Huawei Matebook 14 2024 Review & FULL Walkthrough 2024 Model With Core Ultra 7 155H

This is Huawei’s new Matebook 14 it is a 2024 model now that is revised and just so much better than previous models OLED screen 2.8k is the resolution so it’s very sharp 3×2 aspect ratio supports 10 touch points and even their M pencil stylus if you happen to

like using a stylus on the screen well you got that backlit keyboard a full alloy build to it and it’s quite lightweight it’s 1.3 31 kilos which is very good and 14.5 mm is the thickness of it and it is powered by the core Ultra 7 155h from

Intel with its new arc graphics which is a big step up from what we previously had the iris XE Graphics the battery capacity is 70 W hours and in this walkthrough review I’ll be going through pretty much everything you need to know about this new laptop here from

Huawei so officially it’s about 1.31 kilos which you can see but I would round up and call that 1.32 now adding the charger to it it’s still very good look at this weight 1.52 now it’s not as impressive as the Matebook X pro but that is still great

for a 14-in laptop I really like the look and the build quality of this it’s typical Huawei that the build is superb that there’s

nothing sharp on this there’s nothing on it that feels cheap and for the just over ,000 price point it’s very good the build I

think is fantastic excellent definitely right up there with others so the matte finish on The Middle on the alloy here is very good and I like this light green color I think it’s very nice so it’s a light pastel green It’s Not Over the Top green it just

gives it a nice touch to it a nice look and the lid yes you can open this up well yeah just one-handed as you can see but no I am I’m actually going to need another hand all right it seems to be a little bit stiff at the

moment but it would probably loosen up so we have right here a fingerprint reader this is from Goodix you can log straight in with Windows hello and that’s a lot faster of course than typing out passwords the webcam does not seem to support Windows hello for login unfortunately

palm rest is really nice and again this is all metal the alloy finish very resistant to fingerprints keyboard This is now a one piece keyboard here there is basically really no flex at no normal typing pressures and it’s a quiet keyboard really nice to type on I’m used

to their keyboards been using them a lot and I think they’re really good now travel is about 1.4-1.5 mm it’s not super deep but it’s not super shallow either like you get with some laptops which I don’t personally like and I do like the fact that the power

button separated away here half size arrow keys unfortunately and yes I do have the UK layout here and it is a backlit keyboard which is two stage as I’ll demonstrate now so that is the first level it’s quite low and this is the second I’m not really doing

it justice here with my cameras but it’s a nice decent level it’s not overpowering I think it’s the adequate Kind of Perfect level that they’ve found here Huawei for the backl keys little hard to see right here but there there is just there a Huawei logo now this

part of the laptop under very heavy gaming it gets a little bit warm but nothing alarming The Thermals are very good of the unit itself Palm rest this side is always cool this sometimes gets up to around about 30 5° this part here around about 43 that I’ve

measured that’s an hour of gaming Assassin’s Creed Valhalla which wasn’t bad at all you can see here on the side the downward firing speakers so this one of these either side now 14.5 mm is the thickness the weight is 1.31 kilos which is very good and we’re got

an HDMI 2.1 that does support variable refresh rate with display out so that’s good and here a 3.5 mm auto jack with mic support a type a 3.2 status LED and this is a full spec type c Port so video out data and power delivery and the 65

wats that it will charge with the included charger now I really do think they should have gone with just one more type-c Port either on this side or the other because if you’re using a type-c cable you want to plug it in but you want to use power

for the maximum performance you have to unplug it or use a dongle which is a slight annoyance and and then just on the right side we have another USB type a 3.2 then they’ve changed the design here with the intake for the coolers and the cooling in this

now I can’t unfortunately show you the copper transfer pipes but they’ve got the new design with the cooler the shark fins they have the new design here with the little tiny holes so there’s over 5,000 of these and they improveed the strength of it it’s a bit stronger

than having those little slots that they used to before those little tiny rectangular slits you could say and this also does mean the cooling should be better too and less dust or dust shouldn’t get in as much as before with the other whole Z to so it’s a

changed there cooling has improved up to 45 wats in the power or the performance mode as they call it and it is of course the ultra 71 155h the two downwards firing speakers rubber feet very resistant to fingerprints everywhere on this so just a topnotch build quality with

the mbook 14 now looking at the excellent screen that this does have I mean it is top 10 OED 2.8k screen 3×2 aspect ratio notice that the bezels left and right are very good top and bottom aren’t bad at all they rounded the edges just trying to make

this laptop look a little bit more modern 3×2 Asic ratio so this is good for work for spreadsheets websites things like that I think it is ideal a lot of laptops are 16 by10 but I do like this I think it really does suit for a more business

