since you’re watching this video i’m gonna  
assume you know what the met gala is but for those 
of you that don’t the met gala is a fundraising  
event that is hosted every year in new york by 
the metropolitan museum of art where all these  
celebrities show up in grandiose designer costumes 
in accordance to the theme and the theme this year  
was in America an anthology of fashion / gilded 
glamour which is referring to the gilded age the  
gilded age was a time period between the 1870s 
and 1900s so if we’re pulling some references on  
how people used to dress during this time we can 
refer to HBO’s The Gilded Age, Anna Karenina and  
even Bridgerton to some extent but before we get 
into the outfits i do want to give a little bit of  
a disclaimer i am by no means a fashion expert

just like to look at these pretty clothes and say  
my opinions about them none of the comments i make 
are meant to disparage the hundreds and thousands  
of hours of work that went into creating these 
garments all the people involved in the process  
of dressing these celebrities i simply just want 
to share what i thought about the met gala and  
you are welcome to as well in the comments i’m not 
going to be going through every single look just  
because there are so many i’m kind of just going 
to pick out the ones that stood out to me but if  
you do want to see every single met gala look i 
will link the resources i used in the description  
as well okay like embarrassed to give my opinion 
but that’s like what this whole video is about  
so we’re starting off strong with blake lively who 
wore this beautiful copper versace gown she kind  
of flipped the train and it turned out to be aqua 
underneath to kind of mimic the statue of liberty  
and the way that it oxidized i love seeing 
these kinds of extravagant transformations mid  
red carpet kind of like what we saw from lady 
gaga in the 2019 camp theme so the execution  
but the actual dress um not a huge fan of next up 
we have pete davidson and kim kardashian so kim is  
actually wearing marilyn monroe’s happy birthday 
mr president dress i think it’s the most expensive  
dress in the world or something so in the studio 
photos they took of her i thought the dress was  
beautiful like i was like my breath was taken away 
but then when i actually saw her on the carpet  
it felt like a little bit less exciting than 
a lot of the other looks on the red carpet  
i just feel like it’s very her you know kim 
kardashian in a nude bodycon dress with gems on  
it like it really fits her aesthetic and then 
pete davidson i’m not a huge fan of when men  
on red carpets wear like the most basic black and 
white suit and tie i feel like there is potential  
for so much more especially when you’re at the met 
gala i really appreciate it when male celebrities  
go for something a little bit more extravagant 
but i feel like at the same time he maybe just  
wanted to give kim her moment to shine so that is 
kind of cute i suppose then we have bella hadid  
in burberry her look is actually pretty similar 
to nicki minaj’s as well i’m not sure what they  
were really going for though because both of the 
looks have like this pvc faux leather material  
which i don’t think is very gilded age i think 
maybe sometimes when the met gala is approaching  
all these celebrities and stylists are very 
overwhelmed by how different and cool their  
looks have to be so they end up choosing something 
that like goes completely outside of the theme and  
doesn’t like fit into it at all although some 
of the elements like the draping and the corset  
and the lace like those kind of fit into the 
theme i feel like it would look better if it  
was in maybe like a nude color scheme and then 
for nicki minaj’s look like she’s literally  
wearing a baseball cap i thought baseball 
caps were not allowed on formal red carpets  
because my girl kylie jenner was also sporting 
one and she was wearing an entire wedding dress  
i know the whole point is to be like over the 
top and whatnot but i feel like this is just  
kind of a weird mixture of different types 
of clothing that don’t really fit together  
and i know that the internet definitely had their 
opinions about this one and honestly i’m very much  
on the fence because the bottom half of the gown 
is like actually really beautiful and i love the  
kind of ruffling and detailing on it but the top 
half of the look it i feel like completely cancels  
that out kendall jenner in prada i honestly do 
not like this look at all i do appreciate that  
the train is very long and extravagant i know 
that is probably a very expensive material but  
it’s just not giving for me kourtney kardashian 
and travis barker i think what they’re trying  
to go for is like when you’re making a dress 
the pattern that you make the dress with kind  
of looks like what her skirt looks like and then 
she’s i think supposed to be like the mannequin or  
underneath or something travis barker i like his 
suit i like the cut of the sleeves them together  
i feel like works really well like visually but 
