Huawei Band 6 Unboxing and Review

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For today’s video, join me as I unbox and 
review the Huawei Band 6
so, let’s go!
Hello my RichFam. How’s your day?
Have you been working out or you just eat and sleep?
Anyway, for today’s video, join me as I share a few things about the Huawei Band 6 smartwatch
I bought this at the Huawei official store on Shopee
The original price was 2,599 pesos but it was on sale for 2,090 pesos with a free gift
so, let’s get started with the unboxing and the review
It has a 1.47 inch amoled full vision display with 194 by 368 pixels
The power or menu button is at the right side
and the watch case is made of durable polymer materials
at the back, you’ll see the two magnetic charging pins
and the sensors
as for charging, just connect it to the magnetic charger  
it will take one and a half hour for it to be fully charged
You can use the watch for 10 to 14 days on a single charge
Now let’s go to the Menu
The first one is the Workout
Where you’ll see different workout like outdoor run, indoor run, outdoor walk,

indoor walk
indoor cycle, pool swim, skipping, cross 
trainer, rower
But if your workout isn’t there then you can customize
then the Workout records where you’ll see the workout you’ve done
You’ll also have the Heart rate monitor
There’s an oxygen saturation 
or the blood oxygen monitor
Activity records which show calories you burn, distance, steps
and how many hours you’re active
There’s also a sleep tracker which will test the quality of your sleep
A Stress test which will detect the level of your stress
There’s a Breathing exercise. Inhale, exhale…
You can also play music from your phone because you can’t store music in this watch
There’s Notifications so you can check 
the messages that you received  
and Weather so you can check the weather at your area
There’s a Stop watch
You can even use it as a torch or a flashlight
and even to locate your phone
you can also go to the 
Settings to change the display
and to change the watchface. There are many available watchfaces on the Huawei Health App
you can also control the Vibrations at the Settings
There’s a Do not Disturb option
You can also change the Workout setting if you want the watch to auto detect your workout
and for security, you can also 
enable the Pin
At the System is where you can Restart
power off, disconnect and reset the watch
the About will show some info about the watch
if you swipe down from the home screen, you will see these shortcuts  
and if you swipe up, you will see the messages or notifications
if you swipe left to right, then these are what you’ll see
If you press the homescreen for a few seconds, that is how you’ll be able to change the watchface
If you press the Menu/power button for long
then that’s how you’ll be able to restart or turn the watch off  
so here is the Huawei Band 6. 
As you guys can see, it’s quite small
Design wise, the watch frame is a rectangle shape
so it’s really like a matter of personal preference if you like that kind of design or not
because some people like this slim or compact design
because it’s more comfortable and portable when it comes to working out
while other people want a bigger screen so they can read it easily so it’s really up to you
The screen is nice. It sports a 1.47 inch amoled full view display
so it’s clear and nice graphics. You can easily see and read what’s on the screen
I also like the build quality because even if it’s lightweight, it doesn’t feel like a toy. It feels sturdy.
and as you guys can see, the frame of this is the one in gold
Only two models got a gold frame which is the sakura pink and the amber sunrise
I bought this for my mom so we opted for 
this model
the rest are black I think, or like a gray or silver
You can customize it by changing the strap or getting watch bezel protector
to change the color or whatever you prefer
But there were two cons that I noticed on this watch
Well the first one is not really the watch
it’s about the Huawei Health app because there were three instances
wherein I tried to open the Huawei health app
it didn’t open and it just keeps hanging
and I tried with different devices whether it be ios and android devices. It didn’t work
but it worked the next day
so it was a hassle because I couldn’t see some results like that of the sleeping test etc.
so I hope they’ll be able to fix those bugs
so the Huawei health app will run smoothly on iOS and android devices
another con that I noticed was with the Blood oxygen measuring
because there were times that it couldn’t measure the blood oxygen
it’s either you have to tighten the strap
or you have to adjust the location of the watch
so the sensor would work to measure blood oxygen
which is quite a hassle because compared to my huawei gt 2e, it can measure the blood oxygen easily
Over all, the Huawei Band 6 is actually a decent entry-level smartwatch
because it has almost the same features of the more expensive Huawei smartwatch just like the GT-2e
and the price point is just right for the quality and the features of this watch
I mean you can get this for 2,090 pesos only in Shopee at the Huawei official store if there’s a sale
and there are times that they offer free gifts so how can you go wrong with that
so if you’re looking for a fairly affordable smart watch with almost the same features like that of the more expensive models
then I highly recommend the Huawei Band 6
Anyway that sums up my video. I hope you enjoyed this video and if you did
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Thank you guys for watching. Once again, it’s your boy Rich and I’ll see you on the next video

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