India Vs Pakistan Street Food Review !!

Is it audible now ? HP Victus vs ASUS TUF A15. Which is better? How would I know? Whichever one you can watch hub comfortably on. Your mobile plan will be completed in 3 days. To enjoy the service without any hindrance, recharge. Bro, when this happens, my blood boils. I feel like smashing my phone. Bro they start this thing nearly 3-4 days before. “Recharge your phone, recharge your phone” I’m telling you, I’ll go back to the landline. We’ll see when it happens. Why do I have to spread my legs now? I sometimes forget how popular Virat

Kohli is. Bro, 244 million followers. In Delhi, when a girl gets 1000 followers, she goes around becoming an influencer. Truth or dare? Dare. Sing a song. Sorry, I don’t know how to sing. Win the IPL trophy. *Hindi song* Mahi did come though. He took the trophy as well, and left. 5 times. But not a single trophy came here. At first I thought it was a wholesome meme. Then I understood. Then my brain came out of the bricks chamber. Explain, explain, explain, explain. Bro, tf? Bro, this is a very high IQ meme. Okay, so basically, Hrithik

Roshan’s character… Hrithik Roshan is playing Akbar in this scene. Akbar allegedly killed his son’s lover by bricking her. How do you not know this? Are you all ignorant? Didn’t you read

any history? Nowadays TV Ads During IPL…. There’s a lot of gambling. Nowadays, ads are mainly gambling. Best advertisement of all time. Goated. Ayo, that’s… That’s Ramesh and Suresh! Bro, nowadays, Gambling. Gutka. Gambling. Gutka. Gambling. Gutka. Gambling. Gutka. One of you will come to me and say, It’s not gutka, it’s pan masala. These were goated. This whole ad campaign, goated. And when I realized how big

they are in real life, like, they had mannequins on the ground. And they were so big, when I saw them for the first time outside the ad, I realized that my life is a lie. And at that time, Vodafone had money to spend on ads. At that time, Vodafone was literally selling 1 GB data for 250 rupees. People used to buy 100 MB internet pack for 20-25 rupees. And that f**king thing used to run for a month. I remember, because everyone used to watch videos on 240p. I remember once, in the washroom, I played S*sha

Gray’s video in 480p. Entire data ran out in 5 minutes. Nowadays, you can get 1.5-2 GB per day for 250 rupees. At that time, it was 1 GB. You had to run it for a whole month. The best ad was that, Hutch’s Dog. The dog from the Hutch ad. People in India don’t know what a pug is. Everyone calls it Hutch Dog. Hutch Dog, then Vodafone Dog. What did you show this? Before going to sleep at night. Ruined my sleep, as well as everyone’s sleep. There will be one Marathi who will say, Smash. F**k. I

AM HAVING AN ITCH ON THE IVORY GLAND BELOW MY TONGUE. If one of them falls, I’ll off myself. What are you doing in that room? Burn the whole building. Don’t leave a single thing Why is he standing in that room? I mean, explains it. Bro is from Maharashtra. He must have entered thinking it’s a br*thel. I’m sh*t scared of lizards. What the f**k? Look behind… Don’t scare me. Eat ’em, Once, there was an incident. In Jaipur, there was a restaurant. Once, a lizard was found in their dish. “Lizard piece found in food” Ergh! When the

lights used to go off, I used to go crazy. Earlier, there was no inverter. Then, I used to know the real pain. The whole night, I used to make the newspaper a fan. My hands used to ache. I don’t want to go back to that reality. My motivation to earn money is to buy an inverter. What were you shaking? Newspaper brother. After making newspaper a fan. Bro, that’s the most loyal RCB fan. That’s W2S in Premier League. GGs though, he chose his mental health over being an RCB fan. Because being an RCB fan, you’ll get

depression every year. RCB will win this year. Yeah, keep dreaming. If RCB wins this year’s IPL, I’ll go outside head to toe.. RCB merch. With “RCB Best” being written on.. both my hands, chest and my forehead, and I’ll distribute Dosa in Mumbai Local for free. But, that won’t happen because RCB is not going to win. RCB is probably going to make the playoffs. And then, they’ll bottle it in the playoffs. 100% guaranteed. Shane Warne can play for RCB. Don Bradman can play for RCB. All the fast bowlers from West Indies will play for RCB.

All the fast bowlers from 70s and 80s era. RCB won’t win even then. RCB will be about to win the finals. And then, there’ll be an lightning strike from above. And the match will be over by DLS. I’m going crazy. I’m going crazy. My head is spinning. I’m out now. That is very good Hindi. And this guy comes to me and says, show your thing. I’ll give you a free Frooti. I’m going crazy. I don’t know where these idiots come from. Stop this song. It’s been 5-6 months. This song plays wherever I go. When I

go in Mumbai Local, I hear this song. When I go in Delhi Metro, I hear this song. This song has been so overused. I listen to this song. This is my reaction. Exactly this reaction. I’m going crazy. Also, Maaza better. Men will get Rs. 3 lakhs per month. This has to be cap. There’s internet. People can say anything. This is cap. Men will get Rs. 3 lakhs per month to marry a girl. Should’ve put a good quality picture at least. An article claims, Iceland government will pay you 4,500 EUR per month to marry. That’s nearly

$5,000. The government will not pay- So basically, it’s false. It was later called as a widely circulated hoax article. Bro, you ruined all imagination.. after enticing us. Don’t believe anything on the internet. People say anything. Bhojpuri commentary is the best thing to happen to the world of sports. Punjabi commentary is also good. But this Punjabi commentary is more like Delhi’s Punjabi. If you want to hear real Punjabi commentary, watch Punjabi Kabaddi matches. How many languages are there? IPL 2023 will be streamed in 12 languages including Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bhojpuri, Odia, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada. Where is

