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up with your own copy the time code over at our patreon page for super sexy rejects cover a bunch of shows over there exclusively or the reaction highlights and watch alongs included and the team at prepper of course thank you for helping us edit down these highlights let’s get to it oh it’s that that crab guy they mentioned from last the pirate yeah oh my god that is disgusting it’s yeah the screams alone if you’ve something to discuss lord i want to know what is to be done about my ships and my men the crown

will compensate you for your ship and crew and make an offering to the men’s i don’t want compensation i want my

wife to be queen i’ve sent 10 boys to pentos and volantis to see if we might find common cause ships and men are at the ready the step stones will be settled oh she’s strategy you have dragon right his father yes flex that power i only meant that we should at least perhaps there’s some better use for the princess’s talents your grace get out of that chair son of the steward of the lord of

blackheath you saw combat in the stormlands i fought for a year as a foot soldier against the dornish incursions i choose sir kristen cole he just happens to be the best looking one too and uh you know he fought against my brother in one so cut cousin my father should be defended by a man who’s normal combat should he not of course princess let us plant sir kristin’s investiture then i don’t like how insanely logical she is be more passionate and blind over a thousand dragons a navy large enough to span the seas of the

world the glory of old valyria will never be seen again oh wow foreshadowing yeah this guy’s all foreshadowing you do not mention our talks to renero do you no you’re grace fear would limit our options moving forward you know i find this is a way to be with my mother i know it sounds foolish i don’t think it’s foolish because i thought you might try if not for me then perhaps for them i have your queen i will not reflect on my dead mother i like that shot a lot i want him to see me

as more than his little girl my own father does not know the language of girls either when i wish to talk with him i know that i must make the effort thank you they are going to become enemies just don’t tell me if i’m wrong just let us enjoy it i fear that the eyes of our enemies are presently fixed on the red keep a girl has been named heir to the iron throne the king’s brother so disinherited has claimed the targaryen seat on dragonstone and now a foreign power has established a colony in our

most critical shipping lane he makes a lot of great points seriously why isn’t this guy higher up our daughter elena unite the two great surviving valyrian houses with the targaryen dragons and the valarian fleet bound in blood you can show the realm that the crown’s strongest days are ahead behind damn oh boy it hasn’t even been half a year since emma passed the realm expects you to take a new wife sooner or later grace come on alliston yes we should be free to speak our minds to one another you can say whatever you’d like you

are the can’t hear king crickets yeah today at small council paid no mind i i thought i might have had some insights i’m young but you will learn and there goes the conversation another six months and do it again maggots for treatment that’s not ominous whatsoever stop the advance of the rock so it’s not grayscale he proposed a marriage the lady elena to combine the strength of our houses and demonstrate my rain’s strongest days are ahead such matters must be discussed with a small council that is what i’m doing presently i uh dearly loved my

own lady wife and to be compelled to replace her for duty’s sake you are the king but i do not envy you you’re clever slime i love how subtle he is about these things unite the houses would be a great honor to join our houses as they were in all valeria i would give you many children of pure valerian blood so that we might strengthen the royal line and the realm it’s so uncomfortable what your father told you to say oh she improvised that she wants this more than he does i understand the order of

things i’m not sure you do if you mean to elicit some anger from me you should know that you’re failing princess quite the opposite i already love this scene the men of the realm already had their opportunity to appoint a ruling queen at the great council and they denied it they denied you princess rhaenys but they bent the knee to me and called me heir to the throne do you remind your father’s men of that as you carry their cups well played yeah battle of wits men would sooner put the round to the torch and

see a woman ascend the iron throne and your father is no fool i i want more scenes with them i know that was great do a bottle episode i’m sure that she is good and kind and that she will enjoy your company as i have oh my god power move call this a hail mary it’s a new pinky oh very kind gesture allison very kind fictional historical time period adjust your head correct this relationship is appropriate for the time snap oh jesus that’s even worse the prince left a missive which i believe might explain it

is the pleasure of damon targaryen the prince of dragonstone and rightful heir to the iron throne yep take a second wife in the tradition of old valeria she is to assume the title lady missouri no the prince has invited you to his wedding your grace oh man demon latest clever girls i will go to dragonstone and drag david back to place justice damon is without limit let me go to dragonstone she’s let her go to dragonstone that was cool they actually heard her out that’s a good question why didn’t we think of that why do

