Huawei MateBook 14s | Rafinat, elegant, rapid | Review

The perfect company does not
He also has good things
And bad things regardless
But the name he bears
This time he succeeded
And to impress me
In a sense you expect
Another rather modest meaning
Well we will find on our YouTube channel where today we talk about Huawei
A super super refresh for their line of 14 laptops
There are no big differences
Now don’t imagine it’s going to be a drop of water versus
But the oil blanket
The model for what
It is much more refined
From my point of view
Compared to what I’ve seen before
So far
From Huawei
And as a small spoiler alert
90 maps
Decent ports and performance
Enough to
To satisfy you
Let’s make video calls
When you want to write
Your next Roman
When you want to
Images in terms of colors or why not edit a video
Mike full HD
No problem at all
Let’s see after
Huawei has not changed much in the recipe compared to previous models
14 a new color is

What’s called Plus
And so on
The laptop shows
Good edges
Aluminum frame
Finished mat
And the logo is
Here great with
Mirror finish
Fixed in the center of the lid
If you ask me, I wish it was a little smaller
More subtle
I don’t mind It’s just about
A personal preference the laptop measures 14 inches diagonally and weighs somewhere at
Light Let’s open the lid and see
Actually no
Let’s talk often for the first time
To the ports
Two USB Type C jacks, one of which
It’s tunder
3.5 audio jack combo
And a USB A type plug
3.2 gen 1 for access connection
What messages or other devices
I could call them Legacy
At the moment Because as we noticed The market and technology tends to USB
Probably in a few years type plug
It will be 8 solid as I say
Let’s open the lid too
And look
This is what the laptop looks like
With the lid
A screen
Very very interesting 90 2520 maps on
180 pixels
Pixels per inch brightness of 400000
Surprise covers one hundred percent of
Inspector s rgb reason why I said at the beginning of the video that you can make corrections
Color to videos
And in pictures
Very good touch clan
And glossy finish Obviously there is the effect of clear because you can not have
This Gloss
Without reflecting light
But if you position yourself
At a good angle you will have no problems with
Blair on the screen
I have nothing to comment on
I really like their technology called full view
And we have these his base
Very very
Unlike previous models, the webcam is no longer hidden
Let me trot
It’s here in the super York bezel and obviously has a 720 resolution
I do not understand
Why not put full HD on laptops but
Here I think an example of branding
Very subtle and
Small writing
It’s there you know it’s there
And I give myself an example
Very very
This is about the screen Let’s talk about the base of the laptop which is still made of aluminum
We have a type keyboard
Chewing gum
What has 1.5
Tactile sensation is uniform from left to right we have no numpad
You may want to have a combination of functions
Arrows that up and down for
For the pope
And fishy considering that the laptop has
Touch screen
You could
Do so
And then
Somehow it is possible
These two
Buttons don’t seem like a bad thing You adjust very easily if you’re a person who edits you
You will be very happy with this keyboard
He has absolutely no conquest
Below we have
A fairly general touchpad matches
Below we have a touchpad
Pretty generous I might say
Very good tactile sensation instead is
That’s good compared to previous models
But personally
I don’t mind it doesn’t seem like a minus supports Windows Precision drivers
And you can customize your gestures in the settings
Windows sului
Let’s talk a little about the back
Two grids
It hurts
And a grid
For the two fans in
Left and right I really appreciate that here
It’s a match
Which still prevents dust
When the laptop turns on
Huawei claims as a goodness including the cooling system
So we will have
Some thermal values
Something better instead that I don’t think they have improved
These are
They’re pretty tough
And the moment you keep the laptop on the table
Pretty easy
Get over it and throw it around. Especially if it’s loaded and
And you stumble over the cable
Look if you stumble upon your laptop
You risk taking them after you. That seems like something you should keep in mind when
I know
You’re as messy as I am
And got the cables up
That’s about it to say about the exterior of its laptop about the way Huawei
They took it out
Another model that
Seems to be similar to
With the previous ones but the magic happens inside a part of it you saw a
With the screen Let’s talk a little about the configuration of the laptop
And multimedia because the audio system has received quite an upgrade
Considerable and with
Obviously because it’s not a gaming one I didn’t do other more complicated tests so mommy summed up herself b
We have an i5 11th generation I caught 11300
Hash 1413 points in singles with bears 5983
Points in
The music
That means performance is
Enough for you
Daily multimedia consumption cars
And some productivity with dedicated software
In terms of gaming Obviously you can run
Mahjong balls and older games with absolutely no problems Dota
CSGO and other games will definitely last without any problems
Like that
Let’s talk a little bit about audio now
Including microphones
Yes, I am
Four in number
I’m here
Placed in
Besides the fact that we have
A large roll number of microphones to improve the quality of conference calls
With this model Huawei is launching a voice enhancement technology
Or personally you are handsome and Technology
In short, your voice is also analyzed with the help of an AE
It is amplified to have a chat experience
Better even in noisy places like I know office cafes and so on
It’s an improvement over the classic
Noise cancelling or new cancellation that I have encountered on laptops headphones
And so on
But the microphones are not
The only department
Where Huawei worked before
The speakers this time hear
The vessel is fuller
Obviously for
A laptop and overall audio quality delivered
It is really
High end
And it sounds like something
Obviously passed through the microphone and so on but to get an idea
I’m going to play a song
The volume
When you want
That’s about it for the laptop itself
Let’s talk a little about connectivity where we have wifi
And in terms of battery we have
A 60w battery
The choir is loading
A 90 v power supply
And according to Huawei
Can withstand up to
13 hours
Continuous playback
Of a video
Full HD
But it differs
I didn’t test
Almost a full day’s work
Without charging it
I stayed on
I played music on the Internet
I wrote on YouTube because I had to
I form an opinion about
Keyboard Virtually all ideas about this video were written on your laptop
Per se
And I had no reason to load it
The only time I connected it to an energy source was when I gave cinebench
So I can choose
Maximum performance
Mode 1 theme issues that I have to come to mention about this laptop
Is as
This room
It is compatible with Windows Hello along with the power button c embeds
A fingerprint sensor
That’s about it for me about the Huawei Mate book
This is not a radical change from what we have seen so far at Huawei
Personally, I think it’s a refresh
I was excited and I am still excited
The screen
And quality
Audio I am very curious to hear your opinion in the village
May comments section
Until next time you know what to do do not forget to check the description for the only useful and
And updated prices
Speaking of price, I don’t have an exact value at the moment, but when
I will find out
Data with
Complete the records I will put in the description of the video
But until then
All the best

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