orientated laptop now the refresh rate this scales from and does go from 48 to 120 is the variable refresh rate touch response very good accuracy is really good it’s fully laminated and it does support 10 touch points and even their M pencil stylist the third generation one which

unfortunately I don’t have at the time of this video so I can’t demonstrate it but it will be really good good pressure sensitivity really accurate I have used it before with previous products and is excellent so they have also 1920 HZ with the refresh rate and this means

that you do not see any flicker I mean I’ll lower the brightness right down and look at how dark it goes I mean it goes that dark that my camera can’t even see it basically is pretty much just off which is really good you can get it nice

and dull for using late at night now it does Support also uh blue light filtering and this is hardware level so that’s really good for your health and everything certified for all of that and the color coverage well let’s talk a little bit about this what I’ve done

is just calibrated and measured it with my spider X pro and I’m surprised to see between the calibrator view which we are currently looking at and I switch over to uncalibrated and notice that there is barely any difference it’s that good their calibration out of the box and

it’s really accurate the colors oled’s just fantastic those deep blacks so the color gamut coverage here srgb 100% ntsc 85 5% and the one I want which is Adobe RGB 87% now their claim is 97% so it’s a little bit off that just like their brightness claim should

be 450 nits plugged in maximum brightness I get 330 three Nets but it should be able to do a lot more but even so right now I only use tend to use about the brightness set to around about 60% or so it is really bright and finally P3

color coverage that is 98% the webcam is in its normal location here so in the top bezel it does have microphones either side of it for your audio now there is no privacy shutter but through PC manager you can disable it and here is our camera this is

me just sitting at the laptop on a desk and I’ve got standard room lighting on so not my powerful studio lights the microphones sound good the webcam quality is full HD and it’s up to 60 frames per second and with this software using the PC manager you can

adjust a few things so you’ve got the different backgrounds here which I’ll test out now meeting room I quite like the way it does this but you can see the frame rate suffers a little when you put the virtual background on it seems to be that tradeoff now

if I turn it off you see the frame rate is now better it doesn’t look choppy the video and I can turn Bey fying on so not that I’ll use this at all but hey some people out there like that you’ve got Auto centering so it’s going sent

to me in the image so if I tend to move about a little bit like over here it’ll eventually move over and some people like this feature it’s like it’s panning around keeping you centered useful to have this is my favorite uh it looks like I’m sitting on

the beach somewhere because it’s animated and you can put your own personal background in if you wanted to as well so good webcam good setup it just is the frame rate that bothers me a little bit using those different backgrounds that it’s now a bit choppy is it

too bad M I don’t know I think it’s still usable just but I would probably just stick to this the normal background to keep things fluid so here we are in Windows it is Windows 11 home the version we do get with the mbook 14 not Windows 11

Pro but you can easily upgrade to that in the device manager there’s a couple of things I wanted to point out so our chipset is the core Ultra 71 155h 16 cores 22 threads maximum Turbo is 8.4 so it’s a very potent chipset considering it’s got a lot

of threads a lot of cores for a 14-inch laptop which is very good we have the AI boost here so that’s the mpu we now get with these new Ultra chipsets the ultra chipset does have this which is the Intel arc graphics here as well which is a

lot better than the iris exe Graphics we had previously they really stepped up the performance and it’s close to about double the performance now what we used to have there something else that’s interesting is that the wireless card this is non- upgradeable it’s part of the motherboard the

ram cannot be upgraded either U this is the ax2 And1 and that’s Wi-Fi 6 so it’s not Wi-Fi 6E or the latest which is Wi-Fi 7 but I have really good range of reception speeds and throughput has been fine no problems with it so the storage is a

1 tbte drive that we get with this configuration with the 16 gbes of RAM and that is ddr5 lpx Ram that they’re using now according to window showing the speeds as 6,000 megga transfers and not the fastest which is 15 sorry 7500 that the chipset can do and

know that they partitioned it like this they still keep doing this huawe so it’s 200 GB for Windows and 731 as our local disc drive which is fine I mean if you do have all your files on that and you do a factory reset you can keep those

files there still without losing them so that’s a bonus there of doing that but I’d rather have it just all in one I think most people would probably be the same performance-wise chipset so the ultra 7 155h very potent really good you can see multicore scores excellent with

all the shads that it does have kind of makes sense single core score very good but compared to last generation the 13th gen it’s falling behind actually a little bit from what I’ve seen from some of those other chips like say the 136p could do around this or

even better around about say 2500 or 2400 but it still is everything’s quick and snappy and we have their super turbo algorithm well as as well with h Huawei which is speeding things up a little bit there so Graphics integrated this is a extremely good score for integrated

