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Tell me sir, leave the phone. You can read the comment later. No, it’s important to read the comment today. I got a good comment after a long time. Tell me. Which has shocked me from inside. Oh my goodness! So, the comment is something like this. If my English

is bad, please forgive me. Thank God you changed your style. I always like your video and I must say I am a fan of your videos. But this is the first video you reviewed like a reviewer. Oh my god, Complement. Otherwise, all videos sound like a critic. Now,

it has shocked me because As a reviewer, my job has always been to be a little critical and tell about the product. Now, the comment that has come, Look at the irony. This comment has come under a branded video. For which I have collaborated with a brand. In

which I am pretty sure There will be no negative part because it is a collaboration. Exactly. So, everything is positive in it. It’s an advertorial. But it was the best review. It was the best review. You have changed your style. In my life. Yeah, totally. Nice, I like

it. But this is… Sometimes I feel that We need to educate people on the word review. Because I also get comments like, Oh, very nice review.

Oh my brother, It is written in collaboration with this brand. It is written in goodwill promotion. This is not a review. How

to explain? And I have not written a review. So, how are you getting misguided? So, not only do I get such comments. I am not the special one. No, but this is actually very nice. That you have changed your style. I don’t get such deep comments. So should

we actually change our style to become the reviewer? This is the topic of today. This is the topic. I think we should learn the art of reviewing. Oh my God. The subtle art of reviewing. Subtle art. The art of keeping the review subtle. Or the subtle art of

reviewing. Whatever you would like. Absolutely. So, this is the topic today. And again, it is my good fortune that a person who stays abroad a lot, has returned to India. It has been a month since I went there. Don’t say such things. No, no. But still, your abroad

videos are coming. It is different. Namaskar. Namaskar. Welcome to another, hopefully interesting topic of CARTALAAP. It is more of an education, more of a confusion that we will talk about. And we’ll try to clear up some of your confusion. So, first of all, tell us what is a

review according to you? Sir, see what is a review according to me. When I started YouTube, honestly, I used to see that There were 4-5 english channels in India, but they used to do it in English only at that time. They were not going to do it in

Hindi. What is the point of doing a review? Honestly, I understood that review at that time, that what you are feeling good, What you are feeling bad about the car, Tell that. This is your personal opinion. And because you are driving so many cars, So, you have a

better idea of all the cars. So, you can make a very good comparison. So, a reviewer or a person who consume a lot of content about automobiles, he clearly knows Which car is better in which aspect. So, when you know, You’re in a better position than any normal

person, Who otherwise does some other job and can’t drive so many cars. So, you should make sure in your review that Tell good and bad things about the product. If you feel that there is something which is probably good, but is not useful for most people, then you

highlight it separately. And it is bad, but it will be fine for many people, you can highlight that also for many people. As we have said many times that Maybe Maruti Suzuki’s car is not the best in safety, Which will make a buying decision. You may get a

better, safer car at the same price point in the market. But that doesn’t mean that it is bad for everyone. There are still many people who are saying that According to my permutation & combination, Instead of its negative point, its positive point, fuel efficiency and reliability, that is

too much for me. So, it will be better for him. So, our job is to tell you everything that we feel. The language can be different. I can use awful at some place to describe, and I can say it is bad. They both are two different terms, and

both are perceived differently. Or it is not good. It is not good, it could have been better. This is the worst thing I have heard ever, that this could have been better. Everyone knows that this could have been better. Right now, what is the state of it? Is

it good or bad? That’s the thing. So, for you, that’s the review. For me, that’s the review. If I try to read the types of reviews not as a reviewer but as an outsider, Then 3-4 types of reviews come to me. 3 types. One review, which is full

of positivity. Full of positivity. It’s like Ranveer Alawadia. Ranveer Alawadia doing a review. Sorry brother. Someone cut and sent it. Well, he doesn’t make reviews. But he’s full of positivity. Full of positivity. So that’s why, extremely positive. You are always wearing a smile, A positive smile on your

face. And you are talking good things about a product. By the way, to me, that’s more of an ad, or communicating what the brand wants to say. So that, according to me, can be an overview, but it’s not a review. Then, there are extremely negative reviews. For which,

we have received a lot of criticism. Off lately, we have received a lot of criticism. For whatever reasons. Yes, tell me. I am checking audio. Okay. I am correcting it from my feet. Tell me. Yes. So, extremely negative reviews. Which, people think that He is selectively finding shortcomings.

