How Ellie Goulding Regained Her Power | Official Song & Music Video Review

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while also discussing how she regained her
power through it.
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Ellie Goulding first hinted at the release
of Power by posting a teaser video across
her social media accounts on the 19th of May.
In the teaser video, the words “ARE YOU RUNNING
OUT OF POWER?” could be seen with Ellie in
the background.
She proceeded with a few more teaser videos
before the song and the music video was simultaneously
released on the 21st of May.
I must admit that I wasn’t a fan of Ellie’s
recent releases (Close To Me, Hate Me, Worry
About Me) the past year or so aside from Sixteen
and Flux.
So, when I first heard this song for the first
time, I was blown away by the song as a whole.
Lyrically, I thought the song was amazingly

/> written.
The nuances found throughout the song were
great and I felt like the rhymes weren’t
Sometimes you have songs that have forced
rhymes that just throw off the song but Power
doesn’t have that issue.
Essentially, the lyrics of the song discuss
the superficial dynamics in an unbalanced
I feel like the chorus of the song really
reflects that sentiment amazingly well.
“Beautiful lies on a Friday night / Starting
to wonder where we lost the magic / Head in
the clouds, talking so loud / All I hear is
static / I’m not a material girl / Everything
in your world just feels like plastic / Wearing
your crown, it’s pulling me down / You just
want the power / You’re not really down for
love / You just want the power / (The power)”
– everything about the song was beautifully
written and it paints a picture of the unbalanced
relationship, with her being the victim of
it all.
When the song was initially released, Ellie
posted a series of tweets on what the song
is about.
“I’m excited & proud to present my song
POWER to you.
This was the first song I knew would be on
my 4th album.
I like my songs to have resolutions and this
song reflects indulgence in superficial relationships,
but also is an embrace of my own sexuality.”
She continued, saying: “Physical and fleeting
connections with others don’t have to be
deep and meaningful every time, but you do
have to know what you’re letting yourself
in for when it is so easy to fall for someone
in lust.
I think the age of social media and narcissism
has caused a lot of us to be disillusioned
with romance because nobody knows what is
real and what isn’t.
I love to have euphoric moments in my songs
(like the chorus) as though I’ve accepted
and surrendered to the f**ked-up-ness of everything.”
The song was produced by Jonny Coffer and
Jamie Scott.
Jonny has previously worked with the likes
of Gorgon City, Emeli Sande, Beyonce and more.
As for Jamie, he’s worked with the likes
of One Direction, Major Lazer, Little Mix
and more.
The mid-tempo production of the song gives
off that seductive vibe, which I feel like
it fits right in with the theme of the song.
I love the subtle changes throughout the song.
One example would be how they removed the
bassline in the background at the beginning
of the second verse, before reintroducing
it again in the second half of the second
verse once more.
One aspect that I love is the underlying bassline
in the production.
It’s so irresistible and it forms the backbone
of the song strongly.
Without that bassline, I feel like the song
wouldn’t be as good.
Another aspect that I love is the ending of
the chorus, where everything just disperses,
leaving her voice and the bassline present
It really elevates the focus to her voice
and shows that vulnerability even though she
has “accepted” and “surrendered” to
that superficiality.
There’s something really powerful when Ellie
just lets her backing vocals take over by
singing – “the power”.
You could really feel the strength behind
the backing vocals.
In some way, it feels like Ellie’s inner voice
is screaming at the top of her lungs and giving
her the power (no pun intended) to reject
this notion of superficiality.
She’s calling out that disillusionment in
the relationship that she was in through the
Also, the song samples Dua Lipa’s Be The
Honestly, I feel like it’s such a good use
of a sample because they didn’t just slap
the sample randomly on the track.
They actually slowed down the tempo of the
sample, which made it flow smoothly along
the other parts of the song.
Now, let’s talk about the music video of
the song.
The music video was directed by Imogen Snell
and Riccardo Castano of ISSTUDIO.
The duo have previously worked with other
major stars like Madonna, Joji and HAIM.
During my research, I was surprised to find
out that Ellie filmed the video on her own,
with creative direction coming from Imogen
and Riccardo over Facetime.
The music video as a whole featured montages
of intimate selfie style videos layered with
blurring shots of sensual aesthetics.
Ellie took liberty of her own body and owned
While the visuals of the music video were
simple, the intimate and close-up aesthetics
just connect right back to the song amazingly
Ellie is showcasing that intimate side of
herself while having this vibe of superficiality
throughout the video – which I felt was intentional.
It was done in a tasteful manner and I could
feel the passion throughout the music video.
While it isn’t the most groundbreaking music
video I’ve seen, I feel like they did what
they could considering the circumstances with
the current pandemic.
With this music video, I also think that Ellie
is showing the world this newfound confidence
she has in regards with her body.
During her interview with Glamour Magazine
UK, the interviewer had an early look at the
Power music video, where she brought up her
struggles with her body image throughout her
extensive musical career.
In regards to the Power music video, she said,
“I could’ve done a video like that five
years ago!”, before adding: “I would’ve
looked at that video and thought that I didn’t
look good, I couldn’t pull that off.
I think that lack of self-esteem affected
everything from what I would wear on stage
to my energy to my body language.”
I feel like she’s in a new stage of her
career where she has found acceptance with
her body image, which is reflected in the
music video of the song.
It takes a lot to admit her struggles, overcome
it and display her body confidently in the
Power music video.
In a way, you could say that this is how Ellie
Goulding regained her Power – through the
song and the music video.
This would hopefully translate to her upcoming
album – Brightest Blue as well, which is going
to be released next month.
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