HTVRONT Mini Heat Press and Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl REVIEW + How to Make a Makeup bag + GIVEAWAY

Hello, hello guys!
It’s been a while since I did a video in English.
So it’s about time.
So this time, I’m gonna show you guys some things that I got on the mail.
First of all, I got this iron
Mini Heat Press Machine
is from HTVRUNT.
So, I just want to try and see how good it is
and show you guys what you can do with it.
So, and I got this.
This is an Iron-on
a paper. So it’s glitter.
It’s really wonderful colors.
It comes with different ones.
Let’s actually start with this one
because I want to show you, guys, the colors. There’re awesome.
And they’re right now on top of Amazon, so…
I just really want to try and see if they really work.
And if there’re awesome, because there’re trend on Amazon, they have to do something good.
So I see right now it comes with a…
I think
this is kind of like…
the paper you put on top of the materials, so…
They come with instructions.
Yes, it’s teflon.
This is the paper you put it on top of your materials

/> so it doesn’t get ruined the
where are we gonna put it.
So we’re gonna make this makeup bag.
So it’s really small that, you know, not that big,
but you will see the design that I’m gonna use.
But here is what we’re gonna do.
And if you’re interested in getting this bag,
I’m gonna give it away on my Instagram.
So, go follow me in Instagram
so you can win this.
And the good thing,
I don’t request any credit cards or anything like that.
So if someone asks you for credit cards or something, it’s not me.
Pay attention to that.
I only send my giveaway
right now only to United States and Puerto Rico.
So keep that in mind.
But if you’re not in United States
and you want to get this material
and or this iron,
I’m gonna have 20 coupons.
20 for the iron, 20 for the material,
so you can get it yourself
and you can buy it on Amazon.
And we’ll see how good it is.
If you want it, you can contact me.
And only the first 20 people that contact me, will get the…
Will get the coupons.
It’s not for everybody, sadly.
But right now, I have 20 of the material, 20 coupons for the iron.
So I have to send it to you,
like private, because
it’s only you can use the coupon, so
Contact me, don’t waste your time.
If you like what you see, this is your time.
So let me show you what colors
I have here.
A red, silver.
Are awesome this colors, I love it.
You can do so many things with this.
blue, so many
so many.
And let’s open the iron.
So come with me right here.
See what is inside.
So first thing, when you open it,
you have like a thank you card, that’s nice.
You have instructions, of course.
And you have this little bag
kind of nice.
So it doesn’t get dirty.
It comes, of course, with the iron.
So this is the iron mini
super super small
and it’s actually not heavy at all.
It’s really nice.
And with the base where you put it
so you can see
super small, you can see it on my hand, really small.
So let’s start with this, on the instructions.
They actually tell you what it means each line, you can see here.
So you see the first three lines.
So the first line, it means that it’s on
285° fahrenheit.
This second line,
it tells you that it’s 220°
sorry, 320° fahrenheit.
And the three lines
means that it’s in 356° fahrenheit.
When it’s red, when the lines are red,
it means that the iron is not ready.
When it’s green, it means that it’s ready to use.
So we will try soon and you will see.
But for now this is what I got.
And let’s see what are we gonna make for our makeup bag, so you can do it at home.
Perfect, so here it is our design.
This is what we’re going to put in the makeup bag.
I went and see dimensions of my Cricut makeup bag
and I saw that it was 5.75 inches
by 3.75 inches.
Width. So this is what I did.
This is only for reference.
So I know where I’m going to put my design and how it’s going to look.
But this is what I did.
But let’s do something. Let’s hide it
and let me tell you what I’m going to do.
I attach, right here you can see, I attach
what is in black together.
So that way I don’t have to do many cuts in everything is, you know, a mess
because this is going to be like a puzzle.
You know, I’m going to have my heart.
That is, you know, wine glitter paper,
this pink and this is gonna be gold.
And is everything you know,
this is just for reference as well
the colors, because everything is glitter in my end.
So this is only for reference.
That way the machine knows that I have different cuts.
So everything in black, I put it attached
You go here, and you go “Attach”
might detach it so you can see.
so what I did,
I click everything that it was black and attach
and that’s it
You know, It’s together.
Same thing I did with the hearts.
Of course I cannot do this with the lip tip in the brush
because there are different colors.
So here it is.
And now that I have everything attached,
these are the things that I found online, you know hearts, and you can find any in images, you can find
any kind
and same thing with the lipstick.
You can find any images, essentially something I did.
But these things you can find, it so easy to find
and let’s go to make it.
So you can see I have different cuts.
Okay, put a little bit to the right.
I’m gonna mirror.
You know that every Iron-on has to be mirrored.
All right. I’m going to move this a little bit.
I like to be really too close.
There we go.
Now that I have everything mirror, sorry
I’m going to continue here
is connecting to my machine.
And now let’s find the material that we’re going to use.
Here in browse all materials, you put iron
and here we’re gonna pick Glitter Iron-on.
This is the most similar thing that they have in material that I will work with my…
and I know it’s going to cut it.
So let’s press “Done”.
And now let’s go to our machine and see what we’re going to do.