Graphics getting faster with synthetic benchmarks than the AMD radon 780m CPU score again is excellent there but when it’s real world gaming as I’ll show you a little bit later on with this particular laptop it falls behind the 780m from AMD um but here an excellent score that’s

above average for the arc graphics in this particular chipset so good this was all run in the performance mode which Huawei does have and the SSD speeds I have those here too as well so you can see that pcie 4.0 good decent speeds but not the fastest out

there for pcie 40 this is often the case that Brands will use drives that are not the fastest but still I think it’s decent it’s still good I don’t think anyone’s going to really be complaining about that cine match R23 multicore score there of just over 13,000 points

and the 1,700 score here we get for single core performance is also very good now video playback all the files I’ve been testing out really good with the arc graphics this is just a demo one here that I’ll play and you’ll see that the performance of it is

very good that it does not drop any frames starts out really well this used to be a little bit laggy oh there we go it did show a bit of a lag but it’s to do with the mouse cursor moving and the controls coming up that provoked that

little bit of choppiness otherwise if I keep my mouse out of the way when that disappears this is 4K 60 frames per second plays that back really well vp9 codec really good and decoding Youtube footage at 4K is also very fluid with this no problems at all so

everything’s all checking out really quick great performance very quick and snappy for the built-in software we do get with it there is the Huawei PC manager now this is very handy for I think the most important thing is getting all your drivers and your bias up to date

and I’ve already run this I do this with every single device that I test of course make sure it’s all on the latest and the greatest when it comes to the firmwares biases drivers that’s all done you have their power modes too now you can do it through

here you can go through the performance modes so you’ve got the power saving that’s great for when you’re on the battery it’s going to reduce the fan noise Balan is what most people will use and performance for all my benchmarks gaming and testing I’ve been using this now

there is a shortcut which is function P so you can cycle through them and I normally use this just a lot quicker than having to go through this menu here so I’ll keep it in their performance mode now you’ve got the other things in here like the quick

services to do with the model there troubleshooting tips Huawei share so if you’re going to be wirly transferring files to and from your Huawei phone you can do that your devices here so you can have an extended display this is great if you are using say one of

their Huawei tablets one of their mate pads then you can use that as a secondary display your tablet your phone can be connected here and settings there for the camera also to turn that off and disable it completely if you want to have that off for privacy reasons

or whatever and it’s all in here so it is very useful software the PC manager they also have the control panel this comes up and you’ve got just quick shortcuts for everything there there superhub procolor I comfort is all there now the refresh rate this is dynamic so

from 48 Herz up to20 demanding work on this matebook 14 is very good something like video editing that I’m testing now with Adobe premere Pro this is the latest version the timeline is excellent now I have a quarter playback set you don’t really want to go over that

but this used to be quite laggy on the integrated Graphics of the previous generations if you remember back that far I certainly do and it’s to the point now that the art Graphics at least with the optimizations that adobe has and like I always do I’m testing out

here the YouTube preset this is at 4K and it is going to be Hardware accelerated being Intel and using the quick sync it definitely speeds things up a little bit now the ram we’ve got this the 16 here ideally I think 32 especially if you’re going to be

doing video editing in 4k really should be the minimum the base Ram it comes with but sadly it’s 16 but I believe there will be a 32 GB option with this model I know with the MacBook X pro there definitely is a 32 GB option I think it

starts at 32 GB that model there too so I will test the export time and this should be around about 30 seconds for one minute of footage so it is very quick and you’ll see that it is powering through this steaming ahead and it is the arc graphics

that’s doing most of the heavy lifting here coding that encoding that I should say and it is just about to finish up and there we go it’s oh I’m slow on the timer there about 31 seconds if you factor in my little delays there but that is excellent

great performance and I’m just amazed at how well now with integrated Graphics you can edit 4K videos now a little bit of a gaming test while it’s not a laptop that is designed for gaming you can do a little and this is a Assassin Creed valala which I

have set to the lower setting preset at 1080p running The in-game Benchmark and as you can see the frame rate well so far it’s not even near 60 frames per second so would probably run better at 720p let’s have a look at the end result all right so

that averaged 38 frames per second and you would have probably seen that the ram was quite full although it’s telling me here it’s got up to 8 GB dedicated for the arc graphics well not amazing only 49 frames per second average it’s certainly a lot better at 720p

which is what I recommend for the demanding Games The Witcher at 1080p shows us that what I was just saying before you really want to be keeping with 720p when gaming with demanding newer titles now really old games yeah 1080p will be fine but this just isn’t really

good enough I feel sure it’s getting over 30 frames per second but we want at least 60 and we get it only just as you can see now at 720p 65 60 frames per second making this game now playable now the games that do run really well with