If it’s not there, he is still looking for it. To me, that’s an art. That you are looking for shortcomings, You are telling the negatives. You are telling the positives, but your negatives are more dominant. And the reviews that I’ve liked since childhood, fortunately or unfortunately, Are the

ones that a person is looking at something with a critical eye. Let me tell you one thing first. My thoughts and Vikas bhai’s thoughts on what a review is match a lot. This is also a big reason that our bonding is very good. Maybe this is the only

reason from where our bonding started. Because before this particular profession, we didn’t know each other. So, maybe you don’t know that other type of view. We tell that too. How other people think about how the review should be. We are not talking about manufacturers. For them, the review

is that, Out of which only good things are said. Mostly manufacturers. They will want this obviously. If you don’t say anything bad about their product, then best review for them. But many people see it like this too. That you do a review that doesn’t hurt the brand. But

your message should reach the customer. Your tonality should be good. Your tonality should be good. Your selection of words, Your choice of words, Your emphasis on certain things should be very neutral, subtle. The problem is that, this type of people have been existing for a long time. And

we didn’t understand for whom they are working. You tell. Are they working for brands? Are they working for the audience? Or they are working for themselves? If they are working for themselves too, then how do they see their future? i.e. how do you always talk subtly? Also, there

is a problem. These people who review in a subtle way, they have never mentioned that, How to understand our reviews? There is no guidebook to understand that subtle review. How will you understand that this person is saying it in a subtle way, that it is bad. But the

brand won’t know. And we also don’t understand in between the lines that it is bad. Exactly, so I was about to say this. The thing of read between the lines. Why should a viewer, Why should a consumer, Who is investing 15 lakhs for his hard-earned money, Why should

he understand what will be the motive of this? Exactly, what he wants to say. The thing you are saying in a subtly, He should understand that. Because he is investing his money. Good or bad, If you find average in between, say average. There is nothing like it could

have been better. Like, how much better? Any feature that is 10 on 10 can be better. Exactly. That can also be better. That could have also been better. But what does it mean? You tell me now, in the current context, do you know the price or the price

bracket? Is it good or not? Tell me. It’s a simple logic. And the third review is a balanced review. I have to keep the brand happy, too. And the subtlety that we have talked about, I have to talk in that manner, too. Now, how do you balance it?

Exactly. It is philosophical to say, but balance is the biggest bias of the world. Because what is the balance? If there are 7 shortcomings in a car, and 5 advantages, then those 7 shortcomings should be revealed. As a reviewer, you should tell. If there are 5 advantages, you

can shout and tell. Or you can tell as you want. But what is this balance? That I will tell 5 positives, and 5 negatives. Yes. It’s not a review. It’s just 5 positives and negatives. You can call it that way. 3 pros, 3 cons, 2 cons, 5 pros,

whatever. It’s not a review. So, the mess that people have created with the word review, over the time. Now people think, every video talking about car, or if there is a car, someone is talking about it. Or if there is a product, bike, whatever, If someone is talking

about it, it’s a review. It’s not a review. But, half the time, it’s just marketing. Whether it’s for money, or for free, It’s just marketing. Then, there is one more type of review. And that is a paid reviews. It is very difficult to explain paid reviews. See, first

of all, for me, review itself is a term. People say that you’ve given a very negative review. Or you have given a very positive review. I think if it is a review, it’ll be both negative and positive somehow. There is nothing like a negative review, nothing like a

positive review. Yes, maybe you are trying to say that You make a video talking about positivity or the product. It’s not a review, it’s a simple video. Where you have to talk about the pros of the product. And it’s a content piece in which you have to talk

about positivity or negativity. Then comes a paid review. We say paid review for our general understanding. A video in which a review should be given. But actually, you take the money and don’t say negative things. So, then eventually it didn’t fall into the review category. I want you

to cut this part of the video and put it in a separate shot. There can be only two types of videos. Either we call it an advertorial or an editorial. There can be only two types of videos. Advertorial means in which a company or any XYZ person is

giving you money to highlight good things about the product. Or he must have also said that Tell 4 good things and 1 negative So that, it looks normal and honest. One is editorial. In editorial, we literally say every- thing that we understand. Good, bad, whatever we want to

