HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Episode 6 Breakdown & Ending Explained | Review And Game Of Thrones Easter Eggs

okay so House of the Dragon episode 6 is now here and the brand new episode has a lot to break down in it filled with Easter eggs new characters and a lot of things that alter what happens in the books we’re here to explain it all said before the days of the Mori show we unfortunately can’t carry out a DNA test but we all know who the father of raniera’s kids is hollow and strong got it going on and though he’s only briefly appeared in the series so far he’s making a lot of noise he

was spotted briefly at aegon’s second born day as well as in the streets of King’s Landing and now my man’s gone from a night in the streets to a night in the sheets now the book shouldn’t be taken as gospel and though I’ll talk about what happens in it it is important to bear in mind that there’s been a lot of secondhand accounts that have been compiled by the maesters they all there forever who took renera’s maidenhead with some saying that Damon did it Kristen was the one and Harwin is also mentioned as well Harwin

was known as Harwin break bones the strongest man in Westeros and also the heir to harrenhal which we saw in the

prologue of episode 1. it said Kristen rejected her at one point and she ran up into the night which is where she bumped into Harwin who ended up being the one who did the deed in the source material the pair got it on and this burned Kristen who ended up becoming bitter about it though he knocked renira back he was deeply in love with her and he ended up unleashing the Sanger during the tournaments

at the wedding the show changed things up and had him beating people up at the banquet but it was at this event that he bested Joffrey lovemouth Joffrey never again Consciousness and the character then died six days later Arwen strong was also at this tournament too and you the rumors about him taking that b card Kristen smashed him like it was a thumbs up button he broke his collarbone and elbow and from this point he was nicknamed Harwin broken bones whereas initially was break bones due to his strength the Bucking show clearly put forward the

idea that raniero’s kids are his and this causes a lot of issues in the Kingdom because raniera is an accident line it means that her children will follow the line of succession and Allison’s will be completely overlooked the children on Lanos and they’re completely missing the Valerian hair that all the other kids including Damons ended up having I know there was the usual backlash that you tend to get whenever White characters are played by black actors but I think they change it with the valerians and Powers the story even more because the kids are wider

than Gandalf in Return of the King there’s all wins Owens he’s harwin’s we’ve actually seen something similar in Game of Thrones before and hair color is also how Ned realized that Cersei kids weren’t baratheons due to them all being blonde it made it more likely that they were actually Jamie’s and this Dad of parentage of course carries over to the targaryens and valerians who all have distinctive hair colors now the episode itself centers around The Heirs of the dragon and all the children that now exist in the realm as well as their claims to the

throne the episode features a 10-year time Jump and it’s based heavily on the midsection of Fire and Blood chapter 12. because of the recast we’ve now gone from arguing about who the true Heir is to who true runnier and Alison tall though Millie Alcock and Emily Carey are now out the show the former has said that there has been talks they could return in season two so they may end up filling in what happened between the decade that we’re missing out on now much in the same way that we have a recast in runera we

also have a complete change in her mind stay too whereas once she was completely against having children we now learn that she’s on her third some people might find it a bit jarring seeing someone new in the role but I think the creative team do an excellent job of getting us used to the idea that this is now an era the opening shot is of her face and we get a slow pull out as Rey tries to push out the baby you know the scene someone Echoes the birds seen me watched him as I go

through and as Emma said this is almost like a battlefield for the royal family I think being there for the birth and then getting a one shot of her walking through the castle is such a smart way to get us invested in here and we see she struggles through this literal uphill climb we see her in the most vulnerable position that we’ve ever seen her in before but watch as she still soldiers on because because she doesn’t want Alison dictating her life renira knows she’s only called for the child to be brought to her because

she wants to confirm her suspicions and doesn’t give a sh about her or her child might even be mad that she had to spend all those nights with the King whilst Rey was off with the most handsomest dude in the Kingdom so sir Kristen it’s not you anymore and they are complete opposites and we see this in the way that they’re presented with Rey being a broken woman whilst Allison’s wearing her best dress she’s got a full face of makeup servants tending to the most minuscule things on her clothes and meanwhile renira looks completely disheveled

