hello my Kawaii Konpeitos and welcome to another 
video if you’re new to this channel welcome my  
name is KawaiiKula and today we’ve got another 
unboxing video i’m so excited so basically i  
was doing the rounds on tiktok and like you know 
scrolling through and everything like that and  
i came across this makeup brand that specializes 
in doing anime + video game + magical girl themed  
makeup it is Darling Doll Cosmetics so i was 
really excited to get my hands on this because it  
is a new business it is run by one person at least 
from what i’m aware of it’s run by one person but  
either way it’s a very small business and i wanted 
to try and help give them extra promotion because  
they definitely deserve it and you will see why 
like just wait until you see the unboxing because  
i’ve seen so many unboxing videos on their tiktok 
i’m going to link uh their website i’m gonna link  
their tiktok and all of the socials that they’ve 
got in the description below so make sure that you  
go and follow them because you know support small 
businesses and i think it’s important especially  
if they’re producing amazing products like 
no-brainer let’s just do it and let’s get into it!

so right off the get-go can we please 
appreciate this box oh look at it it’s so cute and  
i love the addition of the Japanese i’m not sure 
if it’s katakana or kanji but just the Japanese  
characters that they’ve got there just the whole 
logo itself is adorable you’ve got a gummy bear  
here and there you’ve got a tamagotchi you’ve got 
sailor moon references and there’s also the sakura  
Cardcaptor Sakura reference some lipstick some 
guns for first person shooters specifically gaming  
so i just want to appreciate it 
and also let’s go over flip it over  
and it says darlingdollcosmetics.com so 
definitely go and check them out i’m just  
going to do like a quick like preview of the box 
itself like so much detail has go gone into this  
and i think it needs to be appreciated just look 
at it look at it all okay so i’ve been holding off  
not opening this um because i like to 
give a genuine reaction for all of my  
unboxings and it has been so hard trying to make 
sure i don’t open it beforehand especially because  
sydney is slowly coming out of lockdown by the 
time this video is out we’ll be out of lockdown  
i’ve started working again so that’s exciting 
so that’s why my videos have been a bit  
all over the place because i finally am able to 
go to my job and so that’s why um my schedule has  
been all over the place because i’m adjusting to 
a new schedule but i still plan to have videos at  
least at least one video out once a week or two 
videos out once a week fingers crossed i might  
be ambitious but let’s see how we go so let’s 
open this one up i’m so excited i’m so excited  
okay just making sure i don’t want to damage 
the box because i really like this box
and i also don’t want to hurt 
my nails my god oh my god
can we just appreciate this glory look 
i’m gonna cry oh my god i can’t get the  
whole box in but hang on let me flip it around 
this way so there’s a picture of all her little  
characters that she’s got there can i fit that 
yeah there we go so all her characters that she  
um basically uh has them on each of her packaging 
and everything like that depending on what it is  
i’m sorry if my chin keeps hitting 
the microphone i’m getting better  
and just like there’s more details on the inside 
like i’m a sucker for subscription boxes or any  
sort of boxes also their socials are here follow 
them on all of those do it do it okay so oh my  
god can we just appreciate this sticker okay so 
we’ve got the darling doll cosmetic sticker here  
we’ve got one of her little characters there i 
can’t remember their name i’m sorry and we’ve got  
another one here oh my god my pc is gonna look 
amazing oh then i’ve got doubles i’ve got doubles  
of this one so i might add this uh i’ll add one 
of these into my future giveaway box because i’m  
starting to collect a few things that i can put 
in for a giveaway as well so because i’ve got  
doubles of these one of them’s going to go into 
there but oh one of them is going on my pc for  
sure and we’ve got a postcard i’m gonna frame this 
legitimately i love this i love these details and  
we’ve got another picture on the back so basically 
uh talking about the socials here as well tag us  
um which i’m definitely gonna tag them in and 
we’ve got another little card here welcome to  
the squad darling and it’s got some cute writing 
i’m gonna read this out for you as well now so  
it says thank you so much for the support darling 
this brand is mainly inspired by my love for video  
games as a little girl darling doll cosmetics 
hopes to encourage and empower other anime and  
gamer babes to express themselves however they 
want to do whatever brings them joy and to keep  