say. For many people, Editorial videos can also mean that we don’t say negative things in the video. That is, we don’t tell negative things. Stay away from such people, this is the first thing. But yes, editorial or advertorial, a simple game. There is no third thing that I

can think of right now. There are only two types of vidoes. If you are watching any content piece. Now, adding to what Gagan said. Imagine a channel or a publication which is only talking positive things about every brand. It’s not that it’s not talking about one brand. Mostly

they talk about all the brands. So, technically, they are the mouthpieces of a brand. Now, you have to decide that You’ve to listen to the mouthpieces of the brand. Or you have to listen like an actual buyer, like a potential buyer. Which things should I keep in mind

for my buying or ownership journeying future? That thing that you have to keep in mind or not. You decide that. Because unfortunately, most people do the same type of reviews as the brand says. And that is a brand-building relationship. Because of this, our relationship with the brand is

often ruined. But then you have to take that risk. Honestly, there is nothing like a positive or negative review. There are good products and there are bad products. It’s as simple as that. The way the review is about that. When Simple Energy, what was his name? One Energy.

Simple One Energy. Something like that. When they gave us the product. The product was fine. But we knew that beyond that there is no base. The product is not coming. No one is able to buy it. What does the company want to do with the money? Again, the

next example is Pravaig of Bangalore. They said that they will launch it and bring it. It’s done. What happened? The deadline has passed. The product didn’t come. The financial year ended. The calendar also ended. All year ended. Then it happened in 2023. So he highlighted us at that

time. Really sorry. It’s okay, sir. There is another spam call. Spam call. The public is doing a lot of spam on the internet. But anyway. So, we told to leave the product once. There are things beyond this. We said what we felt. So, now, when there’s a shortage

in the product. So, we have to highlight that. I think it will be better for you guys to choose. Like you were saying about the brand mouthpiece. Mouthpiece, fanboys. Say anything. There are many people who are very passionate about a particular brand. e.g. this person says that Maruti

is the best. He will say that I will praise Maruti no matter what. Though this guy knows that Other brands have good things. But he eventually tries to convince everyone with Maruti. Now, such people exist. They will do it. It’s not our problem. It’s not their problem. It

should not be your problem. They will do it. If you forget about them. They will exist. What is your job? What is your job? Which content would you like to watch at that time? Do you want to see the review? If you want to see a review and

honest opinion about a product. Then that person is not for you. The one who has to praise Maruti. He is not for you. So, yes, it’s fine. You can see his content. But then don’t compare two people, Who is doing one mouthpiece and one reviews. Don’t go and

compare. See that person said this. How are you saying this? Brother, that person has a different propaganda. Then how can we do that? So what, according to you, is a good product? Explain this definition to me. How do you convince people that this is a good product or

not a good product? Sir, I will tell you. This is again my opinion. You can put it against some great car reviewers, journalists or whatever. But my opinion is very simple. A good product should have all the basic things checked. That in today’s era, When we’ve come so

far in the automobile. It should be very reliable. A good product should have all the basic features. Safety features should also be there. Which have become the standard at this time. A good product should be such that it can handle the road conditions that we’ve. In any way.

It is not that you have made a product that if you drive in your lane, it will break. Because our car cannot handle the soil. It’s not that day and age. It’s not like that. A good product is something that lasts. It’s not that you’ve a lot of

heat on the road. Then it won’t last. If you drive in Kashmir, you’ll never have a problem. I cannot categorize that into a good product. It’s a product that is made for such an environment. I have accepted that. There is no problem. But it cannot be categorized broadly

as a good product. Because it’s working in one place and not in another. Yes, there are many things in the layers above that. Like there can be a good product with less features. There can be a bad product with a lot of features. So, those things can come.

There is no problem in that. But I think it should be checked on all the basic things. So, that comes in a good product. The point is that what is the categorization of a product? What is its segment? At what price point is it coming? According to that,

you decide that it is a good product. Now, I can’t compare an Alto K10 with a Mercedes S-Class. I can’t do that. Two different buyers, two different income groups. What is the requirement of an Alto K10 buyer? When you say that a particular brand sells on mileage. A

particular brand sells on features. A particular brand sells on safety. A particular brand talks about its dynamics. Now, if a brand is making a car in 7 or 6 lakhs, What do you think the buyer will want? Exactly. The buyer will want it to first last. At least

