How to edit videos on Mobile for free in Telugu | App Review #2

Hi friends, Iam Ruthwik chowdary. So welcome back to my channel R Media
So today`s topic is video editing and that to for free on mobile
So Iam using an app for money that means i paid money for that app
If you want you can use this app for free because you are begginers
But you willl get the app logo if you use it for free
So if you dont want the app logo to be displayed then take pro
So first i will say the size of that app and its almost 87 MB
And the app is nothing but Kinemaster
So I think most of them know what is Kinemaster but i will teach you the correct use of it
So even i use Kinemaster but its pro
If you want you can download it for free
even though if you get logo you will be having best video editing software
Also if you are having an iPhone you can use enlight videoleap, i will do that video also keep notified
And also guys who don`t know telugu Iam giving subtitles read them
So I already said that today`s topic is about video editing on mobile for free
So its size is almost close to 1GB
And you must download this app and you must keep it up-to-date because sometimes you will be having some issues
And if you open the Kinemaster you will get a button `+`
So I think you are getting the process on your right side and if you click on the + symbol
It will be asking the screen size and if you are creating youtube videos you can just choose 16:9
And who wanted to create whatsapp status choose 1:1
And i said you right if you want to do videos like me choose 16:9
And when you select th escreen size you will be directed to editing page and now you have to click on the media option
And when you click on backgrounds you will get colour backgrounds
And if you dont want backgrounds then just click on your video there we don`t backgrounds
And then if you want to add any stickers or anything you will be having a shop logo which is called as Kinemaster assets store
So there are many items on assets store like you will be having Stickers, music, sound fx and more
So if you want you can add many layers but some apps doesn`t allow multiple layers which Kinemaster allows
So layers means nothing but the line which are having your input stickers or music or anything
So sometimes if you select some videos ypou will not get them because kinemaster will block some of them
So i said you right you can add multiple layers
So you can also add logo of your youtube channel
And also there are multiple features in this Kinemaster
So there is a disadvantage in free Kinemaster that you will get made with KINEMASTER
So if you guys don`t want that logo then you have to take Kinemaster pro
And if anyone are doing small bussinesses then you can use this kinemaster for adds or anything else
So you can also add voiceover
So if you want to add then click on the microphone symbol
If you click on that you will get some bars
You cannot add videos in the middle
And while you are recording your voice then you can observe that the bars move up and down
And you can also trim your videos
Most of them they comment if they dont know how to trim
You can trim videos if there is any disturbance in your background
Also the most used video editing software is Kinemaster
And don`t quit Kinemaster for its logo beacusew all the apps are like this only
But Kinemaster is different from all other apps
And if you don`t want logo to be displayed then take pro
Most of them are asking that how to whatsapp status video editing
So to do that editing you wil be given with three screen typesd
So you can select 1:1 square size or you can also add normal screen size
So you can add pictures and trim them for whatsapp status
But you know that whatsapp status time is just 30 sec so trim and keep them
And also follow Kinemaster on Instagram, twitter and various pages
The reason why i said to you is they will be keeping the updates on Kinemaster
And some features in pro is Chroma key
So this chroma key helps you to change your backgrounds
And also if anyone are starting a new bussiness then you can comment me so i can make a video for you
And also if you like this video then like it and share it to your friends so that they can also see the video and enjoy it

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