a great frame rate here this is Counter Strike 2 set to 1080P and I’m getting well on the low preset normally well over 100 frames per second all of the time here so that is excellent it means that these lighter titles competitive games out there that you might

want to play on the side will run really well on this with the arc graphics much better than the iris XE we previously had here are our thermals so you can see it hit 101° c not good and it thermal throttled now this happened only when I ran

uh cinebench R23 really stressing it out otherwise thermals been gaming were in the late ’70s early 80s exporting video it was in about the 60s to early 7s so The Thermals ear General really good unless you run a real demanding stress test but it hit 101 but then

what happened is it drops right down so that’s just the fan profiles it took a while for the fans to ramp up to then get the temperatures down to about the 8S so it’s yes it’s going to happen but it’s really not too bad overall thermals and fan

noise are excellent so the fan noise sample I’m going to give you now is worst case scenario that I do this is cine bench it’s in the performance mode it’s as loud as it’s going to get but normally this is a very quiet laptop I love the fan

noise speaker wise very good I think for this style of laptop especially considering it’s just 14 in not a gaming laptop either there’s no little separate sub but it puts out a little bit of base and those downward firing speakers if off a surface like this which is

a hard table of course on your lap it’s going to sound a little bit different but does sound pretty good so this sample is some no copyright songs here just so I don’t get a strike that’s the reason I’m using it and I’ll play it at 100% and

you will hear from this that you’ve got decent vocals mids and the bass I think is not bad at all for a laptop and mind you it’s at 100% the bass went a little bit low doesn’t sound quite as Punchy but still I’m impressed good speakers in the

mbook 14 and for Linux support you’ll be pleased to know that almost everything does seem to work so I have wireless working Bluetooth working uh the audio controls brightness that is working and it’s just the touch screen only the touch screen is the thing that doesn’t work for

me okay so battery life you are looking around about 7 and 1/2 hours in my test with the OLED screen the variable refresh rate and 30% brightness and this is web browsing YouTube uh documents as well so nothing that is heavy workloads if you were going to be

editing videos then expect around 4 hours because that is very demanding and if you were gaming or pushing 3D you’d noce that that too as well so there’s a lot of Welcome changes refinements compared to the previous gen I really love the screen here so 2.8k 3.2 uh

aspect ratio to it the 10 touch points that it does support stylus support as well with the m pencil unfortunately I couldn’t show that in this video you get their super turbo that’s optimization there with the algorithm they have that just to speed things up a little bit

get Huawei super device too as well which is very handy it’s actually useful software touch pad’s great trackpad is great overall build quality is excellent love this green color and the fact that it doesn’t really show fingerprints and smudges darker colors really do but this does not and

and then really it’s all good but there are a few little niggles from me that I have discovered and one is as I mentioned when we looked at the ports I think it should have another type-c Port that’s just me personally I’m a little annoyed that when I

have to plug in a type-c cable for type-c devices or whatnot that I need to unplug the power to plug them in if there was another Port then it wouldn’t be an issue I know we have a full-size HDMI which means for display out you can keep it

powered at the same time and is not that problem but another typey Port would have been good and it would have been great if it was say another or a thunderbolt 4 port on this again great Ram it’s 16 GB of lpddr5 RAM it’s fine right for most

tasks and whatnot but I would like to see 32 GB as the base kind of level but I guess that’s where they want you to go for the Matebook X pro you go for that model cuz it’s got the 32 GB of RAM it’s more refined it’s even

lighter weight but this is an excellent I think for the price point offer the what they’ve got the spec wise it should really be great for most people now if you’re going to be editing a lot of video and doing a lot of work like that this is

where the art Graphics I think is better than the Radeon 780m at least in my testing I’ve noticed that Adobe premiere Pro favors Intel you’ve got the Intel quick support the decoding and encoding so it’s very fast for that for encoding sorry and then the arc media engine

is just so much better than Iris XC and even better than the 780m so I’ve noticed with video editing especially sh 4K its performance is almost and feels almost like a dedicated GPU gaming Wise It’s not a gaming laptop but it can do a little all right if

you wanted to pay a bit of Counter Strike in between business meetings and whatnot then it can do it but the 780m is better at gaming slightly for integrated Graphics is still the champ for gaming however for productivity I do think that the art Graphics has an edge

there so all up an excellent machine the screen is OLED the Deep blacks you get the brightness the build quality and all for a price of about I think when it’s on sale that is going to be about £1,100 and just over 1,000 and I think that’s fair

for what is on offer here it’s an excellent laptop yet again from Huawei so thank you so much for watching my review of the Matebook 14

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