IKEA in Malaysia:Food Review Curry puff/マレーシアのIKEAに行ってきました。店内の様子と名物カレーパフの味について、レビューします!

KK: We are here at IKEA!
You can of course come to IKEA here by car (Grab etc.).
Direct access from Cochrane(MRT station)to the mall.
What a surprise, today we came on foot!
We were just strolling around the neighborhood and saw this big IKEA sign, so we thought we could walk over to this one.
This store is called IKEA Cheras.
There are two IKEA stores in and around KL.
This store is located in central KL and the other is a little further away.
The IKEA building is visible, but it looks like there is more to the entrance.
That construction vehicle has the names of Japanese construction company written on it.
Not related to IKEA, but…
It looks like highways are under construction.
Oh, do you guys know?
Right across the street from IKEA.
Condos are under construction!
This one, again. I think this will be a popular property.
And it’s close to IKEA.
We walked towards the mall entrance where IKEA is located.
This is a shopping mall called My Town.
This mall is directly connected to Cheras Station.
From the station, you will go to IKEA through this mall.
DAISO, UNIQLO, and MUJI 無印良品 are also located in this mall.
Also, it is a shopping

mall that has apparel and that everything already.
It is large and very convenient.
IKEA is next to this mall.
Inside the IKEA store.
The familiar, model-room-like section continues.
It’s fun just to walk here.
We have moved on quite a bit, but here is a section to introduce potpourri and other products.
So, the purpose of my visit to IKEA was to get some bedding.
The place we moved to was furnished but didn’t have all the bedding sheets and comforters etc, so we bought those.
And, kitchen utensils also.
At this point, we had not yet received all the kitchenware and other items from Japan.
From Japan, we sent all the cooking utensils.
But we had no cooking utensils at all for boiling water or doing some minor cooking, so we bought a few things that did not overlap with what we had sent from Japan.
This time we bought a pot to boil water and a frying pan.
And we sent tableware from Japan, but it was still over a week before it arrived, so we bought only large bowls.
There were stuffed animals.
TK was interested and holding something.
He seems to have a habit of holding them right under his arm.
It’s Kawaii (= cute).
Okay, last but not least, the warehouse section.
The last pickup corner seems to have products stacked higher than in Japanese stores.
We don’t go to IKEA very often, so I don’t know much about it…
The goods were piled up very high.This was the pickup area.
Malaysians seem to love IKEA, and I often see them using IKEA tableware and furniture here and there.
This is the cashier’s corner.
Although it was a weekday when we visited, there were quite a few people waiting in line at the cash register.
Shopping done~!
Well, let’s have some snacks over here!
I bought soft serve ice cream and Lingonberry juice.
Finally finished shopping, and I’m tired!
Cold drinks (free flow)
Uhmm, Oishii~!!
Soy milk soft ice cream
Whoa, pretty good!
Soft ice cream, love it! 💕
Each piece is 0.9 RM, so about 26-27 yen.
I can taste the awesome vanilla flavor, it’s so good!
At IKEA in Japan, I think they were about 50 yen each.
It’s cheaper than that.There was also a very long line at the snack corner.
Yes, they are Curry puffs.
They are popular in Malaysia.
They are sold at IKEA, too.
Let’s get some out!
Take a look at this.
It’s pretty big!
These curry puffs came in a pack of 6 and cost 5.5 RM.
We have had it at other restaurants, but their shape is a little different here.
I’ll try it right away!
I’ve been looking forward to it.
Yes, this is a curry puff.
Isn’t it pretty big?
I’ll break this in half.
It’s hot! It’s freshly made and still warm!
Look, it looks delicious!
Inside, there is also an egg.
The shape is totally different from anything I’ve ever eaten.
Pretty spicy! Maybe kids can’t eat it?
But Malaysian people don’t mind at all?
The one we had at another restaurant before were pie crusts.
On the other hand, these are more like piroshki-like dough, more like bread.
I like these better.
I had heard rumors that it was a “must-try” when visiting IKEA in Malaysia, so I was looking forward to it this time.
Must eat at IKEA in Malaysia!
A little spicy though (sweaty lol)
TK: Most Malaysians like spicy food.
KK: Can Malaysian children eat like this?
TK: In Malaysia, maybe they have been eating spicy food since they were little.
KK: It tastes great with beer, I think.
This is Lingonberry cider.
It goes perfectly with a carbonated beverage such as this shriveled cider.
KK: You should try this, TK!
TK: Yes.
KK: Oishii!
TK: You recommend it?
KK: Yes, exactly.
KK: Freshly made!
KK: Everyone bought it!
TK: Well, I’ll try it then.
That’s big!
TK: Itadakimasu!
KK: Okey.
Uhmm ..
Uhmm, Oishii~!
KK, you said it was pretty spicy, but I don’t find it that spicy.
KK: Not so spicy?
It may not seem so spicy.
This spiciness is okay.
The dough is so good!
It’s easy to eat.
This is good!
TK: Is this just IKEA in Malaysia?
KK: It might be.
If you visit IKEA in Malaysia, you must try it.

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