Howard Stern Remembers Stylist And Dear Friend Ralph Cirella

Ralph Cella Howard’s close friend and longtime stylist has passed away after a battle with a rare lymphoma he was 58 on Wednesday a distraught Howard spoke of the deep affection he has for his late confident I think this is the toughest part of loving someone when you lose them Lord know I loved Ralph he said my wife said to me last night you and Ralph have a secret language and it’s true we had a great chemistry and we had a great friendship and Ralph was one of my brothers in fact I came to think of

Ralph as family first calling into the Stern Show on wnbc in 1985 with his mother Ralph initially collaborated with Howard on a penis puppet for a New Year’s Eve event at Madison Square Gardens old felt forum despite some technical difficulties he eventually was hired to do special effects on the channel 9 show Howard’s iconic late night variety program he was a tremendously talented guy Howard insisted Ralph would make these elaborate Prosthetics like in the movies or like on Saturday Night Live and he do them for zero money when Ralph gave Howard some constructive criticism on

his appearance he then became his stylist some of the most f I’ve had with Ralph is when we’d be going through my closet he’d be picking out my clothing

and then he’d go all right take your pants off now Howard recalled with a laugh it’s just so stupid and it’s killing me I’ll never hear that again he also contributed to an aspect of the stern Shield that lives on to this day Ralph is the reason I always start the show with hey now Howard admitted before explaining it was Ralph’s obsession with the Larry Sanders show

and constant repeating of its catchphrase that got him into it it became so infectious that I started most importantly it was Ralph who helped introduce Howard to Beth the reason why I met my wife was Ralph he said before recounting the night his friend insisted he go out with him to a party that she was also at I met the person I love in this world the most Beth co-host Robin Quivers cited the time Ralph consoled her after a breakup as evidence he was a true friend he just said that guy you don’t spend a

second feeling bad about this she remembered he was just that kind of guy Ralph was team Robin Howard and Robin weren’t the only members of the staring show who had grown close to Ralph over the years he was such a good guy he was so nice to my wife Mary and so nice to my kids executive producer Gary delate told listeners Ralph’s longtime friend Chris Wilding grew emotional while thinking of the things he’d never get to see or do he really wanted to try those apple VR glasses and I’m sad he won’t get to see

another Batman movie Chris said he also lamented the fact he didn’t see him at Ronnie mun’s wedding I thought we’d just get together and be friendly again Wilding said I have tremendous regret I didn’t reach out to him Ronnie meanwhile fondly recalled his and Ralph phone conversation about one of their favorite TV shows Bosch they came out with another season of it just recently and I have a feeling he never got to watch it Ronnie said it’s just so sad man staff for Mid Walker said he and Ralph had started off as bitter enemies nearly

a decade ago but they eventually found common ground and forged a close relationship I wanted to be like Ralph so I thought it was really cool when we became friends later in life mimit said before bringing up a more practical concern I have his HBO password and I’m wondering how long will that work for he joked I will miss him terribly rest in peace Ralphy boy Howard added I can’t believe we’re saying it but this guy was my man and he’s like the brother I never had

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