Hundreds of thousands gather in Dublin for St. Patrick's Day parade

Or taking you to the heart of it all in Dublin, where hundreds of thousands of tourists and locals alike are expected to attend. And Travelzoo senior editor Gabe Scaglia is in Dublin along largest ST Patty’s Day parade in the world. How much fun are you having this morning? It’s listen. It’s a of all places. We’re going to celebrate ST Patrick’s Day and you listen, You said that this is actually the second officially the second largest ST Patty’s Day parade in the world because New York does throw a very large parade, but number two in size

number one in Spirit , Big international mix of people here. The parade literally, just now, starting to it just ended up. The crowd is starting to disperse, but it’s been several hours of a lot of fun out here. And what is the energy like out there going for so long? Well that’s the thing I am going to show you how all this got started because at high noon Dublin time, and it’s just after three PM now, But at high noon, that’s a president of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins He’s on They do seven year presidential terms

and is very popular among among the Irish. So he starts off the parade. And then it’s just been one spectacular performance after the other . I’ve been

China covering this Parade for 10 years now , and I have not seen a crowd this thick in that in that time, sugar. How many? I mean, This is like 789 people deep more even along this parade route is about two miles long. They were estimating about a half million people lining the parade route. But I want to say that the final count is going to be above that,

so it speaks to a greater comfort level post pandemic around events like this, and it speaks to the fact you’ve got people from all over the world would have come tap into that very famous Irish. Energy and hospitality. And speaking of that we’ve heard Dublin’s parade always features a big U. S presence So that’s what’s actually so neat, at least a dozen different marching bands from American High schools and universities are part of this parade. This is Purdue University. They had at least 400 performers as part of their contingency put an amazing show, but then

go ahead like a dozen other Marcy bedroom across the U. S. So they’re out here with their family and their friends. So, yeah. You see an amazing Group of Americans out here for this, But then I’ve also met folks from all over Europe and all over South America. So what started as sort of an experiment 15 20 years ago. You know if the Irish threw a big party would Americans come out? Well they certainly that’s certainly worked, and it’s now become really not just an American presence, but very global mix of people. Across Not only

Dublin, I’d say, but as well. Looks like an absolute blast. Thank you for speaking with us. The sporting Games agli Enjoy

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