owning in video games or anything i hope you enjoy 
your purchase don’t forget to tag us i can’t wait  
to see oh i love this and also just like look 
at how much how much confetti look at that  
i love this just like little extra details like 
that and it’s really nicely bubble wrapped as well  
so i’m gonna take that out there and there’s 
the inside of the box gonna put this beautiful  
little stuff in here as well all these beautiful 
confetti sort of streamer things i’m so excited  
i love this and look at how well it’s bubble 
wrapped so it’s really protected as well  
and they are based in the states so we’re gonna 
get through that okay i’m gonna pop this over here  
i’m gonna make a tiktok with it later okay what 
have i got oh there’s still some more confetti  
still more things here i can’t remember what i 
ordered but so this one was actually a pre-order  
this one i remember was um it’s a new product 
that she released and we’re gonna open that up  
in a second but like just already i can feel the 
quality of this packaging it’s amazing it is like  
a nice like you know that like combination glossy 
slash matte cardboard you can get it’s like it’s  
that it’s that really nice texture uh we’ve also 
got this one here i’m pretty sure i got myself a  
was it a lipstick or a lip gloss 
i can’t remember but we’ll see  
and this one this one is amazing this is 
cyber babe this one i am so excited to show  
you all so it’s an 18 color eyeshadow and 
we’ve got all the ingredients here as well  
and it’s cruelty free as well and paraben free 
which is great i’m specifically looking out for  
cruelty free products now this is amazing this 
like it’s almost plasticky i don’t know like  
let me it’s got like a texture to it i don’t know 
you can sort of see it when it shines under the  
light there okay but first let’s open up the small 
one and we’ll start with the big one afterwards so  
this one i love it so like see we’ve got this one 
here and we’ve got this sticker matches perfect  
alrighty so let’s open this one up i’m pretty sure 
it’s a lip gloss again i’m gonna do a completely  
separate look with those another time oh wow okay 
i forgot that it is heart shaped and this one is  
charm lip gloss okay so we’re going to 
swatch it on my hand for the time being  
that is really well made 
like just the packaging alone  
let’s see which foot we’ve got on the 
lip gloss oh it’s like a nice doe foot  
there we go okay and let’s see how that goes 
oh that is nice it’s subtle but it’s nice it’s  
been really hydrating on the lips okay i’m 
glad i got this one this is gonna be like  
my everyday lip gloss now as i get older i’m 
starting to get more into lip glosses again  
uh especially because i’m actually tying my hair 
up before i never really liked lip glosses because  
like your hair gets stuck and everything like 
that hi it’s post-production KawaiiKula here  
uh just realizing that this audio was all muted 
when i actually recorded it so here i am going  
to be talking about the blush and the eyeshadow 
palette in post-production yay it’s important  
to check that your audio is recording folks and 
also to make sure that everything sounds good when  
you are recording i fell in love with the heart 
compact for the blush especially when they had  
the printed logo as well pressed into the 
blush i thought that was a really nice touch  
i also didn’t realize until i was editing now 
that i didn’t actually swatch the blush so i’m  
going to make sure to do that when i actually 
do the proper try on video as well all of the  
colors in the eyeshadow palette are absolutely 
amazing and unfortunately i don’t know what’s  
wrong with my camera but it just did not pick up 
how amazing the quality and the pigment is in the  
uh actual product so unfortunately when i swatch 
it onto my arms you can’t notice it but that’s not  
a reflection of the product it’s just a reflection 
of my camera i want to make that very very clear  
because i need to get a better camera it seems so 
just know that the product itself is absolutely  
amazing it has such a really high pigment it’s 
really rich it just for some reason didn’t pick  
up on my camera so that was disappointing but i’m 
excited to do a proper look for it and then you  
can actually see it in its full glory especially 
when i take photos and put onto instagram  
all that good stuff i’m going to say this in 
the video again but i am not sponsored at all  
for any of these products i bought it because 
i wanted to i spent my own money this is just a  
completely honest review and yeah i wish i was 
sponsored but it hasn’t come up like that yet so  
everything i’m saying in this video is from my own 
experience and my own personal views oh yeah also  
this eyeshadow palette lights up how cool is that 
okay so now we are up to ai so let’s give that one  
a try my fingers completely clean now so we can 
