HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Episode 5 Breakdown & Ending Explained | Review And Game Of Thrones Easter Eggs

okay so House of the Dragon episode 5 is now out and the entry sent us around a big wedding between two of the major houses as far as weddings go I’ve seen worse when it comes to Game of Thrones and all things considered it’s probably a big success cheers now as always there’s a ton of things to talk about and throughout this video we’re going to be breaking it all down going over the book differences in it and also what are theories for the future are we won’t be spoiling the major deaths at twists but

we might be discussing some things to add context to what you see so if you don’t want anything potentially ruined then I recommend that you turn off now if you enjoy the breakdown then please hit the thumbs up button and make sure you subscribe as we cover the series every week but out the way thank you for clicking this now let’s get into house of the Dragon foreign what the book tells us is the air 115ac you’ll likely recognize the veil from the main Game of Thrones series and it’s a big area where people like

to go skydiving here we see Lady Ria for the first time and Damon has talked about her at numerous points throughout

the season both in the show and book she’s referred to as the bronze and she comes just as fast as she goes with us getting her death in the opening now she rides out hunting she comes across Damon wearing his hood Incognito like he was last week she mocks him for potentially returning to consummate the marriage and then says this line the veil sheep might be willing even if I’m not this is playing on

the line with the High Council in which Damon said the following the veilman is said to sheep instead of women I can assure you the Sheep are prettier the book also remarks on this line and Damon goes one step further by saying that everyone in the Bell them so you can see why this guy isn’t happy also I don’t know if that’s a beard or wool around his face but but moving on now Sheba mentioned basically every time that the veil is brought up with Damon even saying that his sore dark sister was meant for

more than slaughtering them he hated the veil feeling like he was forced to take up this crap Kingdom which is why he tries to move away from his wife and onto other ones now here hearing of the sheep thing shows that Ria has informants and it lays the groundwork for why people could be suspicious over her death this has massively changed things up from the source material and though she died in similar circumstances Damon had nothing to do with it Rio was out hunting and she ended up falling from her horse which caused her to

crack her skull off a stone whether she was alive for nine days after this where she lay bedridden trying to recover she ended up getting out of bed and whilst she walked around for a bit she collapsed an hour later and died immediately yeah she just gets her head smashed like it’s a like button after that skydiving joke and this is clearly carried out by Damon so that he can gain power in the book after there were rumors of him sleeping with rhaenyra he was exiled from the kingdom and thus he tried to get gain

somewhere else to live here though he’s allowed back to the wedding and it is important to bear in mind that the big event we see is the party before it and ushers in a lot of the tournaments in the book these lasted for days and end with Kristen beating Joffrey in a tournament rather than what we get here the episode has the wedding take place immediately after the initial banquet and it condenses everything down including the arrival of the greens Damon also made a move on laner which we see playing out here and to the

best of my knowledge he did take part in the tournaments now in the Berks after he learned of her death he flew from Bloodstone and attempted to claim his inheritance yeah this happens at the wedding celebrations whereas in the work he’s rejected by Lady Jane Aaron rather than her cousin color the king’s ship on stormy seas and as seeing Visa is sick here foreshadows what’s to come at the end of the entry this is very much setting things in place for the fall of the king and the boat ride here juxtaposes the karma one from

last week they’re riding out to Lord Corless in order to try and get his son’s hand in marriage and the king is now living on borrowed time unlike like the last couple of entries where we had major time jumps this all seems to be happening not too long after the last episode and we could Alison meeting her father after his firing in the source material Otto traveled to the kingdom with his wife and Allison and the latter tended to King jaharis she went to his room when she was 15 and would read him stories but

they’ve sort of combined events here with viserys as he later ended up marrying her in the book Otto still believes that raniera slept with Damon but as we know from last week that didn’t happen however the buck is filled with rumors which said they did it over a number of nights and Damon proposed that under the guise of teaching her how to seduce a Christian Cole in the source material he rejected her advances however here he didn’t and it creates a lot of issues when she decides to marry Into the valerians Now the book also

altered things on how she lost her v card with it actually being Lionel Strong’s son that she apparently lost her maidenhead too it keeps saying maidenhead because that’s how it is in the book now he was brought up at aegon’s birthday to the king and he did pop up last week shout out to you guys guys are pointing out that Harwin was the soldier that Rey ran into and this is similar to how she lost that b card in the book they then got it on and though this didn’t happen in the series you can

kind of see how the rumors started to spread they don’t do that but yeah just important to bear in mind the source material is made up of several secondhand accounts talking about events like this but as I haven’t mentioned that one yet I thought I’d drop it in now Otto has worked out all the Angles and he knows that when viserys dies that the realm on accept it this will make her kill aegon and the rest of Allison’s kids in order to secure her claim thus Allison takes things into her own hands and she wears