8-10 years, 12 years, it should last really well. Its maintenance cost should be less. Its fuel efficiency should be good. Now, if you don’t think that there is a certain brand, e.g. Maruti sells on mileage. But what will a 6-7 lakh rupee car buyer think? Where is its

upgrade coming from? He was a two-wheeler guy. And a two-wheeler guy has come in a four-wheeler. He automatically comes in a safe environment. How can I keep on highlighting that Alto K10 doesn’t have 6 airbags, Alto K10 doesn’t have ADAS, Alto K10 doesn’t have this. When I know

down the line, when I started reviewing, that For which audience has this car been made? At what price point does it come? Exactly. Now reference. Like he said in the beginning, what is a review? So if you have driven a lot of cars, if you’ve reviewed a lot

of products, then comparative analysis Automatically comes to your mind. When I talk about Alto K10, I should already have Kwid in my mind. Redi Go, which is discontinued, Which was its sister, That should also be in my mind. Or an entry-level product should be there in my mind.

Now, what is the story between them? Now, the Renault Kwid has its own advantages. It offers you the space, it offers you good looks. And when it came, it looks bigger. It has a cross. But with Alto K10, I would get the reliability, mileage, ride quality, which is

phenomenal. Even the Kwid also offers great ride quality. So, the point is that the definition of a good product changes according to every segment. If you go to a Creta segment, Now, here buyers want a dynamically sorted car. So, you can probably go with a Volkswagen. Or there’s

one person, that I want a feature-rich car. With a lot of options. I want diesel, I want petrol. I want an option to choose from all these. So, he will, of course, end up buying a Creta. That’s why it sells more. Because it caters to more needs than

a Volkswagen, Which caters to a very limited need. That’s why the limited number of sales. So when I review, So, when I review, say, a Volkswagen Taigun, Why should I review it like a Volkswagen? I should review it like the mid -size or the compact SUV. No, is

it a video about Volkswagen? Or is it a video about the Volkswagen Taigun, which is being served to an audience, which is now looking at multiple options? Taigun, Creta, and Elevate, Grand Vitara, and all those sort of. That’s the base. Is it a video about praising Taigun? Is

it a video about just Volkswagen, not going beyond it? So, where is the review? The review is only when the person who has driven all the cars Who has had the experience of BS4, BS6, who has seen the diesel, and closing diesel, who has seen the CNGs, who

has seen the electric, Now, he will come and tell, At this price point where everything is available, Where does this car fits? Positive or negative? So, good products and bad products can be subjective for a few people, but for masses, it will be a product that offers them

the most. Our market is value-conscious. We don’t buy cheap cars. We buy the best value. Today, Auto K10 also costs 7-7.5 lakhs on-road, It’s not a cheap car, to be honest, on any parameter. But I will compare it with 7-7.5 lakhs. Now, there are some questions That is

a little difficult for you as a reviewer. One question that comes up a lot is, That you should make a car. Yes, a lot comes. Why don’t you make it? If you have so much knowledge about cars, then you yourself make a car and sell it. Like, we

have discussed this many times. It’s like saying, if you don’t like this salt, Then you should make salt. If you don’t like this phone, then make yourself. Or if you don’t like a particular politician, or a policy of the government, then you make a government yourself. Or a

lot comes for films, Film critics get such comments a lot. Then you make a film yourself. If we go by that logic, then I’ll have to make all these things myself. If I don’t like it, Generally, if there is no option available in the market for me, then

I will have to make all these things myself. So, the existing company that I am making, if it exists, then there is no logic. Then what is the meaning of Maruti, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Kia, Tata, to exist You all stop it. We will make our own car. See, the

problem is you have to understand, there is a business which is going on. There are consumers. Then there is someone who will let the consumer know, which business is right for you? which one you should choose? We are doing that job. And it is not an easy job.

It is not even easy to survive in this world. It is not easy to make a car for a company, or to buy a car for you. It takes money for that too. It is not an easy job. But we are in a situation, where we are being

criticized by the people, Who we are serving, actually. Exactly. So, criticism is great. But don’t say that you make a car. No, brother. You say like this, then it is fine. By this logic, I am not getting to understand which car you are recommending. Tell me that. If

he leaves that in the video, that is the question to ask. You ask that. You ask the right questions, of course. You can’t simply put a finger saying, you make a car. You make a video. You make a video, sir. And why are you making a video? Wait.

Why are you making a video? You make a car And sell it us buy. You make a car. You don’t make a video. No, no, no. If you make a video, then it will be the same story, this is good, this is bad. No, how is that bad?