you destroy yourself will you see the king tonight if you wish it i’ve assembled 20 of your best household guards my lord hand i don’t understand why you hurt yourself you’ve seen the king right you better come back married dragonstone let’s go you’re to relinquish the dragon’s egg disband your army and leave dragonstone by order of his grace king where is the king i don’t see him his grace would never lower himself to entertain such a mama’s face oh boy even that guy knows so kristen cole my prince ah yes apologies i couldn’t recall perhaps

my prince recalls when i knocked him off his horse this is a truly pathetic show dave with every breath you saw your name your house and your brother’s reign our love does not know titles and traditions such good attitude i know you’ve come for the egg here it is uh-oh are you mad you’ve never survived this well happily neither would you to choose violence here is to declare war against your king wonderful even if it ends in the death of your unborn child and its mother i don’t think we’ll be fighting today oh yeah what’s

gonna happen all of you see the steel oh oh oh jesus dude oh netball chills i’m digging it sorry i thought i was pregnant this whole time it’s gonna be an awkward conversation when i get back to the throne room if you wish to be restored as uh you’ll need to kill me so do it and be done with all this bother you’re more man than anyone here damn think fast well done princess and that’s how it’s done i mean there we were we were about to kill each other and then she just showed up

on a track and it was awesome she was like kill me now and he was like well fine i’m taking the edges through the track walked right back inside like a oh man that was unexpected yeah yeah it was the first time in a while i was like i don’t know what’s about to happen you’re safe with me i swear it you are targaryen you can afford to play your stupid games with the king but i cannot i didn’t come into your service wanting gold the power do you know who you’re standing up to you

should wed lana velary on your grace save lord call us and fix him at your side permanently as an ally god so many tough decisions i know i feel bad from dragonstone who else is undermining my authority actually it could maybe be perceived that way your grace you disobeyed me you deliberately disobeyed me it’s exactly the first thought and retrieve the egg with our bloodshed a feat i’m not sure so otto could have accomplished alone i sometimes forget how alike you both were oh i wish i had known better what to say to you in

the aftermath i struggled to realize that my daughter had so quickly become a woman grown i could never replace your mother no more than i intend to replace you as heir oh and by marrying again i may begin to ensure that we are better defended you are the king and so your first duty is to the realm yeah yeah yeah put a little stark love in the targaryens in this show huh some actual like actual warmth warmth and compassion yeah love and tenderness these are actual humans they actually do love each other and this is

a complicated situation for them yeah i have decided to take a new wife this is a mislead i’m afraid it could be i intend to marry the lady allison hightower what oh look at otto’s face it worked oh my god my house is valerian the greatest power in the realm and i am your king look on error’s face when she realized it was about to be said yeah what the shit’s been going on you what you and you and what oh what a deceit dude she’s gonna go hang out with damon now huh oh this

is so complicated i love it yeah that’s what we wanted this is so complicated torture these characters oh david as valerian’s origins reach back to old valyria more ancient even than house targaryen according to some texts oh my god he’s talking to damon he’s we’re talking to damon dude i’ve always thought of you and i as having been made from the same cloth oh god it is oh yeah oh yeah oh so many nipple chills this episode we’re both men who have had to cut our own way through the world we’ve been passed over too

often now marry my daughter you’ve heard of the troubles in the step steps some mirish prince is feeding westerosi sailors to the crabs i’ve been petitioning the king to send my name oh but he’s denied me and it was never my brother’s strongest trade what being king oh it’s not wrong peter is backed by powerful entities within the free cities who wish to see westeros weakened wow my house will be crippled i will not have driftmark beggared while our king idles himself with feasts and balls and tornies i will speak of my brother as i

wish you will not it must be made forged i love the visuals on this crab guy yeah oh wow things are moving fast i know we’re already a six-month jump i mean when i say fast i’m not saying rushed don’t know moving out of they’re getting to the point yeah yeah i love it all right let’s talk about it yeah i love it good political soap opera yeah right it’s got both the elements firing on all cylinders it’s just that constant percolating build of everything and just i love watching build it and to watch it

like just crumble i love the chaos that you could feel is coming around the corner i think like the great days of game of thrones had always done that so well and uh this show’s like doing it just right off the jump from the first episode into here alliance is switching around like everything just gone into disarray all because of this one thing with the air and i i really love the ending reveal with um cordless cordless cordless cordyceps cordyceps cordless uh valerian equip corollarion with with cordless because at the in the early part of

this episode it’s like he’s the one warning of a war but he never thought that he’d be helping to bring the war yeah he’s like you’re not gonna listen to me then i’m just gonna go start it off myself yeah headed that way anyway i think that’s such a great reveal and the alliance between him and damon makes so much sense and you know with the way the the first episode was moved at a bit of a faster pace but i liked how this one was more deliberate but really let you simmer in a lot

