HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Episode 3 Breakdown & Ending Explained | Review And Game Of Thrones Easter Eggs

okay so house of the dragon episode 3 is now out and the episode is filled with easter eggs lots of plot points are pulled from the books and an ending that sets up some major things for the future throughout this video we’re going to be breaking it all down and as always make sure you subscribe as we’re going to be covering the show every single week and this episode gives us a time jump of three years that sees a new character coming into the fold who we’ll talk about more in just a bit when we

last left them damon and corliss valerian had just formed a pact in order to stop crab feeder and his crappy forces this union is symbolized in the opening shot which shows his banner of the seahorse along with the embers of fire representing house targaryen we see that one of corliss’s ships is being burned by crabfeta’s forces and this metaphorically shows how much they’re destroying his fleet cordless in the book was said to have amassed the biggest navy in the world and his shipping realms allowed him to gain more money than the lannisters though crab feeder

initially just started ransacking pirates this eventually moved to the bigger ships and he tortured the crews like what we see

here he hammered nails through their hands similar to a crucifixion and let the crabs feed on his victims before the tide rolled in and they all drowned this opening is so powerful and we hear the high-pitched whistle of karaxis before the dragon rolls and destroys everything well lad he thought he was gonna get saved but the man gets smashed like that like button i see you chump now we can’t really show most of this as

i don’t want to get it day monetized hey day monetized but crab feeder ends up hiding in the caves which forces damon to get his hands dirty and go in there later now arrows rain down which makes damon leave and it’s likely that several attacks like this have happened with the dragon having to flee due to the bombardment from the sky now as always we’re not really going to be giving away any major spoilers such as the twists or deaths but we will be talking about certain things from the books to give things more context

this includes stuff like who allison’s unborn baby is the thing that viz does that leads to more issues with rhaenyra and a couple of bits in here but nothing too crazy if you don’t want it if you don’t want to know anything yet it’s off now i also feel like there’s some major differences here from the source material that are worth going over so you understand why things have played out the way that they did anyway building off last week the book actually saw the allegiances between damon and corliss come with a title damon was

announced as being king of the stepstones which this episode doesn’t really touch upon i’m also guessing that they changed things up with miseria as she isn’t in the episode and also due to the time jump that we had there seems to be a lot of different things going on now in the book the events from last week played out similar to how they did in the episode with becerras demanding that damon returned to his wife damon announced that mizeria was pregnant but unlike the episode she actually was however when the king said that damon had

to break off the marriage he sent her away and she ended up losing the baby he then formed the union with corliss but he held a grudge against his brother because of the death of his child aegon was later born which pushed him further down the line but it looks like they’re changing things up with miseries baby just being a lie now in the show it never existed and as many of you pointed out on our last breakdown she actually hinted that she made sure that she couldn’t have children so they are kind of keeping

things in line with the book and having the baby never being born but depending on whether it actually existed or not depends on what canon you subscribe to make sure you subscribe as well and we go to aegon’s birthday and see that otto has a couple more gray hairs and alison has another one on the way also nice little detail but i think they might have moved viserys’s hairline back a bit showing how he’s gotten slightly older as well in the book when he was older he was depicted as being bald so this is keeping

in line with how things develop in the source material and that’s why this video is sponsored by keeps just kidding it’s so now this episode shows where the fractures really start to form in the family as ronira knows she’ll be looked over in favor of aegon most of the crowd think he’s the next in line and we even get lines like this two years old i’m already our boy has a kingly presence well i think he’s a chump mate now even otto gets pressure put on him to get the king to announce that he’s the

new heir but he likely sees the danger that this could put his grandson in so he decides not to push it there’s also the talk of war with the lannister popping up but what i think is the first time in the series you can see the house banner on his chest which contains a golden lion on it and this is thailand who meet before his brother jason later on the pair are twins with thailand being the elder but they’re both played by jefferson hall and they become pivotal characters later on when we get to the

dance of the dragons this is basically a term used to describe the civil war that eventually comes to take place the book also talks about his brother jason’s failure to secure anira’s hand which we see playing out in the episode now the lannisters at this point were of course quite far down the chain in terms of houses and it would be a long time before they built themselves up to become the dominant house that we see in the main series jaime lannister would later go on to kill aerys targaryen which ended up propping a baratheon