You make a car. It is not that logic. So, this logic doesn’t end anywhere. There’s another logic, which is very… What do you call it? I know one thing. Get a Mercedes at 10 lakhs. Yes, yes. That is basically the same thing. The same thing. i.e. in this

much money, you will get this much. This is the right thing. We know. In this much money, you will get this much. But if there are options in this much, then I will compare. There will be comparisons drawn. We know that in 10 lakhs, you will get 4

tyres. So, we won’t say, wow, At 10 lakhs, you will get 4 tyres. You will get wheels. Be happy. Be happy. Beyond this, do you need Mercedes that’s not how it’s happening. We see segments and compare. Many times, there are such situations Where there is a possibility that

in 10 lakhs, No one offers any such particular feature. Even then, we have talked about it. Because now we know that feature can come in this price bracket. It’s not a… You know, it’s not 90s where I’m saying that put a good touch screen of 12 inches. In

which the game should run. It’s not that era. I know how much it costs in this era. Where can it be installed? That’s the thing. There is a lot of intellectual public. Not intellectual, but people Who look at things in a different way. I have heard this comment

many times that A company is investing its effort, money and energy in making a product. Who are you to criticize this? Yes, exactly. I remember one interesting thing. Once, in Goa, An immigration officer caught me. Oh, that drone issue. Yes, drone issue. No, he realized later that there

was a drone. I told him that I had a drone. The day was the same. Just before that, the conversation was going on. He said, why did you go? In the last two weeks, I had gone out of India three or four times. So, what is the logic

to go out so much? So, they obviously suspected me of some other things Then I said I make videos At that time, I had a drive of the Rolls Royce Phantom. So, he asked what did you just go there to do? I said, for Rolls Royce Phantom. So,

he asked me to show something. So, I made a reel. I was telling what I liked in RR. There were some such wordings in it. So, the person looks at it and says, Then he says who are you to say such things about Rolls Royce It reminds me

of that thing Energy, effort, money, I totally agree it So, there’s no business for social service. Name one brand that is doing social service in the automobile sector. And if you’re going to name any specific brand, then dig that a little and see how they have survived over

the years through the channels, different channels, corruption, interpretation of politics and all of that. Every brand has to do everything to become big. If you will start removing the curtains. I cannot start saying all these things in one video. When I’m talking about product What do I have

to do with a brand’s last 50 years of history? But it’s necessary for me to be aware of it. Then, I have to understand the basics of my analysis. How will I analyze the product? Their strategy, their long term reliability, etc. See, it is a business. In business,

everyone invests money, every- one invests energy, everyone invests effort. But, what about the buyers? His years of savings,15 lakhs, Or if he has taken a loan, Should we speak about their efforts, their money? or for a brand which can manipulate a lot of people, Can take a lot

of reviewers with it, can do good marketing? But, a public, a normal public, who is buying that car, if the day he start getting worried, that corporate is not going to his side That’s where we come in That’s why we take pride in saying Yes, we spoke about

shortcomings Now, you decide whether to buy a car or not And when has it happened where you’ve 10 lakhs And I told you about four shortcomings and two advantages of one car. Then you say, there’s a shortcoming. Now, I won’t buy the car. I will keep the 10

lakh in my pocket. You will still buy the car. Now, you’ll buy a car with fewer shortcomings Now, you have made the right decision Understanding the point That is the point And for cristims Make constructive criticism And tell that there is a mistake here. And that actually helps.

I want to tell you that this is my personal experience. I have never worked in any news media, magazine, TV. Unfortunately, I have. I’ll tell you how it can be fortunate as well. Because I always see how to do it. How can I write this as a review?

Is this a review? Or is this a review or not? Or is this an impression or an opinion? What is this? I always get stuck in that dilemma. It’s a keyword. Exactly. Then, I used to think that I haven’t studied in this. So, if someone asks for a

degree in future, then which one should I show? Then I used to wonder who I should ask for validation on it. My journey consists of trial and error. So, the comment section was best for me. People used to come to me and say that I made a video

one day. Top 10 cars that you should not buy. I think the name of the car was WagonR. Because I remember I must have said, for some point, why you shouldn’t buy WagonR. I think at that time Stingray used to come. So, I told them to buy this,