green which we’ll talk about more in detail later on in the video now order gets replaced by Lionel strong who’s been promoted from being the master of laws the show plays fast and loose with the timeline as Otto was removed in 109 AC and in 111 AC the rumors that Damon bang Ray started to come out here though they happen side by side and in the book Lionel said that Damon should be executed for taking her maidenhead what about this just exiled him and we all kind of get everything mushed together and after making it

to high tide Lord coolest doesn’t come out to greet the King which is seen as an insult you can catch Elena and his body clashing swords which I swear isn’t a euphemism this place is located in Blackwater Bay and the book describes it as displaying many of the treasures that Lord call us found on his voyages this includes crabbeater’s mask which also demonstrates the conflict that Damon helped him out in didn’t point it out in our breakdown on the battle but this is actually a fractured version of the mask that the sons of the harpies

wore in the main Game of Thrones series could have the weirwood tree which we see seemingly bleeding this actually happened because the trees had red sap and it used to leak out of the cuts in the faces making it appear like tears of blood these faces were carved by the children of the forests and later the first man would end up worshiping them as being symbols of the Gods of the forest in the garden we see Lord lares who in the book is nicknamed clubfoot due to his ankle being Twisted during birth in the source

material real he’s a very manipulative character who’s described as often listening and spying on people of the realm we actually saw this all the way back in episode 3 when he sat down with a group of women under the guise of being unable to hunt woman is never invited to speak one learns instead to um he sniffs away at a flower from braavos that shouldn’t really be thriving in King’s Landing which could be seen as a way of planting the idea in Alison’s head that she has to rise up after all that she’s been through

he snitches about the plan T and this makes Alison think that she did sleep with Daemon however Kristen comes clean which I swear isn’t a euphemism and admits to it now though it clears raniera Alison’s still pretty annoyed that Rey didn’t tell her about Sir Cole The Source material talked about how Kristen was deeply in love with her and that he imagined a life with them together over time it said that because he couldn’t be with her and she was off getting married that he grew to be resentful this explains his actions towards the end

and also why he gets pushed towards Alison now back at the castle we see rhaenice come in and greet her cousin which causes the king to wince in pain after she grabs his hand as we pointed out in early breakdowns he had his fingers cut off and it’s possible that the infection is spreading causing his other ones to be in pain too now the disease that’s Terran King viserys apart is some something that we’ve speculated over for weeks now there’s been lots of theories such as it being diabetes rust in its blood and a lot

more in the books the illness was never given a name but Paddy considine has cleared things up in an interview with Entertainment Weekly though he initially thought it was grayscale And The Tease of episode 5 even hinted towards it we now know the truth and I am gonna take the L the actor said he’s actually suffering from a form of leprosy his body is deteriorating his bones are deteriorating he’s not actually old he’s still a young man in there he’s just unfortunately got this thing that’s taken over his body it becomes a metaphor for being

king and the stress and strain that it puts on you and what it does to you physically what it does to you mentally I love this explanation and it ties into the idea that those who are unfit to lead will be kept by the throne this was massively talked about in the box and I did like it that they were keeping it ambiguous though Paddy has just spoiled it interestingly leprosy can be transmitted quite easily through long-term exposure with someone meaning that Alison could end of getting it too as mentioned earlier this isn’t talked about

in The Source material but the show could be changing it up to make that be the case they then inform him about lady rear and he ends up proposing a marriage between the kids comes down to surnames and the succession though and though this won’t let a Valerian be king by name their child will take the throne it’s obviously completely overrides aegon and viserys wants a targaryens to Rule the Kingdom for the next 700 years now another interesting detail is that the other baby will be born with the surname Valerian it will change once they

hit the throne cut at the beach each let’s go get away and we see renira and Leno agreeing to some compromises got a lot of flashes of Danny here walking along the beach and obviously the look of rhaenyra is based on her but always hit the other way either way lots of stuff coming out including Leno’s sexuality and though his father thinks it’s a phase it’s gonna cause a lot of problems once they have a kid this will get a Target on its back due to others viewing aegon as being the rifle Heir the book

discussed is how Leno prefers the company of his Knight and this is seen in his lover Joffrey that name Joffrey I hate it now Raines has of course seen us first hand and though she was Almost Queen sheharis very much chose her cousin over his daughter because it was the best way to keep things at peace the bug goes into how jiharis had one of the most peaceful Reigns ever seen in the realm and this is because he carried out choices like this however at the opening of the chapter that centers on the events this

