Honest Review of 🇯🇵Japanese Convenience Store Food 🍱 || w/Korean Mom

Hello guys~ I’m here in Tokyo, Japan! I thought I could make some travel vlogs in Tokyo, but It ends up with the really cold weather, Mom / It’s pouring now..! whoo…! with the lots of snow. And I couldn’t even think of filming. So…. (We’re trapped) Today, we’re going

to review “Japanese Convenient Store Food”. 1. Frozen fruit smoothie (famous) 2. Melon flavor Fanta (unique) 3. Corn Bread (There were many other kinds, but …not familiar ʕ・ᵌ・ʔ ) 4. Pudding (1) 5. Anime Ramen 6. Pudding (2) 7. Another Ramen ( Why is it in ice cream section…? )

And Chips. The staff told me to use this machine. Mom / Isn’t this too much? Can you come closer, mom? Welcome my mom~ Mom / Hellooo As all mothers are the same, My mom doesn’t understand how we can eat “Food” in “convenient store”. Your thought about convenient store

food… 🙅🏻‍♀️ Alright~ So first! Is that Mango juice?! I’ve been to 7-Eleven. Japanese 7-Eleven is totally different! Mom / Did I ruin everything? Mom / It’s mango, right?! Yes, right.. / Oh, no! Ugh, You spilled your favorite mango! (Talking to herself) I… It’s okay, mom. I’m a trouble

maker. 😂😂😂 Nothing but this is what I like, and … ☹️ almost nothing left. No, mom. These are famous ones. You would like these. I don’t like this.

Wrong. Think again. How is it? No? Try this mom, blue berries. Mom / This is way better. Mango one is

mixed with something else. Mom / As you know, I myself is quite pure.(😜) Mom / That’s why I like pure things. Mom / I’m trying to be as pure as possible now. Mom / The book that I’m reading now helps me to stay pur… Mom / Why are

you finishing mine?! You said it’s not good. … Let me speak in Korean. Mom / Will you eat these all?! One bite at a time, yeah. Mom / What on earth.. This has the weirdest name as a pudding. Mom / What is it? (Sorry. I can’t explain it

here.😅) People did something with milk. (like this) Mom / I don’t like to eat dairy products. I know but, it’s like must-try item. Mom / It’s like yogurt. Mom / Never-mind, it’s pudding. It is so weird. Mom / It looks like liquid. Mom first. Mom / No way.

😂 It looks so strange! Mom / You tell me if it’s good. It’s brown inside. (Coffee flavor, maybe.) Mm. It’s yummy. Mom / Your face is showing the truth! It tastes like tea. I like it! Mom / I know what it is…! Milk tea! Mom / Yes, milk

tea! Exactly! I like it. It’s good. You? Mom / It’s not for me. Then let’s grade these. What point would you give it? It’s my favorite mango, so How about this? Mom / But you know, I’m… Her food standards are strict. Her food standards are strict. (Very strict)

Mom / This is okay. What point? Mom / This one is… Wow, high score! This one? Mom / This one is..! Why?😂 What did it do wrong? Mom / For me, with strict standards, Mom / Not even 2 points. I won’t eat it. Alright, next one. It’s coated

with melted brown sugar. Mom / What about inside? It’s like ‘Brûlée’, but not exactly. Could you scoop it, mom? It’s not coated with sugar. What is this on the top?! What pudding is this!? Mom / Isn’t it egg flavor? Mom / Yeah, it’s related to eggs. related? to

eggs?! It tastes like an egg tart! Mom / I liked the second one. What out of 10? This one is 2 out of 10. (The name is crazy in Korean.😂) Mom / I can finish all of this. What out of 10? Mom / Out of 10… Do you

need more time?!😂 Oh~ high score! I can’t grade them, because I’m not picky. Mom / Yes, Sophie eats almost everything. I will grade everything 9, almost no preference in food. Mom / There is something inside. Is there water? Mom / It’s like underground water. ( ˃ ⩌˂) Mom

/ I found a spring of brown sugar. Let’s change the menu before we get sick of puddings. Mom / Isn’t it butter? It looks like this. Mom / I don’t want… Try one bite, mom. It’s good. Mom / Why do people like this? It’s famous bread. People go

to 7-Eleven for this. Mom / People who? Many people… 😂 I just saw it on social media. Mom / This is really bad. This is ice cream! (I suppose) Mom / I need to cleanse my mouth after eating this bread. Mom / “Need to clean” point. So, what

out of 10? Mom / Worse than this. Mom / Please don’t feel offended, by what I said. My mom doesn’t like mayonnaise and dairy products, so. It’s bigger version of beaded ice cream! Mom / I like beaded ice cream. Mom / The package looks like jelly thou. The

smell is very strong. It looks like this! What is it? What is it like?! What is no? Mom / Try it. Mom / It disappears. Yeah, why does it disappear so fast? (Be careful…) 😮 It feels so weird! Mom / Let me see it. like slush❄️ Potato Chips,

which my mom DISLIKE. I guess this snack is famous. Mom / There are tons of Amazing Japanese snacks! I know, but I meant in “Convenient Store”. Now, there is sunlight!🥹 This smell of fries occupied this room already. just… It’s just normal chips. Mom / It’s good that it’s

not salty. Right. It’s more simple. It’s better than the famous Korean Potato Chips. And it has texture, not that thin. Mom / You shouldn’t eat fries like this. Point? Mom / Well, um… about…. Mom / I’m generous, right? Grading only with flavor, 7! Its flavor is melon~ Mom