then her dress on its own i really don’t like  
it khloe kardashian wore moschino i honestly don’t 
know how to feel about this look because i do love  
the dress i actually really love like the beading 
and the color i think the shape fits her really  
well if she wasn’t wearing the gloves it would be 
kind of a simple like golden dress so i get why  
they went for the gloves but i do really like the 
dress way more than the gloves honestly gigi hadid  
in versace when i first saw her look i saw it 
without the jacket and i was kind of underwhelmed  
because i was like why is she just wearing that 
you know like that’s not extravagant enough for  
the met gala but with the jacket it reminds me 
of cardi b’s camp look it looks very like alien  
monster-esque which is kind of what pulls me in 
i think that’s really cool but at the same time  
we see that like pvc/leather material that i just 
really don’t think fits within the theme i think  
this would have been better fitted for the camp 
at gala sizzle pulled up in vivienne westwood  
and although i like the shape and draping of the 
dress like the hot pink moment i feel like without  
the accessories the look maybe would not have been 
as striking because you know the hat is so big and  
you have like the leather gloves and boots but 
at the same time i feel like those accessories  
take away from how much potential the dress has 
but yeah there is a lot of like pvc/ leather faux  
leather material on the red carpet this year and 
i don’t understand why because i feel like that  
material is the most modern like it’s the furthest 
thing from the 1870s that i could possibly think  
of but yeah i guess it’s just trendy right now 
i think that’s probably what it is jody turner  
smith in a gucci gown absolutely turning my head 
because you know what i ran an algorithm to see if  
it could find any crumbs and the result was no 
crumbs found because she ate that up this gown
wow like this material girl like 
the rhinestones all over the bodice  
just one of my favorite looks from the gala 
for sure kid cudi in kenzo wearing the fairy  
godmother 5000 cape i know that sounds like i 
don’t like it but i actually think it’s like  
really cool and it is pretty on theme during the 
gilded age men did tend to wear a lot of capes  
i also really like the color i love this shade of 
blue especially in combination with a white top  
with these kinds of sleeves chloe bailey wore an 
area gown i honestly really don’t like this one  
i don’t know i feel like this dress would be 
gorgeous if it didn’t have those two lumps on  
the side the top half even though it is like weird 
and misshapen and asymmetrical i think it still  
looks good but then the the bump on the side with 
the slit makes me really uncomfortable for some  
reason then we have normani in christian siriano 
even though it is a little bit more modern because  
of the cutouts and the caging something about 
the poofy sleeves and like the shape of the skirt  
really fit into this kind of image i have in my 
head when i think of the gilded age and also like  
the hat i think is just very perfect for this 
karlie kloss pulled up in givenchy and she looks  
great i actually really love this i love the lace 
i love the subtle like glitter i like the shape  
of the dress and we also have vanessa hudgens in 
a very similar black lingerie type look let’s be  
honest she ate this up like she served she served 
us and then she sat right down at the table with  
us and she ate that up and then she left no crumbs 
like at all like she looks amazing i love the poof  
sheer sleeves and the like lace detail going on 
at the decolletage the accessories and hair match  
perfectly with the look as well and her train was 
so long and sheer this look is very striking like  
when i first saw it i was like oh my gosh like 
this girl is serving we also had rosalia step out  
in givenchy and wow honestly jaw dropping i love 
love love this dress i’m not sure how i feel about  
the sunglasses i feel like she could have done 
without those but the core setting and the kind  
of embroidery and the jewels like i also really 
love the draping around the shoulders i feel  
like that is just it’s so flattering on anyone 
but especially with a dress that has this kind  
of shape billy goat eyelashes (billie eilish) in 
gucci nailed the theme absolutely hit the hammer  
on the nail on the head hit the head of hit 
the nail on the head hit the nail on the head  
he she hit the nail on the head the like draping 
around the hips and waist i think fits perfectly  
into how the actual gilded age dresses used to 
look she’s got like black hair and the black  
choker with like silver on it and then the dress 
like very pastel dainty and feminine or whatever  
which i guess is like part of her aesthetic you 
know she like mixes both so i think that’s kind  
of like what they were going for but i would have 
liked to see more of like a dainty upper half  
still like really love this look one of 
my favorites i would put in my top 10.  