of the tension and let you really simmer in a lot of the unspoken emotion a lot of the time there’s a lot of good visual language just working off of the actors reactions to things yeah what’s going on internally and you could pick up on it without them having to say it and i thought that was so strong which so a lot was able to be more powerfully communicated without it having to be spoken and i think that is such a great testament to the directing and the writing of this and of course like god

like with this cast oh my god it’s so phenomenal and the game of thrones was so shitty before that yeah they were all bad but none of them turned into iconic characters and it never got better no no no one’s name comes to mind every time i hear the theme song i just think that when you come into when you are um like we’re not we didn’t read the book uh fire blood and ice and in the name of the father the songs of all that and stuff yeah we did we didn’t read it uh

i mean got some information on it you know just to kind of prep some mentality before going into the show but i’m not like looking for spoilers yeah a lot of things are specific just give me some little history before watching this and some reminders of game of thrones um but what this show has succeeded at so well just right away is and then saw another ensemble show with a whole bunch of characters i’m really interested in and a lot i’m worried about and everyone’s so multi-layered like the the king uh viserys yeah what a

dumb move like for him to be like oh i don’t want to cause strain between you and my daughter um and then i’m gonna throw in a random bomb of not only that it’s like it’s your best friend it’s a total left turn and i’m taken now as my stand to marry for love again even though yeah all all this has been about not wanting to replace his his lost love well i think the way the targaryens have always sort of been painted as you know especially the ones who are not as involved with knowing

like the true history of of targaryens from the books and stuff is a way a lot of it can be translated or interpreted as you know like the very surface version i’ve always known there’s more to it than this but the very surface version is kind of ruthless horny people who do their own family yeah go mad that’s kind of with the interpretation of it and you know even when they’re talking there’s there’s a lot of that coldness still present because you know you gotta do work you gotta do the politics you gotta do the

king’s duty i think they do capture a lot more of that nuance of of of emotion uh with these characters like i loved the way they i think there was like three scenes between the king and and uh renera yeah i think about three and each one was like them learning to talk to each other yeah yeah and all the different things that that are said at least individually in that awkward space between them as they try to actually connect and the things that yeah you like you can see the road map of how all

this goes wrong in the silences between them and i think that’s a really compelling testament to both the actors and the writing well i think that last scene was so strong because i really did show you know in a whole episode where one of the main focuses was we got to find this guy king who’s a queen who’s he going to marry and then you have this really sweet moment of like oh that love that he had for her because i didn’t start to obviously he was heartbroken and devastated by the loss of his wife

uh but it was nice to just be reminded of okay yeah no they really he really did love her yeah and it wasn’t just some marriage out of duty that he had to do like he that woman he really loved and then to be manipulated into like he just he’s this guy with like a bunch of choices and never knows which direction to take it’s like i’m gonna try to make the right one follow my heart ah damn it and it doesn’t always been manipulated uh by this whole situation and it and it’s it’s crazy

like this fight for the throne and yeah there’s just so much going on yeah but what i really i i the thing that was teased to me that i’m really most looking forward to is the thing with uh raineris uh rainis rainers rayness reigns i can’t quit uranus rhaenyra and reyna and rayness they need to have more scenes together like i’m excited to see how i feel like that you you know we were anticipating some kind of you know growing feud between them obviously because the position reignus is in but now that you know rhaenyra

has been is slighted in this way i feel like that could drive them together well i think there’s a maybe which would make it even more um complex you know if if her husband is like working with damon and then she’s talking to renera who is obviously still loyal so the whole thing is it’s that good tug and pool of like duty versus war my what i’m feeling yeah you know and whether that be i don’t agree with this position this alliance or whatever it may be like rhaenyra for example might be like my dad

um but i’m not gonna go like side with damon try to kill him but i don’t know you know yeah like it’s it’s all it’s i like where it’s weaving in and out but specifically that relationship you know because uh reynos has uh oh seriously wouldn’t have heard george r martin to kind of change up the name get a full chart with faces just like flash cards learn them all um with uh with with uranus because she’s someone who has scorned and is so sad in her ways about here’s how it is and there’s a

lot of truth to what she speaks because she has the experience of not inheriting what should have been hers she has the the knowledge and the in the wisdom and the years and the pain of it all and then you got someone like renera who’s um you know while uh somewhere ahead of her age and intelligent she’s still a little bit more uh optimistic that she could make me make things a little bit different you know so i think there’s the things of what she can inspire hopefulness of things that could change of renera and