she has to huddle up the stairs whilst her after birth leaks out on the floor with no one helping her Beyond her husband lanor we actually see this trailer she leaves the Queen’s quarters later on demonstrated by the bloody footprints on the floor now the greens and blacks are slowly starting to emerge here and we see this demonstrating the red and black uniforms the guards wear outside the birthing chamber Leno has been request too and we discovered that he wasn’t there for the birth because he’d been gallivanting with the guys he’s pretty much just doing

what men do in this situation and being like terribly painful which hey I think I said the same thing to my wife it brought back a lot of memories for me such as things like the chord cutting which I don’t think I can show and that’s someone who had twins earlier in the air I think this recaptured a lot of what went on in a way that’s rarely shown on TV upstairs we see Lord Caswell who is one of the first to offer their congratulations when she goes down Castle plays a big part in the

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waddling in looking like a shell of his former self you’ll likely notice his arm has been amputated and maybe he needs a hand of the king this arm looked really bad last episode and we might even get a tease to what’s gonna go next as the guy starts to fall apart anyway his face is covered in sores and you can tell he’s going bald because it takes him longer to wash his face viserys also says this line do believe he has his father’s nose I feel like this is giving a direct note to the strongs

in the books all of them were described as having pug noses and this was one of the family traits I feel like they’re using the show who is your daddy Alison is slowly watching more energy to make kids pushing her children further down the line and she drops this super cold bit soon I’ll let you make it when it looks like you although I’d give a breakdown on all the kids so you have more of an idea of these two sides of the family Alison ended up having four children with air being egg on the

second Elena Eamonn and Darren all of these kids have something known as the coloring of the blood of the Dragon which basically means they have the bleach blonde look that’s described as showing a True Blood Targaryen as for Harwin strong sorry raniera’s kids these were jakaris Luke Harris and Geoffrey leina wanted to name the first child after his ex lover she offers but this was forbidden at the time however the last boy was allowed to be named after him obviously Alison’s kids hated the fact that their older half-sister was the one who was going to

be on the throne and they were fueled by Alison who told them aegon was actually the true Heir due to him being a male viserys tried everything he could to just go back to his train set and he wanted nothing more than for the whole thing to blow over he even had Jake Harris and dare on share a wetness but not even a little itty bitty titty from the milk of the floppies could bring them together glad to learn together train together you’ll certainly form a lifelong Bond wouldn’t you agree yeah he hopes the courtyard

combat will bring them together but with Rainer taking the kids in the end we know that won’t happen back with our brothers we seize an egg has been chosen for the baby and as we know Targaryen tradition dictate that eggs be placed in The Cribs with babies so that they could form a bond another reason why harwin’s kids being outer would cause issues is because the targaryens and valerians preyed on the idea that people believed only the high Bloodlines were able to ride dragons this made them appear almost Godlike to The Peasants but is strong

being able to do this would rock the boat and show that anyone could the kids are sent to the dragon pits and you might recognize this location from Game of Thrones season 8. it’s where the big meaning was held and where bran the broken was made King because he told the best stories now jigaras gets a dragon brought out and this is Vermax it’s important to bear in mind that this is yellow here the other works don’t describe its coloring but Max’s egg was placed in a crib with him and due to people suspecting that

jacarus was as strong it was thought that it would never hatch Alison even touches upon this with his line later on in the episode however it did and because of this the pair formed a lifelong Bond they beat it a girl giving me lots of t-rex in Jurassic Park Vibes and also mentioned aegon’s Dragon Senpai this was a giant golden one and it actually ended up being adopted in the Targaryen Banner aegon is also played by David Tennant’s son Tai and he goes on to do a homelander later on can’t show it but you know