olivia rodrigo stepped out in versace and wow 
as someone who is a huge fan of the color purple  
this is giving not sure how well it fits 
into the actual theme but the dress itself  
is just breathtaking i love this material i 
also just really love the neckline of this  
dress it’s so flattering kind of like 
rosalia’s honestly versace always has  
the best met gala looks almost every single 
versace look i see like not just at the met gala  
but on red carpets they just always give always 
cardi b in versace so good this dress it it’s like  
it’s just so beautiful and it fits her body 
so perfectly i heard from others that this  
was kind of like a safe bet because it’s just 
like a gold dress which does make sense because  
there was a lot of gold dresses on the red carpet 
but this one i’m like at a loss for worth i love  
this look this is one of my favorites i think 
addison rae got a lot of heat for what she wore  
to previous met gala and this year’s met gala as 
well the dress isn’t necessarily like my favorite  
i feel like it would look better if it was more 
of like a fit and flare silhouette i don’t think  
it was extravagant enough for this event emily 
ratajkowski honestly i really like the top i  
feel like the top is iconic but then the bottom 
half kind of kills it for me i guess i don’t like  
the variety of fabrics especially because it’s 
also in like rainbow colors and there’s gold and  
like fringe and tulle and it’s just like way too 
much for my taste bad bunny in burberry giving us  
um i’m honestly not sure what he’s giving us it’s 
a dress i guess but he’s wearing pants underneath  
i i kind of am at a loss for words the way 
that he’s standing is really like off-putting  
in this picture you know what he looks like 
miss trunchbull from matilda that’s kind of  
like the energy i’m receiving here i wanna like it 
i really do but i just don’t i don’t know if i do  
simone ashley in moschino she looks amazing she’s 
just absolutely gorgeous i don’t really think that  
this fits into the theme but i do really like 
how everything is all black so then the top like  
really stands out because i really do like the 
shape of the bodice and nicola coughlan she’s  
wearing a richard quinn gown it’s a little weird 
the overall look but it has that it factor that  
i think i’m looking for i want to be like a little 
bit shocked but also like wow like that looks cool  
you know which i feel like she’s kind of nailing 
that alessandro michelle and jared leto in gucci  
i’m not sure how much i like the suit like on its 
own but i do like that they were kind of wearing  
the same thing like i thought that was really 
striking it kind of reminds me of that time jared  
leto went to the met gala and he was holding 
a copy of his own head or something so this is  
kind of giving me that vibe so i think it’s really 
interesting but again like the actual suit not a  
huge fan of that madeline pestch pestch i i don’t 
know how to pronounce her name but she’s wearing  
this beautiful moschino gown i love this one again 
like one of my favorites this one is gorgeous  
i really like the material i like the color i 
think the shape it’s giving me like snow white  
energy and like the necklace is like perfectly 
balanced i think with the rest of the look it’s  
taking my breath away my breath has been taken 
away okay future in this boss suit i like how it’s  
different i like that he’s wearing shorts and like 
showing off the tats but i’m not sure if i would  
categorize it as cohesive which i think is like a 
common thing that happens at the met gala because  
they’re trying to go for like shock factor and 
be overwhelming so they end up using like lots of  
different crazy things that like don’t necessarily 
mesh well together which is what i think is going  
on here then we have lizzo which i honestly really 
like the robe that she’s wearing and she did like  
this whole number on a flute i thought that was 
really cool but the actual dress like underneath  
the rope is kind of underwhelming i feel like 
it’s very boxy and like modern but her overall  
look 10 out of 10. tessa thompson is in this 
beautiful pink roughly dream one of my favorite  
looks again i know i said that about a lot of the 
looks but this one it takes the cake i love how  
girly and feminine and princess like it is when i 
first heard of the theme of the met gala i thought  
that the celebrities would dress in royal core 
which if you don’t know what that is i do have  
a video explaining that in detail so i will link 
it in the cards and in the description this is  
kind of what i was picturing i love how huge the 
train is i feel like the matching boots are like  
a really cute modern twist it’s giving cotton 
candy and i want to bite glenn close in valentino  
rocking that signature magenta shade all the 
celebrities that they dressed on the red carpet or  
most of them were wearing this shade of pink and i 
think that’s just to differentiate valentino from  
the rest of the designers on the carpet because of 
that i feel like they would need to lean in more  