Rajasthani? I am not triggered. 5 IPL trophies in a single metro. Oh! RCB! RCB! (x ∞) I pity for him. Bro, he’s laughing inside with 5 trophies. Imagine if this guy says in this metro, Zero trophies. They will f**k him up. They’ll run the metro on him. RCB! RCB! RCB! I’m feeling bad. Bro, at this point, Bangalore’s metro will finish first before RCB actually gets a trophy. You can make fun of Rohit Sharma but in 2013, when Ricky Ponting was doing nothing, Rohit took the team from the mud and got them the trophy. How To

Drink Water? Wait, what? Is this real? No, first step is to sit down. You have to sit down and drink water. Who tf doesn’t know how to drink water? When will she put it inside her mouth? This feels like a bj tutorial. Even a batman doesn’t do this much prep. Just put it in your mouth already. Ok, we’re done. A**HOLE !! Buffoun. You would f**k me in a car? Huh? *taking it all in* WHAT ? Huh? What were you saying? My tongue will come out when you’ll f**k me? Have some respect. Stupid a**hole. Which movie

is this? Street food review. Won’t be a world war in this? Good morning from Pakistan. Right now I’m in the city.. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Of Islamabad. Is this Pakistan? No way. Cap. Not real. INDIA. PAKISTAN. Two countries right next to each other. Actually, they used to be one country not that long ago. Now, they’re separated, divided. And sometimes there’s a little contention between the two countries. Bro said “little tension”. Have you ever seen Twitter on the day India Pakistan cricket match? By the way, this city is beautiful. This city is the urban version of….

How does this guy sound more white than him? I’m gonna go to the capital in Pakistan and in India. And I’m gonna come… Jama Masjid W. We’re heading to a restaurant that has.. ..the most insane hours I’ve ever seen. They open at 4.30 am and they close at 9.30 am. By 9.30 if you… What? From 4.30 am to 9.30 am. I wake up at 11 or 12. Is this Maggie? Nihari place on this street. This place adopted the same name. This place adopted the same name. This place took the same name. And this place over

here took the same name. All they changed was little words or… This happens in India too. In Jaipur, a restaurant chain was opened. Jaipurites know this. A restaurant chain was opened by the name of ‘Rominos’. Literally a full copy of Dominos. They changed just one letter. Dominos sent them a legal notice. And then they had to change it to Rominus. Even their menu was copy of Dominos. Along with the name. And this somehow was better than Dominos. That’s why I hate every non-veg other than chicken. It’s with a little bit of ginger. Mutton is okay

but other than that, nah. And that is ready to eat. Thank you very much. Outside, they eat steak like it’s a daily routine. Chat: ‘L’. What do you mean L? How does this look appetizing? I love it. It tastes like- Wait. They put an emoji bruh- That is Pakistani Nihari. From here, I’m going to New Delhi in India to try their version. Welcome to Delhi’s most intense, noisy, stressful intersection. Our first restaurant, Al Jawahar. Why did you go to Al Jawahar brother? You can see they have these big beautiful pots. This mutton and different types

of Nihari that have been cooking for hours. See, this actually looks kind of appetizing. Mutton Nihari. Even though I don’t eat mutton, this looks better than that at least. The only other difference I see is with the bread. This bread is gorgeous. Look how wobbly & soft it is. This roti is the best thing ever btw. Mutton overrated. Between Pakistan & India, I like Indian version better. Just look at it. One clearly looks more appetizing than the other. This just looks like oil. Anyways, I’m gonna go back to Islamabad and I’m- Wait, what is this?

Bihari Biryani? Where did Bihar come from? And we’re back from India and back in Pakistan. In Islamabad, we’re going to go to this restaurant. This place is called Tandoori Junction. And they have some epic Biryani. Now, is this the best biryani in all of Pakistan? Probably not. Here they have multiple selections. They’ve got beef, they’ve got prawns, they’ve got chicken. Chicken Biryani, W. Rest all, dead. Mutton Biryani, I don’t care how much you praise it… Mutton Biryani, dead. Prawns Biryani, also dead. And don’t even call Paneer Biryani a “Biryani” in the first place. We have

chicken. Kind of a classic that you’re going to find in many different countries because everybody eats Chicken. There are different rules about beef and pork. But we can all agree that chicken should die. Okay, Colonel Sanders. See what the cat thinks? Oh, the cat just wants affection. Oh, there we go. They’ll even make a Biryani of that in Vietnam. I’m going to go to India and see how they do. And we’re back from Pakistan. Once again, deep in the alleyways of Old Delhi. By the way, I rarely eat Biryani from outside anymore ngl. Mom’s Biryani

is the best. All of these beautiful oils. Biryani shouldn’t even have this much oil in the first place. Biryani doesn’t have this much oil. After having this in Old Delhi, I believe this is better. There’s probably a war going on in the comments section. As a Pakistani, the Indian food looks amazing. Good job, guys. From a Pakistani perspective, I have watched a ton of Indian vendors and I can say that they have more dedication towards food. Bro, this is the nicest comment section I’ve ever seen on YouTube. What the f**k? I am from Pakistan, but

the dishes in India look amazing. I would love to taste them some day. Is this comment section rigged? As a Pakistani, the biryani in India is literally making my mouth water. XD, that looks so damn delicious. Unfortunately, we can’t visit Old Delhi. Respect to all the Indian homies out there. Bro, where is the fight? What the f**k? As an Indian, I can’t deny the fact that the Pakistani food also tastes- Mf just get an OYO already.

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