HUAWEI Matebook X Pro Review. The BEST Business Laptop of 2024?

Huawei really has outdone themselves with the new Matebook X pro this model they have been working hard on their Engineers their designers to get the weight down to improve the screen, improve basically everything about the previous model now has been bettered here with this so the weight of

it really impressive it almost makes you want to kind of just throw it around it’s that light magnesium alloy build with a soft touch finish to it it’s only 980 G and it’s 13.5 5 mm the thickness of it so it’s thin yet it’s packing quite a bit

of power it’s got 32 GB of RAM 2 TB SSD and the Intel Core Ultra 91858 that has 16 cores 22 threads and turbos at 5.1 GHz and the screen is nothing short of amazing either this is a flexible OLED screen they thinned everything down on this reducing

weight to as well it has a 3.1k resolution 120 HZ is the refresh rate supports 10 touch points brightness their claim is up to 1,000 nits and it’s a very accurate screen great color gamut as you’ll see the coverage of it later in this video battery well at

70 W hours and it does support their 90 W supercharging and I’ll be going over it in detail like all my other videos it is a long video

because I go in depth in this walk through so there are time codes so what is included with our Matebook

X Pro 2024 Edition well we have a type c to type a adapter and you’ll see why in just a few seconds type-c headphones our type-c to type-c cable and then our charger which is 90 WS it is their supercharge so I talked about the weight in the

intro which is really good 980 G but let’s have a look at what my scale States well 981 that’s close enough but that isn’t our total travel weight you still want to take the charger and the cable it brings it up to 1.2 well 1.22 kilos which is

very good all up travel weight so I think hands down this has to be one of the top laptops that I have covered so far in 2024 so they have this really nice metallic body to it with a smooth skin finish to it and the way to describe

it is it’s a fingerprint resistant matte coating to it and it just feels very very nice it doesn’t give it a cheap feel at all I like it because it’s something and it doesn’t show any fingerprints so we’ve got a very thin screen on the top fully laminated

and when I press down here there really isn’t much Flex at all we have the Huawei logo there and opening it up you can do it onehanded with the Matebook 14 I wasn’t able to do that and then we are presented with a really nice keyboard now the

touchpad very nice and wide it has the haptics again the haptic engine and the smooth glass finish to it it is a really good touchpad and I have to say it’s definitely out there being in the top three for Windows laptops that I’ve been testing out we have

six speakers in total four microphones Huawei sound power button here with fingerprint reader but we also have the infrared camera with face unlocking and the keyboard 1.5 mm of travel it is backlit it feels really nice matte covered Keys too and just a really good layout to it

and I think it’s excellent now when you use the laptop and you’re pushing it really hard I mean really really hard for long periods palm rest always stays cool we get a little bit of heat here and and some heat at the top that does get hot and

I’ve measured so far 47° C which is okay but yes it is warm back keyboard currently off at the moment you can see the tiny little status LEDs this highlighting there that the microphone is muted and caps lock is on so that’s the first level right now for

our back keyboard and then the second now it’s evenly distributed it looks really good when you’re using it on a table it’s not that bright that underneath the keys is kind of shining up and well an annoyance to you no not at all considering they’re working with 4.2

in they’ve done really well with the keyboard and it’s only the compromise they have is the half size arrow keys up and down and I don’t see that as being too much of a major there it’s a really nice keyboard I’ve been using their keyboards for some time

now and I think they make some of the best it’s just a joy to type on not that on the underside it’s the same metal with that really nice smooth finish to it and there’s no vents at the bottom here that you’re going to block if you do

end up using it on your left app now again if you’re going to be pushing it really hard with it plugged in and you’re in the performance mode it does get a little hot around this area that is all pretty much normal there so we’ve got intakes here

on the side and that is for some of the speakers because there are six in total with Huawei sound here the maybook X pro does not disappoint either when it comes to the audio so six speakers in total which is a lot for a small 14-in laptop like