/ Melon!? She doesn’t like Melon either. Mom / I eat the fruit Melon, but the artificial scent of melon give me headache. My mom… Isn’t it too much carbonated, is it? Maybe I did something wrong, when I open. My mom cannot like this. “Being taken away by mothers,

right now.” Flavor. Mom / Not even one sip. You might spill it.😂 Ugh. It’s carbonated too much! Mom / It’s the worst taste in the world. Mom / You should never eat it. Mom / Fanta has good flavor. Yes, Orange, Pineapple flavor is great. Mom / It is

the worst taste for me. Tell me as a point. This one got 2/10. This bread, Mom / This is You are not grading lower than 1/10, keeping it for later ones?😂 Let’s try another (liquid looking) pudding. Mom / Is this also famous? Yes. Japan is famous for pudding,

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right? Mom / (Isn’t Japanese finger bread more famous…?) Mom / Is it mango? wa waw wa awa wait.. waa wa wa wwa wait.. MOM. It’s so cool. It looks too watery. Mom / Mango + Milk..? Mango with milk?! It’s vanilla… It’s so good! I liked everything we’ve tried

so far. I even liked Fanta Melon too. Try the bottom syrup, mom. Mom / It’s too sweet. Eat this one instead of this. what out of 10? I’m not interested anymore, but it’s better than this one. Last ones are RAMEN! Let’s try them out. Let me tell you

the truth. We can be frozen if we go outside. I don’t think it’s a good idea to go out today. I guess we came when the weather is at its worst. It was rainy and snowy at the same time, yesterday. The rain turned into the snow, and water

became icicle on umbrella. But we made a smart choice. Teamlab Planets, we’ve been to this popular exhibition! It was so amazing. It was too beautiful. Mom / Wow, it’s really big! The whole piece of tofu! Mom / Is it spicy pepper? Oh, maybe! Mom / Can you see

it? 😂 What is this? Tom Yum paste? Oh, it’s all seasoned already! (with shrimp!) Let’s just put it in. Mom / It’s sauce! Yeah, try it! Tom Yum?! Wait, it can be that “ต้มยำกุ้ง, Tom Yum Goong” which my mom can’t even smell… How can I clean this up?

Mom / What would the staffs here think about us? Hotel Staffs : “Those 2 Korean Ladies…” Staffs : “What’s wrong with them?” 😂😂 Staffs : “What are they?” Staffs : “They didn’t look like they would eat this much.” I think I tend to gain less weight compared to

what I eat. Mom, in the China Vlog, People were commenting like “You are eating a LOT!”😂😂 Mom / You don’t gain weight that much, because of me. Thank you very much. Mom / You might have to start Taekwondo again. Oh, no. It smells like Tom Yum Goong!😧 It

must be hard for you to even smell it. Mom / I couldn’t even touch the soup, in Laos. right? You had a headache, right? Mom / (Would this be better than Korean ones?) Mom / Let me see if the noodles are cooked. Can we eat it now? NOT

YET?! Mom / It’s RAW. Let’s try this thin noodle first, then. Mom / This noodle is so thick. Omg, it’s so different. Mom / Let me smell it. Wait…!!! Mom / It’s not that bad. Really?!🥹 Mom / We should skip the dinner, after all these. We had meal

once so far, mom. Mom / Then, don’t eat this. Try this Tom Yum, mom. Mom / Why me first? elders first. How is it? Mom / It’s just a normal ramen. Oh, is the taste familiar? Mom / It has a unique taste and a sour taste at the

end. Sour?! Mom / I guess I can eat this, because I stopped putting the sauce. You can have this. Mom / I have bigger one. Mom / You’re eating too much, for only tasting! It’s so good. mm~♡ The Tom Yum flavor is incredible! Let’s try this fried tofu.

Mom / It’s sweet. So, what’s the score? Mom / Regarding to “Essence” of Cup ramen, Mom / “Identity” of Cup ramen, Mom / Which one fulfilled its mission of being cup ramen well? That one. Mom / This one is more like Udon, sweet… How about the taste? Mom

/ I won’t eat these anyways. Mom / Only by the taste, that one is better. Mom / Shall I try the broth? Mom / Let’s see… Mom / This one’s broth is better. So! I will stay in this cozy hotel, for the whole day, with my mom. These

are a bit greasy, so. Mom / That’s too Carbonated. Mom / Actually, I was worried to rate this in front of the camera. Mom / But to be honest, it’s 2.3 Why, why, why? It’s not your style, right? I knew that you over-rated this one. (😂) You are

getting headache by just smelling this Tom Yum! Mom / There are many people who love Tom Yum! Mom / Stop eating. I will throw these away. Mom / Hey! Mom / Cut off! cut off now!

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