you know the bit where homelander stands over the city choking the chicken that’s that’s what he does shows he has complete disregard for the kingdom and also lets us know how he treat people if he ever got into Power also got lots of flashes of tommen stepping out the window and that’s the second thing after She-Hulk this week that’s reminded me of denim from The IT Crowd he’s not nice to his brother Eamonn and he teases him over the fact that he doesn’t have his own dragon he comes across one in the books that’s revealed

to be Vega but that can’t be the case here as it belongs to Elena vegar is one of the eldest and fiercest dragons in the realm and it ends up killing her which starts an event known as the red spring now it no longer has a right air and there’s big things coming with a dynamic that will probably happen in the next episode this builds even more of a rivalry between the two houses and this starts an eye for an eye mentality that’s again a bit of a spoiler pun if you know the books there

next we jump to the final child Helena who instead of being allowed to play with Dragons is studying incest sorry insects she’s not looking at a family tree Now Alison is clearly getting her to study different types of beasts of them so that she can operate in an opposite Manner and all the children are very much used as Weapons by the queen in order to maintain and gain power go to viserys and I feel super sorry for the guy at this point he just wants to sit and build the title sequence but he’s constantly being

interrupted by the bullet in case you missed our last video we now know what the disease that he has is and Paddy considine cleared it up in an interview with Entertainment Weekly Paddy said it was a form of leprosy and that his body is now falling apart from the inside they alter the timeline of this and actually changed things up for the show giving one of the major moments to him instead of Laris in the source material he had the tongues cut out of two people who said that Rainier’s kids were strongs Raz larisier is

the one who chops them out this is so that they can never talk about the job that he gets them to do later on which we’ll talk more about at the end of the video now after he had this carried out viserys ended up getting off the throne which is where he slipped and cut his fingers similar to the ending of episode one The Book said at this point that he got a fever and it was only when raniera provided her own personal maester that she was able to save his life this was done by

removing his fingers and we pointed out in episode 3 that some were missing so all in all they’ve kinda reordered the events of this with it happening in the series before the children were born either way in both the book and show this left him almost unable to walk and though he comes to the baby he spends most of the episode sat down he denies the suspicions by Alison fully aware that it has the potential to destroy the kingdom viserys unfortunately was a people pleaser who didn’t want to rock the boat and this inaction led

to the house being divided because so many people gained claims this makes Alison slowly start to gather people together including sir Kristen calls raniera a c next Tuesday he describes her as a spider who stings and sucks her prey dry but you weren’t complaining when she was doing the spider and sucking you dry it shows how much he’s turned against her and the politics of her getting married is someone to unite the houses basically made him do an Eminem when he was going through his Kim face Rey married lanor is away to United Kingdom but

instead it’s caused a further divide with him being one of her fiercest opponents all the politics Alison is playing slowly poison those around her and aegon clearly doesn’t care about being the King this is the same in the book and it’s only his mother moving things around that even keeps him in line for the running definitely feel like it’s a comment on how pushy parents can often push their kids down a path where they end up taking their beliefs and it shows the kind of person that Alison has turned into now she is doing it

out of fear because she believes Runner will have her kids killed so that in the end there’s no challenge for the throne we all saw how her father was fired and being alone in this Kingdom has made her step up and defend those she loves although the division was seemingly started up by Alison wearing green as a declaration of war at the wedding the books didn’t paint when era out in the best like either a lot of division came from Rey refusing to call her brothers her brothers and you know viserys was just like sake

got across the pentos and we see caraxis along with Lena’s Dragon Vega Damon flies through the fire in the air and targaryens are immune to this which we saw with Daenerys now the source material explained how Lena and Damon ended up becoming a couple similar to what happened in the series Lena was patrolled to a Sea Lord however he was a bit of an idiot and he blew all the money that he had before he came to driftmark Corliss tried to postpone the wedding but there was no way to break up the marriage without there