this one that’s very light and yet they managed to do this they managed to give it some impressive sound so with the Huawei sound with those six speakers it covers our lows or mids and even a little bit of trible if I was to criticize one thing it

could be a tiny bit louder but even so the loudness is excellent and I’d say it’s better than literally all of the other laptops out there in this category and I’ll go as far to say that it probably has the best for a 14-in laptop speakers that at

least I’ve heard so here’s that sample at 100% volume the mbook X pro like their other predecessors is a little Spar on Port so we have two Thunderbolt fors here type c that can handle their 90 W supercharging status LED there’s no 3.5 mm headphone jack so that’s

why they include the type-c headphones so it’s a bit of a disappoint mean you have to be using dongles and adapters and I really feel that they should have put the 3.5 mm and a type a port would have been really good so it is very thin it’s

13.5 mm we have this switch here to disable the webcam and this is a type c USB 3.1 uh Gen 2 I believe it is so the other side is where you get the high speed and the power delivery and the display out from those two ports but

really A taipe on this and a 3.5 mm and maybe even a Micro SD card SL would have been perfect for ports but if you want more ports then the matebook 14 has a lot more including a full sized HDMI 2.1 nothing at the back nothing at the

front here but there is this little lip so that’s why it makes it very easy to open it up and just everything about this laptop just screams quality so this is a 3×2 aspect ratio screen 14.2 in resolution is 3.1k so it is 3120 by 2080 so just

shy of 4K which of course is 16 by9 now notice that the bezels very slim and the bottom bezel a lot of these laptops that have a touchcreen which this does have uh would have a bottom bezel that is a lot larger because they put a lot of

reinforcing in there now the screen when you do tap on it it wobbles a tiny little bit but not bad at all and this is the furthest it will go back which is not a lot it will not lie completely flat it’s not one of those uh screens

unfortunately now the touch response and the accuracy very good no problems up to 120 HZ and it does have 1440 HZ hybrid dimming and they’ve got an anti-reflective film with the screen too as well that cuts down on the Reflections by up to 70% so it’s very clear

really good screen and it definitely is top tier one of the best I’ve ever seen in a laptop of these dimensions in this type of laptop like a Ultra Book here so the results of spider X pro I’ve done this and the calibration So currently calibrated this is

going back to what they have out of the box really hardly any difference I just noticed that the whites are slightly more Bluer with how Huawei has and this is with the pro color option set so let’s have a look at the color gamut the color coverage right

here of this flexible OLED so 100% of sRGB that’s good ntsc is 87% and the big one Adobe RGB this is 88% I was thinking that this might be a little bit higher but still 88% is very good and then P3 that is 99% all up it is

a really good display and response time is 1 millisecond being OLED it is excellent so very good top tier top level display they have in this they just keep getting better the screens they use webcam sample now with the Matebook X pro so it’s the AI camera that

gives us this virtual background so it’s using stitching to cut me out I’ll turn that off now but you can you can see that with the virtual background it sometimes affects the frame rate and I can tell now at the moment it is a few drop frames but

turning off the virtual background now my own normal background you can see that the video is looking a little bit more fluid now the audio you’re listening to my voice has being recorded with the four inbuilt microphones and I’ll just quickly show you some of the other backgrounds

there’s a few of them you can even add your own so that’s just like a a desktop back ground you can make it look a little bit more professional like I’m in this really flash looking office now working away and just happen to be talking to people although

of course you can tell it is a virtual backround but it’s it’s nice option to have and very practical especially if you have a lot of these kind of video calls conference calls or what not now you can turn on beautifying uh I’ll just briefly put that on

it’s make me look a little bit Slimmer smooth out my skin and you can soften up or brighten your skin tone whatever if you like to do that there’s Auto centering and there’s also eye contact so if I keep looking down at the keyboard or looking at the