Alright guys, so
here is the iron-on that I’m going to use, this colors
I don’t know if you can see it really well, but this is gold, red,
the pink and the black.
The black It’s really awesome, It’s like the glitter looks like rainbow.
Really hard to see on cammera, but it’s beautiful.
So whoever wins the makeup, you can see it yourself.
So this is the material again,
what we’re going to use.
So here they give you the instructions.
I’m gonna read a trill, so really simple
The material that we’re gonna use is the HTVRUNT.
So, you know, normal instructions.
They tell you where you can put it, is pretty much everything, this is kind of cool.
So you can use it in 100% cotton,
100% polyester, Poly and cotton blands, bland clothing.
Everything, pretty much even in leather.
A lot of materials that I have seen lately
You only like
you have to pick which one you want to buy.
If it’s for cotton or for polyester or you need to pick different ones,
you have to buy a lot of material.
Me that I have my business, so I have to buy so many materials, because not everything works with everything.
And this is kind of cool that works actually, with pretty much everything.
So it’s really cool
I told you, you know, use it on your machine.
There actually tell you like, I think every iron-on
that I had used, it has it. It has a clear prottector.
I don’t know if you can see it
It has a protection, so when you put it on your top, on your card,
for your Cricut,
you put the shiny down.
So that’s why we do the mirror,
because that way
when you put it on your shirt, you put it on top, like the shiny goes on top
of your shirt or in my case the bag it goes like this.
But we will see, you will see what we’re gonna do.
But I’m sure you have experience with this.
So here is the colors that we’re gonna use.
And also they tell you
to wait till its cold, so you can pearly clear
the clear tape from the top.
So you have to wait
and they actually tell you, that you have to preheat your bag or shirt or whatever you want to use.
You have to preheat it for 2 to 3 seconds before you put your design on top.
It actually helps with everything, even with your shirts.
Preheat everything
because sometimes you don’t see it and you don’t feel it,
But you sure has some kind of humid, like it feels humid.
So that way, it takes everything out of from your shirt.
And they tell you
actually, they tell you to put the…
your iron, even if it’s this one or whatever,
you’re gonna use at 305° Farenheit
and they tell you to put a light/medium pressure.
medium. You don’t have to press so hard, but at the same time not to light.
And you’re gonna do that for 5 to 10 seconds.
Sorry, you’re gonna do that for 15 to 20 seconds.
And that’s an off for instructions.
Let’s show you what we’re gonna do actually here.
I’m going to put my iron to Preheat before I caught my materials, that way you know, when we are ready.
So let’s do this.
Let’s do a happy medium, so let’s put it on the second one
because it says the first one is 284°
with two lines is 320°.
So a happy medium.
We’re going for two.
So you can see it’s flashing. That means it’s preheating
and we have to wait till it’s green.
So the iron are ready to use.
So let’s cold our materials and see what we’re going to do.
Alright, so let’s see what we’re gonna do.
I’m gonna put the red one first.
always see your Cricut Design Space, so you can know which one is first, which one is second.
But I’m going to do this one now.
This one should not take a lot of time.
Like I tell you, I always put the shiny side down.
And let’s put here our card.
I’m using the standard grip
be sure to have your fine point blade on
and let’s cut.
All right, so everything is cut, ready to go.
I’m just going to now, with everything that is not needed
and I’m going to do it with everything.
So now let’s see.
Let me tell you why I cut around my area.
Sometimes when you overlay things,
this thing, sometimes they kind of
be on top of your other
iron-on, any marks the area.
So I try to cut around, you know, the transfer plastic tape that is around.
I like to cut it, so it doesn’t do a Mark on the material or anything like that.
I don’t know if this is going to happen with this kind of material
because it looks really nice,
but is something that happens to me, so I try to cut as much as I can.
So here’s everything that we’re going to use.
We just need to put this puzzle together, like I said before.
Here’s the paper that we’re going to use.
Like I said, here’s the three green lines, so it means that it’s ready to go.
Awesome. This is so light.
I don’t know why I did not used this before,
and it’s so hot.
So it’s wonderful for this kind of things, even to make hats for shirts, any kind of thing.
This is really cool.
And it’s so light compared to others.
This is good.
Remember that we need to preheat the material for a couple of seconds.
Now that is hot and good to go.
Now we put the material on.
So now that we have the design where it’s supposed to be, we need to…
give it heat.
So now we have to wait for this to cold down.
Look how awesome it looks.
It looks really cool.
I mean, It’s feel really like is…
It looks like a sticker pretty much.
This is really cool.
I love it.
So perfect. Here is everything together.
Put the paper on.
And let’s do some heat.
I do like this because that way this conserves a lot of heat,
So I take it away from there that way I can hurry up
and get this cool down.
Think it’s almost there.
Guys, this is awesome. I love it.
I really do love it.
So if you want to do, like a makeup bag or something, I would definitely recommend this material.
looks awesome and you know, you can feel the glitter like others.
So it’s kind of awesome.
I love it, I really do.
So, guys,
if you like this video,
and like always,
God bless you!

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