start again this is the problem with like having  
18 plus colors only for swatching that’s the only 
problem with it otherwise i love working with  
the colors there we go that looks good oh that 
is nice can you see that there oh i love that  
that’s just straight up glitter i 
love it next we’ve got futuristic  
which i’m pretty sure this one’s another 
straight up glitter one yeah yeah it is  
oh that’s going to be put to use i can tell you 
that now next we’ve got press start as i think i  
forgot to say the names in the previous ones that 
i was like swatching so we had metal tokyo and  
cyberpunk as well as teleport so my bad there 
so that is also like a subtle pink but i like it  
these are colors that you want to build 
up build upon colors now we’ve also got  
cyber babe which is gonna be like a nice it looks 
like a bronzy gold let’s see what it really is
yeah that’s a bronzy gold if ever i saw 
one yes look at that that is gonna be like  
okay i’m a little bit extra when it comes to my 
natural looks even so i’m always using shimmers  
this is gonna like be empty by the end of next 
year probably sooner but you know what i mean  
i don’t know what times are 
happening anymore so we got year 3000  
which was still a bit way off from that i’m gonna 
pop that oh god i’m running out of space pop it  
there that is looking good okay i do love 
that blue again i cannot wait until i can  
like do an actual look for these spy i think 
it’s just a straight up black from memory
yeah but smokey perfect for 
smokey eyes okay then we’ve got
net and do like a purple smokey eye perfect and 
there’s not like a heap of fallout which is great  
and this one is city lights muscle silver bit
that is nice that you could easily use as a 
highlight just putting it out there i love this  
so i’m in love with all of these products and 
i’m so excited to test these out you have no idea  
so especially with these colors like it honestly 
does not capture how well they actually are in  
real life on camera it’s like i don’t know what it 
is but just it does not capture it as well as it  
should and i’m just obsessed with these honestly 
like my word this girl has done an amazing job  
and i cannot recommend them enough and also 
they’re really affordable as well so like  
if you’re in the market to be buying some 
makeup right now like definitely hit them up  
and let’s try and boost their numbers on all their 
social medias because the word needs to get out  
go and check out darling doll cosmetics like 
also this i have to point out as well this is not  
sponsored i did this on my own accord i paid for 
this with my own money and i just literally just  
want to help this person out just because i think 
that they deserve it they deserve all the praise  
and just people buying their product like let’s 
go and do some good in the world and like let’s  
go and help them make their brand happen let’s 
hope that like Sephora or Ulta or any of the  
other cosmetic um holding companies in the states 
can pick them up and start selling them for real  
that’s all i want out of it that is literally it 
i have not been sponsored i have not received any  
money this is literally just me doing this because 
i wanted to do it so yeah also while you’re  
here subscribe to my channel too i swear i keep 
forgetting to say when things are not sponsored  
because a lot okay my content none of it is 
sponsored at the moment so everything that i say  
is purely things that i wanted to review things 
i wanted to get for myself so at least you can  
not worry that it’s all just a fake sort 
of review or anything like that this is all  
legitimate this is all just me reviewing things 
that i see in the moment none of it is scripted  
uh as you can probably tell with just how shoddy 
it is but i’m gonna get better i’m gonna get  
better at talking about things it’s all work in 
progress it’s all practice but yes none of my  
content is sponsored all of it is purely me and my 
thoughts on the matter and what i want to review  
and yeah i hope you enjoy more unboxings in the 
future i think the next one will be 6%DokiDoki  
Pullip has arrived and it arrived a while back but 
as i said i’ve been busy and haven’t had a chance  
to unbox it yet so i haven’t even seen it myself 
i’ve been like waiting for all of you to see my  
proper reaction and yeah that’ll be happening soon 
probably sometime in the week and then after that  
is going to be the Halloween SoKawaii box so yeah 
subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already  
and keep an eye out for those videos especially 
ring the bell if you do want to be notified  
let’s make it happen leave a comment below as 
well if there are any other kawaii brands or  
subscription boxes or anything like that i should 
know about and i’ll catch you all next time bye

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