screen which I was doing a few times just then this will correct that and make sure my eyes are always using AI looking at the camera giving the other person on the other side eye contact so that’s handy if you’re looking down at your keyboard all the time

or looking at something else on the screen so that is the webcam good quality and especially those microphones I particularly like the quality we get from those the mbook X pro does come with Windows 11 home not pro you’d think of it would be Pro maybe being a

more expensive model here and designed for professionals but of course you can upgrade to that but you’ll have to pay for that you just need to add the license and it’ll do it online update to 11 Pro so huawe is still doing this they’re still partitioning the drive

a little bit weird okay they got 200 GB for Windows and then 1.64 terab for your documents and things now it’s easy enough to fix if you use a partition manager you can set that up and then reboot and you can have just the whole Drive allocated to

all the space there so I don’t know why they do it but their reasoning is probably if people end up factory resetting they’ll still have their documents left if you decide not to format it at least or clear it on the other the D drive the other partition

but that drive is it’s pretty fast not the fastest for PCU 4.0 speeds as you can see here but adequate enough now I think it’s because it got bit Locker on it’s slowing it down a little bit and it is normally about the kind of speeds that I

do see with other Huawei laptops the previous Matebook X Pros that I’ve covered now many of them normally have these kind of speeds so not the absolute top that you would get say from a Samsung uh 990 Pro or something like that so benchmarks of course I have

run quite a few of these and I’ll just show you if you were going to be connecting up an external GPU to one of the Thunderbolt ports this is my result here time spy Graphics score there with an RTX 4090 so the absolute you know best in terms

of GPU to see what it can do it got a graphic score there of just over 27,000 points now the best I’ve seen my Thunderbolt external GPU get 28,000 so it’s not far off that it is very good performance and Geekbench six really good especially that multicore score

that’s an impressive one uh very high and factor in how slim this is how light it is you’ve got some amazing performance and the whole laptop in general I’m not going to show you tasks like spreadsheets all that because it’s very quick I we’ll get on to some

heavier things like video editing and I’m really impressed with the performance of the matebook here so night raid this is for our arc graphics internal Graphics here here now and you can see that the graphics score almost 40,000 this is the highest I’ve ever seen from integrated Graphics

so the Intel art Graphics performs really well with these synthetic benchmarks it’s almost as if they optimized their drivers to just give it a big boost and again this is a fantastic score here so Times by over 4,000 points never seen this before with integrated Graphics nor have

I seen this a graphics score getting close to 4,000 points now factor in the Ron 780m which is in fact better at gaming probably down to drivers uh that will normally get around 2,900 sometimes see it just creeping over 3,000 points for the graphics score so this is

a good additional maybe 600 700 points more than performance but a really good result here very impressive I think for integrated Graphics but remember that’s just synthetic later I will do some gaming tests the art Graphics does handle very demanding decoding of video files well however the media

player for windows cuses a little bit of stuttering you can see there are the occasional dropped frames here when using the built-in media player here with this 4K 140 megabit per second file and when I have the mouse cursor going over it can sometimes drop frames now a

test file here the Sony swordsmith one which is 4K 60 you can see there it is again it’s the cursor the mouse cursor when I get rid of that now it’s smooth now this is 60 frames per second as for cinebench R23 let me just pinch to zoom

with the touch screen here so we can see this a little clearer multicore core score there of almost 16,000 is excellent and the single core score there it seems that with these new Ultra chips they’re not quite as faster as the 13 13in gen because they don’t turbo

quite as high it’s a little bit lower there but still just fantastic performance in such a slim and light package now with the devices on board you will see that that chipset is listed there 22 times because it’s 16 cores 22 threads in total and 5.1 GHz maximum

turbo it does have the npu now that is their AI boost and this is the disc drive which is simply just stating SSD device to terabytes now the fingerprint reader and the IR camera that is uh listed right here under our biometric devices so both of those can