on the silhouettes being accurate to the theme 
which i don’t think they did like i think they  
just put her in something that fits her and looks 
good on her and is like extravagant but again like  
not sure that it fits into the theme i know i’m 
like a broken record i keep repeating that but  
that is like something that i feel like is really 
important to us the viewers of the met gala to  
like see the theme as we imagined it and when 
celebrities like pull through and show us that  
it’s really exciting because we’re like yeah like 
this is exactly like what i pictured in my head  
i’m not getting that kind of validation from this 
look so that’s why it’s not one of my favorites  
taylor hill in dolce and gabbana i honestly feel 
like it’s very much on theme it looks very like  
a royal court to me especially because of the 
color and how big and extravagant the dress  
dresses and like the ruffling the matching boots 
i feel like the boots really complete the look  
not david lauren wearing literal 
jeans on the met gala red carpet
and they’re not even like they’re ripped jeans sir 
and like the top half of his outfit is a suit like  
this one just makes me angry we’re going to move 
on sabrina carpenter in paco rabanne it’s pretty  
simple you know there’s not a whole lot going on 
but i think that’s what i like about it i really  
love her style in general megan the stallion in 
moschino this is exactly what i was expecting  
and she looks amazing she looks amazing all the 
time i really like the cape with the feathers we  
stan lenny kravitz is giving us another sheer lace 
moment he looks sick the lace like the lace cape  
it’s giving he’s got the leather pants on which 
i’m not like 100 into but within the scope of the  
look absolutely serving definitely like out of 
the men he’s taking the top spot right now i’m  
probably pronouncing this wrong but Ho Yeon Jung 
in louis vuitton definitely not on theme i think  
that was very well established by the internet 
when they first saw this look it’s giving me  
y2k and i think that’s exactly the problem emma 
stone in louis vuitton underwhelmed me she could  
wear this to any red carpet it looks more like 
flapper era than it does anything else to me  
i just feel like she could have done so much more 
with this you know like a feather boa or like some  
kind of jewelry like she’s not even really wearing 
much jewelry i think maybe some of the celebrities  
don’t really want to wear extravagant trains and 
like big like feathery pieces because they have to  
like actually wear it and like walk the red carpet 
in and it’s gonna be like really uncomfortable  
so this seems like a very comfortable choice but 
that’s part of why i don’t like it because i want  
them to wear the most extravagant thing they can 
think of and for it to be uncomfortable because  
that’s the whole point of the night my god my foot 
is falling asleep wake up girl we gotta review  
the met gala evan mock in head of state this is 
perfect this is exactly what i was picturing i  
like how it’s corsetted how it has the extravagant 
neckline and the sleeves so beautiful i feel like  
maybe the pants fall short of like what the top 
does but i also really like the color of this  
look and the defined shoulders i think that looks 
really sick sarah jessica parker in christopher  
john rogers this is giving me carrie bradshaw like 
this is exactly what carrie bradshaw would wear to  
the met gala the material like really throws 
it off for me because i feel like if it was  
just like one solid color i would be in love with 
this look but because it has gray and black and  
white and all these different shades it’s a little 
bit overwhelming frederick robertson definitely  
made headlines with this look it is giving ex 
machina matrix super futuristic and like robotic  
alien energy i i think that’s really cool but 
say it with me kids it doesn’t fit into the theme  
and the last look i want to talk about is 
autumn de wild this is another like fairy  
godmother type energy and i really like it like 
i think it looks really cool it’s giving me like  
the quaker oats man i think the pink and gold 
go very well together i really like the bow  
i think it looks sick i like the cane i saw 
someone on twitter say that it looks like  
some of these celebrities really love berries and 
cream and i fear that that might be true i fear  
that they do love berries and cream and on that 
note i want to hear from you what you thought  
about these met gala looks or any of the ones i 
missed feel free to leave them in the comments  
so we can discuss if you are interested in 
gilded glamour and copying the met gala theme or  
hopefully dressing like it with your own clothing 
i have a video about how you may be able to do  
that so make sure you watch that royal core style 
guide next I hope this was entertaining for you  
if it was make sure to leave me a thumbs up click 
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much for watching, I will see you next time bye!

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