show is inspired from very much sets the tone for what’s to come it says the seeds of War are often planted during times of peace and this was the case with the family because the targaryens were allowed to prosper due to the lack of War they ended up having so many children that there were really 14 claims for the throne many of them wanted a Caesar for themselves which ended up causing them all to turn on each other had there been Wars in Death then many of the kids would likely never have been born so

the piece very much backfired in a lot of ways viserys was adamant that he would keep the peace too which is why he was so hesitant to join the war against Krabby there he very much looked at Jairus and wanted to continue his legacy but this lack of action enabled countless enemies to be created viserys has left things wide open and a lot of this episode is very much about how the pair are doomed from the off which is reflected in their wedding cut across to a near a sailing home and in case you missed

our last video and you might notice that the Royal cabin also looks similar in design to the one used on the Chariots for their Horse Court Kristen is Rey’s side chick and they do change things up quite a lot from the book so according to the gossip mushroom Ray put herself over to Kristen but he completely rejected her however wanting to have his cake and eat it he was still besided by the princess shortly after this the wedding started to get set up and from here we get varying tales about what really happened the book

does say that Kristen ended up slipping into her bedroom where he put forward the idea that they should move away together and that they’d be safe in the free cities renero rejected this and said that she wanted to be more than the wife of a cell’s sword which is basically the Game of Thrones name for a mercenary and we don’t know for definite if this tail is true enough but the source material doesn’t really talk about them sleeping together as much as rhaenyra seemed to be sick of Judy in the crown in the first episode

we see how the burden of responsibility has finally gotten to her and she stays in her post still though if the king can fling then she can too a Christian doesn’t want to be that though and he says this so you want me to be your home now the guy goes through a lot of internal struggles this entry and he ends up losing it clearly torn between his duty station whether to subscribe to the person he loves or not he goes on a really interesting Arc and at the end of the video I’ll talk about

where things go with him in the book I will give a spoiler warning so don’t worry but he strikes up in unlikely alliance with Allison at this point he’s called her the queen and I was expecting it to be a big misunderstanding with her thinking he was confirming the Damon rumors however he admits he had his dick in a box like Rick and Varys and I think that she very much sees him as someone she can get on her side by showing Mercy the more people she has on her side from is the more powerful

she’ll be and though she initially started off as a weak girl her wedding dress shows her true intentions can see Alison really sinking her clothes into him early on and though he could be sentenced to death I think Kristen sees it almost as an act of mercy and that he owes his life to her curtiserus looking like me on Sunday putting this video up at 3am and there’s a lot of symbolism and iconography in this scene he sits in front of the model of old valyria and the family of course came from this and ended

up ruling over the Seven Kingdoms biliria was destroyed in a volcanic eruption known as the Doom of valyria and this is of course similar to our own Pompeii it killed most there including a lot of the dragons with the Targaryen dragonlords being the only major house that survived viz sits in front of this Dune Monument towards the city and we know that he is too due to his illness taking over now he does seem to regret that the songs about him won’t be about big Wars and that those who remember him won’t bring up battles

however he’s told to find some comfort in this as it’s better to live in p but Sarah’s wishes that he’d been tested but don’t look a gift horse in the mouth mate leave well enough alone now I actually thought that he died at this point as we get a lung Fade Out however it just shows the arrival of Corliss and also his Fleet got a lot of Dance of the Dragons vibes from this imagery of two sweeping down and in case you don’t know the term Dance of the Dragons carries a lot with it the

series sort of changes things up from the book and it’s reordered certain events so we get a bit of drama in the work we had the wedding and then there was a giant tournament held in honor of this it was at this point that Damon returned with his new kingdom and he handed this over it’s also at the tournament where the green and black rivalry is formed as well as the events with sir Kristen so the book explains it as all those in support of Alison and aegon show this by wearing green on the other

side of this those are back raniera where the typical Targaryen red and black hence the name greens and blacks now the tournament saw Kristen attacking Harwin strong who as we mentioned earlier was the one who took rhaenyra’s maidenhead maidenhead not approved though I will say they had sex now he ended up hitting harwin’s body so badly that he broke his collarbone and elbow the both of which were completely shattered anyway this was under tournament rule so it was fine however what caused the controversy that led him to Alison was the attack on gr3 similar to

what we see here named Joffrey Geoff Elon mouth he was nicknamed the night of kisses and he was secretly Leno’s lover in the tournament Kristen beat the crap out of him and he hit him so badly with morning star that he completely cracked his head open Joffrey then died six days later without regaining Consciousness and Kristen was spurned across the kingdom by all except Alison the tournament here is condensed into just being a fight after Kristen becomes a Wedding Crasher and loses it over what’s going on be like Joffrey tries to turn him whilst also