be used for Windows hello to log in and then the wireless which is another important one is you’ll see right here the Wi-Fi 6E so we don’t have Wi-Fi 7 uh most people won’t have a Wi-Fi 7 round anyway but that is all of the interesting devices and

here the included software from Huawei is very good so they don’t force upon us and pre-install MacAfee or any other bloatwareish kind of nagging antivirus that wants you to subscribe and end up paying for a subscription to it no they don’t use that which is good so in

the PC manager you will find here you have your devices we’ve got Huawei Shear you can connect up wirelessly transfer your files it’s very handy and it works really well I’ve gone into it in many other videos with all the mbooks I have reviewed and you can set

this up the share there right now with your other devices you can wisely uh have your phone on the screen and you can have a second screen set up with say a tablet as well if you got one of the M pads so under optimization you will find

here drivers I’ve had a bias update already it’s all in one place so this is very useful software and then we have our performance mode so so this is where you can swap over into the U balanced or performance but shift sorry function if sorry function P should

I say you can swap between that anyway now I’ve been using the performance mode for all the tests I’ve done that puts the power limit to 50 wats which is a lot other brands are only 35 40 WTS with this particular chipset so that really does push the

performance now up here as well you do have super Hub so that’s great for just sharing files you can drop them in here it’s temporary storage and then we have this which is their control panel so you can turn on the ey Comfort instant hotspot superhub uh their

Pro color mode and other settings here so for the touchpad freehub the camera settings there the sound settings and then Super device which you do need to log in and you can again that’s where you can control all your other Huawei devices your phones and your tablets so

it’s very useful software and it’s not just added bloat which often other brands it is and it’s not useful but this is great their software is good it works so it’s a known fact that the Radeon 780m for gaming is better than the arc graphics however for productivity

editing video for example that I’m doing now this the art Graphics is so much better the timeline it’s very smooth look as I skip ahead here this is one of my videos that I’m doing here uh just testing out a robot vacuum cleaner and I’ve done it all

on the mbook X pro I decided to swipe over and test it out and I am am really pleasantly surprised about just how well this is working it is so fluid and here I’m going to export and encode at the YouTube preset here 4K that I always test

out 1 minute of footage is all I do with integrated Graphics now this should be around about uh the 31 second Mark okay it should be very quick and probably actually a little bit quicker here considering this is the top end of the ultra chipsets being the ultra

9 185h and you see that it’s steaming ah head and coding really quick but it’s just that editing performance now we are at that level that you can happily edit 4K video in Adobe premiere Pro and it feels like dedicated graphics to Performance so I can I can

do this I can do my work now on a laptop like this without needing a dedicated GPU okay so that was 30 seconds a fraction faster than what I see with the ultra 71 155h not too much of a difference there but it’s the quick sync that really

does help out that performance but overall I’m really impressed with 4K editing with the Doby premere Pro now with these new chipsets and it’s the arc graphics that’s really helping out the performance looking at our gaming performance now so it’s not a laptop that’s designed for gaming it’s

for business work use however the art Graphics can do a little bit 1080p gaming here with Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and we’re getting around 50 frames per second at 10 80P this is very good I don’t typically see this normally with the art Graphics I would be getting around

40 and just below 40 frames per second so this is great performance here from Huawei and it is because of that power limit they set of the power limit one being 50 WS versus say 35 or 40 with other brands so that has boosted the performance but even

so it is not going to be quite as fast as the radon 780m for games that is still the best when it comes to integrated graphics it’s able to get close to 60 frames per second in this same area of this map right here now I don’t know

what is going on with that funny flashing bar at the bottom that’s just started to happen I think it’s down to the latest Intel Arc drivers here just playing up a little bit all out 4 so I’m going to run it at 1080P and I think that the

medium settings should actually run fine with the art Graphics especially with the power liement we do have with Huawei it seems to be no way to turn off vsync it wants to be on all the time so I’m locked to 60 frames per second but it’s very smooth

really playable and with that nextg upgrade it’s looking good still for an old game so the older titles will be very playable with the arc graphics and still no lag even with the flamethrower right now and all this action solid 60 frames per second long as they pay