then raynous who can you know every once in a while and be like so you’ve told japan i’ve lived through the sort of political machinations of this world you have to be like you shouldn’t be surprised when the world yeah bends you over a bit but also then yeah rinera can be like but hey you know without all of that baggage look what we could do you know see i think there’s a lot they could learn from each other and a lot they could have fights about and real debates about so i think there’s a

little i think there’s a lot of richness if done well which that one scene with those two performers it just demonstrated like man there’s a lot of great things that could come from just these two interacting with each other absolutely so i love that i mean every scene here i thought was like this is like a tour de force of acting to me yeah the the scene in the with the dragon stone and like that was the center piece of the episode like that you wait to see damon till that moment yeah and i and

i’m so excited to see how they continue to develop him because the person he shows up as in you know in public when dealing with the king or the king’s you know small table people like he’s he’s one version and then when you see him in private he’s a different guy and i really loved their meeting on the bridge and the way she’s just like giving him the opportunity right there and i mean you know it’s there obviously like there’s that family tie that’s going to make things more complicated but i love what is under

the surface of matt smith’s performance too because yeah you see all the wheels turning and you can tell that maybe even though at this moment they have so many reasons to be divided i feel like there’s some kind of unlikely i don’t know if it’s a union but i feel like there may be some unlikely harmony between rhaenyra and damon to come maybe i mean i like your point what you’re saying because the first episode is you the way you capture damon is the per is through the perspective of how people see him and then

this one allowed for a little bit more private intimate moments and perhaps some of the more deeper sides that even reiner could pick up on about him you know i could see that he is there he is just a hurt boy yeah like he is a hurt violent boy but he’s still a little bit more into the the the system at hand like i love that bit with corliss where he’s like i can talk all the i want about the king but you can’t yeah yeah exactly like that’s not something i would have necessarily expected

based off the first episode i i i think that’s really well fleshed out and and the way the way otto is like risa fonz has always been great yeah ever since the nodding hill days uh he’s always been great but the way these layers just get peeled back from him because whenever he’s put in a position i really noticed this about his performance especially in this episode whenever he’s put in a position where he has to argue or there might be a conflict of interest amongst council he kind of the body language and his tone

of voice becomes a little bit meek yeah you know like i’m like it’s like it doesn’t really seem like you’d be the strongest guy i don’t want to speak out of here yeah he takes it on it feels so natural like you’re a bit of a wimp aren’t you like it’s that’s what seemed so endearing about him in that first episode what made him like so likable they’re like oh there’s a nice one on the team but then you see that you know he’s actually like the most strings up there yeah one that’s the thing

too absolutely and that’s the most gratifying thing across these two episodes thus far is is like it does feel a bit faster paced like you said but it also feels like a return to the form of yeah like the the scenes where certain characters are meeting and the tension that comes out of that and the debates and the all the different political considerations you know that stuff is all as thrilling as when dragons show up at dragonstone and so yeah and uh and yeah with hudo hightower it’s like that only you know we’re two episodes

in but that doesn’t feel rusty to me that that you would have the seed planted and you would watch this machination you get the knowledge that okay we’re six months ahead now and clearly that seed he planted with allison is working because yeah now he’s uh for the moment gonna join their two houses and that could have felt rushed and it it feels more like a punch here you know take advantage of the man’s grief yeah i really prayed on that it’s really smart you learn a lot yeah man if there’s one thing game of

thrones is great at is giving you uh characters to add to the if you idolize this guy you’re missing the point how to be horrible and influence people but effectively yeah that’s a good that’s that’s all i i mean who plays renara because she’s phenomenal yeah that’s millie alcock right now i i guess they’re i can only assume we’re gonna get some sort of time jump well i love that this does feel like chapters that unfold like every episode feels you call it like chapter one chapter two and and and with her even at the

very beginning not speaking up i mean trying to speak up and just being shunned and being like if we can find a guard you’re just something less than um but sometimes it does feel like you she is so much more logical than everyone else i know why wouldn’t you want to get a guy who’s fought in battle yeah like that just makes sense doesn’t it that should be your first question for solid consensus i don’t know why they got the requirements yeah yeah and even her being like maybe we should show just a display of

power using our dragons or something to you know at least force these pirates to maybe take us a little bit seriously and i love that you know i guess to kind of stand in for instead of the looming threat of white walkers you have the looming threat of this like feral pirate gang who’s like leaving people out to be eaten by crabs crab crab that’s the next one i’m going to have to commit to memory crap battle i just keep calling him crap it’s nice i remember they talked about him in last episode i was