being like we all have to keep each other’s secret and due to Kristen taking a bow he doesn’t want the stuff with rhaenyra getting out this is another Factor as to why he loses it and does the things that he does now the Lannister twins arrive both played by Jefferson Hall and at this point Thailand is the master of ships in the book both he and his brother tried to marry rhaenyra but here it’s just been Jason now after the valerians show up Damon returns much to the Chagrin of his brother as we mentioned in

the book he was exiled after the rumors of rhaenyra but he came back to the tournament wearing black and red in the book it’s said that the Rivalry between the two factions could be seen on full display at this event once the dragons of the two sides started snapping at each other here though it’s ushered in by Alison’s arrival and Why this color is so offensive is because the beacon on Hightower is turned to Green to Signal wall Hightower is of course Alison and Otto’s surname and this is a declaration in front of everyone that

things are gonna kick off symbolically it also happens during the speech about uniting the houses metaphorically showing how the greens will disrupt the entire Union Alison also goes to her uncle who also just so happens to be wearing green and they say that they stand with her Damon is accused of his this point I don’t know if he’s the kind of person you want to go against mate guy basically did this to crab feeder from me now Damon ends up trying down with Elena and it’s clear that he’s after another kingdom he of course Allied

himself with the valerians and the war against crab feeder so it makes sense had he tried this strategy next he also seems to be flirting with renera and she even tempts him with taking her to Dragonstone renera was named the princess of this in the books though they also discussed how Damon wanted the kingdom to himself before we can see what happens though the fight breaks out with Kristen hitting Leno and smashing Joffrey’s facing viserys also starts to bleed from his nose and he finally collapses at the wedding next to the weirwood tree Kristen goes

to commit sebaku which is a term that first originated in Japan at the Samurais disembowel themselves it has many uses and was predominantly put in place when samurais were Behind Enemy Lines and they took their own life instead of being captured however it was also seen to be used by those that broke the code of honor which is very much the case with sir Kristen Knights weren’t meant to go around sleeping with the princesses and they all took vows to ensure this wasn’t the case in the books one of the reasons that rhaenyra was hesitant

to go off with him is because he broke his vows and she thinks that he’d do the same when it came to the ones for marriage Alison then calls out to him and stops him from doing this after this drops down we cut to a puddle of blood as well as a rat scurrying to lick it up now the order of this is of course a bit off as Alison is at baserus’s side when he falls to the ground I think that with him being like this that he probably wouldn’t have left his side either

and likely would have spent the night nursing him now she will likely went to Kristen stopped him and then proceeded with the wedding which is when viz collapsed I do want to talk about what’s coming down the line with a pair but in case you don’t want any spoilers I thought I’d give my review first now I thought this was a slightly slower entry than the first three but also had so much going on with it like the rat coming for the blood at the end we’ve watched as the rats in the cast have slowly

start to circle the king so that they can pray off his bloodline which I swears on a reach his ending shot is very symbolic and just in the same way that pesaris fell we have this house of cards starting to come crashing down raniera is obviously doing the whole wedding for show as is her husband and it’s not the best Union that the pair can stand on the declaration of war by Alison is fascinating to watch I feel like this show is at its strongest when you’ve seen the subtext to what’s going on rather than

what’s being said this is basically just one big chess game playing out in real time and even knowing the book it’s nice seeing how unpredictable some of it really is I really think there’s a slow burn to these entries but they always go out of the bang that makes it worth sticking through the slightly longer paced pot overall really enjoying the show and I hope that you’re having fun with the breakdowns alright so feature spoilers I just want to talk about the stuff with Alison and Kristen but if you don’t want any of that Rune

then thanks for sitting until this part of the video I’ll see you on the next one you still here okay so after the tournament Alison ended up taking Kristen as her personal sword and renera lost her bodyguard she does slowly turning against Rey Kristen ended up becoming a strong supporter of Alison and and he was very much a person that pushed the idea that her child was the true Heir he also helped to train her kids as Swordsmen and became one of Alison’s greatest allies this pushed the greens in Black Wall further than it had

been with them vying for the throne anyway that’s all the spoilers that’s the video hope you had a good tease of what’s coming next time and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it below just to let you know we’re running a competition right now and giving away three copies of dollar and thunder on the 15th of October all you have to do to be on the chance of winning is like the video make sure you subscribe with notifications on it and drop a comment below with your thoughts on the episode we picked the comments

at random at the end of the month and the winners of the last one are on screen right now similar to you and message me on Twitter at heavy spoilers if you want something else to watch then make sure you check out one of our breakdowns on screen right now and huge thank you for all the support I hope you’ve enjoyed working with us up until this halfway point in the series and let’s roll on the next five episodes without the way thanks for saying through the video I’ve been poor I’ll see you next time

take care foreign

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