The Witcher three now this is a bit of a surprise because it is running better than I expected and this is the best I’ve seen it running with Intel art Graphics at this point now it is the lower setting preset and depending on where we are you can

see it’s around 40 frames per second so it isn’t amazing some other areas off the map like just up ahead the frame rate will increase to around about 60 looking a lot more playable at least but it does dip down to 42 so you want to run this

game at 720p and it’s 720p I’ve already tested it out and it does run well around 60 frames over 60 frames per second then The Thermals and the wattage so thermals you can see we’ve hit 106° C that is very hot and this only happens like I’ve just

been gaming in fact the witch is still running in the background just to keep the system loaded up you can see it settles down around 75 but you can definitely hear that fan it’s going it’s at full load and the performance mode so when it gets to 106

it just Peaks there for a few seconds then the fans ramp up so it drops right down which is good now average temperatures most of the time this has being performance mode for now 5 hours and 25 minutes and this is me pushing it very hard 55° average

wattage well it’s picked at total system Power 99 Watts there and you can see our power limit level one there of 50 wats and the level two is at 8 so that’s a more of a shortterm power usage there and maximum turbo this is probably why the performance

is so good it’s happy to run at the proper 2350 right up there and it normally doesn’t throttle you can see it just dropped down a little bit about 250 mahz but it normally holds the arc graphics here it’s maximum turbo unlike some of the other Ultra books

or the Intel evos laptops that I’ve been testing out so fan here’s a sample worst case scenario Under full load this is as loud as you’re going to hear it Linux well all good this is Manjaro the latest build with the open source drivers and as you can

see I do have it running here and wireless is working the brightness that is also working sound seem to be working touchpad working and even the touch screen which I will just use now a little bit you can see that that too is working so good good for

Linux support and onto the battery live so the 70w hour battery with it set to 60 HZ and 30% brightness with just spreadsheets documents things like that 6 hours is what I can get out of the six six and a half so it should be able to make

it through just a workday for most people but then the charger is not really adding that much weight you bring the charger the cable and even the type-c headphones along it’s about an extra 215 grams or so bringing it up to about 1.2 1.25 kilos total travel weight

but don’t forget this is only 980 G an exceptionally good weight for a 14in laptop with this kind of power so for me it checks so many boxes because it’s powerful we get the performance mode uh well they say 40 Watts but from HW info I’m seeing 50

Watts that this is pulling for the TDP for the power limit level one editing 4K video with the arc graphics now with Adobe premere Pro due to their optimizations and then the bit integrated Graphics means that I don’t need or feel like I any dedicated graphics for editing

video which is a first really that has all changed in 20124 it really is that smooth and good has surprised me the keyboard great the free touch the touchpad there really good the haptic feedback smooth glass surface to it and everything the webcam looks good the microphones are

excellent the sound on this is fantastic it’s all checking out but there are two areas of criticism from me and one is the port selection okay I know they’re trying to save weight they’re trying to keep it thin but still come on 3.5 mm headphone jack huawei in

the next one can you please include that and maybe if they could a type a port just one would be great be to be able to plug in a flash drive or a mouse or something without having to always use dongles with it so it’s a laptop that

you’re going to have to bring a dongle and they do include it with the laptop the type C to type a which is good the other is the price that was the obvious one for this level of Hardware top of the line top Edge the engineering that’s gone

into this of course it is expensive so it’s going to be out on June the 18th and the price of it is €1,999 in Europe and in the UK you’re looking at$ 2,99 9 for this configuration the 32 GB of RAM and the 2 TB of storage so

there we go that’s the full story hopefully I answered all your questions if you do have any let me know in the comments and thank you so much for watching my in-depth review here and walk through of the Huawei Matebook X pro the 2024 model

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