Ideal Of Sweden / Facetheory Skincare | Unboxing & Review

Hello. Welcome to another video, I’m here in the car and it doesn’t stop raining
and I will unbox many products that I received from several brands
Let’s go!
This is 1 of the cases from Ideal of Sweden
You can get 10% extra + the discount they already have on the website
I think they currently have up 70% of discount
With my code
You can get + 10% off
So you can get 80% off
it’s really worth it
It’s only in some articles, some 50%, some 70%
and some is 20% off
But with my discount code HSJASON you can have an extra 10% off..
They have cases, wallets, phone holders,
They even have power banks
for the phone
Go check the website
And with the code HSJASON you can get 10% off extra
+ the discount they have on the site already
as you can see this wallet case has the magnets that can be used with all the cases from ideal of sweden
you just have to stick it on the case and is done
all because of the magnet behind
ok, i also received this wallet
which is also magnetic and can be used with all

the cases from ideal of sweden
and I also received this interesting popsocket
you don’t always need to stick and peel off, it’s also very good.
they also have computer bags
AirPods cases & mini bags
many different bags
I also received this skincare products from Facetheory
this is an anti wrinkle cream
this is a good moisturiser
And here we have a super gel moisturiser for oily skin
is good for acne prone skin
and eye cream
with my code: BBjason you can get a 20% off discount on all the products available on the website.
Ok.. Enjoy!

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