Iconic Lutsen Resort lodge destroyed by fire

Unfortunately, as you can see behind me, the historic and lodge is a total loss after arriving on scene around 1245 this morning. After getting a call, around 1230 the fire department said the scene quickly escalated and the building was completely engulfed in flames. Now, they said the peak of the fire was around 536 in the morning. And since then, it has down, but the scene is not completely over. There are still crews on site and they are pulling water from the lake actually to tame the remaining hot spots and flames that are arising. However, there

is not much left standing. There is a chimney still standing that they say is from the last building that survived the last fire back in 1951. And it would be too dangerous for them to knock it back down. And I spoke to the owner a little bit earlier who said, yes, it is sad. It is lost, but nothing tangible was lost in the fire. Only the memories that the community has made over the years. But his one message to the community is that they will rebuild and they will bring it back.

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