Iga Swiatek Post-Match interview after serving 2 bagels | Roland-Garros 2024 – Round 4

Just talk us through that very emphatic victory today and your keys to the match. Yeah, for sure. You know, I was playing in a really solid and efficient way and I I didn’t lose any points that I didn’t need to. So I’m happy with the way I was

disciplined and I just stick to my tactics for the whole match. This morning we were watching Novak Djokovic play till 3:00 in the morning. It is an issue in tennis where matches are starting late and then from finishing after midnight. Do you just think at your world number

one, do you think as a sport there should be a cut off? Do you think tennis should do more? Because I’m thinking of poor kids, security staff. It’s not just the players who are tired, it’s everyone in the arena who’s working late. Well, that’s true. Obviously everybody kind

of thinks about themselves and that’s why I was always looking from the player’s perspective. You know, it’s not easy to to play and then you know. It’s not like we’re going to fall asleep like 1 hour after the match. Usually takes us like 4 hours to even, you

know, chill and you need to do recovery, media. It’s not like the work ends when you win the match point. So yeah, I was always

one of the players that said that we should start a little bit earlier. Also, I don’t know if the fans are watching these

matches, if they have to go to work next day or something when they’re like finishing, the matches are finishing at 2:00 or 3:00 AM, but it’s not up to us. So we need to accept anything that is going to come to us. Hey Iga, well done today. I’m

back here. When you have a match like you have today or even slightly longer, you have a lot of quick matches. What do you do the rest of your day? Do you go hit more? Do you feel like you need to get more reps in and or is

it just take advantage of the rest and chill out? Well, we have time to practice tomorrow, so there’s no need to like do that today because it’s not like I’m playing, you know, next match tomorrow and I need to work on some stuff and I need to, you

know, rush it. So. So no, usually I don’t play even after a quick match. Maybe, you know, it happened a couple of times, but. Yeah, I didn’t. I don’t feel like I need to right now. So I’m actually happy that I could, you know, recover after a match

against Naomi because, you know, 3 hour matches, they stay with you for a couple of days. But I felt really fresh today. So there’s no need to like make it worse again. It’s better to recover. The match was over in 40 minutes. That’s the shortest match of your

professional career. Is it possible that those results against Anastasia from U12 and U14 were in the back of your mind a little bit? No. Well, obviously I had a, you know, just a thought that, you know, times changed a little bit because I remember she was always, you

know, the player to to beat me. I don’t think I won against her and I lost some, you know, hard-breaking matches for me like semi-final of the Orange Bowl when I had match points and I lost here when I had a pretty good tournament and and I lost

against yeah, Potapova and and couple more like we always played against each other on like European Championships or something. So I honestly there’s no point to like think about that but I had just a thought like that it was. It lasted 2 seconds and then, you know, I

was focusing on my work because that’s the best thing I can do. What’s changed in those 10 years for you? Well, I don’t know. When I think about myself, I just know that I my progress was kind of like that, you know, it’s it’s never kind of stopped.

So I’m just proud of myself and the work that I’ve put to be in this place. And everything changed because I’m just older and I play better. Hi Iga, congrats. There are some, I guess, one-sided matches where they can be quite tight with tight games. But this was,

you know, you lost 10 points and you hit 2 unforced errors. So I’m curious just how does it actually feel like when you’re in the zone and and you’re not making errors and things are flowing freely? How does that feel? Comfortable. You just you just go with it

because there’s no point of like changing anything and you just continue what you’ve been doing and what has been working. But honestly I was always like focusing on the next point. Didn’t really look at what happened before, so that was probably also why I could be efficient. Iga,

after this express, when is your coach planning to get you on the practice court again today or is your day at off is ended? And second question, do you feel any change of the attitude from the French crowd after your request several nights ago to be more quiet

during a rally? Thank you. No, I’m not going to practice today. And well, I think the crowd was calmer also because, you know, I didn’t play such a high intensity match as against Naomi because obviously that was like a popcorn kind of match and everybody was really excited

and pumped up for it. And next one where I felt like I had everything under control. So also I think the crowd felt that as well. So I think people are, yeah, people are listening and they are respectful. So I felt a difference, but I don’t know what’s

the reason, you know, I hope they they kind of accepted my little, you know, speech after the match and they’re not mad at me. Congrats for today. You were pretty honest about the fact that you’re requesting not to play at night. You don’t want to play that night

session. I’m just wondering if it’s a routine issue, if it’s a condition here that makes it for you difficult? What’s the reasoning behind it? There’s no issue. I just like to sleep normally. Hi Iga, congrats. Just want to know if you saw a part of the game last

night between Djoković and Musetti? I haven’t. And do you think Novak Djoković can be fit for his next game after such a game? I haven’t watched it. I have no idea. You have to ask him. But I guess he’s so experienced that he’ll do everything to be. Honestly,

I didn’t know that he’d finish at 3:00 AM, So I have nothing to say. Sorry. Congratulations. Thank you. So as you said, spectators are very excited with watching your game, enjoying and if you remember that the first year you first time you won this tournament that time very

few spectators because of the limitation of that COVID and it’s taking place October which is very crowded and cold. So can you recall a little bit about that experience and compare that time to, you know, this very enthusiastic situation? Yeah, I remember it was weird playing with no

noise, you know, on the court because you’re kind of alone with your thoughts because you’re used to, you know, the support and, you know, hearing even something in between the points and when we had no audience for sure, it was, it was weird and also hard to adjust

to because yeah, you just you just hear yourself, you know, and you hear like you’re breathing and everything and sometimes it’s it’s weird. So yeah, but I remember I think from the semi-final or the final there were like a few thousand people like separated from each other. They

were trying to also, you know, support us even though the quantity wasn’t big, they were kind of allowed. So, so yeah, but honestly back then I didn’t really care. I was so overwhelmed with being at, you know, these stages of a tournament that’s it didn’t really matter for

me. Actually, I think it was kind of easier because I was still 19 and not experienced and if I would go on a stadium that was, you know, so loud and so pumped up, maybe I would get more stress or something, but now I have the experience. Now

I can play under any conditions. Thank you.

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