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it’s also just a bit of fun i bid the farewell fellow lord i shall see thee in the rest of the video take care farewell now we cut to an era under the weirwood tree that we saw in episode 1. the carvings on these were created by the children of the forest and eventually when they were pushed north the men who invaded the land ended up worshiping them several episodes in the original series had them bowing and taking oaths before these trees and they were supposed to represent the gods of the forest here due to

all the cushions we see how ray pretty much uses it as a place to hang out and read and she of course did this in the first episode on the knees of alicent however she wasn’t too interested in the traditions back then whereas here she’s engrossed in a book showing how much her mindset has changed the friendship isn’t what it used to be and with her dad taking a new wife and having a new family she’s very much become pushed out now the books kind of depicted allison as being someone who was hungry to have

aegon sitting on the throne but here she does try to extend an olive branch to rhaenyra we’ll likely see how this constant rebuffing causes issues down the line and the pair end up splitting into separate sides as we get further into the story code of the family riding out of the royal hunt which will mark aegon’s second birthday we can’t catch him in the carriage and here we see him playing with a model of the black dread dragon valerian this was for saras’s dragon and not only did he have a model of it last week

but we saw a statue of it in the square during episode 1. this was really fun of it and he kept its skull beneath the cube which we also visited in that same entry now we don’t know what dragon egg was placed in aegon’s crib but i hope he doesn’t get egg on his face when he sees the tension he’s born into now allison is also pregnant with another child who we know from the books ends up being called helena one of the main issues that arises between the pair has seed sown in this entry

as viz refuses to remove rhaenyra as the heir even though alison keeps popping out these kids she was of course pushed into getting close to this by her father in the hopes that the pair would have children together and one would end up sitting on the throne biz desperately wants renera to have a child too but knowing what happened with her mother you can see why she’s not too thrilled at the idea the child would also be born into a time where every error is being looked at and scrutinized and this will put it into

direct conflict with alison’s offspring now at this point we hear a nod to egg on the conqueror this lad’s obviously not done much conquering though but this is a nod to an ancestor of his aegon the conqueror was the first targaryen king and he took over six of the seven kingdoms later on at the campfire viserys also says how he had a dream in which his son wore the conqueror’s crown this vision pushed him to obsess over having his son and it very much led to emma’s death the crown actually appears in the title sequence

and we open with a sigil of dragons representing old valyria this city ended up falling and the crown then remains behind showing aegon’s rise also they keep saying aegon i’ve always thought was aegon but i will be following the pronunciation in the series and just saying egg on even if it doesn’t sound as cool because it just reminds you of a big egg and whilst he’s provided out front and cheered for ranira sits behind in the chariot no one really wants her there and they’re all more bothered by the male heir who everyone thinks should

oust her at this point we meet laris strong whose nickname lara’s club but due to one of his feet twisting at birth him sitting with the ladies because he’s not good at hunting actually has a great second side to it that we learn more about in the source material now though it seems like he’s just resting up it’s actually laying the groundwork for him to become the master of whispers which is a role that he got in the books lariss in the source material is described as being someone who tends just to listen rather than

speaking and we see that very subtly playing out here lady kira then starts asking lots of dumb questions about damon even though rhaenyra hasn’t seen him since the bridge it’s clear that the women know things have devolved into war even if the crown isn’t officially in the conflict now outside ronira meets jason lannister he brings up casterly rock and also the wall which you’ll likely know from the main series he lays it on factor 50 thick ranira runs off and maybe mate you’d have better luck with your sisters viserys gets angry over this too and

he has a blood at the wedding saying that even he doesn’t exist above tradition he was kind of forced into his marriage with alison and in some ways he wasn’t really over emma but the council said that he had to secure the realm there’s still a lot of talk about how he should have married him with the valerians which his council once more tells him to now this massively ties in with the book and one of the main reasons that he keeps ronira as the air here is because he viewed the whole allison thing as

being a way to secure the realm he was also advised by others not to marry her so he’s just sticking with the original plan because he wants to keep the peace now one of viserys’s big character flaws is that he tried to live up to the legacy left behind by jiharis because he ruled over a time of peace and tranquility viz doesn’t want to cause any conflict so he basically just becomes a people pleaser rey ends up riding away from the party and at this point she’s pursued by kristin cole i might have been watching

a bit too much westworld but i found it interesting that their horses are black and white showing how they are somewhat opposite and they opposites attract terrible easter egg that now she’s annoyed that her dad just sees her as being someone who could raise up the lord of casterly rock but as we know the lannisters do end up on the throne come the main series bit of sexual tension here between kristen and rhaenyra as the pair go through the woods and he of course asked for her favor during the tony in the first episode we