like oh yeah like a cool character but then the way you see him does does evoke a little bit more of that um like a more messed up pirates of the character right yeah when you’re in davey jones locker yeah like oh this is the r-rated version of what gore verbinski probably would want to do like the really messed up high visual effects budget um but if it feels so grimy and an ugly yet you want to you want to keep watching and it’s i want to see more of this twisted icky nautical body horror

stuff it looks awesome it’s cool to look at it’s really cool to look at and you’re like okay uh uh corliss wants you know to fight but maybe it’ll lead to an alliance like when they think oh with the pirates yeah oh maybe yeah i mean if if they they speak the language of the sea together so i’m sure that and i bat pirates would probably have a reason to be vexed about dragons so i don’t know i mean i just love a show that feels so cold yet so goddamn heartbreaking i love a show

that can do both at the same time because yeah like this everyone’s so layered and and it seems like ronero is like the only good person the only one well that’s the only i feel like i’m missing someone here is like the only good person well that’s the thing is raniera seems like the only good person who also is at least smart and cunning enough about the world she lives in whereas like i feel like king viserys is a good guy and he’s the one where i’m like you’re just too nice a guy for the

you’re not cut out for this world more like uh you’re making some choices i don’t really agree with but yeah i get it though like i get it yeah no it’s not yeah it’s not bad i feel like they gave a little bit of a stark touch to them yeah exactly like allison’s not bad i guess there’s more well no she’s in a rough position yeah you can see so much conflict coming out of that but yeah she’s not connected there’s a lot of good people yeah yeah there’s a cluster of good people kristen sir

kristen seems like an all right guy yeah you know i mean but hands down whenever matt smith is on the screen he just he really just steals the show finally they got him to like a true project worthy of his talents such an antithesis yeah right yeah the exact opposite of character it’s like he does the things you like about matt smith but in the most icky like i don’t trust this guy at all kind of package yeah what horrific thing is he gonna do next week because he’s phenomenal whenever he’s on screen and i

do like because you like to see him relish but i love when you do get more of those quieter moments where he’s just observing and you’re watching them so i really love that little wind and ruffin touch where you’re like they’re not talking but i know what they’re thinking yeah now let’s get let’s get a synth score in the next episode slow motion walking away with the trout at the track the dragon um reveals because i think i feel like we’re gonna get like a cool battle next week there’s gotta be yeah i think next

week’s gonna be a in battle it’s gonna be really hard to keep this video montage the thing with the dragons uh oh yeah i thought that was handled so well at dragonstone where you it’s like okay is that is that damon’s dragon coming up oh she’s just gonna try like unleash fire on them and then for her the way they handled the reveal that it was her on there oh that was coming through the clouds like jaws i like when they choose to speak valerian yes the choice of that always feels very apt very deliberate

yeah it’s great great moments to choose when it’s speaking it’s it’s always like this is real talk right now yeah yeah we’re not the common folks should be privy to this conversation yeah i’m gonna do it in the ancient times never a real conversation yeah this is for adults like when you hear like all my latino friends when they start like yelling at each other in spanish yeah um well they’re good and they’re good at selling it like it’s like they really understand the language too yeah i’m like i don’t know it but it sounds

cool yeah it sounds like they really learned it maybe um everything about this is is awesome there’s a lot of great things to come and and i feel like next week’s gonna be a banger oh yeah like that one’s gonna have some real violence some hardcore yeah some some nautical and some fiery violence and the last thing i’ll say is like would damon and uh and uh uh the horror uh yes we got the names filled up here yeah and damon and miseria like even her speech i was very much touched by and that’s just

another thing that drives home the whole thing that would him and auto and otto um cordless we’re talking about because the king got to marry someone he loves lost her and he still gets to choose yeah who he wants for remarriage and damon is just like stuck with a woman he clearly does not like yeah and he can’t even ha he can’t even just have her yeah you could see that while he was being very manipulative on a lot of many accounts and using her there is that thing that seems like he actually does like

her and at the end of the day if you were to choose who to marry it’d be her yeah i mean you see that dual life of like no they have a real bond he actually cares about what she has to say but also he’s clearly entwined in the game of thrones and and i like that this show the books i’m sure like these stories bothered to give credence to characters like that because i thought her speech was really great and she’s like yeah i don’t i don’t care about like statecraft and power i just

don’t want to be afraid anymore i don’t want to be used for everybody else’s means like that’s the furthest reason from why i decided to be with you and even that even that little brief thing especially on the heels of a love scene that people didn’t seem very pleased by last week i i like that they got some good emotional sparks this week but yeah guys thank you so much for being here uh this is uh an awesome awesome show uh you can check us out on patreon thank you to helix for sponsoring this video

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