not that. I said something like that. I don’t remember exactly. And I specifically remember someone wrote an email that you made this video. I have WagonR and serving great purposes. We have 6-7 people in our family. We had this budget. And it clicked me that yes, the guy

is right. So, now, when I make the video, I will have to be even more specific. That what I am saying should be right. So, over time, there’s a reason my reviews become very specific. I should also cover this…, So, the video where duration was 10 minutes, Now,

it is 30 minutes. Because I’m counting the needs of everyone, So, those things keep coming. And it’s important sometimes it goes into your head that you know, if you’ve driven n number of cars and some luxury cars and all that. And when you start reviewing a regular car,

which is under 10 lakhs. You can’t keep both on the same plate, which we have already talked about. And that’s why driving a lot of cars is also important, but We also have to make sure that It doesn’t go into our mind. That there’s nothing above than the

Mercedes. Me constantly driving international cars doesn’t mean that I am going to judge Indian cars on their basis. But now I have a very clear idea that What is happening outside? And I will come back and question manufacturers here. I will question the Indian car manufacturer, Indian-based car

manufacturer. That if this is happening there, Then why are you not able to do it? Tell me the reason. Now, I understand the government taxation How much money can they save? Can they do it or not. What things are there, XYZ, All these permutations and combi- nations will

be understood as this Or how will get figure it out? That doesn’t mean that In future, I will go out and drive For example, I drove Alfa Romeo, I will go and drive Alfa Romeo and say that I drove it Tonale and what a great quality it had.

Why are you not giving quality at this price point? Now, I will have to see, brother. You will have to understand the market dynamics a little bit And the more cars you drive, The more markets that you go to, You become more mature about all these things. And

outrightly rejecting an Alto guy that, Why you’re driving an unsafe car. That is also wrong. See, according to his budget, he took what was best for him. But yeah. When the government announced, I think Nitin Gadkari ji had said to bring a 6-airbags. I was not of the

same opinion. I said, no, it’s not how it’s happened. Will you give 6 airbags in Alto, Will it become safe? No, it’s not like that. It doesn’t work like that. You may not understand the logic, What are the dynamics? You will have to understand that First of all,

it is safe for a two-wheeler person This might have been said by a professional of Maruti. Even if I don’t say it in brand language, I can understand who is the first buyer of Alto. The person who has bought the car for the first time. Or it might

be a person for whom safety doesn’t matter. Though he knows whether there is safety or not. But that doesn’t mean that You increase the entry-level car’s price so much high. That he never got to buy that car in his life. We shouldn’t do it. I love the fact

that one day, a car gets 6 airbags. I love the day when almost all other Indians can buy a car. Let’s say almost 70% of Indians can buy a car. Make 6 airbags mandatory in all the cars on that day. On that day you can come to that

level of safety. Before that, we need infrastructure. Which is actually being used by Mercedes, Alto, Rolls Royce and Alto guys. That infrastructure should be made first. And everyone is dying in accidents, by the way. Even if it’s a Rolls Royce or Mercedes. BMW or Alto. You can say

that if Alto gets hit, it will die a little faster. But the point is that There are other things as well that We need to keep this in mind while we review a car. And again, the subtle art of reviewing, We are just exploring. If it happens, we

will do it and tell you. You tell us what the subtle art of reviewing is. What do you think how the review should be? Please help us, criticize us. And unfortunately, since last few years or months, The way the brand creates pressure. Correct the tonality. And we cite

examples that look at that person. I am really sorry to say it, but my seniors have set the wrong examples. They said that… They have set the wrong examples. That doesn’t mean I will follow the same path. My path is going to be different and our path is

going to be different. We will rather focus on criticizing a product and tell you all the drawbacks along with all the positives. So, that it makes your life easier. And in future, I didn’t bother. When you meet me in future, You’ll say that I counted the pros in

that car. Now, I’m feeling that. For me, it is done. Our work is done. I can handle one more criticism for one more brand. Even if they abuse me for 4 more days, I am happy with that 4 seconds. Exactly. A person bought it and felt the same

thing. He is saying that I bought it because I was okay with it. So, I bought it and I felt good. And I felt the same. That’s how it should happen. You tell us how it should be. What should be improved? We would like to thank you subtly.

We would like to subtly thank my critics. Ultimately, you are also doing your work. And yes, this podcast could have been better. Yeah, it could have been better. It just lacks something that will make it wow. This could have been better. Thank you so much. This could have

been better:)

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