also learned his father was at black haven which was a castle in the dornish marches now from here we could at the hunt which is something that saw the end of robert baratheon he was skewed by a wild boar hey you want to see the biggest boar in robert baratheon’s life meet his good friend ned stark i said his good friend ned stark a bloody ball i’m here all week now a ball ends up popping up in the entry and we also hear mention of a certain colored stag what’s the stag like he’s white he’s

white what do you think now in westeros white stags were seen as being good omens however the one viserys comes face to face with isn’t white at all and he fails to give the killing blow first strike very symbolic here as it shows how he’s losing his edge and that the future isn’t with him however who it does appear in front of is rhaenyra referred to as the white heart this was the symbol of royalty before the dragons were used and to me it shows that she’s the true heir now from here we see as

jason presents the king with a spear forged in the golden gallery this was located within casterly rock and it contained all manner of items from bowls plates to swords and also spears now there were even golden teeth made there and this is a personal gift from the lannisters you also get a good look at the valerian steel dagger which viscera still carries with him this of course appeared throughout game of thrones and it was the weapon that ended up being used to kill the night king biz grifted tightly when delivering the speech at the end

of episode 1 and i love that we see it constantly popping up with him now jason asks for an era’s hand in marriage again and he says that he’d make up for her loss in station everyone is assuming that aegon is going to be king and viscera starts to get paranoid that there might even be a rebellion at some point this comes to fruition as well were there eventually being two factions created called the greens and blacks now it started getting even bigger nons vibes than last week when otto suggests that rhaenyra marries her two-year-old

stepbrother instead of jason lannister it’s pretty messed up but otto was a very wise man and he could see that the war was coming between the two sides he knew that it would fracture the houses right down the middle with something in that rhaenyra should be queen as they already swore their loyalty to her in episode one however others would want a male air above all else so otto was just trying to stop this from happening but yeah nonce that was actually commonplace in the targaryens for them to marry their brothers sisters uncles aunties nephews

and nieces and hey maybe that jon snow and dany scene could end up getting referenced at some point down the line we get more shots here of this looking unhinged and it very much echoes the insanity that would come with the mad king the targaryens insisted that keeping it in the family was the best way to go about it but we know from signs that this causes numerous genetic issues every time there’s interbreeding all the faulty genes end up being carried across and because there’s not someone without them to negate them from another family these

genes end up getting more dominant this was the case in real life with the german royal family who all did the same thing it eventually led to something called the habsburg jaw which made their chins look like jimmy hill after he’d had a hard night of e so all these factors eventually play into the mad king being born which causes the house to be ousted from the throne now at this point it suggested that rhaenyra marry in with the valerians for the reasons that were suggested last time and also because it would take away the

dates that beers did by turning his daughter away selena is mentioned is fighting in the stepstones and we eventually meet him later on during the conflict now out in the woods the little cozy campfire is interrupted with ranira getting the best offer for something on top of her that she’s had all day kristen saves her life and the pair grow even closer than before which might lead to some trouble down the line now in front of the fire becerras tells alison that he named the air out of love i love the way how allison calls

him okay and it shows that it’s very much ceremony though i know people kind of view their relationship a bit differently i have my own opinions on it but yeah let me know how you interpreted this line now back at the keep otto meets with his daughter gonna have to crop out all this edit and if you go if you go back and look at this scene there’s a mural on the wall there where there’s four people banging can’t show mate but it’s a gangbang and go back and look because it is pretty funny anyway

alison is aware that aegon is going to cause issues with ronira and otto talks about how unpopular viserys will be if he doesn’t announce him as the new heir the laws of god and men at the time dictated that men should rule and i love how reluctant that alison is it’s very much just her father once more pushing her to go and convince him to make a new announcement and it’s all auto just manipulating things behind the scenes now one detail that you might notice here is that viserys is missing two fingers as we saw

last week his little one was infected and this clearly spread to his other throughout the majority of the entry he wears gloves but we finally see that two are gone in episode one he stated that the cut on his back was caused by the throne and we also saw as he ended up slicing his little finger after he sent damon away in the book george or martin described how you had to sit on the throne in a certain way in order to avoid getting cut if you were cut whilst you wanted it showed you were

not fit to rule symbolizing why viserys was a bad leader but i think he’s all right now i doubt the throne ever gets cleaned as well and it is possible that this could be tetanus or something else though we initially thought it was greyscale it’s got him for too long now and a lot of you had other theories about what it could be this included diabetes and other diseases that he might have picked up from just the hygiene and died at the time either way i love how the throne is constantly causing viserys to rot