being Dishonored during this time Damon came adrift Mark and he apparently fell in love with Lena though some Buda as being a Power Play by him to get a new kingdom Damon was rejected from the veil after the death of Lady rear and many just thought it was moved by him to get a kingdom after losing out on that one Damon ended up insulting Lena’s lover and he challenged D head to a jewel which kinda went one way Damon completely wiped the floor with him and he ended up marrying Elena just two weeks later now

because this was without the approval of the king it had the potential to call was a lot of issues so the pair flew the pentose on their dragons before moving to the all Runes of valyria they tried to see if they could inert anything but the landscape was still ashes due to the volcanic eruption back in pentos Lena discovered that she was pregnant and she gave birth to the pair’s twin daughters Reina and Baylor Elena’s mother is called rhaenis and Damon’s father was called Balin hence the names though Reina Elena and Baylor always kind of

reminds me of that scene in DodgeBall blade laser Blazer now there’s a great banquet and they talk about egg on the Conqueror as well as his Dragon Valerian this was known as the black dread and it was written by viserys who also kept its skull below the red keep the Lords of lease arising with those of Dawn and Damon is requested to Aid pentos Damon just wants to stay in the realm and live a good life and in the books viserys even talks about how fatherhood calmed him down Lena’s death of course changes his mind

State and he ends up returning to the uncle and husband that we’ve come to love in the courtyard Kristen trains hand-to-hand with aegon and amend and you might notice that they wear green whilst the others wear red and black Harwin ends up losing it after he’s accused of caring for the kids like their his own and he’s expelled from the Night’s Watch Kristen did a lot worse last week and the only reason he was allowed to stay was because Alison appointed him as the Royal protector when he reloans of this Sanji ends up sneaking through

the passage in her room that she did back in episode 4. she comes across Lionel and Harwin arguing over this and I love the way this is shot but both men stand in their own spaces with the pillars dividing them showing how the father and son are on the opposite side of things this could also be foreshadowing their deaths in which a door stops haul when pulling his father out only at the end will they be United in death and they end up returning home to Harren Hall Lane all shows up drunk and he’s accompanied

by sakal who will talk more about in the spoiler section of the video leina wants to return to the stepstones after hearing of the conflict there and he of course views the victory as a glorious way to spend his youth against dark air but he wants what he views as a more straightforward fight rather than the backstabbing going on in the Kingdom there’s also mention of a purple head man which I believe is recalio or in Dune this was a captain who declared himself King of the narrow sea and he dyed his hair purple and

used to sometimes dress as a woman he was in everything and it said that he had 12 wives who he used to ask to beat him he also had a fetish for pregnant women and he might pop up later in the timeline either way even Damon knows that Harwin is the daddy and he’s clearly bored longing for the Glory he once had however he puts his family above that and stays in the library reading up on the dragonlords of the past Lena has made a peace with him not being the wife he wanted and I

think he’s gonna feel a lot of guilt over her death at the end back with the council we hear the mention of gravity why was this issue not brought before Lord Grover well he’s also a Tully Grava served in about jaharis and viserys with him supporting the latter against rhaenice when the air was chosen He also mentioned the brackens and the blackwoods using any excuse to spell each other’s blood we’ve actually seen this in the series already and the two families voted out during the cutting scene for anira’s hand runyra ends up suggesting that jakaris

and Helena marry in order to avoid a Civil War and it’s a similar situation to what Otto suggested to the king he proposed renira Marie aegon and he was also well aware of what could happen if the families weren’t United Lionel looks horrified but the dealers could short by renira’s breast milk leaking viserys seems on board as it could sort everything out so let’s get him married and wait for the whole thing to blow over oh well not gonna happen and you’ll probably be surprised to find out who Helena ends up marrying very strange but

uh yeah we’ll keep that a secret for now now Lionel tries to resign but for Sarah’s denies this request however he personally wants to escort us and home which leads to a plot by Laris that Alison gets into Laris is actually also Lionel son and the reason that he cuts out the tongues of the prisoners is so that they can’t tell anyone he murdered his own father and brother he says that the curse could be the thing that’s blamed and there is said to be one over Harren Hall due to how many members of the

