InferKit Stories Animated With Google Images #5 – Librarian Book Review

The tigers were having a terrific time feasting on their prey.
The worst part was watching the giant flying reptiles.
They weren’t eating, they were taking a bath.
They made a terrible mess of the landscape.
They made me uneasy and I feared for the people who were being eaten.
This is not a book for anyone with a weak stomach.
I couldn’t keep reading.
It’s not a book I’d recommend to ANYONE.
I had to set the book aside and come back later.
Why not try something lighter next?
It’s a whole lot better.
Mr. Glint and his aunt want to be detectives.
They both like to work with facts, not assumptions.
They’ve been given work in the library.
They’re going to investigate recent crimes in the area and write about them.
They meet a human boy named Zeke and his protector, Mr. Hyde,
who are out to find the creatures that are plaguing the town.
This is a fictional character,
but the stories are close enough to the truth that they make the children think.
The stories are funny and the young ones will really enjoy it.


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