from the inside showing that he’s not really fit to sit on the throne they never mention any of this in the book so it is difficult to fully nail down what it is so let me know your thoughts below on what you think is going on now it turns out that vaymon valerian has reached out for help but viserys doesn’t want to rock the boat by sending aid as it will show he supports people who initially went against him he believes this will cement that he’s weak and he’s very much just in a catch-22 situation

where he’s constantly making people angry by trying to please others we do get a shot of the letter and i paused it for you so you can see that talks about asking for swords and also healthy soldiers now viserys’s reply later gets read out loud and we to meet bayman who is the brother of corliss he realizes that killing crab feeder is better for the realm and thus he sends in some help however damon would rather just do it himself and he even ends up shooting the messenger upon receiving word from his brother while not

shooting but smashing him like you should smash that like button never mind now whereas my dad used to constantly say never get married but cerris is still banging on about it however this time he allows ronira to find her own match and he also promises that she won’t be supplanted whether he is very much the one who’s keeping that in check and it’s going to be interesting to see if the circumstances change now from here we go to the step stones and i love this slow pull back from the battle to the forces gathered on

another island set such an atmosphere seeing the ship slowly roll in whilst the dragon swarms the sky there’s also a bit of foreshadowing that sets up what’s to come the crab feeder in his men have no reason to leave those caves we must give them one who damon decides to use himself as bay to draw crab feeders forces out the caves he doesn’t want his brother’s help as it’s somewhat of a humiliation to him that he would need others to come to his aid and thus he rides out on his own it leads to a

massive action scene and this reminded me a lot of the battle of the bastards just in the same way that jon snow rushed ahead we get the same thing with daemon too we even have similar shots where we see the pair from behind echoing this final charge i was kinda good at the diamond turned kragus into krabby patty this early on and after thinking he might be a big antagonist he gets cut down pretty quickly his death differs from how it’s in the source material and in that he was beheaded whereas here is cleveland too

i think it’s way more impactful as i’m kind of desensitized to the headings at this point and watching damon drag him along like a suitcase is an image i think will stick in everyone’s minds for a while now you do have to kind of suspend your sense of disbelief here as i feel like damon is a bit like vamp from metal gear solid 2 when it comes to arrows hundreds are fired at him throughout the battle without most of them hitting him though they do eventually get a couple of hits in now there’s a nice

bit of detail here on his armor as he kneels down and you can see where the arrow hit him from earlier in the episode these arrows raining down also share some similarities to the battle of the bastards and overall it makes for a really thrilling action scene you see how merciless and brutal that demon is and you start to understand why the council was so worried about him becoming king he’s obsessed with bloodshed and bearing dragons also makes him a very fearsome warrior and whereas crab feeder’s luck has changed from the source material his soldiers

aren’t the clothes and armor that these wear actually look a lot like how crab feeder is depicted in the book and they all rush daemon hope seems lost but this was all part of the plan with it being a way to draw out crab feeders forces so that the valyrian army and dragon could strike at once at this point laying all rides in on his white dragon which we know from the source material is called sea smoke the beast completely demolishes the arches and after crab beater flees into his cave damon goes in after him

it’s a great way to end the episode and this was again another really enjoyable entry we’ve had three weeks now where i’ve been gripped by the show and at the moment this is my favorite thing on tv it’s so well written shot and paced that i can’t not admire what they’ve done with the series i thought i was out after season eight but this has pulled me right back in and those some other have done it again three really solid episodes and i also hope that you’ve been enjoying the breakdown so far obviously let me

know if you think they’re great if you think they’re crap i don’t mind reading that either drop your thoughts on the breakdown drop your thoughts on the episode drop your thoughts on the book let’s all have a look anyway we already covered such a crap creating that i don’t know why i thought that was clever but yeah we’re running competition right now and giving away three copies of topka maverick on the 15th of september and all you have to do to be on the chance of winning is like the video make sure you subscribe notifications

on and drop a comment below with your thoughts on the episode you pick the comments at random at the end of the month and the winners of the last one are on screen right now save that to you then message me on twitter at heavy spoilers you want to be able to watch the makeshift or brighton of lord of the rings which will be linked on screen right now we go over all the stuff you need to know about that too so get get over that why the hell are you there anyway without the way

thanks for watching through this hope you enjoy yourself and i’ll see you in the next one take care peace

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