House end up coming to bad ends with his position open middle finger ends up gaining a seat on the small Council and he turns against his family in order to gain power known as Lara’s Club but he was often overlooked because of his disability and thus he gained a vendetta against his own family as mentioned earlier the book has several accounts by different people with some suggesting that Laris was behind the murder however due to it being a fire there were also suspicions of Damon it was thought that he might have used his Dragon to

kill Harwin and this would open things up in the future for him with raniera either way Alison wants someone on her side to be closer to the king and withholden out the way he’ll give her more of an influence over his actions the tongue slicing scene was a tough watch and it actually put this guy above Littlefinger for me in terms of who the Deads are I’m back at the birth of Lena’s child we watch it as a similar scene happens to the one with Emma in episode 1. Damon of course made fun of the

air for a day and now the shoes on the other foot with him losing both his wife and child in the books they described how the baby came out twisted and deformed and that it died within an hour of its birth now the shoulder pics are going to vagar and begging for death The Source material does present some of this differently childbirth was pretty rough for her and the malformed baby twisted up a lot of her insides leaving her bedridden for three days knowing she was dying it said she got up out of bed and

ran out into the courtyard to fly vegar one last time however she collapsed on the steps of the Tower and died before making it to the dragon Damon said over her and was joined by renera but I actually prefer the way that it’s done here way more impactful watching her burn and it’s of course murdered in the burning of Harwin at his home in harrenhall he says goodbye to his sons and though he promises to return sadly we know that’s never gonna happen naranera says they can also send a letter by Raven to her lover

and this is a basically like the Westeros version of Adam Levine dming your bird he’s damning your bird a gagaris has of course also heard the rumors and he asks if he’s a bastard Rey doesn’t answer him outright but she says you’re a Targaryen she goes to Elena and says that the pair should travel to Dragonstone Elena also drops his important line you always said if you were absent from court she would bore her honey in your father’s ear the book does mention how there were suspicions that the queen was poisoning the king now we’ll

see if this gets brought up again she returns to Dragonstone which he was the princess of and this of course would where the standoff happened in episode 2. Harren Hall is burned with both Harwin and Lionel perishing and we hear narration by Laris talking about how children are a weakness this is him referring to several children in the show and how their kids have all led to their downfall this is seen in viserys and all the stuff with rhaenyra being the air and it’s of course reflected in her own children which have caused rumor and

speculation to question their legitimacy Lena also died due to childbirth and this is a theme that’s constantly popped up throughout the show Harris himself is also a child of Lionel and every character has somewhat become bitten by their kids who watches a raccoon closed captioning not available and I can’t raise the show high enough now for the next part of the video we will be talking about some of the upcoming spoilers so if you don’t want that ruined then I recommend that you turn off now this is in relation to the red spring which has

a major event in which several characters die again could ruin some of the major things for next week so get the out of here if you don’t want to know say go on get go and get see a chump anyway the air 120 AC begins with a big tragedy as Lena gives birth to her and Damon’s child which we’ve just seen this is Then followed by harwin’s death and sadly Lenor doesn’t last much longer either he’s actually killed by Lord Carl who he learned was jealous over him loving another night so both of valerians are

out the way and neither Damon or an era are married because of this you can probably guess what happens next with the pair but this all happens in about the space of a year and I know that the next week is gonna come with several girl punches too but still look forward to well not really because I ruined it for you but yeah hopefully I’ll see you there you promise to come back he promised anyway that’s the video I hope you enjoyed it and obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on the episode below by

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our Brighton of rings of power which will be linked on screen right now we cover the highs and lows of the episode and also point out the Easter eggs in it so if you’re interested in that show I know there’s some of you then definitely head over there right after this by the way thanks for singing through the video hubby Paul I’ll see you next time take care peace

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